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Attention Active Seniors Who Want To Move Better, Feel Better and Perform Better in Activities or Sports You are enthusiastically invited to attend a FREE one hour presentation on a ground breaking (and for many people- life changing) physical enhancement process called Muscle Activation Techniques™ or MAT. The focus of this presentation is conveyed in the title:

"How Seniors Can Become Stronger, More Flexible and Better Able To Recover From Injuries In As Little As 75 MinutesWithout Lifting a Weight, Doing a Stretch or Popping a Pill" The FREE Presentation will be held on Saturday March 1st at10 a.m. at Massage Metta – 4709 Montgomery Lane Bethesda, MD Seating is limited so reserve your seat today by adding your name to the list below In this presentation you will learn about muscle imbalances and you will discover why they are the “hidden” root cause of:

Nearly every joint problem, including those typically labeled as “age related” Nearly every pain or condition that is aggravated by movement, activity or sports • Nearly every excessively tight muscle or limitation in flexibility • Nearly every muscle, joint or connective tissue injury • Many common physical limitations in sports and activity performance

You will also discover how the Muscle Activation Techniques™ process will find and correct your muscle imbalances- making you stronger, more flexible and better able to recover from any injury or physical problem you have At the end, there will be a demonstration on a volunteer from the audience to show how this process will produce results on anyone in just minutes. You won’t want to miss this! Bring up to three people with you. Everyone in attendance will also receive a free gift.

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About the Presenter: Derick Carter MATs, RTS, CPT Derick’s passion for fitness has driven him to spend the last 10 years learning about the human body and helping people move better, feel better and perform better. He has accumulated over 700 credit hours of advanced coursework, received 4 elite professional certifications and he is currently one of only 16 people in the DC Metro Area certified to practice Muscle Activation Techniques. In addition to authoring a book, Derick has also been a guest lecturer at the NIH’s Fitness Center and has had his blog feature in In his free time he can usually be found goofing off and having fun with his wife Aya and daughters Saeka and Kiyora.

What a few others are saying about MAT…

MAT changed my life. Really. Maybe because I carried young children on my hip distended for balance or because I’ve sat at a computer all day for too many years, or because I’ve always asked my body to do more than it was prepared to do, I needed help. If one muscle didn’t do it, another would compensate for the weakness of the other. Finally, my body began to protest, to fight back, which I experienced as muscle tightness and weakness, inhibited motion, aches and pains—even immobilizing pain. Yes, I sought and received medical help which didn’t help for long. MAT has changed all that. I’ve been a yoga devotee and have worked out with a trainer for many years, with limited or no impact on these issues. But after experiencing MAT, my ability to balance increased (without doing any exercises or poses for balance); my range of motion increased (without any stretching); my muscles were stronger and more reliable (without changing my workout routines or adding more weight). Coincidences? Nope, I don’t think so. Gloria Cabe

“A year ago I fell down some stairs. After numerous MRIs, chiropractic care, massage therapy and a visit to my orthopedic surgeon I was still left with severe discomfort in my lower back. It was definitely a pain that just never seemed to go away. All of the MRI's and X-rays were clear so it had to be muscle, right? Well, no-one seemed to be able to help. The worst was that sleeping was most uncomfortable. As a massage practitioner I knew that it was something that someone with the right bodywork experience could unravel. When I was introduced to Derick, I must admit, I was skeptical at first. After all surgeons, physicians and my chiropractor had not been able to unravel what ailed me. I was stunned when after an hour’s session my back pain, groin pain, and general discomfort in my abdominal region just seemed to release and vanish. I could not believe it, so I thought I would wait a day to see how I felt. After all, who can believe that such a nagging pain could just disappear from such gentle and non invasive techniques? I am no longer waiting for the pain to return. Thank you Derick for sharing your amazing gift with me.” Janine Narayadu: Massage Therapist

“I came to see Derick because I had a lot of pain due to my fibroids. By helping me reconnect with my core muscles he helped me deal with many problem areas and improve my quality of life. I feel less tender and have a better range of motion. I look forward to continuing therapy with Derick.” Elizabeth Fischer: Active mom of 2

