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Fr. Jeremy Heppler, Abbot James Albers

Ora Et Labora Live the Faith • Pursue the Truth • Strive for Excellence

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2. President’s Letter 3. Board/League/Pres. Circle Members 4. Fall Sports 6. League of St. Maur Dinner 8. Homecoming 14. Renovation Updates 16. International Day 17. Service Day 18. School Play 19. Class Notes 20. Lights of Love

President’s Letter I have to admit – I am a Star Wars fan. Have been since the first movie came out when I was in grade school. Truth be told, every member of our family is into it. My 8-yearold daughter is probably the biggest fan. She proudly wears her “I LOVE STAR WARS” shirt every chance she gets. Her last birthday party was a Star Wars theme (of course). Personally, I was so into the “Way of the Force” when I was a kid that I took my dad’s golf club holders (plastic tubes), cut them up, and made them into light sabers for a home movie I was making. When I surprised my dad with my new weapons, he yelled “I’ll give you Vader” and chased me around the house with one, trying to put it to good use on me. Well, I’ve learned a lot from the Yoda, Luke, Chewy, Princess Leia, and the gang over the years. The sense of coming together as one to stand up to a challenge, knowing that there is a power bigger than us that guides us (God), and good always defeating evil in the end, are messages that I follow today.


As I look at Maur Hill-Mount Academy, those Star Wars messages keep coming through. First, this year has flown by with light speed.

Thank goodness we have pictures, videos and social media to look back at to remember all that took place. Second, the Holy Spirit is truly present in our school and guiding us. More students are encountering Christ on a deeper level, seeking him through retreats and other activities. The way students treat each other and reach out to those less fortunate is inspiring. Third, the good guys and gals (MH-MA) continue to rise up to challenges and stand victorious in the end (athletic teams, academic activities, the arts). This year’s senior class did an amazing job leading the school toward becoming one of the best Catholic boarding schools in the nation. Finally, the ever-growing amount of alumni(ae) continue to build a strong “alliance” that will make MH-MA outstanding for years to come. Yes, “the Force” is working! Know that I am grateful for you. As you go through the pages of this newsletter, I hope you are proud by what you see and are inspired to stay connected with us. Thanks for being a part of the Raven family. God bless, Phil Baniewicz President

Board of Directors

Theresa Worman ‘89 Chair Skip Miller ‘83 Vice Chair Cathy Paolucci ‘76 Secretary Douglass Adair ‘94 Treasurer Mick Harris ‘84 Past Chair Abbot James Albers, OSB Member Mike Hundley Member Tim Keeley ‘80 Member Pete Klebba ‘78 Member Sr. Helen Mueting, OSB Member Soph. Maddie Baniewicz, Frosh. Erin DuLac, Timothy Regan ‘74 Member Soph. Julian Nuwamanya Dave Rindom ‘73 Member Prioress Anne Shepard, OSB Member We would like to recognize and thank every Sr. Rose Marie Stallbaumer, OSB Member member of the President’s Circle and Jim Slattery ‘66 Member Sandy Sampson ‘77 Member League of St. Maur. If you are interested in becoming Abbot Barnabas Senecal, OSB ‘55 Member a member, contact us today at 913.367.5482 or visit Melinda Pregont ‘05 Member giving-page/ways Jon Siebert Member John Kuckelman ‘90 Member

League of St. Maur

Jr. Delaney Elias, Jr. Noah Baniewicz

President’s Circle ($10,000 and Above) Monks of St. Benedict’s Abbey James Coleman, Jr. Cloud L. Cray, Jr Mick and Geri Harris Mick and Marlys Haverty Timothy J. Keeley Linda and Larry Kaminsky Velda Lovett Jonathan and Shannon Mize Warren and Joanne Powers Timothy and Sue Regan Carol L. Rogers Linda and Larry Kaminsky

