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EXT. THE QUAKE-MORNING It’s a normal day in the Haitian society as the people walk the streets. There are kids going to school, adults going to working, cars driving to their destination.

INT. THE QUAKE-MORNING Underneath their feet deep in the abyss is a super villian named Quake. He has been planning to attack the nation of Haiti for years but was waiting for the right time. The dark area is lit by torches. As he sits in his rock-like chair he contemplates and watches Haiti through his crystal ball, talking amongst himself. Quake is a rock-like creature with incredible strength, enough strength to cause havoc and destruction wherever he resides. QUAKE Today will be the day I cause turmoil Amongst this nation. They won’t even know what hit them. I’ve been waiting and waiting and now the time has come. (then begins to laugh demonically)

EXT. THE QUAKE-EVENING TIME Two guys are talking outside, John (to the left) and Pierre (to the right), having a casual conversation while on their lunch break. John and Pierre both have on casual attire.

JOHN What's up Pierre…How’s your day going so far? PIERRE CONTINUED:

Pretty good man. I’m a little tired but it’s going good. How about yours?

Ground begins to shake a little. PIERRE Hey John….ummmmm do you feel that? John Feel what? (laughs) Are you ok? PIERRE Yeah...maybe it was just my imagination. (worried look on face)

All of a sudden the ground begins to start cracking. Cars are flying into the air, light poles are falling, people are falling everywhere. You can hear the screams and the crashing. Then Quake explodes from the ground. Quake then begins to smash everything in his way, from buildings, to cars, to people, etc. The screams are intense. It becomes one big dust ball. As the screen clears you can see the damage and the turmoil Quake has caused. There is rubbish everywhere and everything appears to be destroyed. At the end Quake goes back into the earths underneath surface

with no remorse or sympathy for what he has done. QUAKE Mission Complete!!!!! The evening falls dark as the screen fades out to black.

First Draft Script 396  

First Draft for 2d animation

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