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Maui Monthly Our Experience Your Reward

no. 16. July 2006

Sarah on The Top of Women 3style. Holaa! I arrived in pozo … and realised I had way to a big sails! Taty helped me out and loaned me his equipment so I could compete properly in the Freestyle and waves. In freestyle I got 5th and wave 13th.

Maui, Hawaiian Islands

but the people on the beach told me that I won so when the judges said I won, I was really really happy! So in the double elimination I would be on top. The next two days there wasn’t enough wind to start , so we stayed on hold. The girls were bored so they thought of making a list of hottest guys on PWA - ha ha TATY WON!!

I arrived on Fuerteventura a few days before the next competition, so I had some time to practice my moves. Thank goodness because the first day I couldn’t land anything but as the days past I got better and better and then started sailed how I normally can. The first day of the competition a lot of people were cheering me on and told me to do my best! I think my first heat was my best heat of the whole competition. I did 3 spocks in a row flaka punjeta, e-slider. When I came back to the beach a lot of people were clapping. After I advanced against Laure and then Iballa …this meant that I would face Daida in the final. I was so excited!! I sailed a pretty good heat in 4.0 winds. I wasn’t sure if I won | 0

Maui Monthly | Our Experience Your Reward no. 16. July 2006

The next Double Laure made a comeback and advanced all the way to the final against me. I enjoyed sailing against her and I was totally relaxed .. I won this heat so I was first for the double elimination.

Maui, Hawaiian Islands

I won my heat And also WON my first PWA World Cup event… YAHHOOOO!! See you guys and aloha. Sarah-Quita Offringa.

Last day I woke up and the winds were blowing already at 8 in the morning so for sure in the afternoon it would be way stronger! This time Daida advanced all the way to the final so she had to beat me twice. By now I was sailing overpowered on my 3.7. I had a really bad heat and I got frustrated because I couldn’t land anything. We had to resail again because Daida won that heat. Now I was relaxed. I landed a spock 540 and felt comfortable again. Another spock on the outside, punjeta 540 on the inside and then a shove it, flaka , flaka 1 handed. WOOOOHHOOOOOOO!!

July was another Solid Month of competion for Kevin July was another solid month of competition for me. It started off with a grueling, brutal event in Gran Canaria. First up was a double elimination of waves where I managed to get all the way into third spot. I was pretty happy with this because the conditions in Pozo are as far opposite of Maui as you can get. I was also really stoked on my new Legends. This year the sails are working really well. I love the Legend 4.5. It is a favorite of mine and has just the right tension to power ratio that makes an excellent small wave sail. The racing in Gran Canaria kicked off and that was kind of interesting. The wind was howling and the ocean was rough, and putting the hammer down was oh so exciting… Hooking in at top speed on a 5.1 in 40 knots of open ocean wind… now that’s extreme. In one of the qualifying races, I hooked in at the start and went screaming down the first leg, only to feel my harness bar crack just after the start. It was so windy, and lucky for me I was already holding on so tight that I had a good grip on the boom. I went down the first leg without the harness and ended up in second at the first mark. I was tired by this point but I was in second so I was like... I can’t quit now. I went all the way on another long | 0

Maui Monthly | Our Experience Your Reward no. 16. July 2006

reach and was still in second. By now my arms were pulsating so much that I could barely hang on, but I was still in qualifying position so I kept going. On the third leg without a harness, I finally lost a couple positions, but still in fourth spot. I was nearly crying by this stage, but I was determined to finish now. I went two more legs and managed to finish in fifth and made it into the final, where I finished second. So at least it made it all worth it in the end. I finished the series in a disappointing third. I had two races were I was in second and they got cancelled, and then when they re-ran them I ended up finishing like eighth or something, and that took me out of second position for the event. But in the end I finished third in waves and in racing. I was stoked!

Maui, Hawaiian Islands

From there it was on to Fuerteventura. No real break in the action, just three days to get packed up, travel, and then get rigged and ready to go at it again. Fuerte has never been my strongest event location so I was pretty happy with my fourth place finish there. It was a difficult race for me as all the bigger and stronger guys can get going so fast on the flat water there, and it makes it really hard to make up positions. This year’s competition was gusty, and shifty, making it hard to stay consistent. But in the end I was up there for most of the races! After Fuerte, we made the travel to Turkey. It was quite a long trip. When we got to the airport and went to check in, we came to find out there was no reservation for us. To top it off, the plane that we thought we were booked on to go to London to catch another flight was full. So we had to change our entire booking and we ended up going to Frankfurt. We got into Frankfurt at around 2:30 in the morning and that was a tough night. Lucky for us as we had to organize a new ticket to Turkey, organize getting all our windsurfing bags from one terminal to the other, and check back in with another airline. It was ok because it took about five hours of being at the airport and this filled our day with work and adventure. We finally made it to Turkey and arrived around five in the morning. Two nights of being on the plane made for a necessary day of recovery. Two more days left of the Turkey competition and then we are finally on our way back home. Tune in next month to see how the final days of Turkey went along with another action packed month!! See you on the water. Aloha, Kevin. | 0

