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It would be an understatement to say that Apple has revolutionized the MP3 player. A correct statement would be that Apple is the MP3 player, every other manufacturer's goal is to compete with Apple. Apple launched the iPod in two thousand and one and has seen remarkable sales since selling over two hundred and twenty million. The iPod Touch was added to the line in two thousand and eight and was the first in the series to have WIFI capabilities. It is a digital media player that also acts as a personal assistant. Over the last few years Apple has introduced several generations with varying GB. Models come in 8GB, 16GB and in 2008 a 32GB model was introduced. Currently in production of the third generation which offers larger memory, voice interactive interface, faster software and comes packaged with headphones, a remote control and a microphone. The iPod Touch shares the exact same software as the famed iPhone by Apple. The two devices look almost completely identically and most of the same applications can be downloaded to each. The newer generation iPod Touch can download mail applications as well as news and weather. Of course music, video and pictures are also an available feature. The touch screen hence the name makes moving things around a breeze. The iPod Touch does not have cellular access and the older models did not have a microphone. There are other differences as well between the iPhone and the iPod Touch. The iPod Touch does not have a camera and updates that are available on the iPhone for free are fee based for the iPod Touch. They look almost exactly the same, the weight is different because of the added features and the iPhone is heavier. There are some criticisms for the iPod Touch, the battery life is shorter on the "Touch" than on the other models of iPod's. The battery has been a big bone of contention with all of the iPod models. There were some questions regarding battery life with the classic models, the batteries would die and there would be no way to replace the batteries, over time this was resolved somewhat. Another criticism is the fee based updates, Apple justifies the cost by stating that the "Touch" is purchased out right without a subscription while the iPhone requires monthly subscription fees for cellular service as well as a one time fee to purchase it.

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