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fre cs hie week 2013 primer

Welcome to the FreCShie Week 2013! This is the first stop of this amazing week so join us as we take and jumpstart your FreCShie experience to full throttle, providing you with the best FreCShie Week experience that you will ever have. Start it off with the College of Science Acquaintance Party and Organization Fair! There are 20 College of Science Organizations. Check out the amazing lineup of organizations who will greet you today with their own versions of Pixar-inspired booths and themes. Witness the awesome presentations of our very own organizations and college as we shift the gear up a notch for the rest of your UP Life in the College of Science. See you all at the FreCShie Week 2013! “True enough, our lives will change years from now or even seconds from now. But what really matters is how and why you made those moments count, collected in your memory, cherished forever.�

prograM 6:00–6:30

Registration for CS Students


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Organizations Presentations Batch 1


CS Idol 2012 Intermission


Organizations Presentations Batch 2




Organizations Presentations Batch 3


Presentation of Candidates for

Mr. and Ms. FreCShie


Awarding of Major and Special Prizes

UP Association of Biology Majors (UP ABM)

President Carlo A. Limbo Website: Email: The Association of Biology Majors booth for the CS Acquaintance Party and Organization Fair aims to show how the organization is united as one family with the theme Finding Nemo. We want the future applicants to feel like they are welcome in ABM like Nemo was welcomed into the aquarium. Moreover, since ABM not only studies life but lives it, we want them to see how much joy the organization will bring to their lives through the ABM picture collage. Just like Marlin, we will keep looking for our applicants because even now they are already part of the ABM family.

UP Association of Chemistry Majors and Enthusiasts

Contact Person: Searle Aichelle S. Duay Website: Email Address: As UP ACME celebrates its 17th year, come and join us in celebrating the organization fair with its Brave-inspired booth design! Feel the experience of being in Scottish Highlands and have a picture with Merida! You can even interact and even play with her! You can also test your accuracy in hitting the bull’s eye to win candies! The first 25 freshies to visit our booth will have free ACME fans (just bring your ID or Form 5)!


Contact Person: Denise Ashley Escolar (09066471470) Website: Email address: Agham Youth, or the Student Advocates of Science and Technology for the People, is a patriotic and progressive youth organization of students united under the call to Make S&T Serve the People. The Agham Youth is a student organization established in March 1999 in recognition of the need for a renewal of the advocacy for the development and utilization of science and technology that shall be of service to the broad masses of the people. The AGHAM Youth booth showcases photographs, banners etc. of various campaigns and actions done by the organization in its 14 years of existence.

UP Chemical Society

President: Jason Martinez Website:, Email address: A quiet garden is not what it seems. Look closer and you’ll be surprised to see bugs, worms and all critters of different shapes and sizes. Enter a miniscule world and try your luck in our “The Colony” where you might end up winning food or end up eating...dirt. At the end of the day, sip some hard earned nectar. Come by UP ChemSoc’s booth and experience a bug’s life.

CS Chorale

Cotact Person(s): Keith Bejasa (09054589433) Justine Sanchez (09178855792) More popularly known as the CS Chorale, it is the official college student choir of the College of Science at the University of the Philippines Diliman. It caters to singing scientists in the college, which includes undergraduate and graduate students, alumni, faculty and staff of CS. The group performs in several college and university functions and officially represents the college in the annual universitywide Karolfest. The choir aims to bring the community together through music. The CS Chorale also proves that the science and music can coexist. Being students from the College of Science, it is expected that the students from this college maintain academic excellence. As chorister-scientists, the members of the CS Chorale aim to be able to achieve excellence in their studies while being able to pursue their passion for music.

UP DOST Scholars’ Association President: Bernard Pepito Malolos In need of any assistance? UP DOST SA, with the help of Russell, offers you the thrilling opportunity to fly high and coast through your college life with a thrilling adventure! Carl Fredericksen may have said that this is just a house, but it is no ordinary house. Its balloons will take you to your dreams just like the paradise falls! What are you waiting for? Come in, so you won’t fall. We got a lot in store for you. With UP DOST SA, you’ll never get lost!

UP Geology Majors Society President: Jessica Emil B. Compuesto This booth aims to promote proper disposal of electronic gadgets. Thebooth is decorated with Wall-E eyes in front and covered with materials teaching how to sproperly disposed gadgets.