Maui Monthly | Our Experience Your Reward no. 16. July 2006

July was a Boom! July was a gas for all things good and rewarding. It was a winning month for MauiSails in every way and began with a great day sailing on the Fourth of July, followed by the most killer fireworks show seen from lying on the mooring at Lahaina, the fireworks barge just two hundred meters away. We could feel the concussions and the blasting patterns going off just above our heads. All our development has switched focus to the MS-2, Pursuit and Aloha, with some TR-3 added just to push the envelope. There has been plenty of good local slalom racing, with three parts of the series in the month, and the State Championships. I have been able to do some tuning with Baker Grant and have seen him gain speed every time he practises, and he was rewarded with a clean victory over his close rival, Jake Golm. This is Baker’s second year racing, and with real slalom equipment and top level sails and masts, he has really come through. The rivalry between Baker and his younger brother, Monty will also be heating up, since Monty (eight years old) is sailing all the heats without harness, using his Rebel 2.5.

Maui, Hawaiian Islands

He was so determined to finish, and wouldn’t give up until he crossed the line almost like Kevin on Gran Canaria this year. This month we have to congratulate our other team riders for all the fine performances. Sarah, Taty, and Kevin have all found their way to the top of the results, and have rewarded us for our support with well earned notoriety. I like to think that the handling, balance, and speed built into the MauiSails they are using is helping them to be so competitive when outnumbered so heavily by other brands. They are all at the highest skill levels, but having a performance edge certainly must be help. Kev had fantstic speed in the lighter wind that was always noted in the race reports, and we saw Taty getting good results in both slalom and Super-X. Next year he may be the Super-X guy to beat. The highlight of the month was the Molokai Crossing organized by Clare Mawae (Seeger) for Youth in Motion. We provided the start and rescue on board the Hula Girl, and got to pick up four stranded sailors and carry them to the harbor for the party. Because we got way upwind and almost across the channel, it was a perfect evening sail into the sunset. We had pods of dolphin, an amazing evening light show, and delivered them all safely to the beach. The next day, we left at dawn and had a perfect sail around the backside of Lanai, and uncharacteristically, were able to sail almost all the way home to Lahaina. Magic and all for the kids of Molokai. Aloha Barry

Racing Month for Ashley! Lately I’ve been do the Maui Slalom Series. It’s been really fun, and it’s good that we have a whole group of girls that are all so into the sport. This summer I started doing my first races ever in this series. It’s been exciting to see how much I can really improve. My first race I got 2nd overall, and it was so exciting. After that I told myself that I have to do better and better. My second race I also got 2nd overall, and I was so happy but I knew I could do better. The next race I got my 1st! In the races I got three 1st and one 3rd. The wind was not very good at all, it was really light, gusty, and inconsistent. We thought they were going to cancel the races. I was on my 5.3 legend, and a 115 S-type! I was so happy that I got my first place in racing! Thanks,Ashley | 0

Maui Monthly | Our Experience Your Reward no. 16. July 2006

Maui, Hawaiian Islands

Phil in July! It was the big celebration time in the United States with the 4th of July. Good times with friends and family, fireworks and a few days off work for most folks. I remember the winds were blasting during this time and we had some great sailing days in Kanaha and a small swell at Hookipa. July was also a traveling month for me. I took off to China early July for a few days to check on all details of production of accessories and booms. Always worth while spending time in the factories to check quality, design details and continue to establish solid relationships with our manufacturing partners. After China I was off to Sri Lanka for a few days to check all the 2007 wave sails, including Legend, Global, Switch and the hot new freestyle sail the Loco. Check out preview below. Back on Maui and back into the testing. We also had some Maui Race series races at Kanaha at the end of the month, which was a good tune up for the coming US Nationals here on Maui in August. Aloha Phil.


The Legend is perfect in side to offshore conditions, and has an amazing soft feel, with powerful and crisp reaction. Durability assures the design will continue to evolve around a happy core of users who will be inspired and rewarded with creativity in the surf.


This powerful wave sail will never give you a hard time. It is perfectly suited to the widest variety of situations, with a deeper, powerful shape and a serious wave outline. This makes it ideal for onshore winds, early planning, and excellent speed.


The 2007 MauiSails Switch is the sail of choice for the widest range of windsurfing experiences. It excels in the exciting competition format of Super-X, but will satisfy the desire for a modern freeride sail.


The new freestyle sail from MauiSail. The Loco has a perfectly even twist for initiating and recovering from aerial style maneuvers that demand a feather light transition and instant control. | 0

Maui Monthly no. 16 July 2006  
Maui Monthly no. 16 July 2006  

Maui Monthly no.16 July 2006