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2005 POSTAL POSITIONS!! $17.50-$59.00+/Hour. Full Benefits. Paid training & Vacations. No experience Necessary! Green Card OK! For More Information Call 1-866-329-0801 ext. 1050. (AAN CAN)

Maui Recycling Service If not now, when?

*MOVIE EXTRAS* Actors & Models. Have fun- earn $$$. All Looks/Types needed. TV, Music Videos, Commercials, Film, Print. Work With The Best! 1-800-260-3949 x3025. (AAN CAN)

When you subscribe for 3 months of bi-weekly service – (A $25 value!) New customers only – offer expires 4/30/05


S.&W. MAUI CONDOS $193,000 fee simple W. & S. MAUI HOMES from $450,000


Surf the Maui MLS Listings at Barry Lee Brown (R) P.O. Box 11782 Lahaina

(808) 661-1800 A portion of every commission is donated to the Surfrider Foundation of Maui

CLEAN, AFFORDABLE Accommodations in our vacation PREGNANT? rental from $49 per day. Call Toll Free Committed loving couple wishes to Wailuku Guesthouse 877-986-8270 or adopt a beautiful baby to fill their hearts and provide wonderful opportunities for. Expenses Paid, Steve and George 1-866-317-6644. (AAN CAN)

If you feel that you have been potentially exposed to HIV and would like Free, Confidential and Anonymous testing call the Maui AIDS Foundation at 242-4900. It is important to know your HIV status so that you do not unknowingly pass the virus to others, also early detection is vital to your health and treatment. The Maui AIDS Foundation now offers Drop-In HIV Counseling and Testing (No appointment necessary) Drop in hours are Mon.-Fri. 8:30am to 4:30pm, Wed. 8:30am to 7pm 1935 Main Street, Wailuku For more information on HIV/AIDS, STD’s including Viral Hepatitis and HIV Counseling and Testing call the Maui AIDS Foundation at 242-4900. In Hana call 248-7801, Lanai 5656722, and Molokai 553-9086.


CANCER (JUNE 21-JULY 22) Someone’s counting on your tenacity. They’re trusting your crablike determination, hoping that, like one of those rebellious little crustaceans, once you’ve gotten your claws into something (or someone), you simply won’t let go. They need you to hang on so that they can act out all their worst behavior and still (astonishingly) not lose you. That’s why I’m urging you to counter your own nature and just release, right now. Sometimes you ought to put up with some shit; that’s part of what a commitment is. But this is likely to go too far. Express your boundaries, and then wipe your hands clean; whether they get to keep you around or not will be up to them.

LEO (JULY 23-AUG. 22) Spring cleaning time, Leo. Personally, I’m going on a fast this week. I may get my hair cut. I’ll definitely clean my house, pay all my old bills, reorganize my desk, and basically do everything I can to completely eliminate clutter and waste. Follow my example. Once we’ve cleared out enough of the crap, some cool new (or forgotten) shit is bound to be exposed and fondly (re)adopted. Once that clarity’s in my grasp, I’ll make a list about the coming year’s intentions and put it up on the wall. Sounds corny, I know, but it will actually work. Try it. After all, what’s the harm in giving it a go? You can thank me next year.

VIRGO (AUG. 23-SEPT. 22) Okay, here’s a review, since you’re having trouble enforcing the boundaries you require. You’re a supercharged battery. Of course people will try to tap into all that power and use it to fuel their own agendas. It’s hard to say no, because you’re kind, and you do have energy to spare. Yet you must refuse nevertheless; all this juice shouldn’t go to those who are simply the most aggressive about grabbing it or demanding it. Cut off those vampires and leeches at once. You come first. Take care of yourself—for real; I’m not kidding around. Then, and only then, decide who gets what’s left. Key concept: You choose, not submit to whichever prick is the pushiest.

