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RENE MAURICIO LEMUS CANANA CONTACT  Address: Ciudad Merliot, Santa Tecla, El Salvador. C.A.  Phone: Home (503) 2228 9971 Mobile (503) 73864921  E-mail:

EDUCATIONN 2005 – 2007 Escuela de Comunicación Mónica Herrera Advertising Technical Degree 2005 – 2010 Escuela de Comunicación Mónica Herrera Bachelor in Marketing Integrated Communications

Santa Tecla, El Salvador Santa Tecla, El Salvador

PROFESSIONAL GOALS Mission Make a significant contribution to my behavior, promoting sustainable development, practicing the skills and abilities acquired during my learning experiences. Vision Become an integral human being, capable to integrate my knowledge to the practice life, in constant development of intellectual and spiritual abilities. EXPERIENCIA LABORAL 2011 – Business Development Associate (online executive) Associate to the Equipo Emprende, to facilitate and develop business strategies, promoting the Acceleration and Development of Business from Entrepreneurs. Community Manager and Communications Assistant. 2001

Marketing PMO – Business Development Associate (online executive) Independent associate for the business develop, Project Management for Latin American based enterprises. Guerrilla Marketing Strategist.

2006 – 2010

Designer Freelancer and Marketing Consultant Graphic designer for national and international clients, image consultant and developer of conceptual issues.

2009 – 2010

Guilindujes Coffee shop and Restaurant – Brand Manager and Partner Concept creative, graphic designer, event organizer, public relationships manager, developer of the client support experience and representative at the official local agencies and tourism board.


Farmacia San Nicolás /Drugstore – Webmarketing Manager Developer of the online shopping experience, content and SEO manager, graphic designer, feedback responsible of site launching (, networking integration developer and designer of communication strategies.


Marketing Consultant for small business Design and implementation of marketing strategies for small business for the agricultural area, specialist at designing and launching craft products, value chain development, graphic design and brand development.

2007 – 2008

Ideas Frescas Design Studio – Jr Designer Jr Graphic Designer, display designer, conceptualization, customer service, marketing strategist for specific products and clients, image consultant, integrated communication consultant.


DDB El Salvador – Creativity Department Internship Creative copy-writer, designer assistant, display visualization, conceptualization, marketing planning.

ADITIONAL EXPERIENCIES  Coordinator and Representative of the Tourism Board for the Cultural District in Santa Tecla. 2010. 

Civil Hostess for the Peruvian delegation at official visit in celebration for the Presidential Inauguration of El Salvador. 2009.

Alumni Centre member at the College. 2008.

Development of strategies of integral communication for (the most important Salvadoran website hosted by El Diario de Hoy) – high academic value. 2008

Development of commercial and communication strategies for the Associative Group of Craft Artisans form Santa Tecla, for the local economic development. (Project supported by the academic team at college, used by the ‘House for Women’ from Santa Tecla, and supported by the Major office of the district). 2008.

COURSES AND SEMINARIES Youth Leadership (by FUNDASALVA) Strategic Design International Congress Cultural Studies from Central America Congress Strategic Planning on Internet Seminary Promote Your Country Seminar (by FOEX) Solidarity Marketing Congress

El Salvador 2001 El Salvador 2007 El Salvador 2007 El Salvador 2008 El Salvador 2009 El Salvador 2010

ABILITIES AND EXPERIENCIES Internet Experience: Nickname: Mauxito Blogger // SEO, SEM, website tracking, actualizations, Html codes, content development. Twitter // Buzz Marketing and Awareness strategies. Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn // Networking strategies and Fan Page management. Flickr // Image management, creative content. Youtube // Small format video production, creative content, video broadcasting. Internet Tools // Online live broadcasting, content management.

Designing Skills: Illustration, layout design, color palette selection, photo retouching, editorial design. Technical Skills: Tools: semiprofessional digital video and photo cameras. Computing Skills: OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Leopard and Snow Leopard for Mac Microsoft Office pack Word Excel Power Point Visio Publisher Outlook

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Adobe pack Photoshop Freehand Illustrator InDesign Dreamweaver Premiere

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2011 Rene Lemus Resumé  

Rene Lemus Resumé - 2011