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Chilean weddings First the couple should get married in a registry office and then you can do it in a church. It is very often to make a big celebration with many guests . Usually parents pay the cost of the marriage. But today usually the couple pay. When you are invited to a wedding you should always send the gift before the wedding day is very rude not doing. In a Catholic wedding , the bride's father takes her to the church and the groom has to wait in the church. They have sponsors. A man and a woman are the other groomsmen and the bride's family usually choose to parents of each but not always. After the religious ceremony at the exit of the church the guests throw rice at the bride and groom to wish good luck. The bride and groom will travel by car to different parts of the city or place where they live giving the guests time to arrive prior to the party and can receive them. It is typical to get the bride and groom dance a waltz and half of the groom dances with his godmother and the bride with his godfather. t dinner the bride and groom have a special place at the table where they are served with all the guests enjoying a great dinner. The bride and groom make a toast crossing their arms. Then before leaving the cake, unmarried girls located all around the cake and take each hanging tape going around the cake and the count of 3 each tape dump it and gets a surprise. Can be a ring or a drink, etc. And everything has a meaning. The party lasts all night but the couple leave

at the middle of the party and

hopefully that almost no one know and from there to the honeymoon.


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