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The threat.

In the school‌ in where the teens were happy.

Your plan would be successful, everyone at school were weak and haggard.

Arrive a group teen's to insolate.

Obesity was a teen that eat much and he want

that everybody in her school look like he. he been in the dinner room to the students have sickness.

One was skinny and had intense fear of gaining weight, although was very thin and dieted and exercised excessively. Her real name is anorexia but her nickname was skinny and wanted other girls to be like her.

On the other hand was the skinny invites men to go to the gym and stop eating so they got like the perfect magazine for women body to die for them.

Skinny had a boyfriend named manorexia but his nickname was skinny he had the same tastes as skinny, j just that he liked to attack the men to be like him. t

Skinny and purging changed the bathroom mirrors for girls so that they look fat and stop eating so while the purge told them that they could throw up after eating too much to not become fat.

One day the teachers organized a health campaign and invited doctors and pscologos to give lectures and health tip's of these students realized that they were wrong and gave them aid.

Begins the threat ... Ealized that the source of the problem and the invaders were expelled.

One day decided to start with your plan which consisted induce his colleagues to be like them to no longer felt alone.

Began the counterattack and everything returned to normal.

The fat was in the cafeteria food inviting everyone to eat too much, so every day.

The end!

Comicfinal eting disorders  
Comicfinal eting disorders