Platinum Level ($5,000) Benedictine Sisters of Mount St. Scholastica Maureen and Jesse Beckett Gold Level ($2,500) Bill and Colleen Butler Timothy and Kelli Becker Ronald Creten Todd and Kamille Caudle Janelle Hegarty Kevin and Lisa Cummings Michael and Joy Jefferson Rich and Cindy Dickason Raymond and Theresa Miller Sandy Cummings-Sampson Joe and Cathy Paolucci Frank Guido Christopher and Patty Hunter Silver Level ($1,000) Henry and Susan Keeley Douglass Adair Paul and Becky Miller Martin and Aggie Asher Skip and Traci Miller Phil and Lisa Baniewicz Stephen and Amy Minnis Steve and Virginia Bellis Allen and Sara Reavis Larry and Tresa Buessing Randy and Mary Schrick Jan Clements Miller James and Linda Slattery Marty and Linda Clements Theresa Worman Maj. Gen Ret. and Jerry and Pat Kuckelman Mrs. Stephen Condon Michael and Jo Kuckelman Arvin DeMarco CMSAF James M. McCoy, USAF Tom and Marilyn Dobski (Ret) Mark Dreiling Kevin and Theresa McDermed David and Marilyn Flores Joseph and Janie McLiney John and Mary Goodpaster Matt and Mary Katherine Minnis Dr. Robert Henry John Murphy Mick Hundley Michael and Debbie Hundley David and Brenda Rindom Andrew Trainer Shane and Ashly Hundley John and Mary Van Dyke P.J. and Virginia Keeley Kelly Vowels Joseph and Tara Kerr 3 Makinzie Vowels Paul and Kasey Kinder Roberta Wolters John and Lisa Klebba

Fall Sports

The fall athletic season is always a fun time, with the beginning of school and the nice weather. However, everyone knows it is more fun when you are winning, and that is exactly what our fall teams did.


Football finished a strong 7-3 season, taking 2nd in league and in districts, which qualified them for playoffs once again. The team was led by senior 1st team all-state running back, Harry Trotter.

Volleyball improved upon last year’s impressive record, going 27-11 this season, taking 2nd in the NEK and claiming a #1 seed at sub-state.

Cross Country saw success both as a team and individually. Jack Siebert, senior, took 2nd at Regionals and 8th at State. His sister, Grace Siebert, junior, took 57th out of more than 100 runners at State.

Soccer had the best season in the program’s history, going 13-3-1 and making it all the way to the Regional finals.


League of St. Maur Ramona Cummings, Karen Bell, Erica Gregory

Sr. Mary Colwell, Sr. Joy Kamal, Jr. Alex Sataloff

Sr. Molly Brockwell, Sr. Fran Cross, Sr. Rosann Eckart

This year’s League of St. Maur Dinner was night full of infectious joy and laughter. Maur Hill - Mount Academy had the honor of recognizing John and Lisa Klebba as the 2015 Fidelis Award recipients. John, a 1975 Maur Hill graduate, and his wife, Lisa, sent all four of their kids (John ’06, Joe ’07, Megan ’09, Patrick ’11) to board at Maur Hill-Mount Academy and were actively involved in the school. The Klebbas’ commitment, financial support, and faith-filled service to the school over the years made them an obvious choice for this prestigious award.

John and Lisa Klebba pose with family as they receive the 2015 Fidelis Award.

Greg Lutz, class of 1975, was also recognized during the night for his Alumni of the Year award in appreciation and recognition of his outstanding achievement, contribution, and service to all things Maur Hill - Mount Academy. Greg’s professional success, value system, and his contributions/service to society enabled him to stand out as an elite alumnus of MH-MA. 6

Alumni of the Year, Greg Lutz, and MH-MA Alumni Association President, Mick Hundley

A great variety of quality silent auction items were available again this year.

Sr. Mary Rae Schrick, Kathy Wolters

Aubrey Lutz and Frosh.Tony Lutz

Linda Henry, Mary Weber, Sheryl Weber

Thanks to many generous alums, benefactors and friends, it was a tremendous night of fundraising. Crowd favorites, the Nigro Brothers, once again stepped up to help raise $130,455.00 - the highest Kim and Chris Taylor amount to date! Along with many great silent and live auction items, this year’s Fund-A-Need campaign was announced: renovations to the auditorium will be made with the raised funds and will be named after a MH-MA icon, Abbot Barnabas Senecal. Abbot Barnabas got a chance to address everyone after the announcement, and brought down the house with hilarious and heartfelt stories of his time at Maur Hill, leaving everyone with smiles. Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to the night’s success. We’ll see you next year on September 17th for the 2016 League of St. Maur Dinner, honoring Roberta and Phil ‘47 (posthumously) Wolters as the Fidelis Award recipients and Abbot Barnabas Senecal as the Alumni of the Year.

MH-MA President, Phil Baniewicz, gives a welcome speech.

Guests enjoy the host bar during cocktail hour.

7 Sr. Harry Trotter, Sr. Carlee Calhoon

Sam Swoyer, Joe Heron

Homecoming 2015 October 2 - 3

Ravens from near and far returned home this October for Homecoming 2015. Classes that ended in a 0 or 5 were the special honorees this year, with the class of 1965 celebrating their big 50th reunion. The jam-packed weekend began with an alumni tailgate on St. Michael’s patio Friday night. The atmosphere, the food and drinks, the company, and a crackling fire kept the patio packed with alums all night.

