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Lahaina Oceanfront Villa Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Design with Breathtaking Views More Information on Page 10

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Kaanapali Shores Amenities

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Studios:  UP 

One Bedrooms:  UP 

Two Bedrooms:  UP   Property is both Leasehold & Fee Simple Tenure





Serving Maui Since 1976 Est. 1976


Whalers Realty


2435 Kaanapali Parkway x Suite A-3 x Lahina, Maui, Hawaiii x 96761

Kaanapali Alii The Premier Kaanapali Beach Destination #5 on Map Page 14


One Bedrooms from:  UP  

Two Bedrooms from:   UP   Property is both Leasehold & Fee Simple Tenure





Serving Maui Since 1976 Est. 1976

Whalers Realty


2435 Kaanapali Parkway x Suite A-3 x Lahina, Maui, Hawaiii x 96761


Time Interval Resales

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Papakea Resort Unit

Interval Dates

1b/1b F206 Jun 18 - Jul 02 A308 Jul 30 - Aug 06 B309 Aug 14 - Aug 28 A308 Aug 28 - Sep 11 1b/1b plus loft C407 Jun 11 - Jul 02 A401 Jun 22 - Jul 06 B404 Nov 20 - Dec 04 2b/2b J202 Apr 29 - Jun 12 J202 Jun 12 - Jun 26 2b/2b plus loft F403 Oct 01 - Oct 15


$17,000 LH $7,500 LH $16,000 LH $13,000 LH $24,000 LH $22,000 LH $22,000 LH $28,000 FS $29,500 FS $20,000 LH

Inquires about Papakea, call James M. Harris, Inc., R速(B) 808.280.1640 Toll Free 877.546.6284 All information within is deemed to be accurate, but not guaranteed. Please call to confirm up to date market changes.





#6B on Map Page 14

The Whaler Unit Studio 361 361 216 361 214 818 1b/1b 220 919 1120 1b/2b

1070 774 424 424 812 311 1070 2b/2b 423 273

Interval Dates


Feb 06 May 01 May 15 Aug 07 Dec 04 Dec 04

$19,000 FS $17,000 FS $17,000 FS $9,900 FS $17,000 FS $18,000 FS


Feb 20 May 15 May 29 Aug 21 Dec 18 Dec 18

May 29 - Jun 12 Jun 13 - Jun 27 Jun 27 - Jul 11

$19,000 FS $25,000 FS $22,000 FS

Feb 20 - Mar 06 Mar 19 - Apr 02 Apr 17 - May 01 May 01 - May 15 May 16 - May 30 Jul 26 - Aug 09 Nov 20 - Dec 04

$64,000 FS $59,000 FS $29,500 FS $29,500 FS $38,000 FS $41,000 FS $39,000 FS

Apr 17 - May 01 Dec 02 - Dec 16

$45,000 FS $29,000 LH

Tenure - FS: Fee Simple / LH: Lease Hold / LH-FA: Leasehold with Fee Available for Purchase The above include 2 & 3 week intervals.

Serving Maui Since 1976 Est. 1976


Whalers Realty


2435 Kaanapali Parkway x Suite A-3 x Lahina, Maui, Hawaiii x 96761

West Maui Condo Listings aina-nalu I-207 2b/2 $249,000 A-206 1b/1 $299,000 I-209 2b/2 $349,000 D-105 1b/1 $374,990 D-101 2b/2 $375,000 D-207 2b/2 $389,000 J-209 2b/2 $398,500 Hale Royale A-207 1b/2 $236,000 Honua Kai - Hoku Lani 933 Studio $825,000 434 2b/2 $849,000 Kaanapali Alii 224 1b/2 $1,200,000 372 1b/2 $1,495,000 171 1b/2 $1,875,000 235 2b/2 $2,195,000 193 2b/2 $2,975,000 3-405 2b/2 $4,200,000 263 2b/2.5 $4,250,000 Kaanapali Shores 638 Studio $239,000 442 Studio $260,000 336 Studio $267,500 328 1b/1 $272,616 149 1b/1 $289,000 732 Studio $314,000 832 Studio $319,000 941 1b/1 $365,000 141 1b/1 $375,000 847 1b/1 $430,000 929 2b/2 $479,000 508 1b/1 $488,000 209 1b/1 $495,000 423 2b/2 $598,000 537 2b/2 $630,000 523 2b/2 $695,000 813 2b/2 $699,900





