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MARCH 2014


Board of Governors President, Sean Galvin Vice-President, Richard Meade Secretary, Carol McClintock Treasurer, James Egan General Counsel, Robert Sheffield Immediate Past President, C.Robert Foy GOVERNORS Terms Expiring 2014 Gail Bell Jane Howe Kevin Mantville Gregory Seymourian Arthur Foley Terms expiring 2015 Larry Babb Robert Martell Martin Joyce Peter Donadio Ellen McWade Terms expiring 2016 Dolly DiPesa Scott Galvin Paul Leary Arthur Sharp Francis White HOUSE COMMITTEE Richard Meade, Chairperson RECIPROCITY COMMITTEE Vincent Santosuosso, Jr., Chairperson BOWLING COMMITTEE DeDe Dalton-Martell & Robert Martell Co-Chairs ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE Ellen McWade, Chairperson MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE Alice Welch, Chairperson MEMBERSHIP DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE Robert Martell, Chairperson 2 • MARCH 2014 • NEIGHBORHOOD CLUB NEWS

General Information Main Line: 617-773-9300 Members Line: 617-773-5025 Fax: 617-773-5817 Email: Address: 27 Glendale Road, Quincy, MA 02169 DRESS CODE Ladies: Appropriate dress is necessary for lunch and dinner. Gentlemen: Lunch: Business Casual Dinner: Jacket and collared shirt or jacket and mock turtleneck. Tie is optional. DINING ROOM HOURS Lunch: Tues. - Fri., Noon - 2:00pm Dinner: Tues. - Sat., 6:00pm - 9:00pm Closed on Mondays RESERVATIONS Reservations for lunch and dinner are required. Reservations for lunch must be made by 10:30am and by 3:30pm for dinner. We need to have your reservations prior to these times in order to adequately staff the dining room. NEWSLETTER STAFF Larry Babb & Deanna Seymourian Co-Editors Ann Collins, Barbara Le Bel, Susan Egan, Eileen McDonnell, Shyla Settles, Rachel Bartley and all club members Contributors Maura Wilson Graphic Designer

Message from The President Hi All, It has been a cold winter but that has not slowed us down here at the Club. After a great holiday season and working around a very busy function season, we have been making some long due improvements. Many of you have probably noticed the renovated front foyer with its elegant new balustrade, hardwood floor and newly plastered ceiling and walls. Brides will be thrilled to see this update in there photo album! And while the flooring contractor was in, the Sears Room floor was refinished; the ballroom floor was refinished; the stage was sealed and painted and the Glendale Road entrance was repaired where we suffered some water damage causing the floor and sill to rot. Also, there is new carpet in the Party Bar and a major repair was made in the kitchen where years of use had caused structural damage to the floor. Much of the equipment had to be disconnected, new floor drains installed, the old concrete floor removed, structural work completed and a new tile floor laid. Old trip hazards and improved sanitary conditions will ensure that Joel and his staff will continue turning out exemplary meals. Other upcoming improvements requested by the House Committee and approved by the Board of Governors include recovering the Members Lounge chairs (one is already done and looks great,( ask the staff to see it!), replacement of the bay windows in the Members Dining room, new finishes for the main ladies room

including paint; granite counters and light fixtures; we will be replacing the Ballroom windows; rebuilding the fireplace box in the Living Room fireplace and the Manager’s office will be moved to the lower level, thus allowing us to convert the current office into rentable function space. There are other proposed updates and repairs that are being discussed for the exterior as the weather becomes more appropriate. We appreciate your patience if any of the work has caused you inconvenience but we hope that, in the end, it will provide a better membership experience for you and your guests at the Club. Looking forward to Spring! Best Regards, Sean Galvin President



Valentine’s Night was a wonderful evening with plenty food and friends. After delicious passed hors d’oeuvres in the Living Room and Members Dining Room, we sat down to a fabulous dinner from a sweetheart menus prepared by Joel and staff, all the while being serenaded softly in the background by guitarist, Dave Carter, playing old favorites and classics. We are looking forward to our Irish Night in March where we will be surrounded by this time by Irish old and new favorites by Dennis O’Gorman. Please note dress code for this evening: CASUAL PUB ATTIRE... wear your favorite Irish Knits! A special “Irish Menu” will have something for everyone, so call in your reservations now! Looking forward to Ladies Night. Fran Foy has a special evening planned. Watch for details MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE

We are pleased to welcome new members to the Neighborhood Club. John and Anne Dalton of Hingham, the Club’s newest Class A members, are not strangers to the Neighborhood Club. They have sampled the Club’s hospitality many times as guests of John’s mother Pearl Dalton and also his sister and brother-in-law Denise Dalton-Martell and Bob Martell. John and Anne will now have the opportunity to enjoy the Neighborhood Club experience as members in their own right. They are proudly and enthusiastically sponsored by David and Susan London along with Bob Martell and Denise Dalton-Martell. Both John and Anne grew up in Quincy. John is a graduate of Boston College High School, Saint Michael’s College and Suffolk Law School. He has been Assistant Clerk of Courts at the Quincy District Court for many years. Anne is a graduate of Quincy High School and Bridgewater University with an advanced degree in Library Sciences. She is presently a Reference Librarian at Hingham Public Library. While focusing on their family of three children and two grandchildren, John and Anne are known for their public service and their active contributions to their 4 • MARCH 2014 • NEIGHBORHOOD CLUB NEWS

community. Welcome to the Neighborhood Club! REMINDER: Our New Membership Referral Benefit Program, in which sponsors may receive the benefit of a month’s dues waiver, has begun. Applications for prospective members are always available. They may be obtained in the Management Office or may be mailed to the applicant or sponsor. Please call 617-773-5025 or e-mail martin@ncquincy. com to request that an application be mailed. We look forward to welcoming your family and friends into membership at the Club. MEMBERSHIP DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE

The Membership Development Committee is still in the process of gathering and analyzing the NCQ Survey results which will be available sometime in March. Portions of this survey will be incorporated into a brochure for the purpose of encouraging increased membership. This project should be completed this spring. Any member who has not received this survey may ask for one from the office. Both Membership Committees worked out the details of the New Membership Referral Benefit Program as follows: The Terms of the Program • Both the sponsor and new member must be in good standing for six months to be eligible. Benefit to be credited to the sponsor after six months. • The sponsor who initially introduced the prospective member to the NCQ or is initially asked for a recommendation to the club would receive the benefit. • In the case of two equal sponsors: for Class A Membership the waiver would be reduced to one month for each sponsor; for Class B Membership the waiver would be reduced to one half month’s dues for each sponsor. • Program to begin February 1, 2014

Committee Reports Marty sent out this information via e-mail to the Club Membership. Reactions to the program seem positive. As we look forward to our 100th Anniversary we hope all members will assist in our effort to boost membership numbers up by 100. BOWLING COMMITTEE

The Bowling Committee is happy to report that in spite of weather related cancellations on January 21 and February 5, bowlers have been braving the cold and snow to compete on the alleys. The cancelled dates will be made up in May at the end of the season. Alleys 1 and 4 have been serviced and seem to be operating more smoothly. Team 7 welcomed Bob and Doreen Parker to their team this month. During her first week of bowling Doreen averaged 82.5 claiming position of High Woman Bowler for that week. Teams 2 and 5 continue to vie for first place with 62% winning averages. Team 5’s winning streak is not surprising since they hold the season’s record single string of 531 and game total of 1036. Art McNulty played a key role in Team 5’s success by capturing the High Match Man of the week with a 168 pin fall. Team 1’s own Lucy Talanian both shocked and delighted her teammates by taking the High Single Woman Match with a whopping 96 pin string. She truly deserved to be crowned with the winning tiara and to partake in the winning can-can dance. Congratulations to Lucy. Team 2’s Steve Bartley and Team 6’s Lorraine Coakley continue to hold season records for High Single with matching scores of 109. Lorraine also has the season High Match Woman record of 198; Steve holds the season High Match Man record with 193. The Bowling League welcomes any NCQ member who would like to bowl a string or two or join a team. Bowling night is always fun and an opportunity to make and renew friendships. There is always a group that goes up for dinner and always room for a few more. Please join us.

