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-Mirabaud is sailing again !Sheltered by the new spray dodger, Dominique can helm, grind and trim his sails.

With the last of the work to adapt Mirabaud to single-handed sailing completed, Dominique Wavre was able to start his intensive sail training programme on 10 May, ahead of the Vendee Globe. “We are very pleased with the modifications that we have made to the boat over the winter,” said Dominique, adding: “The new spray dodger is a great addition, I can shelter from the worst of the water but there is no compromise on visibility or manoeuvrability. We also replaced the wheels with tillers, a better solution for single-handed sailing, and installed a system that will make trimming easier.” The team started the training programme on the 10 May: “We are currently doing 12 hour training


sessions and following a very precise job list and depending on the day, we work on the electronics, the rig, the ballast or the manoeuvres,” explained Dominique. “Sticking to the job list means we can progress efficiently. So far this month the variable 0-25 knot conditions have been ideal for training and we have been able to tick things off and get closer to our primary objectives for the year,” he said.

DWM - EN - Newsletter #19  

_ mirabaud is sailing again ! _ ‘Round the world’ survey competition _ Ferran martinez : admirative

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