FS SOLD #7A FS Page on Map 14 FS FS FS FS FS FS PENDING #7B on Map Page 8


#7C on Map Page 8


#7E on Map Page 8

Kaanapali Shores (continued) 303 2b/2 $775,000 904 2b/2 $849,000 401 2b/2 $1,750,000 402 2b/2 $1,750,000 602 2b/2 $1,850,000 901 2b/2 $1,900,000 Kihei Villages I 15-202 2b/1.5 $159,000 Mahana L1014 1b/1 $759,900 M108 1b/1 $825,000 L1116 1b/1 $898,000 L919 2b/2 $1,590,000 L311 2b/2 $1,225,000 L811 2b/2 $1,300,000 Maui Eldorado II K-100 2b/2 $570,000 Maui Kaanapali Villas B132 Studio $330,000 A310 1b/1 $329,000 A416 Studio $330,000 A409 1b/1 $399,500 A-311 1b/1 $419,000 Puunoa Beach Estates 203 3b/3 $2,500,000 Royal Kahana 301 2b/2 $599,000 Whaler on Kaanapali Beach 916 Studio $515,000 912 1b/2 $625,000 411 1b/2 $1,100,000 402 2b/2 $2,395,000 202 2b/2 $2,350,000 664 Studio $510,000 463 Studio $463,000 562 Studio $595,000 459 1b/1 $1,100,000


#7F on Map Page 36 #7G on Map Page 8

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Serving Maui Since 1976 Est. 1976

Whalers Realty


2435 Kaanapali Parkway x Suite A-3 x Lahina, Maui, Hawaiii x 96761


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From the Publishers

Welcome to the first issue since we bought the Maui Real Estate Guide. As you can see by now we have made several changes, both in layout and design, as well as distribution. We feel this will benefit the reader and advertiser alike. When we bought the magazine our goals included doubling the amount of copies and we are well on our way to doing so. This issue we increased the number from 37,000 to 55,000 copies, including nearly 20,000 copies being delivered through the Maui News into 2,900 hotel rooms and condos on Maui, in addition to the 300+ newsstand locations around the island. We also are featuring our Maui magazine in 122,000 copies of Canadian publications. Our main goal with the publication is to be a conduit for readers and advertisers alike to share their love of what makes Maui so great: homes, land, products and services. Whatever is displayed within should represent not only what we do for a living, but who we are as people. To this extent we have decided to launch a new program called “Four or More for Maui” where we as company owners will commit to providing four pages or more in each issue to non-profit organizations and charities on Maui, to aid those that need a helping hand. We strongly encourage other publications to do the same. We have two or three pages in this issue alone for charities, one on the facing page about the “Garden of BE Musical” and other pages in the magazine about the “Habitat for Humanity Golf Tournament” in October. We have also committed to a hospitality tent on the first tee of that tournament. We all hope our advertising clients and readers alike will support these two fine charity fundraisers and the ones we will feature in the upcoming issues as well. We actually came up with the idea on the eve of sending the copy to the printer, too late to have four full pages here, but we have two and a half pages now and will have at least four pages per issue from now on, dedicated just to the charities on Maui. If you have an organization that you feel needs some promotion by all means contact us for upcoming issues. Those are four pages we could easily sell, but feel that balance in life is vital, not just selling every possible ad we can. There are other measures of who you are than the size of your wallet; what is more important in life is how you SPEND what is in your wallet. With that in mind here is how my sister and Co-Publisher Leatha sums up her thoughts on how we interact with each other in life: “I am very happy our new magazine is providing for service-related venues throughout the Maui community. I believe we are measured as human and spiritual beings by our dedication to service. There are many great organizations that need our help. Even if you are just giving a hand to another in need, reach out today.” We want to thank the advertisers for supporting our publication, and we encourage the readers to support our advertisers.

Raymond Oelrich


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#15 on Map Page 8

K-215 Studio $250,000 LH Price Reduced • E-205 Studio $338,000 LH G-105 1B/2BA $305,000 LH Best Value Unit • New Listing J-106 1B/1.5BA $375,000 LH New Listing D-208 2B/2BA $739,000 LH I-203 Studio Sold! • J-120 Studio Sold! • I-201 1B/1BA Sold! • A-211 2B/2BA Sold! Maui Eldorado is a friendly, relaxed resort ideally situated on approximately ten acres along the green fairways of the Kaanapali Golf Course. Enjoy a short stroll along walking paths of tropically landscaped grounds to Whalers Village for shops, restaurants and exciting nightlife. The close proximity to the world famous Kaanapali Beach is ideal for fun activities, from snorkeling, diving, parasailing, kayaking, boogie boarding, sailing, surfing or just plain relaxing in the sun. First class resort amenities include three swimming pools, pool side BBQ area, complimentary golf cart shuttle to the private beach cabana, underground parking, professionally managed front desk program with daily maid service, sundry shop and on site concierge. All units listed include 10% fee simple interest. Call me for more details.

