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Selecting the law makers The South Australian elections will be held on Saturday 17 March. The candidates selected will become members of the House of Assembly and they will make the laws that govern South Australia, so your vote is important.

'A Head to Toe Experience'

ring Marilyn Lavis on 8260 3610 or

0407 181 143

Mawson Lakes is in the electoral district of Playford and in this issue we hear from two candidates for Playford - Michael Brown for the Labor Party (page 6) and Helen Szuty for SA-Best (page 7). Voting is compulsory for Australian citizens over the age of 18. Cast your vote on polling day between 8am to 6pm. Local polling booths are in the Mawson Lakes Public School and the UniSA Sports Centre. A pre-poll booth is at Innovation House from 5th-16th March.

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Two years ago Mike and June Blackwood moved into a house on The Walk with a dry, run-down garden. In that time they have changed the garden into a beautiful street scape that has won this month's Mawson Lakes Living Beautiful Garden Award. Read about it on page 29. A 16-page Education Liftout is a feature of this issue with an introduction from the Minister for Education, Dr Susan Close, and a map showing the local eductional institutions that have contributed to this feature. If you are thinking about schools or study this is a keeper.


Editor "Living Legend" City of Salisbury

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Community Conversations

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Old codger, no way Noted the comment about the old codger driving his granddaughter to town in MLL/Feb. I’m 68 and I am fighting ageism in the same way the victims of sexism and racism speak out. Ageism is discrimination based on age, often found in employment (being denied a job or promotion because of age), housing, elder abuse, health services and family relationships. I am not frail, feeble, sick, dependent or any of those undesirable stereotypes that are tagged to age and I object to being told off or talked down to by anyone who suggests old people are inept, undesirable or outdated. Any kid who called me an old codger would be told to walk to town! Jon Whinnett Dog control In response to Henrietta Pritasch's comment regarding dog attacks (MLL/Jan). The City of Salisbury has approximately 25,000 dogs made up of over 200 breeds. In South Australia there are 5 recognised "prescribed breeds" under the Dog and Cat Management Act and the owners of these breeds have specific controls, namely they are not allowed to breed or sell their dogs, and they must be desexed and muzzled when in public. The Staffordshire bull terrier mentioned in MLL is a common breed in Salisbury but it is not a "prescribed breed". If you observe dogs acting aggressively or rushing up at fences when you walk by, this can be reported to Council and action can be taken. Beau Brug, Councillor Levels Ward New resident I have just moved here and received the latest issue of Mawson Lakes Living, I loved it and found some useful insights about this community, particularly the property info about Mawson Lakes (MLL/Jan). I'm an MBA holder with more than 13 years of working experiences, I speak 6 languages and now I’m a permanent resident here. How can I help with MLL? Sean Ed: MLL put Sean to work straight away. See his article on page 22. Bad drivers cause accidents Bad roads don’t cause accidents, bad drivers do. Drivers who do not pay attention, are intoxicated or drugged, are impatient or aggressive or out 4

Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 129 - March 2018

for fun cause carnage. Why do we allow vehicles capable of 200km/hr on the roads? Today's cars are full of technology that causes dangerous distractions. We applaud motor sports and then wonder why youth use our roads like race tracks. It's bad here in the north. When I go to bed at night I pray that a car will not come through my wall. Cecily Jiang Show me your doggie bag Talking about doggie doo, in parts of England it is not only an offence to leave dog droppings on the ground, it is an offence for a dog owner to be walking a dog without a doogie bag. It’s hard to catch dogs in the act, so this strategy shifts the responsibility to the owner and is proving effective at keeping the district clean. Wayne, Trinity Green Electrification of the line Each day I travel to Gawler from ML to work and I’ve been waiting for the electrification of the line which was promised 10 years ago. The government has announced that the first stage of the project will begin this month but only from Adelaide to Salisbury. What about the places north of Salisbury. We will have to change trains at Salisbury to go further. Steven Bondio Cruelty to birds I was taking a walk around the main lake around 7:30 pm one Saturday night and walked past two men casting baits with their fishing rods to catch birds. When one of the men succeeded to hook a bird (I'm assuming it was a duck), I was appalled at the struggle put forth by the bird and it was gut-wrenching to watch. Hunting birds like this is surely illegal. How can "bird fishing" be reported? Rudy Ed: Anyone who mistreats an animal is guilty of an offence. Report it immediately to Council on 8406 8222 if on Council land or water, or SA Police on 131 444 Disturbance in the library I moved to Mawson Lakes 8 months ago and fell in love with the neighbourhood. I particularly love the library for its collection, and it being a haven of peace and quiet. But increasingly, there seems to be a rise in inconsiderate behaviour. A lot of

