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‘They were so excited about their new home in Ormond’ Remembering the couple mysteriously found dead beside I-4. PAGE 5

PLAY HONORS SANDY MASON “She felt that music was a way people could escape from reality and dream a little bit,” said Mason’s cousin, Rick Shaw. “This is the song track of her life.” PAGE 11


The site for community and traveling shows celebrates 25 years. PAGE 3

Ed Kelley sworn in as county chair

Ed Kelley has officially moved into his new office. The former Ormond Beach mayor was sworn in as Volusia County Council chair Jan. 5 with his wife, Mary Margaret Kelley, by his side. Kelley held the title of mayor for six years. 


Mom honors daughter’s life and work at new art gallery opening. PAGE 13

ALSO ON 13: New coffee shop, Gold Leaf Coffee Co., opens in Frame of Mind.








Citizens who have put in many years of service on advisory boards were honored at the City Commission meeting Jan. 3 with a plaque and a “key to the city” pin. Mayor Bill Partington said they have made a huge impact on the city by serving an amazing number of years on the boards. Shown are Ted West, Human Resources Advisory Board, 1999 to 2017; Scott Edwards, Leisure Services, 2004 to 2017; Mayor Bill Partington; Debbie Berner, Quality of Life, 2002 to 2017; and Rita Press, Planning Board, 2001 to 2017. Not shown are Bob Behnke, Larry Stout, Rick Banker and Rick Fraser.

For 439 days, Daytona Beach resident Kaitlyn Seesholtz commented on every “found” Facebook post for an orange cat, called her name while she walked her dog, and never, ever gave up hope that she would see her favorite pet, Happy, again. And finally, Happy came home.  It was her and her boyfriend’s sixth anniversary, and he noticed a familiar face standing outside the front door of their Daytona Beach apartment. Her boyfriend, Joseph Hope, called out, and the cat ran. Eventually, the couple was able to coax the cat inside. It was then that they noticed the markings on its head that could only be Happy’s. The cat has what looks

Courtesy photo


t! n e m n i a Entert



January 21 & 22, 2017 Sat. 9am-4pm

Free Admission!


ines s u B + 0 30

like an H on its head, and that’s how she got her name, Seesholtz said. The two have had the cat since she was a kitten. Seeshotlz’s brother-in-law rescued her after she was thrown from a car.  “She was there through everything,” Seesholtz continued. “My father’s passing only a few months after we got her, losing my childhood home that I called home for 22 years, my first move, and then our first apartment together. Never once did we think of her not being a part of all of it.”  Soon after her father died, Seesholtz noticed another marking had appeared on Happy’s head: an ‘M.’ Her father’s name was Mark.  “Maybe it always there, I’m not sure,” she said, “but I noticed it once my father died. She comforted me when I missed him most.”  Overjoyed to have her cat back home, Seesholtz encourages other people with missing pets not to give up. “One day, hopefully, they’ll make their way home,” she said. “I’ve spent four years cuddling her, 439 days missing her, and now I plan to spend the rest of her life spoiling her even more.” 

Ormond Beach police are investigating a missing person’s case involving Kory T. Limato, 16, of Ormond Beach. She left home on Dec. 25 at approximately 3 p.m., when she was picked up in a red passenger car operated by an unknown person, police said in a press release. Kory has ties to the Orlando area and may have headed in that direction. She is described as a white female, 5 feet tall and 135 pounds, with brown eyes and long red hair. She is entered into the National Crime Information System as missing. Anyone with information on is asked to contact Ormond Beach Police at 677-0731.

Sun. 11am-4pm


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Medical examiner confirms partial skull found at Neptune Beach Approach is human

HOMESHOW EXPERIENCE For more information please Call 386-447-4345 Proudly Presented by:


Melanie Hayes ext. 1827 & Connie Feeney ext. 1842 or email:

A partial skull found in Ormond Beach Saturday by a Pennsylvania man on vacation has been confirmed to be human.  Jonathan Baier told WESH 2 News that he found the partial skull at the Neptune Beach Approach and turned it into beach safety officers. Senior Capt. Andrew Ethridge said medical examiners confirmed Thursday that the skull is human and believed to be hundreds of years old, meaning there is no criminal significance. “Things wash up,” Ethridge said. “We just had that hurricane, so you can speculate that had something to do with it.” Beach safety sent the remains to the anthropology department at the University of Florida for further testing. 









he story goes that the City Commission was visiting The Casements one day almost 30 years ago when the building started shaking. They were on the first floor, and the second floor was bouncing, going up and down as much as six inches, reports said. The Children’s Musical Theater, a city recreation activity, was practicing a dance routine upstairs, making the building dance, too. There had been discussions about the city setting up its own performing arts center, and witnesses say that was when the commission decided something had to be done, and soon. The city bought buildings and land from the Calvary Assembly of God Church for $1.7 million in 1988 and converted it to the Performing Arts Center that stands today at 399 N. U.S. 1. A separate building on the property was remodeled into the Senior Center located east of the PAC. There was a groundswell of community support for a performing arts center, said Cindy Simmons, who has been directing shows at the PAC since it opened. “The parents of the kids and the seniors were heavily involved,” she said. “Groups of people attended City Commission meetings. Letters were written.” The Ormond Beach Performing Arts Center opened May 10, 1991. PAC Supervisor Marc Schwartz said many people were instrumental in forming the PAC and its success over the years, and he plans to make sure they are recognized at the 25th Anniversary Show at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 14. This special show will highlight in-house show groups as well as professional performances including Broadway, dance, and musical groups. Featured performers include Simmons, Bob Arcuri, Seaside Music Theatre, South Beach Dance Competition Team, Ormond Beach Follies, Ormond Beach Senior Theatre Workshop, Children’s Musical Theatre Workshop, Linda Cole, Ashley Townsend and more. There will also be speakers and displays to commemorate the anniversary. Schwartz said he wanted the show to be on the anniversary date, May 10, 2016, but it had to be delayed to get all of the groups together on one night.

approved a bond in 1988 to buy the church land and buildings. Some commissioners were concerned about spending the money, Simmons said, but others saw the wisdom of the investment for the future. The remodeling of a church into the PAC included adding practice rooms upstairs, as well as a dining room. The auditorium floor in the church was flat and had to be inclined for theater seating. “It took quite a lot of engineering,” Schwartz said. The mayor was Nicholas Fortunato, who is no longer living. The only commissioner still living is Joe Thomas, now in his 90s, who said he will be at the anniversary. Now, 25 years after the first performance, the Performing Art Center provides a place for local performers, CMT, Ormond Follies and Kopy Kats, and hosts a variety of traveling shows, including concerts, comedians and musicals. “The PAC is a huge asset to the community,” said Julio Truilo, director of the Ormond Beach Arts District and Ormond MainStreet. “It demonstrates the commitment by the city to support the arts community.” RETURN ENGAGEMENT

Cindy Simmons directs CMT and Follies, and she will direct the anniversary show. She will also perform at the show along with Bob Arcuri. They were the first two people to step on the stage at the PAC in 1991, performing “I Do, I Do,” a twocharacter play. Simmons said they were

It has hosted community and traveling shows for 25 years.

File photo

The PAC hosts several community groups, including the Ormond Beach Follies.

rehearsing for the first show when the seats were being installed. “It was exciting,” she said. It doesn’t seem like 25 years have passed, to Simmons. “We were surprised when we found out it was 25 years, but then we looked at the pictures and saw we were much younger,” she said with a laugh. “It seems like yesterday.” She has performed in musicals at the Peabody and around the country, and says the PAC is one of the nicest because it’s intimate. The audience area rises steeply, so there’s not a bad seat in the house. A SPECIAL PLACE

Schwartz said the PAC is a thriving arts center and a big part of the community. He pointed out that there are local performers as young as 2 in the Little Feet Acad-

emy, and seniors in the Follies. “This is a special place that very few communities this size have,” he said. He has been supervisor since 2010, and said there have been 500 performances in that time. The PAC averages 40,000 visits a year. “That shows you the appetite for performing arts,” he said. Schwartz’s background is in sound engineering, and he said the acoustics of the building are excellent, and the city added a new sound system in 2014. Local performing groups have also made improvements, such as using ticket proceeds to buy lighting and donating it to the building. Two years ago, the Friends of the PAC arranged to have a concert grand piano donated. It was a community endeavor to get the PAC started, and remains that way 25 years later.