TRIPLE CROWN WINNERS Amazing string at bowling Wednesday night! Three more scores for the Neighborhood Club 100 Club. Bart Boncaldo “eeked” out a score of 105 Jim Egan bowled 101. Bob Foy went on to bowl 110.

Days Gone By...


Announcements & Members’ Notes HAPPY MARCH BIRTHDAYS

Bob Mitchell Anita Riccuiti Bob Foy Thomas Brownell Margaret Brownell John Curley Robert Dwyer BELATED FEBRUARY BIRTHDAYS

Maureen Crowley Stephen Wessling


20 Years Paul and Ann Kennedy

1 Year David and Sarah Shepherd CONDOLENCES

Condolences to Alice and Dick Welch on the passing of his mother, Rita Welch, a pioneering and dynamic woman. Sympathies to their entire family


Paula Santosuosso Nick Pepe BOOK CLUB I

On Tuesday, February 4, we met for dinner at the Club. Our read for January was Me before You by Jojo Moyes. The story is sad, is complex and is a love story. We liked the writing, beautifully developed characters and the painful reality of the life of the main character,Will Traynor who is wheelchair bound after an accident. Thanks to Fran Foy for choosing this novel -- a really good read. We are now reading Iron Lake by William Krueger. BOOK CLUB II

Winter is finally half over and it was a cozy group who met for Book Club on Tuesday, February 18. A delicious lunch was served after which this month’s book, The Invention of Wings was discussed. Sue Monk Kidd’s historical novel is about the relationship between a slave and the daughter of slave owners in antebellum Charleston. All at the meeting loved the book and would highly recommend it. Barbara Fitzgerald recommended books for March in the spirit of St. Patrick’s day -- Fingal O’Reilly, Irish Doctor by Patrick Taylor or a second book, Dance Lessons by Aine Greaney. Dance Lessons is a story of hidden truths and unspoken memories. The interwoven stories that comprise Dance Lessons begin with Ellen Boisvert, a child of French Canadian parents, and Fintan Dowd, an Irish immigrant working illegally as a Boston bartender. They meet and marry and are near divorce when Fintan dies in a sailing accident. We miss you snowbirds look forward to your return at the March meeting or at latest the spring meeting. SCRABBLE LUNCH

Date To be announced.


Barbara Fitzgerald and family at the “Old Sod”


We would love to recognize all birthdays, anniversaries or other member occasions. Please let us know of any special events or news items by calling the office or emailing Deanna at

Members’ Spotlight - Bob Beniers Bob graduated from Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, California, in 1962 with a degree in History and Economics. When he returned to Massachusetts, it wasn’t easy finding a job so he worked as a waiter at Hugo’s Lighthouse for a while evenings and for the Park Dept Days. Bob is married to the former Catherine Tocchio and together they have two sons and two daughters as well as eight grandchildren. As time went on, Bob went to work for John Hancock selling insurance where he worked for ten years. During the LaRaia administration, Bob became Director of Recreation for the City for two years. While working for John Hancock, he and a neighbor Ricky Palumbo started selling jackets out of the cellars of their homes. Bob became adventurous and wanted to go into a store front where he opened at the corner of Independence Ave. and Franklin Streets. in Quincy. Bob’s partner returned to selling out of his cellar and Bob went on to expand his business to softball and hockey. While working for the City, Jim Fatseas ran Bob’s sporting goods business. After a few years the building the store was in was being sold and, needless to say, Bob had already outgrown the size of it. He went on to purchase