Class of 1945

Saturday morning was started by the John Flynn Memorial Golf Tournament, where alums and friends came together at Bellevue Country Club for 18 holes of friendly competition and fellowship in honor of Maur Hill coach and legend, John Flynn.

Class of 1955 L-R: S. Phiomene Glotzbach, Seraphine Tucker, Josephine Hildman

Class of 1955

Back Row L-R: Richard Smart, Tom Ruhlman, Col. Richard Quinn


Front Row L-R: Abbot Barnabas Senecal, Louie Penning

Back Row L-R: Margaret Weishaar Compton, Beckty Debauge, Clara Baumann Burson, Cookie Clark, Donna Wagner Stec, Angela Sittenauer Hegarty, Jeannie Dietrich Middle Row L-R: Marilyn Carpenter, Clarita Hampton Casey, Sharon Weinmann Meier Front Row L-R: Evelyn Chmilding, Maggie Wolters Church, Ellen Miller Hickman

Class of 1960

That night, the honored classes and Back Row L-R: Marjorie Pauly Baker, Tom Homan, Charles Riley, Norm others gathered for Mass in the Birzer, Malcom Lyons, Ken Weishaar, Dennis Schrick, John Funk MH-MA chapel, followed by a Middle Row L-R: Mary Ann Miller Piper, Chuck Tobin, Delores Meharry Fulk, Marilyn Shields McMillin, Bill Vogt cocktail hour, heavy o’doeuvres, Front Row L-R: Joe Grove, Larry Schuetz, George Boos, Dave Wulff and class pictures. The night was spent catching up with old friends and reminiscing on the good (and maybe mischievous) high school days. Maybe it was the perfect fall weather or the sentimental nostalgia that comes with reunions like this - whatever it was, this Homecoming was one with nothing but good feelings and full hearts. Be looking for Homecoming 2016 details coming soon.

Class of 1965

Back Row L-R: Mary Kate Sittenauer Harris, Carol Sonnenmoser Peltzer, Peggy Dempster Vanderweide, Ted Nelsen, Mike Slattery, Larry Thomas, Frank Migliazzo, Mary Ann Brady Humphries, Cindy Smith Wicke Middle Row L-R: Joe Turner, John Manzotti, John Risse Front Row L-R: Mary Pat Smith Tobin, Carol Siebert-Pilant, Mary Blasi Kokias, Marcia Hanlon-Costello


Class of 1975

Back Row L-R: Nina Dunlap, Becky Schiefelbein, Steve Lackey, Phil Rindom, Rob Mcrae, Mike Nass, Elvin Jackson (on phone), Ruth Miller Eckert, Burdel Welsh, John Klebba, Kevin McGrath, Sara Weatherford Reavis, Lisa Sontag Kissee, Cindy Pusch Kautz Middle Row L-R: Mary Jane Kreipe Wilson, Ben Corpstein, Pat McCann, Greg Lutz, Mark Untersee, Ed Sunshine, Sue Clements Untersee Front Row L-R: Joan Richardson Lynch, Richard Paulich, Tim Kelly, David Edge, Rhonda Lidsky Edge, John Asher, Kathy Berscheidt Green, Vickie Hoffman Hill, Cindy Chapman Wilson

Class of 1980

Back Row L-R: Barbara May Gigstad, Mike Weber, Terry Brox, Dave Neumann, Alan McAlla, Teresa Senecal Wancura, Sean Haeri Middle Row L-R: Nancy Pickman Henning, Teresa Kuckleman McDermed, Amy Penning Rindom, Peggy Nass Frihart, Janet Arensberg


Front Row L-R: Wil Schuler, Steve Bellis, Tim Keeley, Joe Paolucci, Mike Rindom

Class of 1985

Back Row L-R: Amy Purslow Thompson, Joanne Rauth-Scurato, Amy Mears-Herman, Jamie Scheutz, Kathy Farrell-Hager, Liz Kuckleman Wagner Middle Row L-R: Janelle Andre-Stamm, Elizabeth Waite-Bono, Susan Piper-Cronister, Joan Ruhlman-Steffes Front Row L-R: Dan Miller, David Bindel, David Hanny, Shawn Watowa