Located in Kaanapali Beach Resort WHALERS VILLAGE 2435 Kaanapali Parkway, A-3, Lahaina, HI 96761 (808) 661-8777


Interview With Dean Otto,

Maui Co-Ownership Specialist

Why Co-Ownership now? Even though we are starting to see preliminary indications of a turnaround in Maui real estate, I know that most of you are well aware of the challenges we still face in our markets. Consumers are concerned about the fact that second homes sit vacant on average 300 days a year and the cost to maintain them is rising. It is the mentality of today’s purchasers to be concerned about expenses and to manage cash flow. Consequently, sharing the ownership costs and expenses makes this a very attractive option. Who is Co-Ownership Solutions, LLC, and what is their function? Co-Ownership Solutions specializes in marketing 50% Interests (Co-Ownership) in Hawaii second home properties. They do not target traditional fractional and timeshare prospects, they are converting prospects who used to buy whole ownership to co-ownership. They work to expertly profile sellers and their properties based on a unique set of profiling criteria, and match them with well qualified co-ownership buyer candidates. The result is a customized comprehensive Co-Tenancy Agreement at close of escrow, which addresses everything from usage, to default, to future #16A on Map maintenance. The Page 14 agreement is designed for people who do not 23 W. Mahi Pua, Kaanapali, $2.475M (50% Interest) know each other and covers every scenario imagiable While it is a very detailed co-tenancy agreement, co-ownership (50/50) is a very simple concept. How does Co-Ownership work? I can best describe the concept by using an example: Let’s say you have a $2M property with a $1M debt. If you sell a 50% Interest for $1M, you are now debt-free and responsible for only half the cost of future maintenance expenses. The advantage to a seller is obvious when you consider the swing from servicing a $1M loan and paying all expenses, to just paying for half the expenses. You can now be more patient selling the remaining 50% Tenant-in-Common Interest, if you choose to sell at all. The buyer is happy because they just bought a $2M home for $1M, and have only half the ownership expenses. Based on history, neither party will probably ever use their full 6 months. For purposes of this example, let’s assume you decide to participate. You will be asked many detailed questions addressing property type, ownership, usage preferences and many other questions that will give us a good idea of who, how and when you would use the property, a profile, which will be used to find a matching co-owner. Co-ownership properties are posted on the website, com, in search of a suitable co-owner. What type of provisions does the Co-Tenancy Agreement cover? The Co-Tenancy Agreement is very detailed and covers everything from usage to default to maintenance. The most obvious question is how to share usage and there are many ways to divide up the year. Ideally, you would share the time throughout the


year to increase marketability, and the blocks can be anywhere from alternating/preferred months, two month or three month blocks. Also, the blocks can start on the 15th of the month since many holidays are at the beginning or end of the month. If there is time period, like Christmas, which both parties want, it may be possible to alternate the December 15-January 15 block. At the end of the day, it’s all negotiable and facilitated by Co-Ownership Solutions. All important decisions are decided in advance and incorporated into the Co-Tenancy Agreement so that it will be unlikely that you would be faced with important decisions with the other co-owner after closing. Typical default remedies like breach of contract and foreclosure are available but this Co-Tenancy Agreement also includes a buy-out provision for cases of Substantial Default. For example, if your co-owner causes $20,000 damage to the unit during their Exclusive Period of Use, and doesn’t pay to repair it for whatever reason, then you, as the non-defaulting party, #16B on Map can exercise your right Page 8 to buy back the defaulting parties 228 Crestview Road, Kapalua, $2.2M (50% Interest) interest for a pre-determined discount. Our boilerplate agreement has it discounted at 80% of appraised value but it could be more or less. I know I would be careful about defaulting if I knew it could result in you having the option to take me out at 70% of appraised value. Naturally, when considering the amount of the discount, you have to recognize that this can work against you as well if you ever get into a financial bind. This is a smart way to prevent default versus the time-consuming and more expensive remedies of foreclosure and breach of contract. What about future maintenance and upgrades? Most future maintenance items are agreed to in advance. The Agreement may call for repainting the unit in 5 years. The way it works is that it will be painted the identical color unless the co-owners agree to a different color, so there is always a default decision. Same with carpet, if the exact same carpet is not available, the closest match in color, type and quality will be selected by management unless the co-owners elect to change it. How much do the services of Co-Ownership Solutions cost? The fee to Co-Ownership Solutions is .75% of the sale price for the marketing and facilitation of the Co-Tenancy Agreement. However, note that until a good match is found, both parties agree to the Co-Tenancy provisions, and the transaction closes, there is no obligation to pay Co-Ownership Solutions. I hope this helps to understand the Co-Ownership program. I am a big fan of the concept and the timing. The only reasonable deals being made on Maui are those that contain an element of win-win, like co-ownership. If you see a potential benefit to co-ownership, please do not hesitate to contact me with additional questions.


