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We’re weird. We actually LOVE doing taxes. Okay. Not many people can say this, but we at the DK Levin Company actually ENJOY doing tax returns. The forms. The worksheets. All that complex math and figures. It may not make sense, but it’s true. We’d like NOTHING better than to sit down with you and go over your W-2’s and 1099’s and other tax information. Then you can go home and we’ll get down to the fun stuff. email: Web:

Latest Releases Our Snobby Record Store Friend Andrew Approves Of “THAI BEAT A GO GO, VOLS 1 & 2”


DK Levin Company


VARIOUS ARTISTS Drums Sets starting at $ 64950



In no time at all, you’ll have beautifully prepared returns, with every possible deduction and credit. The IRS will be happy, you'll be happy, and you may even discover something for yourself. That you actually ENJOYED it too. Call us today at 244-7770 for an appointment. You’ll be glad you did.

First off, drop a quarter in the bizzaro-world jukebox that is Thai Beat A Go-Go: two volumes of jangly, high-powered 1950s garage rock, with songs performed in Thai and broken English. These artists all have a forced exuberance that can only come at the end of a dictator’s gun. Your friends are guaranteed to shimmy to classics like “Kotmorn Yoop Yap (All Shook Up)” by teen heartthrob Sakarin Boonpit, and shake to that old chestnut, “Tamai Dern Sae (Why Do You Walk Like a Drunkard)” by crooner Payom Moogda. Also covered are “Shake Baby Shake,” “Day Tripper,” “Hit The Road Jack” and “Funky Broadway.” Laugh at them. Laugh with them. Who cares? Big, kitschy fun for all, Oriental style. —Subliminal Sounds 2004/2005

ADRIAN BELEW “SIDE ONE” You probably haven’t heard of this axe man, but you are definitely familiar with his pedigree: Frank Zappa, Talking Heads, King Crimson and David Bowie. For the past 30 years Belew has been accenting the best of prog rock with his off kilter, twang bar shaking, squeeling guitar, that sounds like how David Byrne dances. On this recent effort, Belew enlists some of modern prog’s current superstars—Les Claypool (Primus) on bass and Danny Carey (Tool) on drums. Now that’s a power trio. This album has a wide array of sounds. Songs range from heavy hitters that can shred wallpaper at 50 yards, surrealistic soundscapes and complex arrangements that tattoo Celtic designs on your eardrums. For adventurous listeners only. —Sanctuary Records 2005

STEREOLAB “MARGERINE ECLIPSE” The latest outing for the retro-future sound of Stereolab does not disappoint. Imagine Astrud Gilberto and Nico fronting the Velvet Underground playing a late night set of Esquivel tunes in the year 2084. Main composer and guitarist Sean O’Hagan creates intricate and beautiful soundscapes fusing various electronic bloops and bleeps with breezy orchestral arrangements and the cool vocal stylings of Laeticia Sadier. Margerine Eclipse almost feels like a greatest hits compilation, revisiting styles from earlier Stereolab releases. But even with the recent tragic death of backup singer/instrumentalist Mary Hansen from a biking accident, Stereolab continues to be the number one choice of cocktail music for the 21st century. — Elektra Records 2004

DOUG MARTSCH “NOW YOU KNOW” This is the first solo outing for Built To Spill singer/guitarist Doug Martsch. For those used to the epic indie guitar rock of Built To Spill, well, prepare for the softer and gentler side. The music matches his plaintive and earnest singing with a stripped-down acoustic setting, closer in style to musical hero Neil Young. Sinewy slide guitar solos replace the thundering grunge of his original band, and Martsch is just at ease with both. This album feels like a well-worn baseball glove. —Warner Brothers 2002 Andrew Shkolnik works at Request Records, 10 N. Market St., Wailuku, 244-9315, and is really not snobby but knows way more about music than is necessary. MTW


APRIL 14, 2005


08.42 Fashion Issue, April 14, 2005, Volume 8, Issue 42, MauiTime  
08.42 Fashion Issue, April 14, 2005, Volume 8, Issue 42, MauiTime  

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