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31 Graystone Street Warwick, RI 02886 USA (401)738-6800 1. TOOL Through hardened tools for extra strength and longer life. 2. FRONT HEAD Tempered and reinforced front head. 3. PISTON Carbon Martensite treated piston for extreme duty. 4. CYLINDER Super alloy, dispersion hardened for ultra strength. 5. CONTROL VALVE Precision control valve for precise operation of hammer. 6. ACCUMULATOR Elliptical shaped accumulator designed to limit hydraulic forces to carrier (4750 & up). 7. BACK HEAD High tensile (Sy) Carbon alloy back head designed to withstand operational forces. 8. THROUGH BOLT High carbon steel through bolts resist stretching and breaking. DESCRIPTION Energy Class Operating Weight Operating Pressure Oil Flow Back Head Pressure Accumulator Pressure Overall Length Impact Rate Tool Diameter Hose Diameter Carrier Weight

MAVERICK™ Hammer - 3250 HSP Ft. Lbs. 2,500 Joules 3,390 Lbs. 1,755 Kg. 795 PSI 2,175-2,465 BAR 150-170 G/Min. 21-29 L/Min. 80-110 PSI 218-247 BAR 15-17 PSI N/A BAR N/A In. 80 MM 2024 SPM 400-700 In. 3.9 MM 100 In. 3/4 Lbs. 22,000-36,000 US Imperial Tons 11-18 Metric Tons 10-17 Dealer: