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glucose monitor for children

Ali is a glucose monitoring system specifically designed to address the needs of children age 7 -12. It works by simplifying the process. The child never has to touch a needle and the results come in the form of a character rather than a number. The character makes the process more enjoyable which engages the child in the process. While the easy to use lancet cartridge system takes away the stigma of injecting with a needle.

Ring Cartrige holds a months worth of needles. The system works by placing the ring into the container, when the saftey lock at the top of the device is released and the button the back slides down, a spring releases catches the needle and pushes it forward. The child never has to touch the needle.

The test strip cartridge holds a months worth of strips. It has a seperate area for placing used cartridges. After the month is up, it can be discarded and a new test strip cartridge can be placed inside.

Top Shell

Bottom Shell Test Strip Cartridge

Lancet Cartridge

Test Strip Test Strip Cartridge Cover

Lancet Cartridge Cover

Glucose Monitor  

A glucose monitor designed for children