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Pie for Pi


Pie for Pi 3 (continued) Meet your 4 new IFC/PHC Presidents

Smitten’ for 5 Mittens Freezin’ for 6 a Reason 6 Jimmy’s Joke Corner

Na & Tori’s 6 Study Table

3.05, 5.5%, 10 At the Winter 2013 Greek Leadership retreat both of the governing councils and the Greek Community’s chapter presidents sat down to discuss what goals they wanted to achieve during their terms. In the end, three goals stood out the most to the councils which involved the numbers: 3.05, 5.5% and 10.

3.05: This number represents the GPA the council would like to see the Greek community achieve during the Spring semester.

5.5%: This is the percentage of the full-time undergraduate student population the council would like to see the Greek community grow to within the next year.

10: This is the number of Alumni/Alumnae that the council would like each chapter to have at the Greek Life Reunion on April 6. Along with the help from the entire community there is no reason these goals cannot be achieved!

Thoughts from John... Maverick Greeks should be proud of their academic performance during the Fall 2012 term! As a community, Greeks achieved a 2.95 GPA, the highest mark we've seen in at least four years. Three chapters achieved higher than a 3.0 GPA. Four men’s chapters, Sigma Chi, Lambda Chi Alpha, Delta Chi, and Phi Delta Theta, achieved above the all men's average of 2.83, and two women's organizations, Alpha Chi Omega and Sig-

Maverick Greeks

ma Sigma Sigma achieved higher than the all-women's average. We haven't had this many chapters achieve above these levels in years. The community, fresh off this significant improvement, has set an ambitious goal of 3.05 for the Spring 2013 semester. We're hopeful that all

@MaverickGreeks members will contribute to this effort! -John Bulcock

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Never mind what others do; do better than yourself, beat your own record from day to day, and you are a success. - William J.H. Boetcker

Pie for Pi / Dean’s List

Pie for Pi (3.14-3.49)


Last Name First Name Chapter

Anderson Sigma Sigma Sigma


Asare Sigma Sigma Sigma


Kaitlyn Alpha Chi Omega



Megan Alpha Chi Omega

Brittain Sigma Sigma Sigma



Julia Alpha Chi Omega

Johnson Sigma Sigma Sigma



Bridget Alpha Chi Omega

Kwait Sigma Sigma Sigma


Igbo-ogbonna Courtney Alpha Chi Omega

Lybarger Sigma Sigma Sigma


Rindels Sigma Sigma Sigma


Erin Alpha Chi Omega



Ashley Alpha Chi Omega

Rudolph Sigma Sigma Sigma



Aimee Alpha Chi Omega

Siebenaler Sigma Sigma Sigma



Jocelyn Alpha Chi Omega

St. Germaine Sigma Sigma Sigma


Schweitzer Callie Alpha Chi Omega

Yonker Sigma Sigma Sigma



Alexandra Alpha Chi Omega


Tyrone Brothers With a


Tessa Alpha Chi Omega

Smith Purpose

Marcus Brothers With a

Wojciehowski Stephanie Alpha Chi Omega

Danforth Drew Delta Chi


Daphne Alpha Sigma Alpha


Matthew Delta Chi

Hamilton Marissa Alpha Sigma Alpha


Clint Delta Chi


Kayce Alpha Sigma Alpha


Ari Delta Chi


Yer Alpha Sigma Alpha


Andrew Delta Chi

Westergren Alyssa Alpha Sigma Alpha

Mulamba Issa Delta Chi

Yeshidagne Emerald Alpha Sigma Alpha


Brock Delta Chi

Bergstrom Taylor Lambda Chi Alpha Goehring Tyler Lambda Chi Alpha Herkenhoff Jeremy Lambda Chi Alpha Hermansen Eric Lambda Chi Alpha Nickel

Cody Lambda Chi Alpha


John Phi Kappa Psi


Charles Phi Kappa Psi


Marcus Phi Delta Theta


Jonathon Phi Delta Theta


Mathew Phi Delta Theta


Jordan Phi Delta Theta


Brett Phi Kappa Theta

Dean’s List (3.5-4.0) Last Name First Name Chapter Buechner Nicki Alpha Chi Omega Cassidy