“Derick is a very skillful healer, and adjuster of the body. He had helped me with more than one chronic injuries that have not only been eliminated, but have taught me more about my body. After having done martial arts for almost two decades I can say that Derick has helped me stay in top condition in my training.” Ching- Yin Lee: Martial Art Instructor

“I don’t know exactly how to describe the benefits of working with Derick over the last several months because there are many that are attributable to him. I think the biggest one is the awareness of my body and how my muscles function – or more accurately weren’t functioning. As a former ballet dancer and high level athlete, I’m used to keeping going no matter what — even injured. This meant my body had to figure out workarounds to keep going, which isn’t sustainable on a long term basis. Because of our sessions, I now have my body working more as a unit as opposed to certain parts working extra hard to make up for the ones that were “out to lunch.” The biggest result is fewer injuries and a stronger body. As a triathlete, I have 4-5 days a week of working out in multiple disciplines. When I was just running, It felt like I went from one injury to the next. Since working with Derick, I really can’t remember the last running injury. I think it’s not only from the cross-training, but also from the added stability gained from Derick’s exercises, which give me a solid foundation on which to train. I highly recommend working with Derick, especially if you aren’t injured. His techniques can identify areas of potential weakness and keep you exercising without interruption.” Diana Kurcfeld: Triathlete

“As a Mixed Martial artist and personal trainer you come across an injury or two. Derick has helped me after several injuries I incurred during my training. After receiving MAT treatment and training advice my healing process quickened. Every appointment with Derick left me stronger and more balanced. This helped me prepare for my fights and pay more attention to detail during me and my clients’ training.” Piankhi Zimmerman: Personal Trainer

After an eight year hiatus in Martial Arts training and getting back into various sports.I conjured up some old aches and pains. Mainly my lower back, leg and shoulders. I was fortunate to get treatment from Derick for a span of 5 months and also been educated in a different way to utilize my muscles…phenomenal! I feel stronger, better and more aware! Edward Prat: Realtor

When we joined the Meadows for the summer, we met Chris and attended his MAT presentation. I've had everything under the sun done to my back after my surgery and this technique really made sense to me. WOW!! I went in with my left hip bothering me to the point I thought I needed a joint replacement and now the pain is completely gone. Nothing has ever worked so well as MAT. My husband was so impressed that he is now going to Chris with great success. Run don't walk! Make that appointment for a review with Chris. I’m doing things I couldn’t do before, I've got my lifestyle back with a smile on my face. Lori Walker- Member: The Meadows Country Club “As I have worked with Chris during 2012 to get my muscles activated, I have become noticeably stronger and more flexible. The result is approximately 20 extra yards in the length of my tee shots. My handicap is single digit again and at 73 years-old, I appreciate hearing from guys 20 to 30 years younger that they are impressed with my golf swing.” Don Patterson- Member: The Meadows Country Club “I appreciated the introduction to the concept of muscle activation and the work that Chris does with the technique. Being trained in internal medicine and cardiology I was unaware of the concept, but "necessity is the mother of invention" and at age 73, I was becoming limited by chronic arthritis and pain and I wanted to continue playing golf and remain active. Needless to say, I was initially skeptical about the MAT process, but after working with Chris I was very pleased with the results. I feel that my core strength and flexibility have improved, and my upper and lower back discomfort has been much less. By the time I left Sarasota I was able to play golf with fewer setbacks. I would recommend this process to others.” Dr. Art Sutherland M.D. (retired): Member- The Meadows Country Club After two knee replacements and a shoulder injury I thought I would have to live with constant pain and I wasn't sure if I'd be able to play golf again. Having my muscles activated over the course of a few weeks got me out of pain, walking better and back on the golf course. Thank you Chris!" Carol Kollevoll- Member: The Meadows Country Club "When I came to Chris I was feeling very weak in my legs and I would get tired easily when walking and playing golf. After just a few weeks of Muscle Activation Techniques my legs feel much stronger and I can walk and play golf much longer without my legs getting tired.” Jean Dube- Resident: The Meadows "I had some concerns about my balance and my walking and I was not feeling as limber as I would like. After just a few weeks of working with Chris and having some muscles on my body re activated -my balance has improved, I'm walking much better, I feel more limber and I'm more stable on my feet. I also really appreciate how Chris really listens intensely to everything I have to say." Nancy Scharoun- Member: The Meadows Country Club