Dean Otto, R(B)

Sakamoto Properties (808) 870-7736

In a new world where consumers prioritize cutting expenses and managing cash flow, owning a 50% interest in a second home makes more sense than ever. Call to talk to a Co-Ownership Specialist to see if we can find a suitable match for you. Or visit our website,

Phone: (808) 214-8830

email: 17

#18A on Map Page 8

#18B on Map Page 14

#18C on Map Page 14

#18D on Map Page 8


#19A on Map Page 14

#19B on Map Page 8

#19C on Map Page 14



#20 on Map Page 8

Napili Point Resort is one of Maui’s finest oceanfront developments. Peaceful tropical surroundings, spectacular sunsets, and incredible snorkeling in Honokeana Cove right below you. First class rental program. Close to championship golf courses of Kapalua. A true gem! B-22 1 Bedroom/1 Bath

$619,900 LH

A-19 1 Bedroom/1 Bath

$639,000 LH


1 Bedroom/1 Bath

$650,000 LH


2 Bedrooms/2 Baths

$995,000 LH

C-27 2 Bedrooms/2 Baths

$795,000 LH

C-16 2 Bedrooms/2 Baths

$975,000 LH

C-36 2 Bedrooms/2 Baths

$1,168,000 FS

Call Today to Tour Napili Point Resort

Mitch Mitchell R(S), CRS 808.870.5548

Napali Plaza, Suite 203 Lahaina, HI 96761 • Office: 808.669.0070 • 20

#21 on Map Page 8


Specializing in West Maui #22D on Map Page 8

#22A on Map Page 8

Coconut Grove #29 Kapalua


32B3 15G4 34G5 16G3/4/5 23B2/3/4 14B3 33G3/4/5

$895,000 FS $999,500 FS $1,175,000 FS $1,650,000 FS $1,650,000 FS $1,895,000 FS $2,150,000 FS

1Bed/1.5 Bath 1 Bed/1 Bath 1 Bed/2 Bath 2 Bed/3 Bath 2 Bed/3 Bath 2 Bed/3 Bath 2 Bed/3 Bath

3 Bed/3 Bath $4,670,000 FS

#22E on Map Page 14

361 A’alii Way Kaanapali

#22B on Map Page 8

5 Bed/4 Bath $2,195,000 FS


1711 2011 1213-15

$700,000 1/2 Interest 1 Bed/2 Bath $1,050,000 FS 1 Bed/2 Bath $1,395,000 FS 2 Bed/3 Bath

#22C on Map Page 8


12T2 12V1 24T2 16P3/4 22T3/4 17V2 20V2

$468,000 FS $510,000 FS $551,000 FS $690,000 FS $695,000 FS $995,000 FS $1,195,000 FS

1 Bed/1.5 Bath 1 Bed/1 Bath 1 Bed/2 Bath 2 Bed/2 Bath 1 Bed/2 Bath 2 Bed/2 Bath 3 Bed/2 Bath

MORE CONDOS Honokeana Cove 102 Honokowai East 112 Lokelani A205 Maui Eldorado C201 Pohailani Maui 127 Pohailani Maui 305 aina nalu B104

$650,000 FS $275,000 FS $630,000 FS $395,000 LH $245,000 FS $414,000 FS $375,000 FS

1 Bed/1 Bath 2 Bed/1 Bath 2 Bed/1.5 Bath Studio/1 Bath 2 Bed/1 Bath Studio/1 Bath 2 Bed/2 Bath

VACANT LAND 221 Plantation Club Drive Kapalua 353 A’alii Way Kaanapali 148 Maika St. Waiehu