IF YOU GO Performing Arts Center 25th Anniversary Show n 7:30 p.m., Jan. 14 n $20. Call 676-3379



Bruce Simmons, husband of Cindy, was the first PAC manager, and also a director. Before the PAC, he said, the CMT, a seniors group and the Ormond Players performed at area high schools and practiced where they could. Those were city activities, so the city had to pay the schools. After much public input, the City Commission

Wayne Grant

THEN Courtesy photo

Above: The Performing Arts Center building was originally a church Left: The church shown was converted into the Performing Arts Center.




Ormond woman loses almost 200 pounds and brings awareness to the struggles of losing a lot of weight

Ormond Beach ENVIRONMENTAL DISCOVERY CENTER The City of Ormond Beach’s Environmental Discovery Center (EDC), located at 601 Division Avenue, provides visitors with a glimpse into the diverse ecosystems of Ormond Beach, specifically Central Park. This 2,000 square foot facility is designed to be self-guided. The building serves as a hub for the programming and special events that will immerse visitors in these ecosystems and provide hands-on education. The EDC’s mission is to foster an awareness and appreciation of the natural environment by providing stimulating environmental education programs that inspire participants to be active stewards of their surrounding natural resources. More information about this facility can be found at, or by calling 386-615-7081. Hours are Tuesday-Saturday, 10 AM - 4 PM, closed Sunday and Monday.


ORMOND MAIN STREET FARMERS MARKET 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM City Hall 22 S. Beach Street


STARRY STARRY NIGHT GALLERY TO GALLERY WALK 5:00-8:00 PM The Casements 25 Riverside Drive FREE

12 13

OPEN GYM 6:00 - 8:00 PM Gymnastics and Cheer Center 432 N. Nova Road Cost: $5.00 per participant Contact: 386-676-3250


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PERFORMING ARTS CENTER 25TH ANNIVERSARY SHOW 7:30 PM Performing Arts Center 399 North US 1 Tickets: $20 Reserved Box Office: 386-6763375

Kayla Hurley is trying to raise and save $20,000 to pay for surgery to remove her loose skin. EMILY BLACKWOOD COMMUNITY EDITOR

At her heaviest, Kayla Hurley weighed 357 pounds. But she didn’t see the problem until it was right in front of her. “I was getting on a roller coaster with my little brother, and it took 15 minutes for me to try to buckle myself in,” she said. “An attendant  saw me struggling, and tried to help me, but eventually apologized and said I had to get off. People were staring, and I had to watch my brother ride the roller coaster by himself while I stood by the stairs.”  After that, Hurley went to visit her doctor to get serious about weight loss.   After four months of working with a nutritionist at Halifax Health and following a plan with Herbalife, Hurley lost 20 pounds. That’s when her doctor told her she would qualify for gastric sleeve surgery, a restrictive operation that makes the stomach smaller and helps people lose weight. After months of consultations, doubts and 20 more pounds of weight loss, Hurley had the operation done.  “The first couple months after were horrendous,” she said. “I gained back the 20 pounds I had lost, and I had to learn how to eat again.”  Finally, she got serious about following the after-surgery plan and started consistently losing two pounds a week. Two years later, she’s lost a total of 193 pounds. “When I look back at pictures, it’s hard to believe that that was me,” she said. “And even though it was a part of my life, I really hope I never see that person again.”  Though a lot of things in her life now have changed for the better — she works out consistently, has more energy and can do things she’s always wanted to do — there are still remnants of her weight loss that she’d like to leave behind. Mainly, the loose skin around her stomach and arms. 

Emily Blackwood

Kayla Hurley

“It’s like having another chest on my waist,” she said. “It pulls and tugs when I run, I have constant lower back pain, and I even landed in the ER from an infection from the skin over my belly button.” Keeping the loose skin clean and free from bacteria is a constant job and getting it removed will cost around $20,000 — which is a surgery her insurance company is not paying for.  Hurley had posted about her dramatic weight loss on Imgur, an image sharing site, and had tons of people ask her to post a photo of her loose skin. When she finally did, it went viral.  “I woke up and saw that it had thousands of comments and had been shared over a million times,” she said. The Huffington Post U.K. did a story, and so did The Daily Mail. George Takei from Star Trek even retweeted one of the articles about her.  Some of the comments people left encouraged her to start a GoFundMe page to raise money for the surgery, but she resisted.  “I was taught never to beg,” she said. “My dad is a really strong guy, and he always taught me to work hard for what you want.” 

And Hurley has been working hard. She’s saved around $5,000 for the surgery so far from her job as a certified nursing assistance. But once people said that they would start a GoFundMe page for her, she acted. “I didn’t want anyone making money off of me or anything like that,” she said. “I’ve been pushing for my insurance to cover it, and if it does, I’ll donate the money from the GoFundMe to charity.” The page has been up for 13 days, and she’s raised almost $2,000. But the best part of this whole journey is the stories she’s heard from other people. “I’ve had someone tell me that they had given up on weight loss until they saw my story,” she said, smiling. “People from all over the world have been sending me messages and asking me questions. There have been a few mean comments, but 98% have been supportive and kind. And for that, I’m so grateful.”  Visit /looseskin-removal-for-kayla for more information. 

This photo of Kayla Hurley’s loose skin after losing almost 200 pounds, went viral.

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Ormond Beach Performing Arts Center 399 US Highway 1, Ormond Beach, FL Box Office (386) 676-3375

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Police seek answers in death of couple found on I-4 A longtime friend remembers a happy family.

Wayne Grant

The couple had moved into this house on Sunny Palm Drive late last year.

Springhill, Florida, is also searching for answers. “It’s so hard right now to even accept the fact that she is no longer here with us,” Lynn said. “She is greatly missed. They lived for their boys. We enjoyed talking about all the crazy things our boys did. I miss her terribly. ... I just don’t understand; we have so many unanswered questions right now.” Lynn said the couple got a new house on Sunny Palm Drive just before Christmas and were excited to get a new start in Ormond Beach. “She was my best friend, more like a sister,” Lynn said. “No matter the distance, we always kept in contact. She was a great, loving, devoted mother to her three beautiful baby boys.” Lynn said the couple traveled to Georgia a couple of months ago, but decided they loved Florida and returned. Heather had lived most of her life in Florida, and Daniel was from Sanford and a graduate of Spruce Creek High School, according to his Facebook page. They were married in May

Courtesy photo

Heather and Daniel Kelsey were found dead beside their car on Interstate 4. WAYNE GRANT NEWS EDITOR


uthorities are still searching for answers in the case of a married couple found dead beside their SUV on Interstate 4 near DeLand at about 2 a.m. Dec. 31. An autopsy did not reveal any signs of trauma, and a full toxicology test is planned to determine the cause of their deaths. A Sheriff’s Office spokesman said one of the victims tested presumptive positive for drugs, but would not yet say which person, because the investigation is continuing.

A Florida Highway Patrol trooper had stopped to check the car beside the interstate and found the couple nearby. The couple’s three children, all age 2 and under, were unharmed in the backseat of the car. “(The children) are with family and are doing well,” said Candice Lynn, a lifelong friend of Heather Kelsey and a resident of Soperton, Georgia. A CHILDHOOD FRIEND REMEMBERS THE COUPLE

Lynn, who met Heather Kelsey when they were children in

2011. Heather’s Facebook page says she was also from Sanford. “They were a happy family,” Lynn said. “Two days before the incident, they made a video showing the youngest learning how to walk and you can hear the joy in her voice as she laughs.” Lynn described Daniel Kelsey as very caring, and said he loved being a father. “They did everything they could to make sure their boys were OK,” she said. “They were soul mates, always together, taking trips to have picnics on the beach and watch the sunsets. They were truly in love.”

“She was a great, loving, devoted mother to her three beautiful baby boys.” CANDICE LYNN, childhood friend

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My dog was the first one to poo at Dogapalooza


Observer “If we are to build a better world, we must remember that the guiding principle is this — a policy of freedom for the individual is the only truly progressive policy.”

He was also the first to make a puppy painting, but I doubt anyone will remember that.

FRIEDRICH HAYEK “Road to Serfdom,” 1944



t probably won’t surprise you to learn that my dog, Bear, doesn’t get out much. Though when I first adopted him it was my dream to have a dog I could take with me everywhere, Bear quickly revealed himself to be more wallflower than social butterfly. But no matter how much he wanted to stay on the couch Saturday afternoon, we were going to Dogapalooza. The third-annual event held at the Ormond Memorial Art Museum is basically a solid two hours of dog mom heaven — meaning you get to do a bunch of stuff that you love, but your pup probably hates. Let’s just say activities like fur-chalking, paw print artwork and a canine costume contest were apparently not on Bear’s bucket list. This year (thanks to having an “in” with the museum gals), I was given the prestigious title of one of the judges of the costume contest. I, along with the amazing Nancy Lohman and the wonderful Perry-Nicholas Isch, would be deciding which canine was the most fashionable. I can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon. Bear was surprisingly wellbehaved for most of the event. The treats, constant petting and people taking his photo

My two favorites: Bear and Kristin Heron

Kristin Heron

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SEND US YOUR EVENTS Peggy Farmer and her pup won the Best Duo contest. Photos by Emily Blackwood

Some dogs got their own photo shoot during the event.

Rocky is an independent dog who can walk himself.

boosted his ego enough for him to act like a good boy. But sadly, as they do on most occasions, his bowels got the best of him. I was talking to a friend when I noticed Bear had stopped moving. I looked behind me to find that he was taking a nice number two — right in the middle of the festival. Stares and gasps surrounded us, and I frantically searched my pockets for a doggy bag. “Oh no,” I whispered to Bear.

Publisher / John Walsh, Executive Editor / Brian McMillan, News Editor / Wayne Grant, Community Editor / Emily Blackwood, Sports Editor / Jeff Dawsey, Advertising Manager / Jaci Centofanti, Classifieds / Randi Schaefer, Account Manager / Susan Moore, Account Manager / Hallie Hydrick, Account Manager / Joshua McPherson, Account Manager / Jaclyn Miklos, Ad Coordinator / Shawne Ordonez, Advertising Graphic Designer / Jenn Hogg, Circulation Manager / Dave Brooks, Office Manager / Maureen Walsh,

“I’m out.” I started calling for help to literally anyone who would listen. After just a few seconds, an angel (or maybe she was just a woman working at one of the booths) ran over with a bag. The worst was over. Things calmed down until the costume contest, during

Kashmir won the dog costume contest.

which Bear was supposed to be sitting calmly by my side at the judges’ table. I figured that by then he would be so worn out from the day that he would just sleep. But there’s only one thing in this world that can give my dog a random burst of energy: the smell of food. While Darlynn Tacinelli was introducing the first contestant, Bear started barking and growling. I tried to shush him. Unsuccessful, I looked around to see what it was that was making him so angsty. Finally, I saw the problem. There was a woman about 10 feet away from us eating a bowl of mac ’n’ cheese. Bear wanted some. I wish I could tell you that I eventually gained control over my pet or that the woman finished her lunch and all was well. But no, Bear continued to bark and growl at her every bite during the duration of the competition. I was so ready to get him home and back on the couch that I completely forgot to apologize. So: Ma’am with the mac ’n’ cheese, if you’re somehow reading this, my bad. Bear is just a big believer in sharing.

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Seabreeze grad fulfills lifelong dream with surf-themed restaurant Jimmy Hula’s opened Jan. 2, in Granada Plaza.

UNIQUE AND FUN DINING Offerings include fish tacos, with surf-lingo names such as “epic” and “baja.” Turf tacos, the restaurant’s spin on tacos, include “wipeout” and “pipeline pork.”


A surf board hangs above the manager’s office in the recentlyopened  Jimmy Hula’s restaurant in Granada Plaza. It’s one of many  among the restaurant’s surf-shack décor. Manager/owner  Jose Cifuentes grew up surfing at the nearby Granada beach approach, and now he’s bringing some surfer culture to the area with the franchise along with his wife, Vanessa. The grand opening was Jan. 2. The casual and fun eatery,

Wayne Grant

Jose Cifuentes gets ready to open his new restaurant, Jimmy Hula’s.

located at 191 E. Granada Blvd., has unique features such as a garage door entrance and actual car seats in the booths. There’s both patio and inside dining. Cifuentes calls the menu a fusion of California and Hawaiian cooking. Offerings include fish tacos, with surf-lingo names such as “epic” and “baja.” Turf tacos, the restaurant’s spin on tacos, include “wipeout” and “pipeline pork.” There’s also a variety of burgers, sandwiches, salads, bowls and a kids’ menu. A PASSION FOR THE BUSINESS

While attending Seabreeze High School, Cifuentes developed a passion for the restaurant business working at Luigi’s Cafe in Daytona Beach. “I was inspired by the owner, Terry Chmiel,” Cifuentes said. “I admired his work ethic.” After graduating from high school in 1994, he worked as a cook at Lovici’s in Ormond-bythe-Sea. He joined the Air Force and served 17 years, but always wanted to open a restaurant someday. “It’s been my lifelong dream to do this,” he said.  




He met his wife, Vanessa, in the Air Force, and when their military careers ended, they decided to fulfill his dream. Over the past couple of years, Cifuentes has attended culinary school at Daytona State University while his wife took hospitality management. He said he only needs one course to get his degree. “It’s a great school,” he said. “The chefs are unbelievable — very experienced.” Like others starting a business, the couple have found it to be a lot of work. “I’m in deployment mode,” Cifuentes said with a smile. “You prepare yourself mentally and physically for the long hours. Some people say I’m crazy, but I’m passionate about it. This is my new home.” His “new home” is near the beach where he surfed as a youth, which has long been a popular surfing area. They have big plans for the future. They plan to open a Pita Pit restaurant in DeLand next year and four more Jimmy Hulas in Volusia County in the next five years. Find them on Facebook at Jimmy Hula’s Ormond Beach.

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Former State Prosecutor

J. David Ellzey, Jr.

Former Assistant Public Defender & Military Veteran

NERVOUS DRIVER 6:31 p.m. —400 Block of South Yonge Street Attempting to elude with lights and sirens active. An officer saw a fugitive with an active felony warrant pass by in the passenger seat of a car. He recognized him from previous encounters. The officer tried to pull the car over, but the driver ignored the siren and light, increased speed and weaved in and out of traffic. The officer broke off the chase, but the suspect vehicle was later stopped on a dead end street by a Holly Hill policeman. Asked why he fled, the driver said that police make him nervous. Also, he didn’t want the suspect to get arrested. The driver was arrested for fleeing and the suspect on the outstanding warrant. A third

passenger in the back seat was released.

DEC. 20

SKINNY DRIVING 8:49 p.m. — Clyde Morris Boulevard and West Granada Boulevard Battery on an officer, DUI. A caller reported that a car, operated by a naked female, was driving around the neighborhood and had stopped at one point with the driver standing naked outside the vehicle. The officers found the car sitting in the Clyde Morris and West Granada intersection very close to the sidewalk. The driver had no pants on, but officers found pants in the car and were able to assist her in getting dressed. There was a strong smell of alcohol on her breath. The suspect said she did not understand why she was stopped. She would not answer questions and when asked to get out of the car, asked, “Why?” Finally, the suspect complied and had to be escorted to the sidewalk because she kept walking sideways into the roadway. She said she had not consumed any alcoholic beverages and would not take part in sobriety exercises. At one point, the suspect hit an officer with a closed fist and a scuffle ensued. The report noted that the officers’ uniforms and equipment were in “disarray” from the fight. Three officers were able to place her into a patrol car, where she yelled profanities and kicked the seat. She refused a breath test. The investigation showed she had been arrested multiple times for DUI and had previously refused a breath test. She was transported to the county jail.

Police officers to take part in memorial bike ride for those killed in the line of duty Three Ormond Beach police officers are currently training to take part in the Police Unity Tour, where they will join hundreds of other law enforcement officers from around the nation in May on a three-day, 250-mile bicycle ride from Portsmouth, Virginia to Washington, D.C. Cpl. Amberly Michaelis, Sgt. Mike Pavelka and Capt. Lisa Rosenthal are taking part to help the tour, a nonprofit organization, raise awareness of police officers killed in the line of duty and support the National Law Enforcement Officer’s Memorial and Museum. As members of the Police Unity Tour, the officers are required to raise a minimum of $2,000 each to participate. Donations can be made through FirstGiving by using the links provided below. The memorial and museum, located in Washington, D.C., was established in 1984 by an act of Congress and honors the more than 20,000 men and women who have been killed while performing their duty as




Huge 4CG PLUS 1 Car separate garage/workshop, 3BR plus a large den/office. Living room w/ fireplace plus a separate dining room. Pretty master suite w/impressive walk-in shower. Huge private backyard. $393,000 MLS# 1024081


Move in Ready

Meticulously maintained 3BR/2BA home offers formal living & dining, family room, screened lanai & 2CG. High ceilings, crown molding, kitchen w/granite counter tops & cherry cabinets. $299,250 MLS# 1024216


Breakaway Trails

This beautiful, popular ICI Preakness 11 model features 4BR/3BA , high ceilings, tray ceilings, open floor plan & large windows for natural light while on a quiet cul-de-sac overlooking a pond. $455,000 MLS# 1024036


police officers in the U.S. At the heart of the memorial is a blue-gray marble wall with the engraved names of all slain officers. The memorial receives no government or taxpayer revenue, instead it relies on the charitable donations of businesses, organizations and citizens.