Class of 1990

Back Row L-R: Jeff Boos, Maureen Stork Beckett, Angie Beien Hughes, Stephen Mahoney, Susie Munson Pfannenstiel, James Bohon, Chad Folsom, Kevin Fulk, Matt Lange Front Row L-R: John Kuckelman, Julie Pickman, Brooke Biffinger, Neal Bassi, Matt Adam


Class of 1995

Back Row L-R: Kim Dove, Jill Thorne Front Row L-R: Todd Dove, Christian Thompson, Kevin Slattery

Class of 2000 L-R: Matt Krusemark, Chris Kearney, Eddie Gigson, Joe Scholy, Deke Nolan, Ryan Occhiuzzo, Sandeep Rangineni, Cole Gray, Luke Smith

Class of 2005


Back Row L-R: Ryan Healy, Dustin Pickman, Robbie Shriwise, Alex Sirridge, Front Row L-R: Justin Pregont, Sterling Jackson, Ted Henry

Student Homecoming 2015 October 3, 2015

MH-MA Homecoming Royalty 2015

No three-way tie for the queen’s crown this year. Carly Taylor was crowned this year’s Homecoming Queen along with Homecoming King, Canyon Miller, at halftime of the football game. The Ravens then claimed the victory to finish off the festive night.


Renovation Progress Renovations in the school auditorium are moving right along. The walls have been painted, new dressing rooms backstage have been built, the stage floor has been re-done, LED lights have been installed, new stage curtains hung, new carpet laid, a new projector screen backdrop installed, bathrooms remodeled, and the chairs refurbished. Upon completion, the auditorium will be named the Abbot Barnabas Senecal Auditorium in recognition and appreciation of the many years Abbot Barnabas has dedicated to this school. If you would like to contribute to this project, please visit our website, email us, or call us at 913.367.5482 to learn how you can give.




This past football season, fans began entering Guy Galley Field through a grand new addition - The Turner Gateway, a gift from the Courtney S. Turner Trust, was completed just in time for the first home kickoff. The building includes a ticket booth, a concession stand and restrooms all in one convenient location. On September 11th, a dedication ceremony was held for the new building. Members of the Courtney S. Turner, many other donors, and the volunteers that constructed the building gathered before the game as Abbot James blessed the Gateway. The dedication was followed by a poignant 9/11 salute to America. This included an appearance by Atchison’s first responders and the Freedom Riders, followed by a moment of silence in remembrance of that fateful day. There is plenty more happening at MH-MA. Currently in the middle of renovation is the gym lobby and restrooms, gym locker rooms, the dorms, and the cafeteria. So, what’s next? Maur Hill - Mount Academy is always looking to improve and putting new plans into motion. Be on the lookout for new exciting developments unfolding soon.

We would like to thank everyone who volunteered their time and effort towards to the construction of the Courtney S. Turner Gateway! Cory Wilson ‘97- Architect and Designer Michael S. Hundley Mo-Kan Concrete The MH-MA maintenance staff Charlie Kramer Terry Wagner Mike Kocour ‘85 Don Kilkenny ‘56 Robert Mason ‘95 Todd DuLac Mike Wagner ‘64 Steve Tate Pat Pickman ‘82 Dennis Lowe Perry West Dan Schuele ‘95 Shane Hundley ‘95 Mike Emery Phil Birkinsha Ron Urban


International Day By Vitoria Hipolito, senior from Cuiaba, Brazil International Day was a great experience for myself and all the students at MH-MA. It was the first time that I have ever been surrounded by so many different cultures and traditions. I am originally from Brazil, and I had the great opportunity to learn more about other countries that speak the same language as me. I also had the chance to compare my customs with other countries’ customs. Different countries from distant parts of the world were present on that day, and I’m glad I had the chance to learn about each one of them. International Day is an event that occurs every year at MH-MA in which all international students present a banner explaining their country’s culture along with an activity that would show their own traditional games and food. There is an abundance of activities to do. You can write your name in chinese, play soccer with the Brazilian students, eat korean pasta, and many others. The public is invited to participate in the activities and the food. In fact, eating the food is one of the best parts. International Day was amazing, and I can’t wait for next year.