Heather Alpha Chi Omega


Melissa Alpha Chi Omega


Joelene Alpha Chi Omega

Durhman Paige Alpha Chi Omega Ellis

Abby Alpha Chi Omega

Fox-Christensen Madison Alpha Chi Omega Ganie-Foote Elle-Shante Alpha Chi Omega


Ella Alpha Chi Omega


Elingson Sigma Sigma Sigma


Conner Lambda Chi Alpha


Mikell Alpha Chi Omega


Fenske Sigma Sigma Sigma


David Lambda Chi Alpha


Amber Alpha Chi Omega


Fleischer Sigma Sigma Sigma


Steven Lambda Chi Alpha


Morgan Alpha Chi Omega


Haffield Sigma Sigma Sigma

Mangione David Phi Kappa Psi


Lisa Alpha Chi Omega


Holmes Sigma Sigma Sigma


Tyler Phi Kappa Psi


Kami Alpha Chi Omega


Jones Sigma Sigma Sigma


Christopher Phi Kappa Psi


Hannah Alpha Chi Omega


Kautzman Sigma Sigma Sigma


Tyler Phi Kappa Psi


Amanda Alpha Chi Omega


Mastellar Sigma Sigma Sigma


Matthew Phi Kappa Psi

Stegeman Sara Alpha Chi Omega


Schmitt Sigma Sigma Sigma


Mitchell Phi Delta Theta

Bordewick Mikaela Alpha Sigma Alpha


Shanley Sigma Sigma Sigma


Vinson Phi Delta Theta


Marissa Alpha Sigma Alpha


Sletta Sigma Sigma Sigma


Zakery Phi Delta Theta


Shandi Alpha Sigma Alpha


Stevens Sigma Sigma Sigma


Dwain Phi Delta Theta


Beth Alpha Sigma Alpha


Tschida Sigma Sigma Sigma

Ripplinger Thomas Phi Kappa Theta

Southward Jordan Alpha Sigma Alpha


Werner Sigma Sigma Sigma



Melanie Gamma Phi Beta

Anderson Logan Delta Chi



Kara Gamma Phi Beta


Chase Delta Chi

Krzmarzick David Sigma Chi


Jessica Gamma Phi Beta


Ethan Delta Chi



Jordan Gamma Phi Beta


Brian Delta Chi


Emily Gamma Phi Beta


Nathaniel Delta Chi


Akande Sigma Sigma Sigma


Travis Lambda Chi Alpha


Boleman Sigma Sigma Sigma


Matthew Lambda Chi Alpha


Borchet Sigma Sigma Sigma

Lindquist Matthew Lambda Chi Alpha

Sigma Chi


Alexander Sigma Chi

Ryan Sigma Chi

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Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe that something inside them was superior to circumstance. - Bruce Barton

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Meet Your New Council Presidents! January marks the first month that the new Panhellenic and Interfraternity Councils have been in session and with all of the hard work they will be doing why not get to know your new PHC and IFC presidents? PHC President, Trisha Makovsky, is a senior human biology major and a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha. She has held many positions in her chapter and has previously served as VP of Conduct Review on PHC. When asked what made her run for PHC President she replied, “The leadership opportunities and good resume builder. I also have a strong support for the Panhellenic world and wanted to be a larger part of it.” Interfraternity President Jacob Moe

IFC President, Jacob Moe, is a junior double majoring in Business Management and Marketing with a minor in Business. He is a member of Delta Chi and has previously served as President of his chapter for two terms. When asked why he ran for IFC President he replied, “After everything that I had done with Delta Chi during my 2 years as president, IFC president looked like a new area I could make an impact in.” Both Presidents were also asked what they hope to accomplish during their time as president, Trisha replied, “…increase Chapter companionship…Community growth…more All Greek events” while Jacob replied, “I hope to build the Greek community bigger and stronger than ever before, and have grades steadily improve”.

Panhellenic President Trisha Makosvsky

After we got all of the important questions out of the way, we figured knowing the boring details wasn’t enough to truly know who your Presidents are, so we threw in some fun questions. Q. What is your favorite candy? Jacob: Rolo (NOT to be confused in any way with YOLO) Q. If you could be any super hero, who would you be? Trisha: Wonder Woman! Q. If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring one person and one item who and what would you bring and why? Trisha: Jeff Corwin – because he knows what to eat and what not to eat. And I would bring my cell phone, duh! Jacob: My wonderful girlfriend Emma Deppa, and a fully loaded yacht that can sail around the world so we can enjoy the trip.