LIBRA (SEPT. 23-OCT. 22) Picture yourself in some craphole apartment. So many different tenants have passed through this dump that there are three inches of paint on the walls, and at least five layers of linoleum and carpeting on the floors, one on top of another. What with all the random scraps of junky furniture abandoned by previous occupants, it’s gotten pretty ugly. It certainly doesn’t suit you. Here’s the thing. I’m talking about a couple of the rooms in your head. They’ve gotten pretty ghetto. Isn’t it time you did the (admittedly hard) work to expose the beautiful hardwood floors and gorgeous antique molding on the walls, buried beneath all that crap? After all, you’re not exactly renting—you own this place. Isn’t it time you fixed it up nice, regardless of who did what to it before?

A public health message provided by The Maui AIDS Foundation.

Maui Lawn Works

SCORPIO (OCT. 23-NOV. 21) You’re never accused of being shy, but the truth is you are, a little. Sure, when push comes to shove, you always rise to the occasion, but short of that pressure, you occasionally timidly hang back a little. It’s sometimes good strategy to let others take the lead, occupy the spotlight, while you remain the clever sexy one hovering at the edges. But the wallflower routine isn’t really you. Let go of that crap. You deserve more from yourself: nothing short of absolute confidence will do. You’re hot stuff and you need to act the part. Anything else is a lie.

“we do all the work . . . so you can enjoy your yard”

SAGITTARIUS (NOV. 22-DEC. 21) Time for a haircut, a diet, a new wardrobe, a change of scenery, and perhaps even a new main companion. Don’t tell me you’re scared of transformation. (If you are, then I may already be too late.) However, I suspect you’re kind of tired of the way your life’s been going lately. This is the time to wreak an absolute metamorphosis on your existence, to the point where it (and you) are almost unrecognizable. Get rid of everything (and everyone) who doesn’t work, especially those who seek to control you or drag you down with their lameass, boring attitudes. What are you really about? It’s a good time to figure that shit out, and act on it.

Jason Meyer



Yank off that band-aid. You’ve got (metaphorically, of course) very hairy arms, and removing that sticky strip is going to hurt no matter how you do it. Why prolong your pain? Just grab an edge and swiftly tug the thing free. Not getting my comparison? Let me be more obvious: Extricating yourself from the situation you’re in can be either slow and torturous, or quick, sharp and clean. The choice, to me, is ridiculously clear. Nevertheless you’ve been considering (and perhaps even attempting) the cautious and excruciating route. End your (and everyone’s) suffering, and just get it over with. Right now.




Maui Time Weekly accepts credit cards for classified and display ads

What am I supposed to say? Don’t use your charm and good looks to get what you want? That’s like asking someone to go swimming with his arms tied behind his back. It’s a ridiculous proposition, one that deserves scorn, not consideration. Now, as long as you don’t make promises you can’t or don’t want to keep, I don’t think a sly wink here or a brilliant smile there is going to do any lasting harm to anyone. In fact, if you do it right, your flirting can make everyone feel good, even while they fulfill your every wish.


INTERNATIONAL COMPANY SHARED HOUSING, needs PT and FT help. WORK FROM ROOMMATES HOME $500-$1500/MO P/T, $2000ALL AREAS - ROOMMATE.COM. $6000/MO F/T. Call: 573-3203 for free Browse hundreds of online listings booklet. with photos and maps. Find your roommate with a click of the mouse! Visit: BARTENDERS up to $1200 per week. Tips + wages. (AAN CAN) No Experience Required. Multiple VACATION RENTALS FT/PT positions available. Call 1-800Friends or Family Visiting Maui? 806-0083 ext. 202. (AAN CAN) Affordable Studio Condo w/ Kitchen. $ MODELS WANTED $ Newly Remodeled, Clean, AC, View For calendar magazine and artistic of Pool. Ideal Kihei Location, 2 minute print work. Ages 18 to 35. 573-3712 walk to Maui’s Best Swimming Beach. Call for rates 875-7893



244-0443 •

CASTING ROOMS FOR RENT New TV show looking for people curSpace For Rent rently addicted to drugs, alcohol, anorexia, pornography, steroids, at Wellness Center shoplifting, etc. We want to tell your 100 or 300 square feet. Ideal for story. office, treatment or poss. retail in (AAN CAN) Makawao. 572-5551

ALOHA VALUED READERS We would like to let our readers know that we try to screen most of our ads. We read back the ad copy to ensure that it is the correct information that advertisers want. If you see the acronym (AAN CAN) that ad is a national ad and was not submitted directly to us. If you have a question directly concerning AAN CAN, please check out

When you get something right, it’s very rare that you don’t take credit for it. You’re not shy about it. You step right up there and receive your reward and acclaim. And why shouldn’t you? You did good. Well, I’m afraid the same attitude must apply to your mistakes as well. If you’ve screwed up, the only way you can redeem yourself in the eyes of your colleagues, family or friends is to take unabashed responsibility for the error. You’re eminently forgivable—once you’ve asked for forgiveness. But until you own up to what you did wrong, no one’s going to give you anything but shade.

FREE Recycling Bins – And No Sign-up Fee!

INT’L COORDINATOR Enthusiastic individuals with strong community ties needed to coordinate international high school exchangeprogram. Non-paid position; reimbursements and travel incentives given, must be 25+. 1-888-447-4273, (AAN CAN)




When you made a certain leap of faith a few months back, I was very proud of you, and especially pleased about how you resisted jumping to conclusions once you’d landed on the other side of the unknown. Instead, you patiently hung back and waited to see how things played out. Hanging back no longer works, though. Step up. Show that you’re truly committed to the life you’ve chosen. If you can’t do that now, you’ll never be able to. In other words, if you can’t say yes to everything that’s on the table right at this moment, you’re better off getting out, swiftly and completely, for everyone’s sake.

SERVICES FOR ALL YOUR HOUSEHOLD NEEDS Daily, Weekly & Bi-Weekly Housekeeping. Parties, Laundry, Ironing, Shopping and More. Reliable with Great References. Call for FREE ESTIMATES. 344-3282 MAUI RECYCLING SERVICE Picks up all your glass, plastic, aluminum, tin, mixed paper, & cardboard. Home Pickup; a convenience for $16/mo! Bi-monthly pick up. Commercial accounts avail. Call Now! 244-0443 FREE-FREE-FREE Save thousands of dollars on your existing mortgage & build-up equity faster through bi-weekly payments. For more info. & a FREE Mortgage Reduction Analysis, Call 575-9241







$1050 WEEKLY INCOME mailing sales brochures from home. Genuine opportunity working with wholesale company. Supplies provided. No selling or advertising. Call 646722-8424 (24 hours). (AAN CAN)

U..S. Government Jobs Excellent Income-Job Security-Full Medical/Dental Benefits-Paid TrainingHomeland Security, Law Enforcement,Wildlife, Clerical, Administrative and More! (800) 3209353 Ext. 2250 (AAN CAN)



AQUARIUS (JAN. 20-FEB. 18) Wanderlust is taking hold. It’s springtime and the urge to fly somewhere and have some real purpose is probably almost irresistible. Go with it, by all means. Forget practicality; that’s for androids and accountants. Keep making choices that will make your life interesting, fun and passionate, not safe. But let me add to that one reasonable word of caution: avoiding the safe options doesn’t mean you need to be stupid and select the most foolhardy and impractical ones. Your gut knows there are “right” places for you to go and things for you to do. Relentlessly and diligently seek those out.

PISCES (FEB. 19-MARCH 20) Improving your own position right now may not be possible. Nevertheless, you’re ideally situated to help someone else, someone who’s not doing as well as you. Don’t try to hide your benevolence (or charity, as some might see it), though. Make sure the person actually wants and needs what you’re offering. Be honest about your motivations and perspective, because any lie you tell (no matter how “white” or well-intentioned) will just backfire and screw you over. There’s no need to force aid on anyone despite her desires. Those truly in need of what you’re able to give will accept it gratefully.

CALL 661-3786 EXT: 5#









APRIL 14, 2005


08.42 Fashion Issue, April 14, 2005, Volume 8, Issue 42, MauiTime  
08.42 Fashion Issue, April 14, 2005, Volume 8, Issue 42, MauiTime  

MauiTime showcases the latest fashions created by local designers in the annual Fashion Issue. Bamboo Chi is reviewed in the Maui Restaurant...