The Greater Daytona Beach Area’s LARGEST Real Estate Company.

Tomoka Oaks 3BR/2BA/2CG home. Meticulous grounds, 2 porches to relax & enjoy the birds. Doubled paned windows, silestone kitchen counters, & newer insulated hurricane rated overhead door. $234,900 MLS# 1024157

Courtesy photo

Capt. Lisa Rosenthal, Cpl. Amber Michaelis and Sgt. Mike Pavelka will take part in a 250mile bike ride to honor officers killed in the line of duty.

Panoramic Ocean Views

Beautifully updated 2BR/2BA unit that features ceramic tile & wood floors throughout. Each of the baths have been updated, the master w/a gorgeous shower & raised dual vanities. $304,900 MLS# 1024109



Stunning, custom 3BR/3BA pool home on 1 acre at the end of a cul-de-sac in Ormond’s most sought after luxury community, Broadwater. Lovely architectural presence w/barrel tile roof & oversized arched windows. $479,900 MLS# 1024029


Chelsea Place

Gated community. Open floor plan 3BR/2BA home features: 42’’ upper cabinets, Granite Island, SS appliances, recessed lighting, custom closets, plantation shutters, tray ceiling in the family Rm & much more. $312,900 MLS# 1024208


Halifax Plantation

Beautiful custom pool home in excellent condition on a gracious corner lot in the estate section of Halifax Plantation. Short walk from the clubhouse, golf pro shop & tennis center & surrounded by grand estate homes. $499,900 MLS# 1024030


Plantation Bay


ONCE UPON A MATTRESS 8:03 a.m. — 10 0 Block of Pine Cone Trail Suspicious Incident. The victim bought a mattress online, and the seller said he would deliver it. A male wearing sandals and described as wearing “dirty looking” clothing showed up in a pickup truck with a mattress, which was double wrapped in plastic and appeared to be new. The delivery person said it was wrapped that way because of the humidity. He said he could not bring the mattress inside because of liability reasons. The victim paid $250 for the mattress and the male drove off. When she cut open the plastic, she saw that the mattress was old, wet and used. The victim has been unable to speak with the seller of the mattress.

Immaculately maintained 3BR/2BA/2CG pool home.Split floor plan is bright & open. High above is coffered ceiling, decorative niches & décor shelves. Triple wide sliding glass doors wall the back of the home. $317,900 MLS# 1024110


Dream Home

Huge 3 story modern 5BR/3BA on Misners Branch creek w/boat dock on a private wooded oasis in the heart of Ormond. Large windows & sliders throughout create an open airy feel. $535,000 MLS# 1023127




DEC. 17

DEC. 18


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Email Emily Blackwood,, to nominate a resident. Please include name, age, job title, a brief explanation of why you are nominating them, and a photo in your email.






JANUARY 12, 2017

SPORTS From Ethiopia to center stage at the Pro Bowl


Zeli Hayworth lived in an orphanage six years ago; now he’s in the national championship of Punt, Pass and Kick Senior Madison Politis scores her fourth goal of the match.

A SENIOR NIGHT TO REMEMBER The Lady Sandcrabs’ four seniors reflect on their time together — and near future.



he Seabreeze seniors may have played their final game at the Ormond Beach Sports Complex. Unlike some student-athletes who relocate over the course of several years, Amber Kelley, Skyler Mayo, Madison Politis and Alex Hoffman have only known the OBSC as their home field. Having grown up in this area, the four played on the same youth soccer squads, and now they’re making history together on the same team. HUMBLE BEGINNINGS

Photos by Jeff Dawsey

Abby Gabriel heads a pass to her teammate.

Head coach Kim Merkel — then an assistant — remembers the girls when she first observed them on the field. “They come out as freshman, intimidated, not knowing their place on the team,” she said. “But, they’ve progressed every year to become leaders that we need them to be, to carry the rest of the team.” Politis has progressed the most, going from a three-goal and fourassist player in her sophomore season to scoring 28 goals while assisting on 23 as a junior. Through 14 games, she’s already scored 14 and assisted on 10 others. All the girls agree that their best moments over the last four years came last season as juniors: They beat Matanzas for the first time in several years, and they won their district championship.

SHUTOUT Seabreeze downed Leesburg 8-0 on senior night on Wednesday, Jan. 4, at the Ormond Beach Sports Complex. Senior Madison Politis scored four goals while assisting three others. Junior Alauna Neely scored two and assisted on another. And two of the other three seniors — Amber Kelley and Alex Hoffman — also scored goals. The other senior — Skyler Mayo — assisted on two goals. Taylor Nirschl and Kaylee Haas also had assists. District play for high school girls soccer will begin Monday, Jan. 16. Locations have not been determined.

Skyler Mayo sets up Politis for her second goal.


Politis, Kelley, Hoffman and Mayo believe their preseason team-bonding retreats enabled them to pull off such feats. During those weekends, Merkel set up team-building competitions and conversations that allow the girls to understand each other. “We find out so much about each other that we never knew, and it makes us closer,” Politis said. Kelley agreed, saying, “It’s easier to play with people when you know them better.” Those bonding opportunities creep into practices and games, and they always please the coach. “When I see them get together in little groups, when we’re in between drills,” Merkel said, “and they’re getting water, I’ll see them just bust out laughing. That’s really cool. It lets me know that my team is getting along and enjoying soccer.”


eli, 11, grew up in an Ethiopian orphanage with many other abandoned kids, hoping someone would take him away and provide a home. Finally, Zeli was adopted by the Hayworths — a sports-loving family who has afforded him an opportunity of a lifetime. NFL’s Pass, Punt and Kick program hosted a tournament at each of its 32 team locations for five age divisions. Zeli won his division competition and advanced — the only winner from Florida to do so. He will be one of four to compete at the National Punt, Pass and Kick Championship at the Pro Bowl on Jan. 29, in Orlando. “We were all excited for him,” said Maria Hayworth, his mother. “He would track the other team competitions every day to see where he stacked up, and, when he found out he made the Top 4, he was thrilled.” Zeli trains two times per week with his grandfather, Tony Melachrino, the former Mainland and Seabreeze coach. And, when his big brother, Sam Hayworth, former Seabreeze kicker and current Eastern Kentucky player, is in town, Sam helps strengthen his kicking game. Zeli believes he can win the competition. The top two boys in his division each scored 295 feet. Zeli totals around 300 feet on a regular basis. When Zeli first came over to America, his mother, Maria, said he was fascinated with the things we might deem most common. Lights in the house. Escalators in shopping stores. But, now, she says, after six years of living here, he’s been Americanized. “He’s pretty ticked off that he’s the only one in his elementary school that doesn’t have a cell phone,” she laughed. “That does not make him happy.” Zeli has also fallen in love with America’s favorite game and wishes to become a quarterback one day like Tom Brady, his favorite player. Going from an Ethiopian orphanage to center stage at an NFL Pro Bowl — what a journey!




The two-coach solution

Mainland chooses co-defensive coordinators. then Brown and Coach Roland did it when Roland first got here. Our record proves it has worked, and Coach O and I are going to produce the same style of defense.” “It won’t be hard considering we kind of already do it,” Oglesby added. “Our defensive game-plan meetings consist of the entire defense sitting down for hours together, watching film and then drawing up the other teams’ formations and coming up with our game plan.”

