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The Secret Lives of CHUCK NORRIS



Secret Lives. This week of Chuck Norris

Where in the world am I?

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Secret Lives Today we look at the life of.... CHUCK NORRIS He is an actor . All his films are about martial arts and rebels in the state of Texas. 1.What do you do in your films? I kill the rebbels using my martial arts. 2.What are your hobbies? I love writting 3.What did you want to be when you were a child? I wanted to be a bus driver. I thouth it would be nice and i took that as a wish. 4.Are you Married? Yes, I am. 5.Have you got children? Yes, I have. 6.Have you got any other hobbie? Yes, I like photography. 7. Is there anything you hate? Yes. I hate insects. 8.Do you like your life? Yes. I am very happy with it.


I’m in a big city. It’s busy and very beautiful. I’m standing in a big square with some trees and a big fountain. There are lots of cars. To the left there is the Fnac shop. To the right there is Ramblas street. It’s full of little stores. Behind me there is a underground station. In front of me there is a Corte Inglés and a next to me there is a big 5 stars hotel. I really like this city. Where am I?

THE PROBLEM PAGE Dear Chuck Norris

Dear Chuck Norris

I am 14 years old and I have a problem with my sister. She thinks that I am too young to go out at night. She is 25 years old. What could I do?

I am 14 years old. I have a big problem. I don’t find the time to do my homework, so when I go to school the teacher tells me off. Then, they call my mum and she tells me off too. I’m so sad. What can I do?

Dear Toni,

Dear Ariel,

First, you are too young to go out at night. Second, I think that you could think in positive and find interesting things to do at home. Why don’t you ask her to go out toghether?

I recomend you to make a timetable. It will help you to do the same activities spending less time on them. Try It!

Have a problem? Write to Chuck Norris. A part from martial arts, Hes is so good giving advices!

Sports Page

Report: Barça draw in Mestalla

Barça 1-1 Valencia

Last week Barça and Valencia played a match for the final king’s cup. The first goal was made by Valencia (Jonas) but at the minute 35, Barça scored the first goal for Barcelona team. Int the second half there were a lot of oportunities, but there weren’t any goals. A yellow card was shown to Mascherano. He was very angry. He also shouted to the referee. Finally the match ended hapilly for the Blaugrana supporters.

HOROSCOPES LEO: You are patient anb honest person. Love: This month you are patinet in love. This month you don’t meet your love. Work and Money: You are honest at work. Your boss is helpful and your are luck to money. Mind and Body: You are very fat. You should go to the gym. Family and Home: You are sociable with your family. They think you are helpfuk and popular in your work.

SCORPIO: You are clever and happy person. Love: This month you are very lucky in love. The person you meet is fun and honest. Work and Money: This month you go wrong at work. Care that your boss angry. Mind and Body: You’re in a very good shape. Family and Home: You can create your own family with the person you meet.

VIRGO: You are a friendly person. Love: You are not very good at love, so your girld friend will break up with you. Work and Money: You’ll get a good job but you won’t earn much money. Mind and Body: Sometimes you’ll get depressed and you’ll eat too much so be carefull with y our diet. Family and Home: Your brother will be angry with you and your mother wíll argue with you.

ARIES: You’re a lucky person this year. Love: You’ll get married with your wife. Work and Money: You’ll get a big job and you’ll win the lottery.

Mind And body: You’ll break your arm. Family and Home: Your family things you are a hero. You’ll find with they.

LIBRA: You are a nervious person. Love: This year you’ll be a sad person. You won’t be happy. Hurry up and get your girl. Work and Money: You wont get a job, so search in the magazine adverts to find some interesting offers. Mind and Body: You will have more free time, so you will be able to do exercises. Family and Home: Your family, is angry with you. You should be more sociable with they.

SGITTARIUS: This year you’ll be a little bit messi. Love: Your girlfriend will be angry with you beacouse you don’t do the house works. Work and Money: You are good at work, you have a great job and your sallary is perfect for you. Mind and Body: You will be happy and you will be fit. Family and Home: You will be great with your family and you’ll be very happy.

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