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Basic information Name: Mauricio Andrés Mazzella Hidalgo Age: 22 Location: Concepción Sexuality: Male Looking for: Female

About me Hobbies: I like to pratice skateboarding also I like to going out to the beach, hill. I like to Reading history becouse it´s very importatn to now what we are and where we are. Culture it´s very important to me and very necesary for society it´s a a cornerstone for the historical memory. Phisical: Well, I am thin, I am 1.68 height, my hair it´s black, short and straught hair. I often wear baggy pants, shirt or t-shirt, I don´t like sunglasses but I use glasses for reading. I had, big, roung, and gray eyes. Personality: I am honest and very sociable when there is trust with the other person. I don´t like the injustice and discrimination of race or social class. Perfect match: I am looking for a person very romantic and honest with his feelings also a person who like to spent time to going out. Confident and mature it ´s very important to me becouse I don´t want to be a father.

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