Read past copies online at people are using the Library as a lounge, indulging in noisy interactions with their friends or talking loudly over their mobiles. This behaviour on the part of a few spoils the library experience for many. Therefore, I sincerely urge the Library and those involved to please look into this matter. We are very lucky to have a library in our neighbourhood. It is a luxury not found in many countries across the world. G Nair I gotta go "I gotta go, where’s the nearest public toilet," asked a woman who was at the playground in Shearwater. My reply: it's a 20 minute walk to the town centre, that way. I’m often asked for the location of public toilets and there are none around Douglas Mawson Lake or Shearwater Lake. These are high-use areas that desperately need public conveniences. Ishmael Hewton, Shearwater Hoons in our streets A big problem we have in Mawson Lakes is hoons driving around the area after 10:00 pm when Chatime closes. Over Xmas when there were

a lot of public holidays Chatime closed at 5:30 and the nights were quiet. In NSW when hoons are caught making excessive noise the cars are impounded and then CRUSHED !!!! Police there say the hoon driving has dramatically reduced. in Mawson Lakes, every night of the week the police could book a minimum of 6 hoon drivers especially around Light Common and Main Street. But nothing happens. Gordon Reynolds, Light Common, Mawson Lakes Ed: Get the numberplates and report to SA Police on 131 444 Fringe disappointment I was excited to read in MLL/Feb that the Fringe was coming to Mawson Lakes. After all, we have fabulous indoor and outdoor facilities for such an event. Instead, when I read the Adelaide Fringe program I saw we were getting ninja for kids aged 4 to 12 and a poetry competition. No music, no theatre, no dance, no comedy, no cabaret. Just another example of how Salisbury Council neglects Mawson Lakes when it comes to community engagement. Luca Cove

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Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 129 - March 2018

Could you pass Year 5? Photo: Mawson Lakes School

Could you pass Year 5? Kids in Year 5 at school in South Australia spend their days learning maths, science, english, history and much more, so they are pretty switched on with a wide range of knowledge. Try these 20 questions and see if you can match a 5th grader. 1. Which part of the earth do humans actually live on? (a) the core (b) the crust (c) the mantle 2. Air pressure is measured with a: (a) ruler (b) barometer (c) thermometer 3. What colour do you get when you mix blue and yellow? 4. Which are antonyms? (a) aura and feeling (b) fun and boring (c) stinky and sassy 5. Lines that are parallel: (a) never touch (b) cross (c) meet at each end 6. Europe is a: (a) city (b) state (c) country (d) none of these 7. Polar bears eat penguins: (a) true (b) false (c) gross 8. Which planet is closest to the sun? (a) venus (b) mars (c) mercury (d) pluto 9. What is the 11th letter in the alphabet? 10. True or false: There are 10 years in a century. 8

Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 129 - March 2018

11. Unscramble the letters to reveal a type of animal: topnhy 12. What is 7x7? 13. Name the penguin in the story Storm Boy 14. Select the correct grammar: I ‌ the picture on my wall - hung or hanged 15. True or False: Douglas Mawson was a geologist 16. Which is spelled correctly? liaison laison lieason 17. Name the first country town in South Australia? 18. How many sides does a hexagon have? 2, 4, 6 or 8 19. Name the longest river in the world?(a) Thames (b) Mississippi (c) Nile (d) Amazon 20. What is the line 23 degrees north of the equator called? (a) Tropic of Cancer (b) North Pole (c) Tropic of Capricorn (d) Equinox


education guide


Mawson Lakes Living

Changing worldwide conditions are having a dramatic effect on our education system. The focus is now firmly on equipping students for a digital future in technology and media. For example, one Adelaide school is merging its curriculum into two academic subjects simply called STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) and GEM which stands for global studies in humanities (including geography, english and media). Other non-core subjects (such as physical education) and electives (such as languages) will remain as separate subjects. The skills of problem solving, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking are the requirements of the future. Student wellbeing is also taking on a stronger place in the school curriculum to show students how to build positive relationships, handle difficult and challenging situations, develop empathy, consider responsible decision-making and foster leadership skills. There’s a lot happening in education, including the place of smartphones in schools. Should they be banned from the classroom? I hope this liftout helps you identify educational institutions that are local to Mawson Lakes and gives you some ideas on the questions to ask when you undertake your research. Dr Linda Vining, FACE, is a Fellow the Australian College of Educators.