“We’ve talked about a lot of things we want to do, and everything’s the same philosophy. I don’t see us butting heads at all.” BO SADUSK, on becoming co-defensive coordinator with Willie Oglesby


File photo

Bo Sadusk

Bo Sadusk and Willie Oglesby have been promoted to call plays for the Buccaneers. JEFF DAWSEY SPORTS EDITOR

Less than a month after Mainland’s former defensive coordinator, Travis Roland, took over as head coach at Flagler Palm Coast, Bucs coach Scott Wilson has named assistant coaches Bo Sadusk and Willie Oglesby Jr. as co-defensive coordinators. Both Sadusk and Oglesby joined the Bucs’ programs when Wil-

son became head coach in 2011. “These guys deserve it,” Wilson said. “They know the system and are great with our kids. They have the same vision and share the same concepts we’ve been using for years.” Sadusk has served as defensive line coach and Oglesby for defensive backs. Now serving as co-defensive coordinators, both agree that there will be no problems leading the defense. “He’ll be calling the secondary coverages, and I’ll be calling the front-seven alignment zones and blitzes,” Sadusk said. “We’ve done it before. Keynodo Hudson and Jonathan Brown did it, and

Oglesby was named All-American twice and All-Conference three times at Bethune-Cookman. He’s led as defensive coordinator at Tampa Robinson and coached running backs, special or defensive backs at several other high schools, including Pinecrest (North Carolina) and Spruce Creek. Sadusk played college ball at Nassau Community College in Long Island, New York. He went on to coach Pop Warner and 8v8 before beginning his time at Mainland. “We’re very good friends,” said Sadusk on his relationship with Oglesby. “We’ve talked about a lot of things we want to do, and everything’s the same philosophy. I don’t see us butting heads at all.” Courtesy photo

Willie Oglesby Jr.

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Classifieds 14 Real Estate 12

JANUARY 12, 2017



Sandy Mason would sing with her friends often in her Ormond-by-the-Sea home.

A play featuring her biggest hits, including ‘Two Pina Coladas,’ will be performed at the Elks Lodge on Jan. 24. COMMUNITY EDITOR

Courtesy photos

Sandy Mason with Garth Brooks


Sandy Mason also wrote “All I Wanna Do in Life,” which was recorded by Crystal Gayle, George Jones and Marianne Faithfull; Johnny Cash’s “After All” and more. She also contributed backing vocals to recordings by Garth Brooks, Gayle, Cash, Prine and others.

When Rick Shaw moved to Ormond Beach a few years ago, his cousin Sandy Mason paid him a visit. They were walking down his street when the songwriter noticed a house with a “for sale” sign. “She said, ‘I think I’ll buy that,’” Shaw recalled. “And then she bought it in a matter of days.” Though her life and career ended in Ormond Beach, it was a colorful and crazy road to get Sandy Mason here. Originally from Pennsylvania, Mason started out singing in the supper clubs of Chicago, and was even on TV as a ventriloquist. She had a variety show where she would introduce cartoons. Shaw would watch her every Saturday morning. Eventually, she started working for a publishing company writing songs. In 1967, her single “There You Go,” released on Hickory Records, peaked at No. 64. She released songs for other labels, contributed background vocals and released several of her own albums, but she found her greatest success as a songwriter. Her first success was Crystal Gayle’s “When I Dream,” which hit No. 3 on the country charts in 1979. The song was recorded by Nanci Griffith and Willie Nelson. Her biggest hit was “Two Pina Coladas,” which was recorded by Garth Brooks, and it topped the charts in late 1997. According to an article by The Tennesseean,

STARRY STARRY NIGHT 5 to 8 p.m. at the Ormond Memorial Art Museum and The Casements. For the past 27 years, the city of Ormond Beach has celebrated art and culture with an evening gallery walk. Free. The stroll takes you from The Casements, 25 Riverside Drive, to the museum, 78 E. Granada Blvd., past the shops along the westernmost block of E. Granada Boulevard, and the Ormond Beach Historical Society will be hosting visitors on the porch of the historic MacDonald House, 38 E. Granada Blvd. Light refreshments at each venue. Free shuttle service and parking. Call 676-3347.


Honoring a legacy EMILY BLACKWOOD


songwriter Shawn Camp said they came up with the song after joking about going to the beach and buying a drink for each hand. “Sandy was always talking about going to Florida,” Camp said in the 2015 article. “I guess she finally made it.” That was the only song Mason wrote that was inspired by Ormond Beach. Shaw says her song, “They Were Here Today,” was inspired by the Fairchild Oak, a large live oak tree in Bulow Creek State Park. “She wrote that after spending some time there,” Shaw said. “She had wondered what all it had seen.” Mason died in April 2015 of complications from pancreatic cancer. She left her house and her publishing company to Shaw, who is making it his mission to preserve her legacy. “She just wanted people to hear her songs,” said Shaw’s mother, Barbara Shaw. That’s why Shaw created and produced, “Just A Dream: The Music and Artistry of Sandy Mason,” a musical about her unique career. It features music from the 1960s supper clubs through the rise of the Nashville music scene of the ’80s and ’90s, and stars Candice Cuchetti and the Just a Dream Band. “She felt that music was a way people could escape from reality and dream a little bit,” Shaw said. “This is the song track of her life.” The play will open at 7 p.m. Jan. 24 at Elks Lodge 2193, 285 Wilmette Ave. Tickets cost $15.

ARCHAEOLOGY WORKS: FISHING 10 to 11 a.m. at the Environmental Discovery Center, 601 Division Ave. Hosted by the University of West Florida. Explore various artifacts and fishing techniques through hands-on activities. Space is limited. Call 615-7081 to register. FLORIDA HUMANITIES SPEAKER SERIES: “THE BATTLE OVER THE APALACHICOLA-FLINT WATER BASIN” 10 a.m. at the Historic Anderson-Price Memorial Building, 42 N. Beach St. Presented by the Ormond Beach Historical Society. Refreshments at 9:30 a.m. Free. Call 677-7005.


COMMUNITY HOMELESSNESS VIABLE SOLUTION INTRODUCTION 2 to 4 p.m. at the Ormond Beach Library Auditorium, 30 S. Beach St. Featuring ROTH Now. Free. Call 5234735 for more info.


YOUNG PROFESSIONALS GROUP ORMOND MINI GOLF CHALLENGE 6 to 8 p.m. at Pirate’s Cove of Ormond Beach, 226 Cardinal Drive. Cost is $10 per person. Proceeds go the Museum of Arts and Sciences. Email with any questions.


THE FABULOUS HUBCAPS 7 p.m. at the Ormond Beach Performing Arts Center, 399 N. U.S. 1. A musical performance. Cost is $25 in advance and $30 at the door. Call 676-3375.






House on Halifax River was top transaction


DEC. 4 - DEC. 10

Blue Skies Real Estate LLC, of Ormond Beach, sold 203 S. Orchard St. to Stephen Cerkas, of Ormond Beach, for $84,000. Built in 1984, the house has two bedrooms, two baths and 1,083 square feet. It sold in 2011 foe $66,500.



house in Ormond-bythe-Sea was the top real estate sales transaction for Dec. 4-10 in Ormond Beach and Ormondby-the-Sea. The Bank of New York Mellon, as trustee, sold 110 River Lane to Larry Taylor, as trustee, for $617,000. Built in 1956, the house has four bedrooms, five baths, swimming pool, boat dock and 3,453 square feet. It sold in 2003 for $600,000.

Courtesy photo

The house is on the Intracoastal Waterway in Ormond-by-the-Sea.

ORMOND BEACH Mark and Carol Bigelow, of Ormond Beach, sold 763 Riverside Drive to Kevin McQuaite and Jeanne Connelly, of Ormond Beach, for $325,000. Built in 1960, the house has four bedrooms, three baths, two fireplace and 2,490 square feet. It sold in 2005 for $309,000. Ethel Setman, individually and as trustee, sold 18 Silver Fox Trail to Fang Cui, of Ormond Beach, for $300,900. Built in 1986, the house has four bedrooms, 2.5 baths, a fireplace, swimming pool and 2,928 square feet. It sold in 2004 for $272,000. Todd Universal LLC, of Ormond Beach, sold 1213 Northside Drive to Joseph and Donna Valerio, of Ormond

Beach, for $220,000. Built in 1981, the house has three bedrooms, 2.5 baths, a fireplace and 1,405 square feet. It sold in 2004 for $167,500. John and Karen Antonelli, and Marisa Antonelli, of Ormond Beach, sold 127 S. Halifax Drive to Dean and Patricia Scheer, of Tallahassee, for $177,500. Built in 1955, the house has three bedrooms, three baths and 1,612 square feet. It sold in 2002 for $136,000. Lawrence and Eleonore Sherrod sold 151 Mound Ave. to John and Genevieve Hamburger, and Mark Hamburger, of Ormond Beach, for $175,000. Built in 1965, the house has three bedrooms, two baths and 1,707 square feet. It sold in 2012 for $95,000.

