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-Mirabaud is sailing again !Sheltered by the new spray dodger, Dominique can helm, grind and trim his sails.

With the last of the work to adapt Mirabaud to single-handed sailing completed, Dominique Wavre was able to start his intensive sail training programme on 10 May, ahead of the Vendee Globe. “We are very pleased with the modifications that we have made to the boat over the winter,” said Dominique, adding: “The new spray dodger is a great addition, I can shelter from the worst of the water but there is no compromise on visibility or manoeuvrability. We also replaced the wheels with tillers, a better solution for single-handed sailing, and installed a system that will make trimming easier.” The team started the training programme on the 10 May: “We are currently doing 12 hour training


sessions and following a very precise job list and depending on the day, we work on the electronics, the rig, the ballast or the manoeuvres,” explained Dominique. “Sticking to the job list means we can progress efficiently. So far this month the variable 0-25 knot conditions have been ideal for training and we have been able to tick things off and get closer to our primary objectives for the year,” he said.

‘Round the world’ survey competition Dominique Wavre starts his eighth round the world race on the 10 November in the Sables d’Olonne. On finishing, he will become the only sailor in the world to have completed eight round the world races.

- Whitbread 85-86 on UBS Switzerland (1st) - Whitbread 89-90 on Merit (3rd) - Whitbread 93-94 on Intrum Justicia (4th) - Vendee Globe 2000-2001 on UBP (5th) - Vendee Globe 2004-2005 on Temenos (4th) - Barcelona World Race 2007-2008 on Temenos (3rd)

To find out we created a competition in the form of a survey to assess which sailors had completed the highest number of round the world races and promoted it on Facebook. To gain a global perspective on the statistic, we also included round the world record attempts.

Roger Nilson (Sweden) has completed seven round the world races

We then contacted each sailor involved in order to make sure that the results that we had gathered were correct. Over 50 people replied in writing and we reached out to several thousand online users via social networks. The answer was eagerly awaited and not just by us, people from around the world were interested in this as yet unknown statistic.

- Whitbread 81-82 on Alaska Eagle (9th) - Whitbread 85-86 on Drum (8th) - Whitbread 89-90 on The Card (5th) - Whitbread 97-98 on Swedish Match (3rd) - Volvo Ocean Race 01-02 on Amer Sport 1 (3rd) - Volvo Ocean Race 08-09 on Telefonica Black (6th) - The Race 2001 on Innovation Explorer (64 days)

Roger Nilson completed an eighth round the world, outside of competition, during the 2005 Jules Verne trophy on Orange I (50 days), which means he holds the record for ‘round the world races + round the world record attempts’ jointly with Jacques Vincent. Grant Dalton (New Zealand) has completed seven round the world races

None of our online competitors got the correct answer, but Frenchman Pierrick Laine from Caissargues, won first prize for his extensive research, so congratulations to him!

- Whitbread 81-82 on Flyer (1st) - Whitbread 85-86 on Lion New Zealand (7th) - Whitbread 89-90 on Fisher & Paykel (2nd) - Whitbread 93-94 on New Zealand Endeavour (1st) - Whitbread 97-98 on Merit Cup (2nd) - Volvo Ocean Race 2001-2002 on Amer Sport 1 (3rd) - The Race 2000 on Club Med (62 days)

The other prizes were awarded to online users from Poland, Australia and Switzerland.

Next up are:

Record holders of round the world races under sail: Seven round the world races: Dominique Wavre (Switzerland) has completed seven round the world races out of nine attempts

Jacques Vincent (France) has completed five round the world races and three round the world record attempts which makes him the joint record holder with Roger Nilson in the ‘race + record attempt’ category of this statistic. Damian Foxall (Ireland) has completed five round the world races and two round the world record attempts.

