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WHAT IS IT? Any substance that provides the nutrients necessary to maintain : Life


Name Some words related to food 2 Words Eat



HOW IS FEEDING DIFFERENT FROM EATING? Feeding Repeteatedly Same food Same way Well being

Eating The way food is used Not only gather or hunt Cultivate

Raise livestock

Devepment of a culture Diet





FOOD HABITS OR FOOD CULTURE The way humans : Use Select Obtain Distribute Prepare Serve Eat

Types of diets Vegetarian

Broccoli, brown rice, avocado, bean sprouts


Oysters, caviar, roast coffe

Healthy food

Protein shake, wheat germ, yogurth, rare meat

Fast food

Big Mac, Hawaiian Piza, Kentuky Fried Chicken.


Cheeze whiz, maruchan noodles, chetos




Liberal, sofisticated

Healthy food Antinuclear activists

Fast food


Religious, conservative

Fond of polyester

Lack Nourish Boost Poultry

deplete Neuro transmitters Serotonin Nurish Enhence

“The key is to have a balance diet.” Do you agree? How can we have a good diet?

Name some famous pyramids in the world. How is the food pyramid divided?


Look at the video and label the pyramid.

Number the foods according to the video ____ mexican food ____ spaghetti ____ enchiladas ____ hamburguers ____ chocolate ____ chinese food

What is Food Biotechnology? Food biotechnology is the evolution of traditional agricultural techniques such as crossbreeding and fermentation. It is an extension of the type of food development that has provided nectarines, tangerines and similar advancements.

Shelly and Megan

Shelly is concerned about her friend Megan. Whenever they are talking, the conversation eventually turns to a discussion of food and weight. Megan seems to know the calorie count and number of fat grams of every food she eats and that Shelly eats. Shelly and Megan always went to the gym for their workouts three-four times a week. Now, Megan is working out every day and often two times a day. Yet, Megan always talks about how fat she is even though she seems to have lost a lot weight. It is hard to tell because she is usually wearing a baggy sweat suit; she says she is always cold. Shelly has also noticed a bottle of laxatives in Megan’s locker; Megan tried to hide it but Shelly knew what it was. Yesterday, Megan fainted in chemistry class.

1. What do you think is happening with Megan? Identify five things that indicate there is a problem 2. What should Shelly do? Identify three things she could do to help Megan

3. Following the guidelines for what to say to a friend struggling with an eating disorder, write 2 statements that Shelly could use to start a conversation with Megan. 4. Develop a step-by-step plan for Shelly to follow in helping Megan.


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