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INT. SYNERGY INCORPORATED WORKPLACE -DAY 1 Trevor Smith, Lawrence Jamal Walker,and Sylvia Valdez ,Marc Johnson are at their respective cubicles typing their latest assignments. Their Boss John Coffey Kane walks out of his office, and sits at the central table and signals for an announcement. MR. KANE "Lady and Gentlemen its that time again." Trevor, Lawrence, and Sylvia go the table where their Boss is sitting at. MR. KANE "Alright everyone, its that time again." CLOSE UP: Trevor smiles with anticipation of the announcement MR. KANE "Well as you all have noticed the first star of the month of 2016 is coming up which means one thing. (sarcasticly)A huge bonus is coming." DEXTER "About $100." MR. KANE "Right. Whoever has more than 1,000 successful sales by the end of the month gets the bonus, plus their may be a promotion in store for you guys". (Camera shows Trevor and then Larry) Several cups are placed on the table, Mr. Kane pours a drink in each cup, and hands it to each employee. Mr. Kane, as with everyone else raises their cup, as if to do a toast. CLOSE UP: MR. KANE "A toast to the beginning of another short weekend." Everyone takes a drink.


MR. KANE "Well Ms. Valdez here has sure made an impression. I definitely see her winning this month. Watch out Walker, you got some competition." CLOSE UP: Smith looks suprisingly at his boss. WALKER "Well, you know Trevor won last months award." CLOSE UP: MR. KANE "Yeah that's what I said." CLOSE UP: Trevor stares over at Larry and his boss talking. SCENE FADES OUT

INT. COFFEE ROOM -DAY 2 Syliva is scene walking into the coffee room where Trevor is seen drinking coffee. CLOSE UP: Trevor turns around with a cup of coffee in his hand. He looks tired. BODY SHOT SYLVIA (In a sarcastic) "Hey, your here early. Whats the special occasion." TREVOR Nothing....(tired) Milking the clock for time, you know. SYLVIA (In a sarcastic)"Oh that's whats up. ) She looks at his coffee cup to see what kind it is." "I don't usually drink coffee, what kind do you drink."


TREVOR "Regular. So are you going to actually stay here past the first two weeks." SYLVIA "Yeah, why you say that." TREVOR "I know you don't like working." SYLVIA (Angrily) "Don't play with me boy") LARRY IS SHOWN WALKING IN THE ROOM. TREVOR AND SYLVIA SEEM TO BE IN A DISAGREEMENT. LARRY "Is everything ok in here." SYLVIA (Annoyed) "Yeah everything's fine" SCENE CUTS TO TREVOR HANDLING CALLS AT HIS DESK INT. SYNERGY INCORPORATED WORKPLACE TREVORS DESKS Trevor is on the phone "Yes......Fine......Ok") Slams phone on receiver. He sees Sylvia standing by Larrys desks laughing. Trevor proceeds to walk to Larry's desk. TREVOR "Take a look at this." LARRY "Hope your not working too hard." TREVOR "I could say the same to you." Larry and Sylvia continue laughing, until Mr. Kane starts walking toward the desks. MR. KANE Smith are you working. TREVOR Of course. MR. KANE


"Why are you hear talking to Larry, don't you want to get the promotion." Trevor looks at Larry and Sylvia. MR. KANE "Don't worry about Larry, hes at his desk, working." Mr. kane walks away. Trevor stares angrily at him. LARRY "Don't worry about him, you know hes super anal about this job." SYLVIA (Jokingly, half seriously)"I don't like you"). TREVOR (In the same tone) "Fine I don't like you either." THE SCENE FADES INTO DARKNESS Trevor is seen at the table typing away at his phone. Sylvia joins him. SYLVIA "I see your a hard worker. Its not like Larry says,......oops" "What"

TREVOR SYLVIA "Sorry, never mind, don't worry about it." TREVOR "What is it. He always something to say." SYLVIA "Well you have no reason to be angry. John wouldn't beleive that you spend most of the time talking to girls....." TREVOR (Angrily) "Thats fine, I'll get the promotion, I must have sold a million products today." Sylvia looks to the side as if to insinuate that she is


hiding something. TREVOR (answering Sylvia's response) "No, everytime I see him hes not working." SYLVIA "Don't be mad. I know its because hes nice to customers and tries to accommadte them, while you try to sweet talk them into it. You'r a hard worker, thats a good trait to have." Trevor looks angrily at the ceiling. SYLVIA "Hey, go home cool off, don't say anything you don't want to. You want my hoodie, I don't need it." She hands Trevor the hoodie, and walks out of the room. THE SCENE CUTS TO THE OFFICE INT. THE SYNERGY INCORPORATED WORKPLACE LOOKS AS IF ITS CLOSING AS THE LIGHTS ARE OUT. Trevor is packing up his stuff, he notices the hoodie that Syvia gave him is missing. He leaves he goes to the office to see who is getting the promotion. After seeing Larry's name on the sheet of paper he goes on a rant as if his boss was sitting in the desk in front of him. TREVOR (Quietly) I have been been here for three years and this is what I get. (Louder) I seen Carl leave, Jerry leave, and Princeton leave. (Even Louder) I went from being an alright employee to the best emmployee in here. Trevor begins to bang on the table I applied to be a assistant manager many times, and this is how you treat me....... I'll kill you


