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Board of Governors President, Sean Galvin Vice-President, Richard Meade Secretary, Carol McClintock Treasurer, James Egan General Counsel, Robert Sheffield Immediate Past President, C.Robert Foy GOVERNORS Terms Expiring 2014 Gail Bell Jane Howe Kevin Mantville Gregory Seymourian Arthur Foley Terms expiring 2015 Larry Babb Robert Martell Martin Joyce Carol McClintock Ellen McWade Terms expiring 2016 Dolly DiPesa Scott Galvin Paul Leary Arthur Sharp Francis White HOUSE COMMITTEE Richard Meade, Chairperson RECIPROCITY COMMITTEE Vincent Santosuosso, Jr., Chairperson BOWLING COMMITTEE DeDe Dalton-Martell & Robert Martell Co-Chairs ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE Ellen McWade, Chairperson MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE Alice Welch, Chairperson MEMBERSHIP DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE Robert Martell, Chairperson 2 • JANUARY 2014 • NEIGHBORHOOD CLUB NEWS

General Information Main Line: 617-773-9300 Members Line: 617-773-5025 Fax: 617-773-5817 Email: Address: 27 Glendale Road, Quincy, MA 02169 DRESS CODE Ladies: Appropriate dress is necessary for lunch and dinner. Gentlemen: Lunch: Business Casual Dinner: Jacket and collared shirt or jacket and mock turtleneck. Tie is optional. DINING ROOM HOURS Lunch: Tues. - Fri., Noon - 2:00pm Dinner: Tues. - Sat., 6:00pm - 9:00pm Closed on Mondays RESERVATIONS Reservations for lunch and dinner are required. Reservations for lunch must be made by 10:30am and by 3:30pm for dinner. We need to have your reservations prior to these times in order to adequately staff the dining room. NEWSLETTER STAFF Larry Babb & Deanna Seymourian Co-Editors Ann Collins, Barbara Le Bel, Susan Egan, Eileen McDonnell, Shyla Settles, Rachel Bartley and all club members Contributors Maura Wilson Graphic Designer

Message from The General Manager To all of our Members, We are ushering in a new year here at the Club, and there are still many things going on. In mid-January work will be done on the event entrance area. This work will include new railings, oak stair treads, upgraded crown molding, carpet runners and much more. This work will make the Club more pleasing to the eye when guests are looking to host an event here. We will also be looking into making the office another banquet room leading into the party bar. Work will also be done on the front foyer and ladies room, as well as much needed tile repair work in the kitchen area. Membership is something we will be concentrating a great deal on in 2014. Our Club members are the backbone of the Club, and we will be looking to increase membership in the New Year. Club President Sean Galvin has a membership development committee, chaired by Bob Martell. This committee will work with the membership committee and the entertainment committee to find new exciting ways of marketing membership. 2014 is sure to be a great year and we are looking forward to seeing you all at the Club. Best Wishes,


Recipe for a Happy New Year Take twelve whole months, clean them thoroughly of all bitterness, hate and jealousy. Make them just as fresh and clean as possible. Now cut each month into twenty-eight, thirty, thirty-one different parts, but don’t make up the whole batch at once. Prepare it one day at a time out of these ingredients. Mix well into each day one part of faith, one part of patience, one part of courage and one part of work. Add to each day one part of hope, faithfulness, generosity and kindness. Blend with one part prayer, one part meditation and one good deed. Season the whole with a dash of good spirits, a sprinkle of fun, a pinch of play and a cup full of good humor. Pour all of this into a vessel of love. Cook thoroughly over radiant joy, garnish with a smile, and serve with quietness, unselfishness and cheerfulness. Your final results may vary depending on your attitude!!



Happy 2014 to the Members & Staff of the NCQ! As always the festivities at the Club were joyous with our families and friends enjoying our beautiful Club. Many thanks to the members who donated time and great effort to the Christmas decorating. The results were wonderful, as always. A modified Christmas Social was held on December 7. Those who attended were pleased with Joel’s menu and Cappy’s entertainment. The Children’s Christmas Breakfast with Santa was a happy occasion for all. Thanks to Montillio’s Bakery for their gift of gingerbread men and toppings! A special New Year’s Eve dining package was offered by Marty & the Board of Governors, to welcome in 2014. May the New Year bring only good things to all.