what was once a Thomas Crane Public Library on Furnace Brook Pkwy in West Quincy. When old enough, his younger son Jonathan joined the business. Today, Bob has two salesmen on the road as he has now expanded to outfitting high school and college sports as well as little leagues. Later, he decided he needed to again expand and built an addition to the existing library. Approximately 5 years ago he started a silk screening business in South Quincy in what used to be a stone cutters union hall. His youngest daughter, Julie, joined the family business and decided to develop a website and sell online for her father, and this has developed into a new venture for the business as more and more people prefer to sit in the luxury of their homes or office and purchase sporting goods. The business has now expanded all over the world. Bob Beniers has been selling sporting goods for 45 years and is known by many in the area for his fair prices and honest sales ethic. Bob is now hoping his children will take over the businesses and give him time to relax. Bob and Cathy are active and supportive Club Members. Although he is a devoted NCQ bowler, he has been busy setting up his early childhood train set in his home and this is a project that will be ongoing for quite a long time.


St. Patrick’s Night: March 15

Easter Brunch: April 20

Mother’s Day: May 11

Ladies Night: May 22 NEIGHBORHOOD CLUB NEWS • MARCH 2014 • 7

St. Patrick’s Day Trivia Test your knowledge of St. Patrick’s Day (facts) with this challenging St. Patrick’s Day trivia quiz. There are a total of 11 trivia questions. Answers to the St. Patrick’s Day fact trivia can be found at the end of the quiz. 1. St. Patrick’s Day originated from which European country? a) Great Britain b) Scotland c) Ireland d) France e) Italy 2. St. Patrick’s Day is observed in the month of: a) February b) March c) April d) May e) None of the above 3. What symbol is inherently associated with St. Patrick’s Day? a) The Leprechaun b) A harp c) Triskele d) The Claddagh e) Shamrock 4. The longest-running St. Patrick’s Day parade in the United States takes place in which city? a) New York City b) Chicago c) Boston d) Philadelphia e) Buffalo (NY) 5. Who was St. Patrick? a) An Irish revolutionary b) A popular Irish president c) The patron saint of Ireland

d) A Christian martyr e) A mythical figure 6. What year did St. Patrick’s Day officially become a national holiday in Ireland? a) 1903 b) 1913 c) 1923 d) 1893 e) 1793 7. The color that is most identified with St. Patrick’s Day is: a) Green b) Red c) Blue d) Purple e) White 8. Saint Patrick was known for performing which of these acts: a) Drive away demons b) Banish dangerous animals c) Revive the dead

9. St. Patrick’s Day is endearingly known as: a) Green Day b) Irish Day c) Ireland’s Independence Day d) St. Paddy’s Day e) No other name 10. The traditional food of St. Patrick’s Day is: a) Cabbage b) Corned beef c) Irish stew d) Potato pancake e) a and b 11. Saint Patrick was not an Irish by birth. True False Answer Key: 1)c 2)b 3)e 4)c 5)c 6)a 7)a 8)b 9)d 10)e 11)True



Ketel One, Pineapple Juice, Sour Mix and Blue Curacao. Ask your server!


SATURDAY, MARCH 15 at 6pm CASUAL PUB ATTIRE... wear your favorite Irish Knits. A special “Irish Menu” will have something for everyone. Dennis O’Gorman will sing old and new favorites from the Emerald Isle. Make your reservations today! NEIGHBORHOOD CLUB NEWS • MARCH 2014 • 9

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If you missed Valentine’s Night, you missed a wonderful evening. The delicious menu choices were outstanding in the cozy atmosphere of the Members Dining Room and the Living Room. 10 • MARCH 2014 • NEIGHBORHOOD CLUB NEWS


Calendar of Events - March 2014 SUN.






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17 Club Closed ST. PATRICK’S DAY

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