Bangs on the table violently. INT. SYNERGY INCORPORATED WORKPLACE,TREVORS DESK-DAY 3 Sylvia looks into Trevors desk and sees disturbing drawings of cartoons. They seem to picture illustration of Larry being killed in various ways. Shes takes out the pictures, without noticing the bottle, drop into the dresser drawer, while she closes it. SCENE FADES INT. SYLVIA IS TAKING TO MARC IN THE COFFEE ROOM MARC "If Larry says he will take care of it, then its fine they have been friends since college, don't worry about it. SYLVIA Marc, I dosen't seem like they have been friends for any length of time. SCENE FADES INT. JOHN KANES OFFICE Kane places hand on head and sighs MR. KANE Well....theres always something with this guy. He always fooling around. CLOSE UP:SYLIVA SHOWS INDIFFERENCE TO KANES COMMENT ABOUT TREVOR MR. KANE We have to wait and see. SYLVIA Sir, you have to do something about this now, Larry might be in danger. MR. KANE I'll take care of it, okay. CLOSE UP: KANE REPEATS HIS LASTS STATEMENT SCENE CUTS INT. SYNERGY INCORPORATED -(DAY 3) NIGHT


Larry is seen packing up his stuff to leave. A hooded figure is seen putting on gloves, and taking a pocket knife out of a plastic bag. Then the hooded figure starts to approach the unsusupecting Larry. The screen blacks out for a few seconds, the figure puts the blood soaken knife into his backpack as well as the stained hoodie. THE SCENE BLACKS OUT INT. SYNERGY INCORPORATED -DAY 4 Sylvia sees Trevor sitting at the coffee table, and proceeds to sit down with him. TREVOR (emotionally) I didn't know you were going to work here. SYLVIA (annoyed) I didn't know you were going to work here. TREVOR I didn't mean to treat you like that. Sylvia looks at down at the table TREVOR "I don't think I was ready for a relationship." Mr. kane comes into the coffee room MR. KANE "I need you into my office now.... It can't wait." CUT TO THE NEXT SCENE INT. JOHN KANES OFFICE Trevor walks into his office and sees a policemen standing beside his boss. Sylvia hears Trevor shout and runs into Marcus' office. SCENE CUTS INT. MARC'S OFFICE SYLVIA "I didn't know he was going to call him over there now."


MARC (suprised) "You got what you wanted. Are you happy now." MARC "You went through all that trouble....." Sylvia Places hands on head. SYLVIA "I'm sorry i didn't mean to involve you into all of this." MARC "I quit, its not worth it. You know John left it in my care to see who gets the promotion.....and for a while I thought about giving it to you. But then all you thought about was getting Trevor fired, over some past relationship stuff. Pauses for a second I admit that I was wrong for helping you with this foolishness, but it dosen't matter anymore. You would have been the first female at this company to be on her way to getting a big position.......somewhere along that road you died. Takes coat and bags and walks out of the room. WIDE:SHOT OF SYLVIA LOOKING AT MARCH LEAVE. SCRENE FADES Sylvia sees Trevor packing his bags. TREVOR "I got the promotion to associate manager" SYLVIA Why are you packing your bags. TREVOR "I asked to be transferred." Passes for a second, then continues.


TREVOR "I know about what you tried to do, by altering my paperwork. Thats why I went and used the false information to help me see what mistakes I would have made." Continues packing up his stuff. TREVOR I'm sorry to see that you resorted to doing this all because you thought I convinced your boyfriend to break up with you. The Boss calls Sylvia into the office. Sylvia goes in to see him with a disappointed look on his face. JOHN KANE You know what you have been doing that is wrong. Sylvia tries to look confused. JOHN KANE "Its all over the cameras I have seen you tampering with Trevors work, but yet somehow he still has correct information, which tells me that he didn't want to get you into trouble. I was going to let it pass, but you just had to keep at it. I don't know what happened between you all but you don't have to have to worry about this place again. Sorry Sylvia but I have to let you go." CLOSE UP: SYLIVA'S FACE THE SCREEN BLACKS OUT AND SHOW THE TITLE OF THE FILM "DEATH OF A CO-WORKER" appears on the screen. Followed by the credits.


Art 360 First Draft Script  

Script For the Treatment "Death Of A Co-worker"