2013 seemed to have flown by. We welcomed more than thirty members during the year. In September, potential members and new members, along with sponsors, enjoyed a friendly and welcoming winetasting social. The 2014 new members social promises to be special, too. Our census remains stable rather than increase, however, because we lost members who have passed away or have resigned for personal reasons. The Committee wishes to thank the forty Club members who have sponsored new members in 2013. Also, we hope that many of you will invite potential members -- your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors -- to the Club and to share the benefits of membership with them. We can all enjoy the Neighborhood Club experience together with new and long-term friends during 2014. The newest member of the Neighborhood Club is


Member-Guest Bowling Tournament


Bowling at 10 am • Lounge opens 11 am • Brunch noon to 2 pm • $18.95 Come to Brunch • Sign up to Bowl Bring a Friend (Sign up with your Team Captain)


Committee Reports Charlene R. Kelly of Quincy. Ms Kelly was proudly sponsored for membership by Marge Brownell and by Paul and Roberta Leary. Ms Kelly, an accountant, is a professional business woman in Boston. She is a member of the Professional Managers Association, the Society of Women Engineers and the Appalachian Mountain Club. She will be a valued addition and contributor to the Club. Welcome Charlene! We offer our best wishes to all members, management and staff for peace and happiness in the New Year. MEMBERSHIP DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE

The Membership Development Committee in conjunction with the Entertainment Committee will be e-mailing a survey after the New Year to all members with the goal of collecting information concerning how members feel about their club. The committee’s intent is to use this information to improve members’ overall experience at the club and to attract new members. The meeting with Hospital Hill Association has been rescheduled for January 14. We would like our neighbors to feel comfortable at and possibly to join the Neighborhood Club. Also the committee is considering sponsoring a memberguest scotch/whiskey event open to all members. We are looking for suggestions that would make the club more inviting. One potential idea would be to have

a communal dining table that provide a more social setting for those choosing to attend the club without bringing dining companions. THE MEMBER GUEST FIRESIDE BRUNCH IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE MEMBER GUEST BOWLING TOURNAMENT

“The Member Guest Fireside Brunch in conjunction with the Member Guest Bowling Tournament” is scheduled for Sunday, January 19, 2014. Both the morning league and the mixed bowling league will be participating in the friendly competition. Invite your friends and family members to join in a string or two of candlepin bowling or to sit by the alleys and cheer on your favorite bowlers. This is a wonderful way for members (both bowlers and non-bowlers) to have some fun on the alleys, as well as a way to introduce or reintroduce friends and family to the club. Our skilled chef Joel and his staff have planned a delicious brunch menu to be enjoyed in the cozy atmosphere of our club. What an ideal way to spend a January Sunday in front of the fireplace with friends and family. In case of a Patriots’ playoff game the parties bar will be open for your viewing pleasure. When you call in your reservation please indicate if you or your guests will be bowling. Roy Berggren has volunteered to plan an unconventional game of bowling game easily enjoyable for all. Prizes will be served. This event is open to all members and their guests whether they come to bowl, to have brunch, or both. JANUARY Tuesday, 7 2 vs. 5 th Wednesday, 8 3 vs. 6 th Tuesday, 14 1 vs. 5 th Wednesday, 15 2 vs. 6 st Tuesday, 21 1 vs. 6 th Friday, 24 2 vs. 7 th Tuesday, 28 3 vs. 5 th Wednesday, 29 2 vs.8 th

Morning bowling Christmas Luncheon at the Club

1 vs. 4 8 vs. 9 7 vs. 9 3 vs. 8 4 vs. 8 3 vs. 9 4 vs. 9 1 vs. 7


Memories from Christmas Past

These two girls are now freshmen in college 6 • JANUARY 2014 • NEIGHBORHOOD CLUB NEWS

Memories from Christmas Past


Memories from Christmas Past


Announcements & Members’ Notes HAPPY JANUARY BIRTHDAYS

Barbara LeBel Barbara Fitzgerald Ann Arnold Patricia Flynn Roseanne Flavin Sandra Kunz Kevin Mantville Genevieve Reardon ROLL OF HONOR

Frank M Cauley, U. S. Navy Jeffrey Kunz, U.S. Army CONDOLENCES

Condolences to the family of our dear member Peter Anastos, who, with his late wife, Ethel, was an active member for thirty-two years, a past member of the Board of Governors and an avid bowler. He will be missed. Our sympathies are extended to Gail Bell and her family on the passing of her mother, Norma Telesco. JANUARY CLUB MILESTONES

56 Years Karl and Ruth Briggs 25 Years Mrs. Ann Arnold Gail Bell

5 Years Hugette and Frank Trainer THANK YOU

Many thanks to members and staff who participated in the decorating of the Club in November for all of us to enjoy through the holidays. It is a huge undertaking but the results are wonderful. They’ll be down soon but the memories and pictures will linger on.


