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no. 01 march 2005

Maui Monthly

“O u r

E x p e r i e n c e

Y o u r

R e w a r d”

Barry and Phil



ots going on here on the beautiful island of Maui. For starters, The Team has officially united with the well recognized brand MauiSails, and will bring it into regular use. Founded in 1978 as one of the original sail making brands in Hawaii, MauiSails has been about innovation and fun on the water. It’s been a lot of hard work to get everything back up to speed, but now we are on the gas and not looking back. Barry has been on a mission to finish refurbishing his house. Between that extensive work, the loft, and getting all the new sails up and ready for production, he has been pretty busy with not too much time to play.



Taty and Connor



orota Staszewska is so wonderful to have involved in the testing and training with the race sails. She has been on Maui for several months and is raring to go and get another title. She’s been working on her wavesailing at Ho’okipa (paying with a couple trips to the rock garden), and has found a new passion for being in the water.

hil has been on a mission to get every detail right into production, and managing the business side of things. With the interesting developments in design pushing the new sail ranges, PM has been up to his ears in work. He loves this sort of stuff, and you should have seen the smile on his face when he came down to the beach with the freshly made TR-1. He was like a kid getting a new bike for Christmas. He’s firing on all cylinders, getting organized to deliver MauiSails to your doorstep.

onnor Baxter is like a little dynamo, ready to go and try anything as long as it is wet. He and his Dad recently did an extensive Asian tour. The ten year old wonder went to events in Indonesia, Boracay, and even took a trip to the Starboard factory in Thailand.


evin has stepped up to the plate and is rocking and rolling with the new Maui Sails brand. He is really excited about the company and has been putting in some serious hours to get the sails looking good for the water. Kevin has been training on the water as much as possible and trying to figure out how to get his spocks dialed in for the first Super X of the season in Lucate. He is also very focused on winning the Jeep Hawaii Pro here in Maui starting next week on the 28th.


aty Frans has been in Bonaire, working on his light wind freestyle tricks and preparing his body and mind for another grueling year on the PWA World Tour doing the freestyle events and promoting MauiSails. He said that he has been able to sail more than half the time. If you’re looking to have some great windsurfing fun, you should think about a trip to Bonaire.

Maui Monthly no.01. March 2005  

Maui Monthly no.01. March 2005