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Date Written: 11/12/2013

Client Name: HR Macmillan Space Centre

Written By: Max Sussman

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Length: 30s

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SFX: Lasers, rocket sounds, beeps and boops of a spaceship computer ANNCR: Space. MUSIC: Majestic, airy ANNCR: The final frontier. Less than a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of it has been explored. SFX: Bird chirping, nature sounds. The sounds of life spring into the spot. ANNCR: And yet within all that we know, all we don’t know and all that is unknowable lies the key to life. SFX: Human sounds. Cars, chatter, children laughing. ANNCR: Out of all that infinite space dust, how did we get here? For a limited time only, the HR MacMillan Space Centre Planetarium answers that question with Life: A Cosmic Story. Twice a day for the rest of March. Find out the “How” of it all.

Evolution 1079 Creative

Spot - Planetarium  

This is a radio spot written for Evolution 107.9 and their client, the HR MacMillan Space Centre Planetarium.