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2012 SAILS Wave/Freestyle/Bump’n’Jump


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4.5 | 4.7 | 5.0 | 5.3 | 5.7 | 6.1 | 6.7

4.0 | 4.2 | 4.5 | 4.

4.5 | 4.7 | 5.0 | 5.3 | 5.7 | 6.1







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4.0 | 4.4 | 4.8 | 5.2 | 5.6 | 6.0 | 6.4

4.8 | 5.2 | 5.6 | 6.0 | 6.4 | 7.0 | 7.5

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sus 2011 Pega

p Alacati A World Cu Airlines PW

Photos : PWA/Carter

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Maui Monthly


no.76. August ’11

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August is almost finished, from Fuerteventura (check out the video I flew straight to Turkey and back to Holland mid month. Straight away on the weekend was the legendary amateur event ’the mission XL’. It was nice to see soo many windsurfers again, especially young kids stoked on windsurfing and some good old friends! Lots of prizes for almost everyone in the tombola, and a bbq+raging party Saturday night. And it looks like the wind sacrifice worked because Sunday ended up being fully windy with 15-20 wind!

Our Experience, Your Reward


Maui Monthly

It was a very fun day of sailing and a good opportunity to try the new Fanatic 2012 Falcon range which had just arrived from Thailand. They are really awesome, together with TR7 I seemed to have very good speed and an easy trim. Other then that well, not much off a summer in Holland, loads of rain with a few windy days throughout the last week, nice to chill out though after all the events the last 2 months. Looking forward to the wave event in Denmark soon and hoping for some big winds. Aloha Peter Volwater H-24

Maui Monthly


no.76. August ’11

Fuerte and back to Bonaire Photos : PWA/Carter

I had the most extreme slalom sailing in Fuerteventura. I had my 5.9 TR7 with my Isonic board 87, fin sise 34cm. but so overpower that I couldn’t even jibe proparly but i was fighting a lot. First day I was on my 6.6 sail and 107 board and had a great top ten result as the days passed the wind got stronger and that’s when I start sliping and finished at the end at 16th place. I couldn’t had done better if I had a 5.1 TR7 sail, but didn’t registered the sail and at the same time didn’t order so it was truly my fault. I had the worst flight ever in 5 years - I checked in Fuerteventura the girl at the check in Counter told me your bags will only checked till Barcelona. I told her why - She said because you have am 11hour wait in Barcelona and we can’t connect/label your bags to Bonaire, but we can give you all three boarding passes. I said to myself: I will just get to Barcelona put my bags in the locker and find a hotel. Arriving in Barcelona, searching for the locker for my board bags and hand bags, found one untill the lady told me these boardbags can not be placed here because they are to big. Then i was in T1, She Said - at Terminal 2 they have a bigger locker and they should take them. So I walk,dragging the board bags to T2 taking the elevators walk to the T2 locker room. As I got there the lady told these can not be placed here due to their sizes. F&^%. so here I go again. I said but the the lady at the T1 told me that you should take these. Sir, we don’t accept these. Only option was to stay at the airport. So at this time all my plans of getting a good shower and a sleep vanish. Here I am in the airport of Barcelona waiting from 20:00 till the next day 7 am to fly to Amsterdam. Didn’t slept the whole night. In the morning I had an early checked in as I am a Zilver member of the KLM flying blue miles, so that was a relief. Arriving in Amsterdam I quickly bought new T’shirt, socks, and boxer and body soaps checked in a 86 Euro airport hotel taking a great long shower and slept for like 8 hours, as my next flight to Bonaire was at 23:30 so I had a 11 hours stay in Amsterdam. Men I was feeling better after that loooong hours of no sleep. Well After all that, I had a good seating flying to Bonaire, and when I got back home I received an email from KLM that I will be a GOLD member :) such good feeling. Well Being back home, is the time of the year where the wind is getting really light and the waves are getting quit okay for some surfing. As I don’t have a surf board yet, I am loooking into getting one this year to get some surf going.