"I had broken a bone in my foot from the repetitive stress of playing golf and the Doctors told me to either get shots or have a surgery to relieve the pain. Chris evaluated my foot and found that I lacked mobility in an important joint which was causing too much stress in the bone that was broken. He activated a few muscles and the mobility came right back. My foot was 90% better after a week. Now I'm even playing golf more than usual and my foot still feels great. Thanks Chris!" Scott Collins- Member: The Meadows Country Club

“I had been having severe pain in my knee as a result of arthritis and I was trying to avoid having another knee replacement. Working with Chris to keep my muscles activated has helped minimize my pain and allowed me to do more physical activity without the same side effects I used to have. Every day I am feeling better and performing better. I would recommend that people with similar problems have their muscles checked with MAT” Irene Needham- Member: The Meadows Country Club “When I came to Chris for MAT I had been having chronic lower back pain for quite some time and it was very frustrating. After working with Chris for just a few weeks to get my muscles activated and in balance, my back is pain free and has remained that way for months. I highly recommend MAT to anyone who wants to recover from a back injury.” Roseann Miller- Member: The Meadows Country Club

“When I came to Chris I had been having tightness and pain in my lower back and hip area for quite a while and it was being severely aggravated by exercise and golf. Within just the first few weeks of working with Chris to get my muscles activated, my tightness and pain went away and now I can play golf and exercise without problems” Jim Waddell: Member- The Meadows Country Club

“I was intrigued and impressed with MAT after I saw how Chris was using it to help my husband so I wanted to experience it myself. After just a few treatments the hip pain and tightness I had for years was gone and I felt great. Since then I’ve been recommending it to my friends. Having been a Licensed Physical Therapist for years and having worked with people with many types of problems, I can definitely say that MAT is unlike anything I’ve ever seen and I think anyone who wants to be stronger, more flexible and heal faster from their ailments should try it” Janet Mahler, PT (retired Physical Therapist): Member- The Meadows Country Club

“I had been contemplating surgery for a torn shoulder rotator cuff, but then I met Chris Vercelli and he advised me to try MAT first. I have been undergoing treatment for the past few months and my shoulder already feels stronger and I have been able to play tennis without pain or taking advils. His program shows high promise. Several of my tennis friends are also going to him and seeing improvements. I would recommend him to others” Arun Bhagwat: Member- The Meadows Country Club “Since working with Chris my body is in balance and strong. The chronic knee pain I’ve had for a long time is dramatically better and so is my plantar fasciitis. My tennis game is moving upward so fast that my competition is taking notice and commenting on the difference in my game! It was also shocking that when I used my driver for the first time in a year, I was hitting it long, straight and in the fairway. I have more energy, and I have even started a workout program to help me with my fitness goals. I’m happy to talk to anyone about Chris or MAT. Just look me up on the tennis deck or on the golf range. I won’t be at home waiting for your call because thanks to MAT I’m too busy being active!” Mary McFarlane- Member: The Meadows Country Club "I came to Chris because I was having severe back pain. After just over 5 weeks my back pain is gone, I can finally turn my head enough to see behind me while I drive and even the recurring foot cramps I've had for quite a while are gone. Thank you for your help Chris!" Barbara Whitting- Member: The Meadows Country Club ” "After having a hip replacement in 1999, I had chronic hip and lower back pain that would sometimes even affect my sciatic nerve. Being 86 years old and having had the pain for so long I didn’t think there was much that could be done. The MAT program that Chris does sounded like it was worth a try though, so I decided to give it a shot. After just a few weeks of treatment, my pain is about 85% reduced, I’m stronger, more flexible and I am happy that all it took was getting my muscles re-activated and not some shot, drug or surgery. I would definitely recommend MAT to others Jim Reif- Member: The Meadows Country Club "I had been suffering with chronic low back and hip pain for over 10 years and was frustrated because I had tried many things to solve the problem but nothing seemed to help. After hearing Chris’ talk about how muscle imbalances can contribute to these types of problems, I decided to give MAT a try. Within just a few weeks of the program I was pain free. Since then, as long as I’ve kept my muscles activated, the problem does not return. I am very happy with the results and I would definitely recommend MAT to others." Jim Marsh- Member: The Meadows Country Club