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A message from the Minister for Education & Child Development Kids are well into Term One and I am sure that like me, all parents want to do what they can to help make sure it’s a successful year for their children. A good education sets our kids up for a successful future, and enables them to meet their full potential. Not only that, it’s also critical for the vitality and wellbeing of our state too. Young people who get a good education will go on to be the innovators, decision makers and entrepreneurs who will drive our economy into the future. What that future will look like is changing rapidly, so it’s vital that our schools are helping kids to gain the skills they will need to succeed in jobs that might not even exist yet. That means children not only need to know the basics – literacy and numeracy – but they also need solid skills in areas like science, technology, engineering and maths, or STEM subjects. I’m incredibly proud of the work we are doing to make sure schools in South Australia are offering a world class education to our kids. Since 2014, the Government has invested


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 129 - March 2018

over a billion dollars in infrastructure for public schools, including $250m specifically for cutting-edge STEM facilities. We are also supporting learning through increased funding for literacy and numeracy, music education, and languages. We are making sure our schools cater for all students through greater support for kids – with more wellbeing practitioners, additional speech pathologists and more support for students with disabilities. And we’ve also increased funding to the nongovernment school sector by $110m over the next four years. More information about what we are doing in public education can be found at: What can you do to support your child’s education? Be involved! Whether that is volunteering at the school, helping with homework or being an engaged and interested listener to their stories about what they’re doing at school. Your involvement and encouragement will be crucial to get them through the ups and downs they’ll experience as they grow and learn this year. I wish you all a successful and enjoyable 2018!

Dr Susan Close MP Minister for Education and Child Development

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Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 129 - March 2018

Bicycle Education A string of bicycles in small teams moving along the streets of Mawson Lakes under the supervision of instructors are part of the Way2Go Bike Ed Program. The instruction is organised by the Department of Transport for primary school students across South Australia aged 9 to 13. The idea is to teach kids about roads, traffic and road laws and encourage them to practice responsible behaviour and thoughtful decision-making. Ashley Shaw from Mawson Lakes who was in Year 5 at the time, said his dad is always talking to him about safe cycling so this was a good way to learn road rules and what to look out for. "I

Students from Mawson Lakes School learn the rules of the road.

really liked going fast down the hill and across the causeway. We don’t have enough hills in Mawson Lakes," he said.

General Education FACTS: IN SOUTH AUSTRALIA: • You can choose to send your child to a government, independent or catholic school or preschool • It is compulsory for children to be enrolled in a school by their sixth birthday • The starting date for school for all children is the first day of Term 1 • Government schools are commonly referred to as public schools • Kindergarten is the same as preschool • All young people under the age of 17 are required to attend full-time schooling, training or work for at least 25 hours per week.

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When to enrol in Primary School In South Australia, your child must be at school by their sixth birthday - this is the compulsory school starting age. Government primary schools have one intake date, that is the first day of Term One so if your child turns 5 before 1 May they can start primary school the first day of Term 1 of that year. If your child turns five on or after 1 May they can start the following year. In public primary schools tuition fees are free but each school has a materials and services charge set by individual schools, so they differ. Contact the school if you are interested in enquiring about their enrolment timelines and fees and if you are eligible to enrol because intake depends on your residential address. Catholic Schools offer two intakes per year for children starting school - in Term 1 and again in Term 3. 14

Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 129 - March 2018

Success for Year 7 Students With more independent schools in South Australia electing to transition Year 7 students to high schools, educational decisions have become a little harder for families. Are the benefits of starting Year 7 in a secondary school setting going to give your child an advantage over another year of growth and leadership experience in a primary school? Endeavour College and its Connected Schools partners looked at the evidence and weighed up the pros and cons of transitioning Year 7 students to the College. Ultimately, the benefits to be gained by students having that extra year in a high school setting, having access to specialist resources and teachers, could not be ignored. A purpose built Middle Years Centre, with dedicated Year 7 Core classrooms, was built on the College’s Mawson Lakes Campus, welcoming the first four classes of Year 7 students in 2016. By commencing secondary school in Year 7, students quickly develop important relationships with their peers and teachers that will support success in their secondary education. At this age, students are ready to take on the new experiences that workshops, laboratories, drama stages and digital technologies found in high schools offer. Young adolescents have receptive and creative minds and with these specialist resources and teachers, they have the opportunity to soar. As part of the transition process, which starts before students even finish primary school,

Principal Heather Vogt, with Year 7 students Ella Bussenschutt from Mawson Lakes and James Wilson.

Endeavour College has developed a pastoral care orientation program which provides younger students time to build connections with their peers, older students and core teachers. Strong relationships, built on the school’s values of love, courage, forgiveness and hope, form a powerful foundation for purposeful learning. High school offers developing minds opportunity to practice study habits and achievement modelled by older students. Without a doubt, developing these healthy attitudes to study and education, and settling them into secondary college earlier is setting them up to become happy, engaged and resilient students. For those parents interested in seeing the successful transition of Year 7 students to a College environment, why not attend an Open Day or book a Tour of Endeavour College at a time suitable to you.

18th March, 1:30pm – 4:00pm

85 Mawson Lakes Boulevard, Mawson Lakes SA 5095 (08) 8368 3311 Please mention Mawson Lakes Living when responding to ads


15 Shepherdson Road Parafield Gardens SA 5107 (08) 8258 9855 PARAFIELD GARDENS HIGH SCHOOL MAWSON LAKES CHILD CARE CENTRE 12-28 Garden Terrace Mawson Lakes SA 5095 (08) 8359 0509


23 Amsterd Salisbury Do (08) 8182 26


Mawson Lak Mawson Lak www.unisa.e 1300 301 70


2/2-4 Hurtle Parade Mawson Lakes SA 5095 (08)7127 4938

85 Mawson Lakes Boul MawsonLakes SA 5095 (08) 8368 3311 ENDEAVOUR COLLEGE


792 Grand Gilles Plai www.stpa (08) 8266

ST GABRIEL'S SCHOOL 17 Whittington Street Enfield SA 5085 (08) 8344 0000

PRESCOTT COLLEGE UNIVERSITY SENIOR COLLEGE Jordan Building, Kintore Ave, Adelaide SA 5000 (08) 8313 4988


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 129 - March 2018

2 Koonga Avenue Prospect SA 5082 (08) 8269 1655


dam Crescent owns SA 5108 600

2-30 Surrey Farm Drive Golden Grove SA 5125 (08) 8280 1700 PEDARE CHRISTIAN COLLEGE


kes Boulevard kes SA 5095 03

levard 5

GLEESON COLLEGE 40-60 Surrey Farm Drive Golden Grove SA 5125 (08) 8282 6600

PARA HILLS HIGH SCHOOL 90 Beafield Rd Para Hills West SA 5096 (08) 8258 5466


d Junction Road ins SA 5086 0622



institutions These eductional institutions have contributed to this feature liftout.

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Lukas Cody: Meet Mawson Lakes’ youngest writer The latest book on the block, New School Nerves is special for several reasons. For starters, it is penned by 12-year-old Lukas Cody, (pictured) probably Adelaide’s youngest published author. Secondly, the book is printed in a particular font, designed to make reading easier and more enjoyable for people with dyslexia. Speaking about the story, the young writer says, “Philip is a short, skinny red-headed kid with freckles, who has been bullied at school. Since his father is in the army, the family has moved around quite a lot. This is the first book in the “Schoolyard Superhero” series, and it tells the story of his first few days in a new school, and his friendship with another character, Danny. I won’t reveal more! Do read the book to find out how the story unfolds,” says the Mawson Lakes school student. The font employed by Lukas, Open Dyslexic, is another unique aspect of the book. “I have dyslexia, so reading and writing are difficult for me. I wanted to write a really interesting story that anyone could enjoy, whether they have dyslexia like me, or not.” he adds.

“In most fonts, letters like ‘d’ and ‘b’ or ‘q’ and ‘p’, are mirror images of each other, and that’s confusing for a dyslexic brain. This font shapes them slightly differently, making it easier to tell them apart,” says Lukas.