Breakaway Trails Scott and Marcie Schargen, of Ormond Beach, sold 5 Wild Creek Way to Matthew and Jennifer Allen, of Ormond Beach, for $415,000. Built in 1998, the house has five bedrooms, four baths, a swimming pool and 3,463 square feet. It sold in 2005 for $501,000. Chelsea Place CP and HG Residential Lots LLC sold 392 Chesham St. to Zachery Kramp, of Edgewater, for $366,257. Built in 2016, the house has three bedrooms, two baths and 2,418 square feet. Halifax Plantation Richard Binstock, individually and as trustee, sold 3341 Glenshane Way to Larry and Brenda Hayes, of Ormond Beach, for $222,000. Built in 2000, the house has three bedrooms, two baths and 2,094 square feet. Oak Forest Joan Bianco, individually and as trustee, sold 34 Sycamore Circle to Shea Scott-Bey, of Plainfield, New Jersey, for $203,000. Built in 1984, the house has three bedrooms, two baths, a fireplace and 1,540

square feet. It sold in 2014 for $169,000. Ormond Lakes Karen McKellar, of Ormond Beach, sold 10 Blockhouse Court to William and Kathleen Lazarus, of Ormond Beach, for $262,900. Built in 1999, the house has three bedrooms, two baths, a fireplace and 1,912 square feet. It sold in 2011 for $200,000.

ORMOND-BY-THE-SEA Steven Knox, of Ormond Beach, sold 37 N. Sea Island Drive to Kenneth and Erin Cole, of Charlestown, Rhode Island, for $229,500. Built in 1980, the house has three bedrooms, two baths and 1,547 square feet. It sold in 2003 for $192,500. Paul Porter, of Ormond Beach, sold 37 Seaside Drive to Jerry Jones, of Ormond Beach, for $175,000. Built in 1958, the house has two bedrooms, one bath and 784 square feet. It sold in 2004 for $168,000. John Adams, of Adams, Cameron & Co. Realtors, contributed to this report.


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Gold Leaf Coffee Co. opens on Granada inside Frame of Mind The new coffee shop held its soft opening Jan. 9. EMILY BLACKWOOD COMMUNITY EDITOR

Photos by Emily Blackwood

Mary Unson, an Ormond Beach resident, wears this necklace every day to remind her of her daughter who died 10 years ago.

Mom honors daughter’s life and work at new art gallery opening Arts on Granada held its first exhibition Jan. 6.

Dr. Mark Convoy said his artistic career would not be possible without his wife, Susie Convoy.

“She would say, ‘You’re always telling us to chase our dreams. Why don’t you chase yours?’” Unson is one of over 20 local artists featured in the newest gallery in Ormond Beach, founded by Megan Corbett and Donna Day Rose. The gallery’s first exhibit opened Jan. 6, for solo artist Margaret Schnebly Hodge. The award-winning Ormond Beach artist’s collection, “Breaking Free: Dark Energy, Dark Matter,” was


inspired by leading-edge scientific discoveries, blending the known with the myriad mysteries of the heavens. Located at 67 W. Granada Blvd., Arts on Granada is a newly formed art cooperative that hopes to promote local artists and their work. Artist Dr. Mark Convoy said the space has been on his wishlist for years. “I’ve been waiting for so long for a gallery with guts to open up here,” he said. “And the fact that it is a co-op is really encouraging because every artist here is invested. The altruism from this place is going to be contagious in

Michelle McArdle, Megan Corbett and Jenny Doktor

Susan Sullenberger attended the soft opening Jan. 9. Photos by Emily Blackwood

This ain’t your Grandma’s assisted living!

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20 7:30PM

Ormond Beach

Tickets Online:

PERFORMING ARTS CENTER Ticket Box Office: 386-676-3375





The show also featured pottery bowls that were handcrafted by local students and teachers for Halifax Urban Ministries’ ninth-annual Empty Bowls event. Held from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Jan. 21, a day full of food, music and fun will help the homeless in the community. Call 299-6371 for more info.


When Melissa Bell was battling leukemia, lions were her thing. The 19-year-old shared the love of the animal with her mom, Mary Unson, and her father and brothers. After Bell died, Unson kept lions close to her heart — sometimes even without realizing it. “I have a thing for the man of the moon,” she said, her hands running over the lines of the face she had burned into a small piece of wood. “So when I made this necklace, a woman asked me what I had burned into the background. I looked closely and didn’t see anything. The woman said she saw a lion face. And once I saw it, I couldn’t unsee it.” Now, Unson wears the necklace every day to keep her daughter’s memory alive. In fact, Bell is the reason Unson is showing her woodburning work at Arts on Granada’s first exhibit. She recently quit her job as an MRI tech to pursue her artistic passions. “She used to give me a hard time,” Unson said with a smile.

Move over Starbucks, there’s a new coffee company in town. Gold Leaf Coffee Co. held a soft opening Jan. 9 to dozens of local residents eager to have a new place where they can pick up their morning cup of Joe. “It’s been great,” said Megan Corbett, who owns the shop with her husband, Dan Miller. “For Arts on Granada, it took weeks for people to notice on Facebook, but with this, it was literally overnight. People like quality coffee.” The shop is located inside Frame of Mind, 23 W. Granada Blvd., which is where the name originates. “Since we’re partnering with

Victoria, we thought Gold Leaf, like the gold leaf used on some of her frames,” Corbett said. Gold Leaf will mainly be roasting Steel Oak Coffee, a smallbatch specialty coffee roaster in Ormond Beach, but plans to feature other local roasters in the future. Steel Oak developed a blend of espresso called “Thrive,” for the shop, which Corbett says taste like “Florida in a cup.” The shop is set to have its grand opening in the next two weeks and will be serving espressos, kombucha, tea, morning milkshakes for kids and baked goods from Cakery Creation. Follow Gold Leaf Coffee Co. on Facebook for more information on the grand opening.

386.441.2004 ANTIQUE SCHOOL desk, $40. 2-26” men’s bikes, $25/ea. Wrought iron end tables w/marble top, $15/ea. 386-864-1381 CHAPS 36X30, $20. 36x30 leather pants, $25. Full-face helmet, $30. Lead glass chandelier, $125. 386.439.6202 GREAT CONDITION maple wood table- 42 X 58 inches/w 6 upholstered chairs..$50. 386-437-3146

Thursday, January 12, 2017

GREAT LIKE NEW WHEELCHAIR, excellent condition, safe, secure, sturdy, comfortable, high quality. $150. (386)864-5248. JBL ES30 Bookshelf Speakers, Pair, 15"Hx13"D. Perfect Condition. No Scratch marks. $150/OBO 386-569-0721

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Help Wanted JEWISH FAMILY and Community Services is seeking Companions to assist seniors with light housekeeping, meal preparation, escort to appointments and errands, most importantly, companionship. Russian speaking is required. Part time and full time positions are available. To be Furnishings considered for this position, please complete our online application forms at EOE/AA:including females/minorities/disable/veterans. We are a DFWP.

POWER LEATHER Recliner Great Power Chair $450 (386) 445−9191

ThisKING week’s Cryptoquiz answers SERTA Mattress Set For Sale . Like new condition. $450 (386) 302−97883) Screenplays, 1) Romance, 2) Novels, 4) The Watchers, 5) Safe Haven

Garage/Moving/Estate Sales

Nicholas Sparks GARAGE SALE Saturday January 14, 8:00 AM− 2:00 PM − , Sunday January 15, 8:00 AM−2:00 PM This answers − Rain or week’s Shine 10Sudoku Woodston Lane Lots of items.... furniture, dishes, bedroom set, tv stands, tools etc..., and much much more.

General Merchandise DIESEL GENERATOR, 10kw, 240-120 volts on wheels. Enclosed from weather. $2500. 386.864.0058