$1,099,000 FS Oceanview $485,000 FS Oceanview $485,000 FS AG lot

Lowson & Associates

808-661-8771 West Maui’s Preferred Professionals Since 1970

Jo Dorner R(S) 808-276-9015 Specializing in Kapalua Resort Real Estate Since 1981 22

Laurie S. Lowson R(B)



2009 Realtor of the Year Specializing in West Maui

Paradise Retreat

#23A on Map Page 14

Situated on 1.5 acres, this 4 bedroom house has space, privacy and ocean views! There is a separate pool house with outdoor kitchen/ bbq area for you to relax and entertain. $2,650,000 mls 346558

Plantation Charm

Bring back the feel of Old Hawaii. Large mature landscaping lends itself to the relaxed outdoor setting as you snooze in your hammock on the full wrap around deck. High 12’ ceilings add space while the wood floors and plantation style kitchen lend warmth. A detached garage with loft and half bath are part of this well designed home. $890,000 mls 346094

#23B on Map Page 14


Own your Piece of Paradise. Acreage, Panoramic Ocean Views, Gorgeous Sunsets, Beautiful West Maui Mountains. Located just minutes from Lahaina Town and the Beach. #23C on Map Page 14

Debbie Arakaki realtorÂŽ(broker) (808) 283-7214

MLS 343805 MLS 348540 MLS 343804 MLS 342973 MLS 348870 MLS 347535

3/4 acre 2 acres 3 acres 4 acres 15 acres 25 acres

$390,000 $800,000 $590,000 $899,000 $1,165,000 $3,200,000

west maui land company, inc. 33 lono ave. suite 450, kahului, hi 96732


#24 on Map Page 8


#25B on Map Page 8

#25A on Map Page 14

Oceanfront Complex

International Colony Club 3 bedroom, 2 bath almost 2,500 sq. ft. under roof, just across from Kaanapali Beach vacation rental allowed. Only $400,000

Great opportunity to own a large 2 bedroom unit in an oceanfront complex $258,000 leasehold

Call Lee Potts R(B) 808.276.8776

Call Mihaela Stoops R(B) 808.357.4000

#25D on Map Page 8

#25C on Map Page 14

Papakea 2 bd - Beachfront Resort

Aina Nalu - Lahaina Boutique An oasis in paradise, rare 1 bedroom condo, like new, great rental $299,000

2 bedroom, 2 bath LH with ocean view from living room and master bedroom, upgraded, turnkey-MLS 347187 $530,000

Call Candace Horton R(S) 808.276.4903

Call Fred Sconfienza R(S) 808.283.5303


Large Kula Home Wailuku Home Luxury Ocean View Home Lahaina Residential Rental Potential 1 bed $45,000 LH 3/3 $750,000 4 bedroom, 5 bathroom 5/5 $1,200,000


Short Sale-MLS 347413

Launiupoko Lot Approx 1 acre

Excellent Ocean Views $675,000



OFF THE GRID $3,800,000

Nahikulani is Maui’s premier oceanfront Seventh Heaven Estate. Bordered by Haleakala National Park lands, South Hana Highway, the Pua’alu’u Gulch stream and of course the blue Pacific ocean, this spectacular offering will rarely come your way. Approximately 5.753 glorious acres of gently sloping pastureland. Easy walk down to the water’s edge, with amazing vistas from your “greatroom”, private hot tub & verdant pastures, currently being grazed by horses. MLS# 344235


#27E on Map Page 44

#27A on Map Page 58

#27B on Map Page 58

#27C on Map Page 44

#27D on Map Page 58

#27F on Map Page 44

#27G on Map Page 58


#28A on Map Page 8

#28B on Map Page 8


#29A on Map Page 52

CONVENIENT WAILUKU LOCATION $359,000 3B/2BA 1302 SF • Beautifuly Kept • Large Yard


Well Kept 3B/2BA • Close to Town • New Roof



#29B on Map Page 14

MORE LAUNIUPOKO HOMES AVAILABLE FROM $899,000 Lahaina’s Most Sought After Neighborhood

Loretta WilliamsR(S)