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 129 - March 2018

New School Nerves is now available online: You can also follow the Schoolyard Superhero here: Gayatri Nair

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Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 129 - March 2018

SOUTH AUSTRALIAN School Dates 2018 The information below applies to South Australian government schools. Independent and Catholic schools do base their terms on these dates but there can be variations from school to school. Check directly with individual schools to get their correct term date information.


START: Monday 29 January, 2018 END: Friday 13 April, 2018

EDUCATION themed WORD SEARCH See how many of these education related words you can find in the puzzle. The words can be forward, backward or diagonal.

School Holidays START: Saturday 14 April, 2018 END: Sunday 29 April, 2018 TERM 2 START: Monday 30 April, 2018 END: Friday 6 July, 2018 School Holidays START: Saturday 7 July, 2018 END: Sunday 22 July, 2018 TERM 3 START: Monday 23 July, 2018 END: Friday 28 September, 2018

School Holidays START: Saturday 29 September, 2018 END: Sunday 14 October, 2018

TERM 4 START: Monday 15 October, 2018 END: Friday 14 December, 2018 School Holidays START: Saturday 15 December, 2018 END: Tuesday 29 January, 2019

Solution is on page 31.

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UniSA - An ideal place for international students The University of SA has 6000 students on the Mawson Lakes campus and approximately 30 percent of these are international students. Sean Teau talks to international student Jason Ong. For most of us, studying overseas is one of the major decisions we have to make as the impact is going to trail us for a very long period of time. I am experiencing a great change – self evolving with the advancement of modern technology! Over the years, there are a lot of prearrangements involved before anyone can actually start pursuing their overseas study dreams. Nowadays, things are getting much easier. Information like accommodation, transportation, foreign currency exchange etc is accessible even before we come here. Technology indeed is making us a world of globalization; I can basically video-call my family back in my home country anytime I want by paying some minimal internet fees. The online environment is also making our study easier.


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 129 - March 2018

The electronic resources which are available at Mawson Lakes and UniSA library provide us with better accessibility and freedom for research. As an international student, I’m glad to see that we’re in fact embracing the benefits of modern technology well here. Being a hub for universities and innovative technology, on top of the beautiful environment and safeness here, I’m very sure that this is one of the most ideal places for other international students.


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 129 - March 2018

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0413 652 151

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ML resident carries Queen’s Baton In the run-up to the Commonwealth Games set to start on April 4, more than 3,500 local legends known for their immense contributions to the field of sports and community across the country will carry the prestigious Queen’s Baton. Among those running will be Peter Smith, 76-year-old triathlete from Mawson Lakes. The septuagenarian has been a triathlete (swimming, cycling, running) for the last 36 years. And, he is in no hurry to hang up his sports shoes. On February 18, Peter carried the baton along North Terrace from the UniSA West campus to Parliament House.

"I received the email about being one of the baton bearers last year. It is an overwhelming experience. Those chosen to carry the baton are considered to be inspirational and I feel touched to have been given this honour," said the resident from The Bridges In 2017 Peter won the Australian Triathlon Championships. He explains that there are three versions of the sport. "Those who don’t like


Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 129 - March 2018

Triathlete Peter Smith from Mawson Lakes will participate in the Commonwealth Games in April.

swimming can opt for Duathlon - running and cycling. Aquathlon is for those who would like to swim and run." Peter has won three Aquathlon championships and four Duathlon championships. To achieve such success, he follows a disciplined exercise regime. "I work out six times a week, including running, swimming and cycling from 5:30 to 7:30 am. This keeps me in good shape and prepared for future competitions," he said. Gayatri Nair

Caring For Your Feet

Thrilling Bible talks Each Sunday 2.30pm - 3.30pm @ Denison Centre Everyone is welcome coffee and cake provided Free Bibles available

18th march

Death is the wages of sin NOT gateway to glory

25th march

The true meaning of Easter

8th april

Saints & Angels explained

with Mardi Edwards

Cracked Heels Cracked heels are a very common cause of foot pain. Dry skin on the feet, and in particular the heels, is often more problematic in summer. When the weather is warmer, people wear open sandals and thongs more frequently which can increase the amount of hard skin especially around the heels. Dry, cracked heels are caused by a buildup of dead skin which then dries out and splits. The cracks are often unsightly, catch in things and depending on severity can be extremely painful to walk on. In addition to this, they are a potential site of infection, which is a significant issue particularly for people with diabetes or conditions with reduced circulation or immunity. How are heel cracks treated? Regular self care can also help to reduce dead skin build up and associated discomfort. Soaking feet, gently removing hard skin, enclosed footwear and regular cream application will help. A podiatrist can reduce the hard skin to improve foot comfort. In addition to this, podiatrists can identify underlying skin conditions which may be causing the dryness, give advice regarding footwear, self-care and moisturisers to improve skin condition.

