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Schale for work and life.

Multi-Purpose Chair // White

Today, the boundaries between living and working are becoming increasingly blurred. A typical scenario in less formal backdrops where it‘s all about having a casual chat, trust-building, creativity or inspiration. In this case, design solutions are called for that offer a more personal touch in the working environment and greater professional flair at home. Or in other words, furniture that has been developed for work and life from the very start.

Schale is a milestone — in both conceptual

shell to become a distinctive whole. Schale

and technical terms, as well as in the flexibility

is a multi-purpose chair that has won many

of its design which allows totally different

awards. Depending on the version chosen

interpretations. For the first time in furniture

it cuts an impressive dash in working and

history, a sheet steel chair frame has been

living environments: in studios, meeting

crafted with cutting-edge technologies

rooms, cafeterias or workshops, in showrooms

from auto engineering. An organic shape

or dining rooms, hotels or conference areas.

has been fashioned that fuses with the seat

Take a seat and travel to the world of Schale.

The designer’s idea was the beginning of

These visions led to new manufacturing

the story. His objective was to create a new

technologies taken from auto engineering.

masterpiece: like a stylish leather bicycle

With persuasiveness and tenacity the idea

saddle, the chair was to combine stability and

gradually began to take shape. The first

technical precision with a contoured shape.

prototypes were welded together from 11

Something for people to sit on that never loses

hand-made components. One of the toughest

its fascination. A chair that is lightweight and

challenges was also to achieve maximum

comfortable, ergonomic and easy to get hold of.

strength with a minimum of steel.

Multi-Purpose Chair // White

Automotive progress meets chair design.

In the production process, an industrial press

Stability is created by the formed structure

forms and stretches the pre-cut fine-steel metal

and not the amount of material used — avenge

at 300 tons of pressure to make the seat and

raw materials and weight. A robot then welds

backrest frame. Factors including the geometry,

the frame, connecting points and legs together

pressure in the press, speed and damping

before powder coating them. The exchangeable

are attuned so that no tears occur to the pre-

seat and backrest shell, made of finely grained

stamped components during the deep-drawing

polypropylene, is industrial design at its best.

process. Four laser-cut pieces of metal are

It is form-fitted to the frame using a patented,

incorporated to provide the connecting points.

concealed connecting method.

A variety of combinations.

The black, white and grey models with color-

Options range from casual to classic to modern.

matched, through dyed, easy-care polypropylene

There are 29 combinations to choose from —

shell are top-quality, unadulterated industrial

with three different cover fabrics in five different

design. But Schale has even more to offer. With

tones in each case. The exceptional interaction

textile-covered shells and additional frame

of frame and shell gives the chair many different

colors it becomes a personalized expression of

faces, which represent the distinctive character

lifestyles — and a versatile tool that integrates

of Schale. As a result, every permutation

with different interior design concepts.

presents an appealing, personalized aesthetic.

Multi-Purpose Chair // Black

Schale 1111 Park Ave. Baltimore, MD 21201 USA


Rebranding a chair

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