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académico, individual y profesional dentro de la música y el canto. Sin embargo ella cuenta con los conocimientos que están sustentados en la teoría así como en la práctica esperando que den como resultado una extraordinaria estudiante, una gran profesionista, así como un excelente ser humano.

Universidades y Conservatorios de MĂşsica;

juguetes de tela hechos con cariño Ana Karen Allende Noriega AENA 761201 7VA Av. Viaducto Tlalpan 3230 Col. Ejido Viejo de Santa Ursula Coapa Del. Coyoacán. Distrito Federal CP 04850 México

March 09, 2011 To whom it may concern,

I first knew Paloma Lucas Landgrave in the winter inter of l997 when she was a iniciating her profesional musical studies. I have been able to listen, and see her development throughout her career, I have been witness w of her commitment and her academic ability. Only through time, can one get a reliable measure of the student as a responible and profesional person. Having kept in touch with Mrs. Paloma in the intervening years, I am confident in my knowledge of her.

To o begin with, she is an excellent student, with a lively curiosity that makes her dissatisfied with superficial explanations. That curiosity frequently led her down avenues and into areas that, otherwise, would have remained unexplored, Paloma has developed d a taste for traditional mexican music. She became came interested in the subtleties of interpreting the meaning of the songs she sings, especially in the difficulties inherent in the translation in case it is necesary and the importance of transmiting the feeling feeling the composer wanted to transmit. Her analysis insightful, logical and comprehensive.

One has only to speak to her to recognize her openness and eagerness. Paloma continued to insist on a high level of performance in her singing. What many may overlook overlook because of her beautiful performances is how hard Paloma works to cultivate her talent, whether it be the development of her voice for an operatic performance or of her writing skills as she works through an essay. Her genuine intellectual curiosity is often accompanied by her excitement or enthusiasm for an idea, an author, a literary work or the lead role in a challenging operatic performance. Paloma was awarded several times for excelence in her work. The headmaster of the National University (UNAM) himself gave the medal she won because of her commitment in her social work practices.

I would expect Paloma Lucas to bring these same qualities of character to her former education because of her considerable self-discipline among her openness to new places, aces, peoples, cultures and customs; a keen intelligence, with which to analyze and order her experience; irrepressible curiosity; and an unusual ability for dealing with people of all ages and conditions. Those qualities, combined with her toughness of caracter will enable her to understand and empathize with others while never losing touch with who she is. I am certain that her knowledge of her own culture will enrich the environment of the place sshe arrives to continue her education.

Ana Karen Allende Noriega Retacitos® Director


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Documentos Español Grupo 1 (Personal)