Maui Properties LLC 808-667-2277 #29D on Map Page 14

Channel House $112,000 Leasehold Completely remodeled gound floor corner unit with enclosed lanai. Tile & hardwood floors, all new kitchen & bathroom, new dual pane windows & more. Great price and location for a walk to Baby Beach. Call Stan Dunn R(B) 808-667-2277

#29E on Map Page 8

Hale Royal Studio $179,000

#29F on Map Page 14

Lahaina Home $430,000

Very nice upgrades to bathroom and living area with Great Location In Lahaina Town. Nice covered front custom made wall bed, private lani screened in to add deck with large Monkey Pod tree for summer shade. to interior living space. Grounds are open & lush with Separate Ohana for income. Off street parking. Walk tropical plants. 2 pools, tennis court, sauna, hot tub. to Dinner, Harbor, Friday Night Art Night.

Call Stan Dunn R(B) 808-667-2277

#29G on Map Page 8

Call Stan Dunn R(B) 808-667-2277

#29H on Map Page 14

Molokai Commercial Lot $495,000 Pikake Condominium $695,000 16.9 Acre Launiupoko Lot $1.45M Highly visable from the highway and adjacent to Sandy beachfront great for swimming and snorkeling! Great Great building sites with ocean & mountain VIEWS!! Kauanakaki Harbor for easy access to the ferry, this sunset views with islands of Lanai and Molokai. Whale watch- 60’ green way borders one side of property. Only 2.62 acre lot is flat and very usable. M-2 zoning allows ing in season.Upgraded 2/bed unit in a small quiet complex. 1200’ from the ocean. Zoned ag. Build main home, many uses. Great opportunity! Short walk to Honokowai farmers market. MLS 348498 1000 sf ohana & barn. Listing agent part owner.

Call Stan Dunn R(B) 808-667-2277

Call Stan Dunn R(B) 808-667-2277

Call Stan Dunn R(B) 808-667-2277


#30A on Map Page 14

#30B on Map Page 14

#30D on Map Page 8

#30C on Map Page 14


#31A on Map Page 14

#31B on Map Page 14

#31C on Map Page 8

#31D on Map Page 8


#32A on Map Page 8

#32B on Map Page 14


#32C on Map Page 8


#32D on Map Page 14

#33 on Map Page 8


- Aldy & Carol Ontario, Canada


- Craig & Carolyn Edmonds Henderson, Nevada


Find your own piece of paradise on Maui’s sunny west side at The Breakers. Brand new studio, one and two bedroom condominiums start in

the mid $200,000s*

plus one year of free maintenance fees. 6WRSE\RUFDOOWR¿QGRXWZKDW everyone’s talking about. 3706 Lower Honoapiilani Road Lahaina, Maui 96761 (808) 283-0805 Open Daily 8 - 5 3% Courtesy to Brokers Exclusive Project Broker MAUI SHOWCASE PROPERTIES





#37A on Map Page 36

#37B on Map Page 36

#37C on Map Page 44


#38A on Map Page 44

#38B on Map Page 52




#39B on Map Page 8

#39A on Map Page 14

Channel House • $132,000 LH

Kulakane #214 • $449,000 FH

This fully furnished 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom with useable loft has a fantastic floor plan. Walk to historic Lahaina Town or across the street to the ocean. Comes with one assigned parking space. Beautiful swimming pool. Two wall mounted A/C units. A must see! Seller Motivated, bring offers! MLS# 348245

Whale watch from your lanai. Direct oceanfront 1 bedroom, 1 bath, 2nd floor end unit condominium has completely unobstructed views towards the neighbor islands of Lana’i and Molokai. Ocean front pool and walking distance to shops and restaurants. MLS# 346302


#39C on Map Page 44


#40A on Map Page 8

#40B on Map Page 8




Habitat for Humanity-Maui Success Story

Mary-Ellen anxiously watches her son Orion, play baseball in the Western Regional Little League Championship in California. A single mother, Mary-Ellen looks just like all the other parents waving their Ti leaves in celebration of the Central Maui team. What makes her different though is where she was five years ago, she and Orion were homeless. Mary-Ellen lived with family until they over-stayed their welcome. Mary-Ellen had a good paying job with the State but she was unable to save enough money for the first and last month rent on a suitable apartment for her and Orion.

At her sister’s urging, Mary-Ellen applied for help from Habitat for Humanity Maui. She was selected as a recipient for a lot in the Hawaiian Home Lands subdivision of Waiehu Kou. In 2009, Mary-Ellen moved into her 2 bedroom home where Orion has his own room for the first time in his life! In 2003, HHM Maui hired its first paid staff and on February 1, 2003 and started its first full build. From 2003 through 2011, Habitat Maui built, renovated or repaired over 70 homes and currently services 35 mortgages. Approximately 10,000 volunteers hours were logged last year alone.

