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Life: Lost & Found Table of Contents: • 2 Real Estate Ads: Beautiful Two Storey Cottage Home & Stone Windmill • 3 Personal Ads: George Rankin, Jack Keegan, Naomi Archer • 5 Ads: Lost & Found: running shoes, Obituary: George Rankin, Wanted: employees for gardening, Get beautiful Gardens, Classified: People needed for repairing windmill • The Stone Windmill Comic Strip • Advice column • Letter to the editor

Real Estate: Beautiful Two Storey Cottage Home This beautiful two storey home was built in the 1960’s. It is located in Minnetonka, Minnesota. This home also includes a modernized basement apartment, which is great for renting out. Outside is fresh, colorful flowers that welcome visitors in. This cottage style house could be yours at only 220, 000!

Historic Stone Windmill This well constructed stone windmill was built by James Keegan. It is located on the shore of Jerk, California. This historic site was hand carved out of rock. A wonderful sight near sunset.

George Rankin George is a friendly 61-year-old man who is very talented at gardening. He is widely known and is very easy going. George currently lives in Minnesota, with his new employee Jack, in his beautiful colorful garden. George Rankin has a tanned, wrinkled face from all of his hard working years in the sun. He loves taking pictures on his ancient Polaroid camera.

Jack Keegan Jack also known as Sam Carrier has the unforgiving disease of tourettes. Before his journey to find his roots tourettes was ruining his life and his step father, Old Bill, never let him forget that. Now Jack is comfortable with himself and is not as self conscience of his tourettes. Jack is athletic and runs to clear his mind. Running puts Jack in his own world where there are no tourettes and no problems. Naomi Archer Naomi is a beautiful popular girl from Minnetonka, Minnesota. She loves to run and is very good at it. Naomi has dark black hair with crystal blue eyes. She is good friends with Jack Keegan and they go on a journey together to Jerk, California. Naomi has a hard life at home, doing what her mother tells her to. When Naomi becomes pregnant she is scared to return home but Jack helps her get her thoughts rights. Obituary of George Rankin George was a very friendly man, and will never be forgotten. He was friends with many, but was particularly close with James Keegan. He passed away a few years ago. George loved taking pictures, and gardening, it was a great passion of his. He loved his grand- daughter Naomi dearly. George

Rankin will never leave our minds, and his mark is now left on his beautifully constructed gardens. Lost and Found: Running shoes A pair of men’s running shoes were found after the race was canceled due to the rain last week. They are blue and white Nikes, size 10.5. If these are yours please come to 552 Main st. Minnesota or call 1800-558-5485 Dear editor: I just needed to tell you that I love your newspaper. I love how you have articles about real people. You keep everyone informed, and in the know. Every Saturday when I go to get the paper, I feel good knowing that I am reading the best paper in town. I especially love the advice column, and the way you help people with there everyday problems. Thank you very much for doing what you do. Please know that I will always read your paper. Sincerely, A very happy customer

Life: lost and found  

A newspaper about the novel Jerk California

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