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Previously called the Tavern of the Mamozio

Restaurant owners in Civitella preserving tradition since 1880

a concept of Daniele Zunica Local and seasonal cuisine with a creative touch Chefs: Luca Di Felice Sabatino Lattanzi Elena Irina Rusu Reception and Wine Cellar: Maurizio Neri Waiter: Davide Lepore Homemade bread from Abruzzi best bakeries Selection of extra virgin olives’ oils form Abruzzi Organic products Homemade pasta from our Chef Flour is grounded using the traditional stone mill technique All meats are from Abruzzi

Antipasti Zucchini, mint and caciocavallo cheese € 10,00

Cold soup of porcini mushrooms and legumes € 11,00

Carpaccio of Gadus Morhua cod € 10,00

Galantina (stuffed chicken) with pickled vegetables € 10,00

Pecorino cheese soup with croutons of bread and black truffle € 11,00

The best of our salami € 12,00

Fat tuna and Russian salad € 11,00

First courses Raviolo with buffalo ricotta cheese, anchovies and plum tomatoes € 11,00

Cav. Cocco dry pasta with river shrimps and lard from the pig’s cheek € 15,00

Ceppe, our traditional handmade pasta, with tomato sauce € 11,00

SpaghettOro Verrigni (gold dye pasta) with egg and local saffron € 15,00

Fresh pecorino pasta with amatriciana sauce € 12,00

Maccheroncini alla chitarra with porcini mushrooms and black truffle € 14,00

Risotto pear and goat cheese € 14,00

Main courses Marchigiana Veal fillet with curry, tonka beans and bell pepper € 15,00

Rabbit stewed in casserole € 11,00

Crispy lamb with anise sauce € 12,00

The meat to the fire € 15,00

Mixture of fried food € 15,00

Roe deer strudel with montepulciano sauce and raspberry ice cream € 14,00

“Gadus Morhua” cod with pig’s cheek and grilled tomatoes € 12,00

All our main courses are served with seasonal vegetables

Cheeses Cheese selection € 12,00

Dessert Remembering Sacher Torte € 8,00 Our sweet pizza € 5,00 Strawberry expression € 6,00 Passion fruit cheesecake € 7,00 Our ice cream € 4,00 Almonds’ mousse € 6,00

Fixed menu

En passant *lunch time € 23,00 3 courses

Tradition € 35,00 4 courses

Territory € 50,00 6 courses

Gourmet € 60,00 8 courses

The fixed menu is available for the whole table only. Please advise your waiter if dishes need to be altered to accommodate dietary needs

Zunica 1880 Restaurant  

A la carte menu June 2012

Zunica 1880 Restaurant  

A la carte menu June 2012