Scrabble lunches will resume on January 29. Please call Maureen Collins if you would like to join us for lunch and a friendly game of scrabble. No experience necessary. expect more than a few laughs. BOOK CLUB I

All nine of us came to our Christmas dinner at the club on tuesday, Dec.3. We chose Toys for Tots for our annual Christmas charity donation. Our book, Once We Were Brothers by Ronald H. Balson was given high scores by all of us. Usually we have varying opinions about the style of writing or some of us may not be able to identify with the character portraits in the novel. Even though the story brings us back to wartime Poland,1939 and the brutality of war, we liked this book on many levels, the legal drama, the love story, the enduring friendships. I think there was too much history lesson overkill. Thanks Roseann for choosing this novel. We are currently reading Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. I haven’t started it yet! The reviews say it is a love story for this generation and it is an international bestseller this year. See you at the Club. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. BOOK CLUB II

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! We discussed “The Orchid House” which everyone enjoyed. So If you have not yet read it please do. Our discussion of books was short so we could enjoy our Christmas Swap, which was lots of fun, having Bobbi with #1 and carefully choosing the last swap!! The next meeting is January 21st and the book is “The Good House” by Ann Leary. The story is the whole package... riveting, mysterious, sad, hilarious and sexy!! Hildy is a 60 year old real estate agent in a small New England town. She is also a raging alcoholic who thinks that, even though she drinks only when she is lonely, she has her alcoholism under control. The story intertwines with interesting characters--her own daughter, her ex-husband, past fling, her grandbaby and a new found friend. It all comes together in an ending very fitting to the story. Since Rachel will be in Florida for a few months, Maureen has once again agreed to inform you of the upcoming books, etc., so please contact her when you are unable to attend. Have a wonderful, warm, safe holiday.


Breakfast with Santa

Breakfast with Santa was a wonderful morning for all. The members’ lounge was converted to a craft room for the kids while the adults socialized and took pictures in the beautifully decorated living room. After a delicious breakfast, compliments of Joel and staff, Santa arrived and, much to the pleasure of every child, presented a gift to the good little girls and boys. After more crafts and conversation, everyone went away with a great smile. An unexpected delivery from Montilio’s was a large donation of delicious gingerbread cookies with all the supplies to decorate. It was a wonderful surprise and the kids were thrilled to have them. Many thanks to George Montilio for his thoughtfulness.


New Year Facts •January 1 was revived as New Year in 1582, by the Gregorian calendar and so celebrated by most of the countries till date. •New Year is celebrated like a festival throughout the world and everyone around is in festive mood, partying, singing and dancing to ring out the old year and ring in the new. •In Britain, when the Big Ben clocks strikes 12, everyone gathers around to sing ‘Auld Lang Syne’, a Scottish song. It was written by Robert Burns in the 1700’s, literally meaning “old long ago,” or simply, “the good old days”, to remember old and new friends. •New Year is the oldest of all holidays, as it was first observed in ancient Babylon as many as 4000 years ago.

•It was once believed that the first visitor on New Year’s Day would bring either good luck or bad luck for the rest of the year, depending on who he/she was.

•Celebrating New Year on January 1 is purely arbitrary, as neither it has agricultural significance nor astronomical. Many countries still celebrate it in spring, the season of rebirth of new crops.

•Many cultures believe that anything given or taken on New Year, in the shape of a ring is good luck, because it symbolizes “coming full circle”.

•The Roman senate declared January 1 as the New Year in 153 BC. Though even this date saw major tampering, it was Julius Caesar who again declared January 1 in Julian calendar as the New Year, in 46 BC. •New Years is still observed as the Feast of Christ’s Circumcision by some denominations. •The first month of the year i.e. January has been named after God Janus (Latin word for door), in the Roman calendar. Janus is the God with two faces, one looking backwards and one forward, at the same time and marks the ‘spirit of the opening’ •The Romans began a tradition of exchanging gifts on New Year’s Eve, by giving one another branches from sacred trees, for good fortune. The gift phenomenon is prevalent from those times, till date.

•Many parts of the U.S. celebrate New Year by consuming black-eyed peas and other legumes, as it has been considered good luck in many cultures. •The tradition of making New Year resolution dates back to the early Babylonians. •Traditionally, it was thought that people could alter the luck they would have throughout the coming year by what they did or ate on the first day of the year. It has, therefore, become important to celebrate first day of the New Year in the company of family and friends. •The Spanish ritual on New Year’s eve is to eat twelve grapes at midnight. The tradition is meant to secure twelve happy months in the coming year. •Noisemaking and fireworks on New Year’s Eve is believed to have originated in ancient times, when noise and fire were thought to dispel evil spirits and bring good luck.

Calendar of Events - January 2014 SUN.



WED. 1
















6 Club Closed


7 Club Closed


Club Closed

8 2 vs. 5 1 vs. 4


3 vs. 6 8 vs. 9


Club Closed


16 2 vs. 6 3 vs. 8


1 vs. 5 7 vs. 9 19


Club Closed

21 BOOK CLUB II 1 vs. 6 4 vs. 8


27 Club Closed





29 3 vs. 5 4 vs. 9


30 SCRABBLE 2 vs. 8 1 vs. 7


2 vs. 7 3 vs. 9


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