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Mawson Lakes Podiatry - Caring for your feet.

Sponsored by Jeff: 0422 767 227

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Neighbourhood Policing Constable Tim Whennan is the new Neighbourhood Police Officer for Mawson Lakes, operating out of Salisbury Police Station. Since taking up the role in November, Constable Whennan has been undertaking regular car patrols, visiting businesses, door knocking local residents, examining crime reports and attending to the problems raised by residents. "Our aim is to be visible, accessible and responsive to local concerns," said Constable Whennan. "A problem we often deal with is vehicle break-ins, so it's wise not to leave anything in your car- no coins, phones, electronic devices or bags. Thieves will steal anything." "If you see something suspicious or out-of-place in your street give the police a call. Community reporting is a great help. People sometimes feel that nothing happens when they make a report, but gathering intelligence can show us patterns of behaviour that identify criminals and predict their methods and activities." Ed


Tyres Wheels Exhaust Alignments Servicing Repairs 4WD lift kits

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STORE HOURS: 8am - 5pm Monday to Friday 8am - 1pm Saturday


Corner Research Road & Main North Road POORAKA

8359 0101 Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 129 - March 2018

Neighbourhood police officers from Salisbury Police Station regularly patrol Mawson Lakes.

To contact Constable Whennan call him on 0419 572 514 or 8207 9950. For non-urgent police assistance call 131 444. For emergencies call 000. The next Mawson Lakes Neighbourhood Watch meeting is at the Mawson Centre from 5:30pm, March 15. RSVP to or call Beau Brug on 0430 188 175.

Beautiful Garden Award Plants that tolerate heat In the scorching heat of summer it takes a lot of loving care to keep a garden in good condition, but there’s a beautiful garden at 32 The Walk that radiates joy all year round. When Mike and June Blackwood moved into their new house two years ago, the yard was neglected, but they could see the potential for a lovely garden on all sides of the house that looks over a park towards the lake. In their small front yard that gets the hot afternoon sun they planted a selection of hardy, quick growing shrubs such as lillipilli and fragrant murraya. With fresh green grass and a few rows of colourful annuals it makes a pretty streetscape. Burgandy clumps from the compact ground

cover Little Ruby grows under a shady plane tree highlighting the tree's grey mottled bark. Shiny black pots house flowering magnolias and on a white lattice fence, a couple of soft pink mandevilla climb upwards. June said they love being outside amongst the greenery, and watering is a pleasure. "We’ve been chipping away for two years finding plants that suit the hot dry conditions of our front garden and now we're beginning to enjoy the results." Ed

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We provide legal services in the following areas of law: • • • • •

Head Office 98 Carrington Street ADELAIDE SA 5000 Tel: (08) 8232 8489

WorkCover Claims Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Superannuation & TPD Claims Commercial Leasing Land & Business Conveyancing

Branch Office Suite 101, 23 Metro Parade MAWSON LAKES SA 5095 Tel: (08) 7160 0143

• • • • •

Notarial Services Franchise Law Wills & Estate Family Law Migration Law [MARN 0213858]

Email: Web: Fax: (08) 8227 2884

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23 Roopena St, INGLE FARM

Dinner by arrangement for groups of 25+

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OPEN 8am til 4pm 7 days a week



665 Salisbury Highway MAWSON LAKES


8250 8070

Mawson Lakes Living : Issue 129 - March 2018

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Puzzle Solutions Could you pass Year 5? Solution from page 8 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

(a) the core (b) barometer green (b) fun and boring (a) never touch

Solution from page 21

6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

(d) none of these (a) true (c) mercury K False

11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

python 49 Mr Percival hung True

16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

liaison Gawler 6 (d) The Amazon (a) Tropic of Cancer

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