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Maui Monthly Our Experience Your Reward

no. 11. February 2006

Maui, Hawaiian Islands

Another great month for Kevin. The month of February was yet another great month on Maui. I don’t really know how it went so fast but I guess it is a pretty short month. After recovering from a great party for my big 30th birthday, which took quite a while let me tell you, we managed to have some pretty good sailing. We finally got our first look at the final versions of the Maui Sails carbon booms so that was pretty exciting, and we have taken them out and put them through the testing process. One of the most exciting test days was a day out at Jaws! This session was one to be remembered by and after getting wave after wave on my 5.0 Global, I was beat up for a couple of days.My legs were sore and my body felt like a truck had run it over, I think it was from all the adrenaline or something. After our Jaws session the waves have been pretty small so I have had time to get out on the slalom gear. The new TR-2’s are coming out really good and that is always nice when they are in your hands. And now we are onto a new month, and hope to see you on the water! Aloha, Kevin. | 0

Maui Monthly | Our Experience Your Reward no. 11. February 2006

Some new Move from Sarah. This month the wind was on and off. Or the wind was blowing so hard that I’d be sailing overpowered or there wouldn’t be any wind at all! I’ve landed some new moves which makes me happy. : funnel and Meev !! Too bad I got the measles... A few days now my brother comes home and tells me how great the wind was and that he had a great day! He even went

Maui, Hawaiian Islands

out with my 4.5 legend and was powered up! I can’t wait to get better! (But as long as I don’t have to go to school I don’t really mind) so for now I just lie in bed and watch old windsurf movies. An Aruban woman, Nicole Hoevertsz has been elected to the ten man governing board of the International Olympic Commitee. That’s a big step forward for women in sport. Aloha Sarah-Quita

Double feelings. February has bin hectic. The first half of the month I spend on Maui to do some slalom & Formula training, and of course wave sailing since there were some really nice days. Unfortunately my time on Maui came to an end, and I had a really good time up there. I will be back for sure! On the last day, I did a last minute ’how to rig a slalom sail’ photo shoot with MauiSails for a Dutch surf magazine, and after that I had to pack all my stuff like a maniac to catch my flight. My flight with American Airlines to Brussels was horrible, because they made some big mistakes with my tickets. I was almost stuck for 38 hours in Chicago in my shorts and on my flip flops while the outside temperature was somewhere 10 | 0

Maui Monthly | Our Experience Your Reward no. 11. February 2006

Maui, Hawaiian Islands

below zero and snow! After 12 hours of talking and talking, AA putted me on a flight to Brussels, but when I got there my gear didn’t arrive. They sent all the bags to my home address in Holland 4 days later, and when I checked them, 2 boards were destroyed (again!) and also my water house was in 2 pieces... I really have bad experiences with AA, but whatever... Now the real life in the Netherlands started again. I’m also really happy to be back to see my family and friends again. It has bin a long time ago I’ve seen most of them, so that was nice. At the moment it’s not possible to go sailing because of the cold. It’s like 4 degrees, but with the wind it feels bellow zero. This time off the water I use to do some fitness training in the gym, and catch up with my own work. I hope the temperature will drop a little more so we can go ice surfing/sailing, but it doesn’t look like it... The season starts somewhere in April so I’m planning to do some slalom/formula/speed training in France. OK this was February for me, I have to go back to my work now! Hope ya’ll have a great time on the water and otherwise hang in there (just like me) for the next season! Ciao, Dennis.

Where did February go? I got a chance to get to Oregon and see my kids for a couple days on the way home from Europe. It was so great to see Cutter get a couple of quarters playing basketball for his High School team and to have a decent visit with them. That was a great way to start the month and finish a long tough trip. It got me ready to be immersed in the final preparation for making the 2007 wave and freeride sails a reality.

a photo that would sum up our trip to Europe, and found this. I wimped out on the ice sailing but had a great time with the guys who do this wild sport. And they liked how the sails worked on the little high speed craft too. Aloha, Barry.

Art and I have been working on the graphic elements, and some new details of finish that we think will add more function and durability. This is the time of year to be going over all the small things that go beyond pure performance. And the weather has been really great for testing too, so the small changes that can turn a good sail into a great one can be done and tested in a timely way. Tomorrow, the 1st of March, my mom is coming to visit and she wants to get out on the Hula Girl and have a talk with the whaley boys. At ninety, she still has that love of sailing and being on the ocean and gives it her all. Considering she has to get in and out of a rubber boat onto the deck of a bobbing boat, she must really love it. Finally, in first the days of February, Phil and I were still in Europe and I got a picture of him and our Swedish agent, Johan, getting ready to go out on that ICE! I was looking for | 0

Maui Monthly | Our Experience Your Reward no. 11. February 2006

Busy Taty. I was really focused on working on my house for February so I started early everyday. Oh and tones of time on the water. Here is my schedule: 07:00 Wake up, brush my teeth,eat, pick my dad up and another worker. 08:00 Work on the house till 12 oclock. 12:00 Drive to the beach while listening to rap music. 12:10 I arrive, get my board & sail and sail till 2:30. 14:30 Drive back to town to eat and to pick up Kiri and some other kids then we drive back to the beach. 15:00 We arrive to the beach and sail till 6:30. Well that’s what I have been doing the whole month of February. The wind has been good the whole month and sail sizes from 5.2 to 4.5 which I have been using the whole month. I came up with new moves and more combinations. It’s exciting and I feel really great to be able to windsurf the whole month. Hope ya’ll had great windsurfing days. Taty Frans NB-9

February for Phil. Finally back from Europe and back into the sailing. First day at Hookipa, felt ok, but sluggish on the board. I checked my weight that night and got a shock, 210lbs. Holly molly, that is too much.

Maui, Hawaiian Islands

mountain biking can be when it’s dry, but I went out when it was wet. Still had a good time though. Always good to sweat. We started working on new wavesails with Barry and Art and had good great sessions on them. Maui is not always consistent during February, but this month was really good for wind. By the end of the month I was down to 200 lbs or 90kgs, so I achieved my goal before I head off to the midwinters event in Florida. Aloha, Phil.

FAQ on the Web. During the month of February we have lunched New section on our website - Frequent Asked Question. It’s a collection of questions and answers that showed up on the forum. You can see what Barry, Phil and Kevin answered to MauiSails users which had some doubts or problems with proper rigging, mast or boom choosing. The FAQ is divided in to three sections (sails, masts, boom) to simplify you finding your Question/Answer. If you won’t find solution for your problem you can always use Question Form or Forum and ask TheTeam for advise. More improvements doming up in March meanwhile check the Frequent Asked Question at

So back on the horse, cut out the starchy foods, salads for lunch. My first goal was 205, had that within the first 2 weeks. Great sailing at Hookipa, some awesome slalom sailing at Kanaha and to top it off, a few days later in the month on Formula. Was into the mountain biking too as part of my training and got back into the trails behind my house. We have a beautiful 1.5 hour ride on the EMI trail to twin falls, then back along the road. Anyone who’s been on Maui knows how good the

Phil McGain at 2006 Calema Midwinters. He finished the event on 6th place. Couresty of Tinho Dornellas, | 0

Maui Monthly no. 11. February 2006  

Maui Monthly no.11. February 2006

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