Proposed Kahawai Project in Wailuku, Maui

One especially ambitious project will begin in 2012. It is a 16 unit condominium project that will be built primarily by volunteers and potential homeowners. The project is expected to be completed in 2014. Habitat will continue to build single family homes and do critical repairs while building the condominium to keep up with enormous need in Maui.

For more information about how you can help eliminate homelessness in Maui contact us:

Phone: (808) 242-1140 or e-mail Visit us online at:

#43A on Map Page 58

#43B on Map Page 8

#43C on Map Page 52

#43D on Map Page 36

#43E on Map Page 52

#43F on Map Page 52

#43G on Map Page 36

#43H on Map Page 36


Extraordinary Exclusives CSPVHIUUPZPVCZ

#45A on Map Page 44

Exclusive Web Site:

567 Kupulau Drive | House & Cottage on a Half-Acre | $1,250,000


njoy panoramic ocean views from your hot tub on the huge covered lanai, and from the kitchen, grand living room, and master bedroom. This cozy, yet spacious home combines a comfortable Hawaiiana feel with modern upgrades, a unique gem in prestigious Maui Meadows. This Hana-like half-acre is lushly landscaped with tropical plants and lots of fresh fruit trees!

Check out these other Beautiful Ocean View Wailea listings: #45B on Map Page 44

#45C on Map Page 44 3904 Waakaula Place, Golf Estates, listed at $2,800,000 FS

3300 Wailea Alanui, listed at $1,199,000 FS



Gary Mooers R(B), The Shops at Wailea | 3750 Wailea Alanui #B-35, Wailea, HI 96753


#46 on Map Page 44


remodeled home located in Wailea Kai, a gated 100-home community in the heart of Wailea. The high-end custom finishes include Travertine and Brazilian cherry flooring throughout, a hand-carved teak front door which opens to a spacious open floor plan with vaulted open beam ceilings, granite counter tops, louvered wood panel interior doors, a stunning enclosed outdoor shower in the en-suite master bath, all new energy efficient windows and French doors opening out on to a lush private tropical setting. Walk out your door and across the street and you’re on Keawakapu beach, one of the best beaches in Hawaii! This home is within walking distance to all that Wailea has to offer - world class resorts, restaurants, golfing and shopping. MLS#348940


Carrie Baldwin R(S)

Coldwell Banker Island Properties Wailea Gateway Center 34 Wailea Gateway Place, Suite A-207 Wailea, Maui, Hawaii 96753 Direct: (808) 269-2710 e-mail:

Hugh O’Reilly

Canada’s Connection to Maui Real Estate As Mayor of Whistler, B.C. (96-05) I understand resort real estate and its cycles. Since 2005 I have helped both Canadians and Americans buy and sell on Maui. Let me help you discover how affordable Maui has become since 2007.

We really appreciate the wonderful job you did finding us such a great vacation condo. You took the time to understand our needs with your attention to detail and professional advice. As Canadians looking to purchase in the US and not knowing the processes, you were patient and explained them to us so that we could feel secure in our purchase. We will certainly recommend you to family, friends & colleagues and look forward to your services in the future should the need arise. Kathie and Manfred Victoria B.C


Hugh O’Reilly R(B) ABR Cell: 808-344-2727

WHALERS VILLAGE 2435 Kaanapali Parkway Suite A-3 Lahaina, HI 96761 (808) 661-8777

#47A on Map Page 44

#47C on Map Page 36

#47B on Map Page 52

#47D on Map Page 52

#47E on Map Page 36

#47F on Map Page 58

170 Ipukula Way $599,000 FS

#47G on Map Page 14

This well-built BRICK HOME is located at the end of a cul-de-sac. Surrounded by tropical landscaping, large mature shade trees, raised garden beds, sprinkler system and a custom built smoker and barbecue grill. Great single level floor plan offers high ceilings and ceiling fans, newly updated kitchen, great room, large dining room, large master suite and bath with Jacuzzi tub! Additional space includes storage/work room and full bath just off the garage. Five minute walk to the beach, Lahaina Cannery Mall and the all new Lahaina Gateway Shopping Center. Close to highly desired private schools and three miles from the world famous Kaanapali’s Resort/Golf area.