- Whitbread 81-82 on Disque d’Or (4th) 3

Dominique Wavre during one of his seven round the world races, helming Intrum Justicia during the Whitbread Race 1993-94

Guillermo Altadill (Spain) has completed five round the world races and one round the world record attempt. Peter Blake (New Zealand), Pierre Fehlmann (Switzerland), Bouwe Bekking (Netherlands) and Magnus Olsson (Sweden) have all completed five round the world races. Mike Golding (United Kingdom) has completed four round the world races and one record attempt, three of which were the wrong way round! Herve Jan (France) has completed four round the world races and two Jules Verne trophies Thomas Coville (France) has completed three round the world races and four record attempts. Olivier de Kersauson (France) has completed two round the world races and five record attempts Dominique Wavre will start his eighth round the world race on the 10 November in the Sables 4

d’Olonne and he will become the only sailor in the world to have raced eight round the world races. The winner of our competition/survey, Pierrick Laine, also had a go at documenting which boats have competed in the most round the world races. Unlike the statistic about the sailors, which we scrupulously verified, we weren’t up to the task of checking the one about the yachts, so it should be taken with a pinch of salt. According to Mr Laine, two yachts are on equal points with five round the world races each. If anyone else has further information on this subject, please don’t hesitate to get in touch:

Five round the world races: Fleury Michon IX The 89/90 Vendee Globe (abd); the 92/93 Vendee Globe (117days, 3rd); the 96/97 Vendee Globe (as Votre Nom autour du monde. Abandoned a few miles from the finish, but completed the lap); the 2000/01 Vendee Globe (as Aquarelle, 121days); the 04/05 Vendee Globe (as Roxy,

119days); the 2000 west about round the world race (as Uunet), and the 08/09 détours autour du monde with Alexia Barrier. Jean-Luc Van Den Heede’s Sofap-Helvim, aka le cigare rouge: the 92/93 Vendee Globe (116days, 2nd); the 94/95 Boc Challenge (as Vendee Entreprises, 129days), the 96/97 Vendee Globe (as whirlpool, 140days); the 2000/01 Vendee Globe (as Chocolats du monde - Nord Pas de Calais, 115days); the 04/05 Vendee Globe (as Benefic, 126days) and a west about record attempt in 2000 (as Algimouss).

Ferran Martinez: “I admire what Dominique is doing” Ferran Martinez, a retired professional basketball player and Olympic veteran (Seoul, 1988), recently joined Mirabaud as General Manager of Mirabaud Sports, Arts & Culture in Spain. Being a former athlete himself, he has a steely, yet passionate, take on Dominique’s preparations for the Vendee Globe. What does your new role at Mirabaud involve? Ferran Martinez: My role involves advising professional athletes, actors and musicians on their asset management. These are unique people, who are often well known, whose careers are sometimes short and who potentially earn a lot of money. Quite often, they don’t have the time or the expertise to manage their affairs. We offer them a structure that they can rely on, with all the confidentiality and quality of service that they expect.

Do you specialise in specific sports? Ferran Martinez: No, not at all. Our approach is global. Some of our clients are golfers, some are tennis players, and some are football players. Others are singers, musicians or actors. They come from all over the world. As I am a former professional athlete myself, I understand their expectations and needs. I also have a lot of contacts in the environment, which is definitely an advantage. What do you make of Dominique Wavre? Ferran Martinez: I enjoy sailing and follow the sport with interest and I know that the Vendee Globe is a truly spectacular race. Unfortunately I haven’t met Dominique personally yet, but I hope to put this right at the Bol d’Or Mirabaud in June. What he does is very impressive and I have a lot of admiration for these single-handed sailors. 5

Ferran Martinez, a 1988 Olympic Games veteran, is the Mirabaud Sports, Arts & Culture General Manager for Spain.

Will you follow the Vendee Globe? Ferran Martinez: Yes, definitely. I am not a specialist in this discipline, I know more sailors that are involved in the Olympics, so I will be delighted to take a closer interest in this edition of the Vendee Globe. I find that this sort of competition solicits strong values. It is very interesting.

What do you think the necessary qualities are to succeed in this sort of environment? Ferran Martinez: It is a very hard discipline that demands a lot of preparation and aside from the technical prep work, you need to have strong moral fibre and plenty of courage.

Mirabaud & Cie Banquiers Privés Laurent Koutaïssoff 29, boulevard Georges-Favon 1204 Genève T: +41 58 816 23 90 M: +41 79 786 78 93

MaxComm Communication Bernard Schopfer T: +41 22 735 55 30 M: +41 79 332 11 76

Crédits photos Thierry Martinez/Mirabaud Wavre/Paret DR

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_ mirabaud is sailing again ! _ ‘Round the world’ survey competition _ Ferran martinez : admirative

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