Service Day By Renz Pros, senior from Atchison, Kansas The Rule of St. Benedict is “ora et labora� and the students of Maur Hill - Mount Academy live up to this motto. Every year, the four houses of MH-MA take a day off school to serve the community outside of the city. The House of St. Gabriel volunteered at Stand Down KC for the fourth year in a row, distributing clothes, toiletries, and other necessities for homeless veterans in the surrounding Kansas City area. The other three houses, St. George, Mother Theresa, and St. Sebastian, went to Second Harvest in St. Joseph, Mo. to pack food for the hungry. MH-MA resident director, Mike McGuire, and MH-MA prefect, Sara Vasile, hosted a week long mission project in Atchison during spring break. Both boarders and day students volunteered their break to clean up yards, paint, and even built a new shed for the needy in Atchison. Service is an important aspect for everyone at MH-MA. The students learn valuable life skills and experience the beauty of charity. Each student arrives with an eager heart and a smile on his or her face. They know that there is so much to be learned in and out of the classroom.

School Play

It was a whole new world at MH-MA on November 20th and 21st thanks to our school’s drama club. Under the direction of English teacher, Mr. Sam Swoyer, and our music director, Mr. Joe Heron, our students put on a wonderful production of Disney’s Aladdin. With a detailed set, the Arabian inspired costumes and those classic Disney musical numbers, the show was one that charmed and entertained the audience from start to finish.


Class Notes Randy Schrick, a 1968 alum, recently retired from MGP Ingredients, Inc. after 42 years with the company. Randy was the vice president of production and engineering. He held many other leadership roles throughout his career, including acting as Co-CEO from December 2013 to July 2014 and serving several terms on the company’s Board of Directors. Chris Hunter, a 1989 alum, has been named the Global Head of the Non-Profit Practice of Cambridge Associates in London, England. Before this promotion, Chris was Head of Emerging Segments for Cambridge Associates.

Jordan Thomas, a 2011 alum, received a Marshall Scholarship for graduate study in the United Kingdom for his research on the correlation between traditional agriculture and youth participation in language and ritual with the Taos Pueblo Native American community. The scholarship provides full funding for one or two years of study in the U.K., which Jordan will use for a master’s degree at the University of Oxford. Jennifer McDermed, a 2009 alum, is the newest member of KMBC Channel 9’s meteorology team. Jennifer spent two years as a meteorologist for WHOtv in Des Moines, Iowa before coming to Kansas City. Catch her on Channel 9 weekday evenings!

Dave Rindom, a 1973 alum, was named the new CAO at MGP Ingredients, Inc. Dave has been an important factor in MGP’s success for the past 35 years. He is also a current member of MH-MA’s Board of Directors.

Newsletter Committee Writers Erin Hunninghake Renz Pros Vitoria Hipolito Designer Renz Pros

Photographers Rox’s Images Kelly’s Portraits Phil Baniewicz Chris Sinclair MH-MA Students

Upcoming Events September 17 - League of St. Maur Dinner, honoring Roberta and Philip (posthumously) Wolters (Fidelis Award) and Abbot Barnabas Senecal (Alumni of the Year). September 23- Abbot Barnabas Senecal Auditorium Dedication September 23, 24 - Homecoming Weekend 19

Lights of Love 2015

The Holy Spirit was alive in the MH-MA chapel on Sunday, December 6th. Our Lights of Love Advent Mass and Celebration was a beautiful, prayerful night that prepared everyone for the coming of Christ and allowed us to honor loved ones in prayer. With standing room only in the chapel, our student show choir and music director, Mr. Joe Heron, along with our in-house band, provided music that perfectly accompanied the special night. After Mass, guests enjoyed complimentary wine, cheese, cookies and punch while touring the student-decorated Christmas trees. 20

Thank you to everyone who helped make this night so special once again!


Congratulations Class of 2016!!!

A full feature on graduation will be included in the Fall 2016 Connection newsletter along with the Goalby, the 2016 League of St. Maur Dinner, 2016 Homecoming, and more!

YOU Are the Difference-Maker We Need! Help Maur Hill-Mount Academy become the outstanding Catholic prep school it was designed to be! Maur Hill - Mount Academy has educated young men and women for decades. Today, this quality Benedictine education continues to be a key ingredient for future success. However, the costs for a valuable high school education continue to rise. So how do we provide in this challenging economy? By turning to those who know firsthand how a Maur Hill-Mount Academy education prepares you for success in life. Are you willing to make a sacrifice so that this special educational experience is possible for the next generation? Will you be the one who leads the way? There are many ways you can help. Let us share five special ways to give: 1. League of St. Maur Membership levels: Platinum - $5,000/year; Gold Level - $2,500/year; Silver Level - $1,000/year 2. Student Sponsorship 3. St. Scholastica Society 4. President’s Circle Membership is $10,000 or more per year. 5. Endowed Student Scholarship/Faculty Position Visit for more information on how to help!

1000 Green St. Atchison, KS 66002


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