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Maui Monthly

Maui Monthly

Well, I had been on the water as much as I can but the wind wasn’t cooperating much, but had like 3 days on my 4.8 Loco sails and Flare 91. After that the wind just had been to light to get some sailing. Hurricane seems to affect bonaire weather already, but every now and then some wind kicks in, just have to be at the beach at the time the wind shows up. Well had one great day sailing at KLEIN CURACAO, is an small Island in the caribbean sea that is part of the island of Curacao. Sailing there was SICK!! I sailed like 5 hours straight without eating nor drinking. The wind was okay, some small waves for wave riding and a great spot to practice my move and both tacks. Overal this month hadn’t been great sailing but I am just looking forward to the next PWA grand slam stop which will be in Germany Westerland Sylt. I am planing to get back on my formula board to get as much sailing as I can and to get back to the gym to work on my legs. Take care amigo/as Taty Frans NB-9


no.76. August ’11

Our Experience, Your Reward


Maui Monthly

Photo : PWA/Carter

Maui Monthly


no.76. August ’11

Always plenty to do this time of year, with the PWA registration deadline moved to end of October we are full on into race sail development and so far it’s been a good month of progress. We had really good conditions here on Maui for the month of August so it gave us a chance to continue work on the race sails for 2012 and play around with some masts. It’s always the small changes that make the best progression in performance, “nip and tuck” I call it. When the sails are already performing so well, you have to be very careful with each step you take in order to go forward and not sides ways or backwards. We did some big changes last year with the shorten luff’s and clew cutouts so now it’s time to refine this concept and get the most out of a given geometry. I personally enjoy the time of development and meeting deadline for the designs because it forces you to focus and get the most out of the conditions, people and overall equipment……..and ultimately makes people happy when they receive a nice product. Aloha, Phil McGain

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Maui Monthly

s u c o f o t e m i t . August‌







Maui Monthly


no.76. August ’11

e h t d a h t s Augu s n o i t i d n o c best l l a n e t t o g we’ve summer

Our Experience, Your Reward

As fall drew near and the inevitable close of another Gorge season, all hopes were focused on August for one last killer month of summer. And how it delivered! Safe to say that August had hands down the best conditions we’ve gotten all summer. It started off with two solid weekends of full power racing on my TR-7 7.0 and 6.3. In the stronger winds I started feeling a bit more confident in my starts, and was able to finish consistently in the top 3 both weekends, bringing in a couple 2nds and a 1st place finish, ending up 2nd overall behind Tyson Poor for the season in the Men’s division. It seemed like the wind would never end. Day’s of solid 4.0 weather continued to pump through at the hatch, and when it did get light, a few of us had a great time sailing on 4.8s and freestyle boards in trunks, who’s complaining!

Maui Monthly


A quick work trip to the EpicSessions’ main offices in Green Bay, WI had me fired up for a potential session on Lake Michigan, for which unfortunately I’ll have to wait until my next trip to score! After that, it was straight back to the gorge and out to the wall for what was probably the best 2 days of the whole season out there. The first day I was so lit on my 3.7 Legend that I said screw it, and borrowed Ingrid’s 3.3. I don’t often find myself full power on a 3.3, but let me tell you, that’s some fun for sure, especially when the swells are pumping through! Last but not least, the infamous south swell that rocked Tahiti for the Billabong Pro finally made it to the Oregon Coast. Definitely not with the same force that rocked Tahiti, Hawaii, San Carlos, Baja or the Southern California Coast (saw some sick shots from my home wavesailing spot of Leo Carillo outside of Los Angeles), we were still able to score some clean overhead sets, perfect with my 4.7 Ghost. Looking forward to hopefully more of a late summer push through September here in the Gorge! See ya on the water, Casey Hauser US-634

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Maui Monthly no.76. August 2011  

Maui Monthly no.76. August 2011

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