UP Geological Society

President: Gabriel Theophilus V. Valera Website: Email Address: College is seen as the gateway to adulthood, the stage when we leave our toys behind. But sometimes, college life can be stressful and you feel the need to return to the days of our innocence. These toys remind us of our young days, and the UP Geological Society would like you to revisit your childhood through our booth. The booth is based on the classic Pixar film Toy Story about a boy and his toys. It is a recreation of the bedroom of Andy, present with the bed, carpet, durabox, sofa, and all the available toys. A head-through-a-hole photobooth also features the main toys from the Toy Story film.

UP Math Club

President: Dale Wilson A. Garcia II Website: Email address: The booth will have a red-black-yellow color scheme, following the colors of The Incredibles. There will be a tarp displayed at the back which contains The Incredibles logo with the UPMC logo incorporated in it. There will also be a table which contains pop-ups of characters from the movie. The members are expected to wear red tops, with the Incredibles logo on their chests

UP MMC President: Justin Paul D. Dumayag In this fast paced world, would you wanna be left out? Join up mmc in its quest for speed. Manuever the MMC mobile through the course with speed and accuracy like Lightning McQueen and may the best racer win!

UP Molecular Biology & Biotechnology Society President: Coleen M. Pangilinan The UP MBBS booth themed UP presents you the very colorful life of the members and the organization. The house invites each freshman to come and join the UP MBBS family where there is fun, support and love. Different colors of balloons in the booth represents the different types people in the organization, working together in harmony to fulfill the organization’s goals and objectives. A balloon darts game can also be found where Freshies and other students can have fun with their friends and and enjoy the booth.

UP Physics Association President: Esmerando Escoto The world that we live in today is, quite honestly, a surprise. 50 years ago, no one even imagined that our lives would be like this, full of electronics where you could live your life with the simple push of a button. However, this comes at a price. The barrage of technological developments have brought with it an onslaught of industrialization efforts. We do not want Earth to end up like Wall-E’s world. As Captain McCrea says, “I don’t want to survive, I want to live”, we must continually strive for sustainable development for a better world for the next generation to live in.

UP Pre-Medical Honor Society

Contact Person: Ana Patrica Vargas (09178780639) Mr. Argel Joseph S. Lanting (09053153113) Website: Email Address: This year, the UP Pre-Medical Honor Society brings the undersea adventure to the College of Science Org Fair with its very own ‘Finding Nemo’ booth! Enjoy the company as you get to know PMHS with refreshments and snacks provided! Have fun and get creative with our face painting station or you can simply make a request to one of our members do the painting for you! Capture the moment with your friends using our own photobooth! This June, we humbly invite you to join us together with Nemo, Marlin and Dory because we believe they embody some of the values that our organization upholds: family, friendship, and determination to pursue our aspirations against all odds. We hope to see you there!

UP Pre-Medical Society President: Benjamin Francis Pablo Rodriguez, Jr. Take a peek into future Earth, where Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class robots inherit the dumpsite-like planet. In the U.P. Pre-Medical Society’s booth, you can meet WALL-E, an unusually skillful and curious robot. Salvaging scraps as if they were treasure has expanded his archive of even the simplest of artifacts from our generation of the human civilization, as can be seen in the storage truck lay-out of the booth. Also meet EVE, an Extra-terrestrial Vegetation Evaluator from the humans of outer space. WALL-E finds something very unusual for his new friend – a young sprout signifying life. This will lead to a cascade of events which ultimately gives the human race hope to rebuild Earth because there’s no place like home. Feel at home! Take a picture with our robot friends. Present the young sprout to EVE because here in the Society, WE GIVE IT LIFE!

UP Zoological Society

Contact Person: Alyssa Nicole D. Tueres (09185964382) Gidell F. Palos (0927-2093762) Website: Email Address: The UP Zoological Society is a university-recognized academic, environmental, pre-medical, and socio-civic organization, made up of a diverse group of students from the whole university. It celebrated its 60th anniversary last August 25, 2012. UPZS holds medical missions, seminars, tutorials, tree-plantings, and clean-up drives for the betterment of the biological sciences and of the Filipino community as a whole. It also holds interand intra-org sports competitions, quiz bees about anything under the sun, sem-enders, and musical competitions. UPZS has also consistently produced several successful alumni in the academe, in medicine, law, and in public office. Be the best in your own way. Join the UPZS family.



FreCShie Week 2013 Primer  
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