“When I went to Chris' MAT presentation last May I had been having bad back pain for years that was so bad that even sitting for less than an hour was agonizing. Although I had to wait a few months to see him, it was well worth it because once the muscles in my body were activated and back in balance- my back pain was gone. Now I can do all my activities and sit for long periods with no problems or restrictions. I got way more than I expected and I am so happy with my results." Grace Carlson- Member: The Meadows Country Club "After experiencing an array of health ailments over the years, I thought that being in pain was just going to be a part of my life, for the rest of my life. After hearing Chris’ talk about MAT I wanted to give it a try to see if it would help. After the first session I came into his office asking him if he was some sort of miracle worker, because much of the chronic pain I'd been having in my hips, knees and feet had gone away. I came away from the treatments very happy and much better than when I came in. I would recommend MAT to others" Mary Lou Laws- Member: The Meadows Country Club

“I had tendonitis in my knee for a few years that caused me to give up tennis and restrict my golfing. I saw Doctors about it and got no good answers as to what to do, so I ended up seeing Chris to see how MAT would help me. Within a month or so of getting my muscles working better, my tendonitis was much better. Now I’m back playing tennis, playing golf and doing exercise with no problems, Thanks Chris.” Michael Carlson- Member: The Meadows Country Club "When I came to see Chris, my hip was in so much pain that I was convinced I needed a hip replacement. Every position I moved it into had severe pain and it was dramatically affecting my life. Getting the muscles to work better to stabilize the joint made perfect sense to me, so I decided to give MAT a shot. After working with Chris for a while I can move my hip with virtually no pain, I’m back playing golf with no problems and I feel more in control of my body and my health." Lem Sharp- Member: The Meadows Country Club "I initially came to see Chris because I was concerned about some pain in my shoulder. When I started the MAT process I was amazed at how I instantly became stronger. I was fascinated by how it worked. After just a few months not only is my shoulder back to normal but my body is much stronger and more flexible, my golf swing is much smoother, my drives are going further and between getting muscles working better and practicing I am finally taking strokes off my best round of golf! I am very excited!” Lucy Black- Member: The Meadows Country Club

“I heard about Chris and MAT from my wife and a few friends he had helped and I thought it might be a good supplement to my exercise at the fitness center. When I came in I had some muscle stiffness that was uncomfortable and limiting my range of motion. After Chris got some weak muscles activated I could immediately tell that much of that stiffness was gone and I found that very interesting. Since he's worked through a few different areas of my body it seems that I have better range of motion overall and I'm happy about that.” Jeff Olesen- Member: The Meadows Country Club

"I was referred to Chris by my daughter, who really liked what MAT had done for her and she thought it could help me too. For years I had felt a little unsteady and I had also been having a lot of hip and back pain. If I would be on my feet for very long I’d start hurting so bad that I would have to sit down and rest. Right away after I started working with Chris I could tell that I was more stable on my feet and didn’t need to use the handrails to get up steps as much. After just a few months of MAT, I am walking long distances with hardly any pain or problems. I feel like I am not restricted by my pain anymore and that is a great feeling.” Judy McMannis

“I was recommended by my fitness trainer to attend one of Chris’ information seminars on MAT and it made so much sense that I had to give it a try. I have always considered myself fit and more than capable, but having extra physical demands on my body over the last 3 years made me feel like I was fading fast. My back would go into such severe spasms that I would be heavily medicated and unable to get out of bed for 3 days and it would take a week to get back to some normalcy. I was constantly worried about when another attack would hit and it always did. I have been working with Chris for 6 months and I am a new person, or I should say back to my old confident self. My back has not given me problems since the first month and I am amazed because I still have so many physical responsibilities. I keep my regular appointment with Chris to get my “tune-ups” to keep me in optimal condition and to stay ahead of the aging game. I am so blessed that I was led to Chris and to Muscle Activation Techniques. At the end of each session I feel renewed, rejuvenated and inspired.” Deborah Kalb To see 13 other people on video talking about their results with MAT click on this link

Mat seminar  
Mat seminar  

Upcoming workshop March 1st, 2014.