GARAGE WORKMAT 4’ x 6’ x 1/2" rubber anti− 20-KEN GRIFFEY Jr. Boman # 220 rookie baseball BOSE 3,2,1 DVD Home Theater/Sound System. fatigue for concrete floors; $60 (386) 316−9990 cards in perfect condition.$200. 386.597.7785 HDMI inputs & outputs. $190 (615) 418−7807 SPEAKERS− BOOK Shelf 1 set JBL $50. 4-BOXES FLOOR tiles, $18. Ladies evening bag, CAR RAMPS One set steel $10 Furnishings Under $200 For Sale Items Under $200 For Sale 1 setItems Bose, $50. (386) 527−4783 $5-10. 3-porch tables, $18. New walker, $15. Good condition (386) 446−3766 20-KEN GRIFFEY Jr. Boman # 220 rookie baseball TRAVEL KENNEL 26"x19"x19" for pets to 38lbs; BOSE 3,2,1 DVD Home Theater/Sound System. 386.446.1111 Positions Wanted COASTER dinette 4 $100 (386) cards in perfect condition.$200. 386.597.7785 HDMI inputsCHAIRS & outputs. $190chairs (615) 418−7807 airline approved $30 (386) 316−9990 THE SHORES Resort and Spa: Now Hiring! 5’ HEAVY duty folding table, $25. DVD Player, $25. 313−5042 4-BOXES tiles, $18. Ladies evening bag, CAR RAMPS One set steel $10 Located directly off the bus line, on A1A. HP printer, FLOOR $20. 386-446-9318. Essential Home Personal Room Attendants starting at $9.00/hour! $5-10. 3-porch tables, $18. New walker, $15. COMPUTER Good conditionDESK (386) 446−3766 ANTIQUE BABY carriage snow white wicker computer $7 (386) 506−6609 386.446.1111 benefits and endless career velvet lining $175. Metal plant stand $25. COASTER CHAIRS dinette chairs 4 $100 (386) Fantastic CORN HOLE Bags Meets ACA regs. Custom. Set opportunities! (386) 767−7350 | Visit us at 5’ HEAVY duty folding table, $25. DVD Player, $25. This week’s Crossword answers 313−5042 386.441.2004 for more of 8 bags $29. U pick colors 386−523−7201 HP printer, $20. 386-446-9318. ANTIQUE SCHOOL desk, $40. 2-26” men’s bikes, COMPUTER DESK Essential Home Personal opportunities! mattress/new cover, excel ANTIQUE BABY iron carriage snow w/marble white wicker computerFUTON $7 (386)with 506−6609 $25/ea. Wrought end tables top, DELUXE 386-864-1381 velvet lining $175. Metal plant stand $25. cond . $160/offer. Pic online. (386) 283−5172 $15/ea. CORN HOLE Bags Meets ACA regs. Custom. Set LEATHER RECLINER Looks and is in great 386.441.2004 ADMISSION Tix reg$45; good of 8 bags $29. U pick colors 386−523−7201 CHAPS 36X30, $20. 36x30 leather pants, $25. DISNEYQUEST condition. Hardly used. $350 (386) 445−9191 day & time park is open $35 (386) 316−9990 ANTIQUE SCHOOL 2-26” men’s bikes, Full-face helmet, $30.desk, Lead$40. glass chandelier, $125. any DELUXE FUTON with mattress/new cover, excel $25/ea. Wrought iron end tables w/marble top, GARAGE WORKMAT 4’ x 6’ x 1/2" rubber anti− 386.439.6202 cond . $160/offer. Pic online. (386) 283−5172 $15/ea. 386-864-1381 for concrete floors; $60 (386) 316−9990 LEATHER RECLINER Looks and is in great GREAT CONDITION maple wood table- 42 X 58 fatigue DISNEYQUEST Tix reg$45; good CHAPS 36X30, $20. 36x30 leather pants, $25. POWERWASHERADMISSION condition. Hardly used. $350 (386) 445−9191 inches/w 6 upholstered chairs..$50. 386-437-3146 2600,like Bill 386−246 any day & time park is open $35 (386) 316−9990 Full-face helmet, $30. Lead glass chandelier, $125. −8683 $150 (386) 246−8683 GREAT LIKE NEW WHEELCHAIR, excellent con386.439.6202 GARAGE WORKMAT 4’ x 6’ x 1/2" rubber anti− dition, safe, secure, sturdy, comfortable, high qual- SPEAKERS− BOOKfloors; Shelf $60 1 set(386) JBL 316−9990 $50. for concrete GREAT maple wood table- 42 X 58 1fatigue ity. $150.CONDITION (386)864-5248. set Bose, $50. (386) 527−4783 inches/w 6 upholstered chairs..$50. 386-437-3146 POWERWASHER 2600,like Bill 386−246 JBL ES30 Bookshelf Speakers, Pair, 15"Hx13"D. TRAVEL KENNEL 26"x19"x19" for pets to 38lbs; −8683 $150 (386) 246−8683 GREATCondition. LIKE NEWNo WHEELCHAIR, excellent con- airline Perfect Scratch marks. approved $30 (386) 316−9990 dition, safe,386-569-0721 secure, sturdy, comfortable, high qual- SPEAKERS− BOOK Shelf 1 set JBL $50. $150/OBO YAMAHA ity. $150. (386)864-5248. 1 set Bose,DIGITAL $50. (386)Keyboard 527−4783Model E413 with JENNY LIND cradle circa 1895, minor repairs, ex- stand. Works great. $150 (386) 445−9741 JBL ES30 Bookshelf Speakers, Pair,W16”, 15"Hx13"D. cellent original condition, L40-1/2, H30”, TRAVEL KENNEL 26"x19"x19" for pets to 38lbs; Up Appliances Today With Classifieds Perfect Condition. No Scratch marks. airlineTeam approved $30 (386) 316−9990 $200. 386.445.4240 2017 $150/OBO 386-569-0721 386-492-2784 DIGITAL E413 with POWER LEATHER Recliner Great Power Chair NEW TORO paver sweep or leaf blower, $20. YAMAHA GE WASHER & Dryer,Keyboard top loader,Model very large capacJENNY LIND cradle circa 1895, minor repairs, ex- stand. Works great. (386) 445−9741 386.586.8745 ity, 2-years old, great $150 condition, had to go stack- $450 (386) 445−9191 cellent original condition, L40-1/2, W16”, H30”, able for remodel, $800-sold as pair. 386.445.9799 SERTA KING Mattress Set For Sale . Like new NEW Special. New full size pickup truck $200.YEAR’S 386.445.4240 Appliances condition. $450 (386) 302−9788 tool box, silver diamond plated, $200. NEW TORO paver sweep or leafPOINT blower,TAKEN $20. GE & Dryer, top loader, very large capac- POWER LEATHER Recliner Great Power Chair by WASHER Jessica C. Crawford 386.437.7058 $450 (386) 445−9191 386.586.8745 ity, 2-years old, great condition, had to go stackGarage/Moving/Estate Sales yadda” 112 Catcher’s need SET OF tables 1 coffee table, 2 end tables-brown able for remodel, $800-sold as pair. 386.445.9799 SERTA KING Mattress Set For Sale . Like new NEW YEAR’S Special. New full size pickup truck 50 Bad-mouths 113 “___ as good a time metal asking $150. 386.986.6353 GARAGE SALE Saturday January 14, 8:00 AM− condition. $450 (386) 302−9788 tool box, silver diamond plated, $200. 53 Swiss canton or its as any” 2:00 PM − , Sunday January 15, 8:00 AM−2:00 PM Each of the following cryptograms is USED REAR bumper for a 2001 Suzuki Grand Vi386.437.7058 capital 116 Owl noises − Rain or Shine 10 Woodston Lane Lots of tara car, $70. 386.283.4130 Garage/Moving/Estate Sales a clue to the identity of a 56 Mimicries 118 Temporary period SET OF tables 1 coffee table, 2 end tables-brown items.... furniture, dishes, bedroom set, tv stands, AREA RUG $150. black and tan $55, fishing rod, 51 58 Knocking 122 Not aboveboard metal asking 386.986.6353 tools etc...,SALE and much much more. noise GARAGE Saturday January 14, 8:00 AM− distinguished author. Using the inch $10 (386) 445−8231 60 Agendum, e.g.AM−2:00 PM hints E=A and Q=N, decipher the 126 Part the brain 2:00ofPM − , Sunday January 15, 8:00 USED REAR bumper for a 2001 Suzuki Grand ViMerchandise 61Woodston Amend, as anLane atlas Lots of 128 Tire − mishap Rain General or Shine 10 BEDROOM 5 piece bedroom set tara car, $70.FURNITURE 386.283.4130 section 129 Spine-tinglingly weird dishes, items.... furniture, bedroom set, tv stands, clues to name the author. $199 (904) 449−1954 DIESEL GENERATOR, 240-120 AREA RUG black and tan $55, fishing rod, 51 tools etc..., and much much more. 65 10kw, Actress Fabray, for volts short on 130 Arrival island for many wheels. Enclosed from weather. $2500. BICYCLE RALEIGH m20 excellent condition used inch $10 (386) 445−8231 67 With money to burn 131 Trouble spot for Indiana 386.864.0058 list at 200 $125 (386) 313−5042 General Merchandise 69 “___ your call” Jones BEDROOM FURNITURE 5 piece bedroom set $199 (904) 449−1954 72 Guaranteed winner 132 Forms an opinion DIESEL GENERATOR, 10kw, 240-120 volts on 73 Drag race participant 133 Corn-chip dip wheels. Enclosed from weather. $2500. BICYCLE RALEIGH m20 excellent condition used 75 Old Irish memorial 386.864.0058 list at 200 $125 (386) 313−5042 DOWN inscription 1 “I never ___ man I didn’t 76 Period before a conflict like” 77 Ballerina’s skirts 2 The Bard’s river 80 “Steer” anagram 3 Goat-legged deity 81 Parts of a baseball 4 Demons that prey upon 84 Old photo tone sleepers 85 “___ we having fun yet?” 5 Masonry stones 87 Bran type 6 Desert growths 90 Affected dandy This author wrote The Notebook: 7 Balloon’s filling 92 Thin plate or layer 8 Some reddish deer 96 Continental currency 9 Sounds from a flock 97 Parodied 10 Curve in and out 99 Colonizes 11 Amazon zapper 104 Main dish 12 “... and make it fast!” 106 “A Streetcar Named 13 Santa ___, California Desire” role 14 Sap-sucking insect 108 Sweater style genus Solve the puzzle by placing the numbers 1 109 ___-cochere (carriage 15 Hotdog topper, someentrance) through 9 in each row, column and box. times 111 Impressive degree 16 Harrison in “Star Wars” 112 Pesky arachnids 17 Breakfast item 114 Defeat a la Ali 18 Sibling, in brief ©2017 Universal Uclick 115 Mumbai dress 23 Cull 117 In need of a massage 35 Story with bite 59 Opposite of apex 86 Vacation memento ACROSS 24 “Jaws” sighting 119 Bagel kin 38 Moisten, as a roast 62 Grand ___ (vintage) 88 Have a funny feeling 1 Capo’s group 27 Two-person fight 120 Large wading bird 40 “If ___ told you once ...” 63 Better suited 89 Next life 6 Pasta, potatoes and such 31 Malayan island 121 Clifflike, flat-topped 43 Bro or 18-Down, e.g. 64 Refuse receptacle 91 Unwritten test 11 Swimmers’ woes 33 Ones leading the pack elevation 45 “Long ___ ...” 66 Assessor 93 ___ good example 19 “Dynasty” actress Linda 34 Toyota model 122 ___ and downs 46 Temporary paper cur68 Like Scrooge McDuck 94 Cause wonder 20 Garlicky garnish 35 Pelvic bones 123 Her life is in order? rency 70 ___ carotene 95 Small hairpieces 21 Swallow routes 36 Fevers with chills 124 Modern evidence 48 Earth, air, fire or water, 71 Facial flaw 98 Tiniest bits 22 Common tablet PC 37 Leaders of movements 125 Tennis court divider e.g. 74 Drive-___ window 100 Radiation dosage feature 38 Antacid, for short 127 “Bus” or “rod” starter 51 Rock with value 75 Producing an effect 101 Fold, spindle or mutilate 24 Waterproof roof joints 39 Having no feet 52 Bodybuilder’s exercise 78 “___ Man” (Village 102 Air pressure meas. 25 Architectural band 41 Soft palate 54 ___ Bell (fast-food People hit) 103 Overturn or overthrow 26 ___ Arabia 42 Hurricane heading, chain) 79 Fishing nets 105 Gentlemen (Abbr.) 28 Jack and Jill’s carryall sometimes 55 Respect for others’ 82 Civil War general 107 “Answer, please” 29 Island near Java 44 Distrustful beliefs 83 “Born in the ___” (Abbr.) 30 Make fun of 47 Bled in the laundry 57 Come up again (Springsteen tune) 110 Cook’s covering 32 Examine, as evidence 49 “... yadda, yadda, 1-12-17