January Newsletter

If you would like to see Trisha and Jacob in action, attend a PHC meeting Thursdays at 4 P.M. or and IFC meeting Thursdays at 5 P.M. in the Nickerson Room (CSU 238).

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Smittin’ for Mittens One of the upcoming events in February is Dance Marathon and Lauren Holmes from Sigma Sigma Sigma came up with an idea to fundraise for the event. We sat down with Lauren to talk about her mitten fundraiser and gain some insight into Dance Marathon and what it’s all about. Q. What is your position on the Dance Marathon council? A. Community Donations and Sponsorships chair.

A. I ask businesses in the community for donations that contribute to our fundraiser in February.

Q. Does it cost anything to get into Dance Marathon?

and there are also children who have received care at Gillette’s at the event so you can get to know them and their families while helping out a great cause. Q. What are you most excited about for this year’s Dance Marathon?

A. We’re really hoping that we have more participaQ. How much money tion from a variety of othhave you raised so far with Lauren Homes walking er RSO’s on campus beyour mitten fundraiser? dogs for the Blue Earth cause we would like to exCounty Humane Society. ceed last year’s donations A. $400 and there are still as well as spread the word a few pairs left! about Gillette Children’s Q. How many hours A. A $10 donation at the Hospital and the support would you estimate you door is all that is required, they give to patients and spent making the mittens? but it is greatly appreciated their families. if you would be willing to A. 30 plus contribute more than this Dance Marathon will be Q. Where does the money as all proceeds go to Gil- held in the Ballroom in the lette’s. The $10 donation CSU on February 23 from you raised go? 6-9pm and registration is well worth the money A. The Dance Marathon spent, you receive your starts at 5:30pm, but you fundraiser for Gillette name in a raffle for awe- can register your team beChildren’s Hospital. forehand at some prizes, get to eat Q. What does your posi- food from vendors from www.msudancemarathon.c all over the Mankato area om. tion do?

Volunteers are the only human beings on the face of the earth who reflect this nation's compassion, unselfish caring, patience, and just plain love for one another. - Erma Bornbeck

Freezin’ for a Reason This semester the ladies of Alpha Sigma Alpha are planning on participating in the Polar Plunge in St. Peter on February 2. Polar Plunge is an event put on by Minnesota law enforcement every year between January and March and all proceeds from the event go to Special Olympic Minnesota. The Alpha Sigma Alpha ladies’ National Philanthropy is Special Olympics so this event is a way for them to support their National Philanthropy as well as supporting the local Minnesota Special Olympics event. In order to raise more money for this event, the ladies of ASA held a fundraiser at Applebee’s on January 23. If you brought in a flyer when you came to eat 15% of the proceeds from the night went to the ASA women for their Polar Plunge team. A few ladies at the event as well as Emerald Yeshidagne, the Philanthropy chair gave me some more insight into their Polar Plunge team; there are 15 of the ASA ladies who are jumping and many of the women who aren’t jumping are going on February 2 to support their sisters as they make the frigid plunge. Brad Steele, a local DJ from the radio station Z99, is partnering with the ASA women to raise awareness about the plunge. The goal for the ladies is $2,000 and from the Applebee’s event they were able to raise $142.30! If you would like to support the Alpha Sigma Alpha ladies raise money for their plunge team you can go to and look for “Z99/Alpha Sigma Alpha” and your donation will help these ladies help Special Olympics Minnesota.

Jimi’s Joke Corner Na and Greek students were Tori’s Study Two walking across campus when one said, "Where did you get Table such a great bike?" 

Study Tip #524 

Use the “45/15 Method”, study for 45 minutes and take a 15 minute break. It’ll give your brain time to rest...and will also allow you to pay more attention to your phone!

The second Greek replied, "Well, I was walking along yesterday minding my own business when a beautiful woman rode up on this bike. She threw the bike to the ground, took off all her clothes and said, "Take what you want."

The second Greek nodded approvingly, "Good choice; the clothes probably wouldn't have fit."

January 2013 Newsletter  

Maverick Greek January 2013 Newsletter

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