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Why Smart Investors Are Buying Rental Properties Out-of-State

Recovery Presents a Once-In-A Lifetime Opportunity...If you Play it Right. The housing market’s steady recovery cycle, now in full swing, presents an opportunity to take advantage of low prices and high growth potential that may only come around once in a generation. Interest rates on home loans are near historic lows. Home prices are rebounding from Great Recession lows and soaring back up. And as a result of the foreclosure crisis there is a substantial increase in rental demand for single family homes. By getting in now, while the tide is rising, you can buy in the path of growth and create a steady flow of passive residual income.

Avoid Boxing Yourself Into Your Local Real Estate Market Buying local may make sense when it comes to produce, but when you’re investing in real estate smart investors buy in the best real estate markets regardless of where they live. Remember to always think like an ‘investor’. If you are buying stock in a company, you probably try to select the best company and don’t really care if the corporate headquarters are in your home town. Treat real estate the same way. Failing to do so surrenders one of your largest leverage points.

Buying in the Best Real Estate Markets If you’re seeking to build wealth through real estate, the fastest and most efficient way to accomplish your goals is buying rental properties in “investor-advantaged� real estate markets. Investor-advantaged markets have two main attributes: - Economic indicators that are favorable to investors, such as job and population growth, which contribute to increasing demand for both rentals and re-sales. - Favorable price-to-rent ratios (being able to buy low and rent high) as well as market rents and home prices that the average income earners in that market can afford.

Why Investors Fail To Buy In Investor-Advantaged Markets

Many times real estate investors don’t jump into advantaged markets because they often lack the logistical resources to identify the right markets. Or they lack the resources to identify the best properties in those markets and set up reliable long distance property management. Maverick Investor Group helps investors overcome both of these hurdles so you can consistently buy in the best real estate markets regardless of where you live.

The Maverick Approach Maverick Investor Group provides you private access to unlisted turn-key real estate in investoradvantaged markets nationwide. Properties are new or fully renovated with tenants and property management in place. Maverick also provides thorough data on the markets we select so you understand why they are uniquely advantageous. This is the case for both the macro-market as well as the local micromarkets where the properties are located.

About Maverick Investor Group

Maverick Investor Group is run by investment property specialists and serves individual real estate investors exclusively. Our vision is to radically improve peoples’ lives through real estate. We do this by helping both domestic and foreign investors buy cash-flowing portfolios of turn-key real estate in investor-advantaged markets. Visit us today at

Why smart investors are buying rental properties out of state  

This case study discusses the facts proving that investing in rental properties is the most effective investments right now. Low interest ra...

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