GARAGE SALE As low as $17.50 for 1 week!

CALL 386-492-2784



1.J C B E Q F U

2. Q C M U N W

3. W F J U U Q D N E H W

4. S R U X E S F R U J W 5. W E P U R E M U Q







Turner Home Services

Roof Leaking?


Foreign and Domestic

“Specialist In Hard to Find Leaks”

Experienced - Fast - Dependable

We will buy or consign your car

Shingle |Tile | Metal | Flat | Re-Roof Structural Repair | Skylights




Mike Turner 386-292-1812

Residential Roofing Specialist

82 N. US-1, Ormond Beach, FL 32174

• New Roofs • Repairs

Check us out on line at:



Call today to reserve your space, 492-2784 226143

DRAPERIES • BLINDS SHUTTERS • CURTAINS • CORNICES Call today for your complimentary in-home consultation

By Kitchens & Furniture, LLC

CUSTOM DESIGNED LAMINATES Over 500 Colors & Styles with a Variety of Edges!

PALM COAST 386-446-1191 ORMOND DAYTONA 386-562-1144

Complete Kitchen Tops

Cabinet & Countertop Refacing


Free Estimates Commercial Residential






Call 386-492-2784 to advertise



TREES Y R O move”. t h ANTHONY’S T g i r C BOBCAT ke the TREE SERVICE, INC. aAND m E u o y IR elping H D “ E ro


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s iali P-srcreoenESstpimecateess •Lana9i4s1) 928-9112 n e e ( g R e e Fre ool Ca natee: .com Scr •P Ma ore hes 20 dm Porc) 424-02eenan (727 w.scr : s a ES ell ww

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Workers Comp.




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We Can Beat Any Estimate

Lic.! & Ins.



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0 160

386-931-1151 |

I TIKfur kids ining qualifor multEipFERENC tikitime


Licensed and Insured – Free Estimates


6 160

“God Bless You”


• TRIMMING/REMOVAL Ca Resid 5 • STUMP GRINDINGLoraell Bankeorad 70 #104202 oldw State R h, FL 3 C • FIRE MITIGATION 1215 nc t S d Ra 1 irec nter SNIG! sted, lovin PET woo arpe 32 D • LANDSCAPING Lake ETT 3-04 7 Office m/lora.c ITTI with truears! s! 1 P S 7 y E • PAVERS/RETAINING WALLS 941 39-677 E PEonment for 10 y Holida .com OM m -7 mail TIIM N-H ir envir et care pets & re@g • MULCH/STONE/SOD 941 w.florida le the ty p ES petca

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E ERV OBS Y NT 15 COU 5, 20 AST bruary E e THE day, F rs m Thu 226141







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Tr es In Pric Fans • 2

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A D You never know what you’ll find O R.C T E E V R N I OBSE Visit L N R E U O C O S.Y PLA ton den W. Bra 14th St. 0 9 7 3 6654 746-









VERS ointm AKEOfor app M ll E a N I C AN lls

C . TRY 70 E CoOcUatNed ooffrtohf oSnR Rd.

L ile N any 1 m a Beth Road 4251 n Ver 4 Barr y, FL 3 780 kka Cit Mya

634 160


Licensed Insured





100 OFF




Lic# CCC1328107

2 160





*Offer not valid with any other offers. Offer good at time of initial estimate only. Offer good at participating franchises only. Each franchise independently owned and operated. Offer valid through 11-30-16



30% OFF

“I Can’t Believe It’s Not Granite!”

Affordable & Healthier Alternative to Granite On select Signature Series CALL FOR DETAILS!



Window Fashion Designer

Availacing ble

Building Customers For Life


Your Personal

• Replacements • FREE Estimates

Insurance Inspections Available Reliable Prompt Service Finan


with Business Directory

6 160

John Abramovic, Owner


EZ Roofing Systems LLC



State Licensed | Insured CCC1328252 | CBC1254280


ASE Certified Master Technicians


“Your Full Service Hometown Dealer”





e y W 381 Cind -322-6 168 941 -928-2 941

e pac dS e erve d Spac Res e v r e es R LP












2017 CRUZE Hatchback LT $









$10,000 OFF!

2017 SILVERADOS All lease payments are 39-months with 10,000 miles/year. Taxes, tag, title & $595 dealer fee, plus state and local fees must be paid up front. 2017 Cruze Hatchback LT requires $0 down. 2017 Malibu LT requires $1860 down. 2017 Equinox LS requires $0 down. 2017 Trax LT FWD requires $570 down. See dealer for details. Sale good through week of publication only. Photos for illustration purposes only.

Bob Gibbs

General Manager,

Tom Gibbs Chevrolet

CHEVROLET 5850 E. Hwy 100 Palm Coast

✆ Flagler County: 386-437-3314 | Volusia County: 386-258-3314

Palm Coast Pkwy A1A

SR 100

MONDAY - FRIDAY 8am - 7pm SATURDAY 9am - 6pm SUNDAY 12pm - 6pm

Exit 284

SR 40


“I guarantee it!”



LPGA Blvd. I -95 EXIT 284, ½ MILE WEST

Ormond beach observer 01 12 17  
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