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An Overview

A Presentation by Maulik Chandarana

The Business of Branding An Overview

A Presentation by Maulik Chandarana

Brands are everywhere




And here...

Long story  Brands are all over and around us  We consume brands as products, services, causes and experiences built around them  Businesses are brands  The products, services and causes businesses sell are brands

 Brands drive businesses



Relax! Let’s go slow…

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1000s of books on branding‌ Loads of literature on branding‌ Nothing is wrong. Nothing is right. The best is how you see it and importantly, what deliver results.

Starting with A BRAND

A BRAND from a customer P-o-V… WANT

…is a WANT (ideally, the only one)

Understanding Better NEED Something that you have to have e.g. A T-shirt or a Drink or a Car

Need can be seen more as a COMMODITY.

WANT Something that you would like to have e.g. A coke or a coffee, or a Levis, or a BMW

WANT can be seen more as a BRAND.

So we can define BRANDING, isn’t it? The process that enables the BRAND to transform into the WANT of the Customers.

Is it really so simple as it sounds?

Well, Obviously Not…

Competition provides options

Due to Options, Customers have Choice Hence, BRAND BECOMES A CHOICE

Option is a thing. Choice is a decision. Becoming a choice is not easy. Becoming a preferred choice even tougher. And then turning into the ONLY choice or WANT is most difficult. Here, branding plays the role of the enabler, the differentiator, the connector, and it is the reason why customers develop further relation with the brand.

Branding Evokes Emotions.

Branding Tells Stories.

Branding Reaches Out.

Branding Sells ‘Who You Are?’

Consumer Products and Services


Business Offerings and more

So back to the Business of Branding. What does a branding firm really do?

Creates more than just a pretty logo Positioning


Culture Communication

Tone of Voice


Promise Personality

Brand Architecture Corporate Branding

Packaging Strategy


Differentiation Retail Branding


Space Design

New Market Entry Strategy Nation Branding Event Branding Behaviour

Internal Branding B-2-B Branding Experience

Uses tools, frameworks and resources

Crisply put, branding companies create a unique SHINE for businesses and their offerings that reflects what they stand for, and more so, resonate with customers’ emotional as well as rational selves.

So good branding usually will not need the brand to SHOUT much, but when it does speak, people listen.

In a nutshell…

You don’t need logos alone. Logos help you introduce yourself. But inherently who you are matters. Branding helps you define yourself. Crafting and designing come as next steps.

So while these surely are a result of branding… …what comes into your head and heart when you merely see or hear these names is also a result of branding

Branding comes first, Marketing second.

Successful marketing is when you can IDENTIFY & SATISFY the customer NEEDS and WANTS using 4 Ps

Successful Branding is when you are the WANT because of who you are.



The Business of Branding