Kimi F Correa, REALTOR® Elite Pacific Properties

Hawaii’s Upscale Real Estate Experts

Aloha Tower Marketplace 1 Aloha Tower Drive, Box 191 Honolulu, HI 96813

Ph. 808.222.3047

Fax. 808.356.1599 Email. 47


#48A on Map Page 44

#48B on Map Page 44

#48C on Map Page 44

#48D on Map Page 44

#48E on Map Page 44

#48F on Map Page 44

Own A “Padilla”?

Maui Island Inspired Personalized Estate Metal Sculpture

Gates • Banisters • Handrails • Sculpture • Torches • Water Features • Light Fixtures • Ceiling Art

To Personalize Your Estate call 808-879-0938 Please visit us online at:



#49B on Map Page 44

#49A on Map Page 44

169 Heleuma

Enjoy spectacular sunset and ocean views from this single level home, located in the exclusive gated community of Wailea Kialoa. Naturally light and bright residence that incorporates high ceilings and doorways to create a spacious and open feel. Beautiful pool and spa, with lanai area that is great for relaxing or entertaining guests. Offered at $ 1,490,000

Fairway Villas B102

Excellent Value! Fully furnished and turnkey 2 bedroom, 2 bath ground floor condominium, in the heart of the Wailea Resort situated along the 16th fairway the Wailea “Old Blue” golf course. Great amenities including a newly renovated pool pavilion with amazing ocean views. Perfect for second home or full time residence. Offered at $489,000

Melissa Zupner Montgomery, Realtor (S)

Representing Buyers and Sellers. Call Today for a Complimentary List of Properties for Sale.

(808) 281-1751

“The People Who Know Wailea Best!” 3750 Wailea Alanui, Ste B51 Wailea, Hawaii 96753 (808) 879-1991


Interested in Doing a Short Sale with Your Property?

#50A on Map Page 52

#50B on Map Page 36

#50C on Map Page 36

#50D on Map Page 36

#50E on Map Page 52

860 Lekeona Loop, Wailuku $545,000 4B/3B, 2980 sf living, 7954 sf lot, granite, bamboo flooring, many upgrades, unobstructed panoramic North Shore oceanviews, short sale. MLS#348716

#50F on Map Page 52

781 Mehealani Place, Kihei $410,000 4B/3B, 1746 living sf, 8388 sf lot, huge home with large yard, stainless steel apliances, bamboo flooring, spacious interior, cul-de-sac location, close to all. Short sale. MLS #348327 196 Luakaha circle, Kihei $390,000 4B/3B, 1710 living sf, 4734 sf lot, conveniant location, spacious interior, corian, accent paint, popular subdivision, close to all, great value. Short sale. MLS#345460

#50G on Map Page 36

#50H on Map Page 44

Island Surf #312, Kihei $295,000 2B/2B, 921 living sf, 3rd floor ocean view condo allows vacation rentals, upgraded & beautiful, turn key ready, lock out feature, walk to all, great location. Short sale. MLS# 347881

#50I on Map Page 52

1284 Hiahia Street, Wailuku VACANT LOT$249,000 14448 sf lot, ocean views, great location, cul-de-sac, home plans included, seasonal stream, best value in area. Seller financing avail. MLS#347672

#50J on Map Page 36

66 Hoku Puhipaka, Kahului $425,000 4B/3B, 1826 living sf, 5060 sf lot, popular Na Hoku at Maui Lani, close to all, shopping, schools, golfing, well maintained. Short sale. MLS#348239

35 Akeu Place, Kihei $456,000 4B/3B, 1710 living sf, 5059 sf lot, beautiful home with granite, stainless steel, accent paint, central air, best location in subdivision, cul-de-sac, close to all. Short sale. MLS#348726 2784 Pu’uhoolai Street, Kihei $499,000 4B/3B, 2624 living sf, 10062 sf lot, spacious interiors, one of the largest lots on the street, ocean views, great neighborhood. Close to all. Short sale. MLS#345910

51 Kealohilani street, Kahului $395,000 4B/4B, 2014 living sf, 6288 sf lot, mountain/ocean views, large spacious, multiple tenants, possible non permitted structures, central location. Short sale. MLS#349013

Kauhale Makai #231, Kihei $246,000 1B/1B, 711 living sf, 2nd floor ocean view condo, recently upgraded, completely furnished, jacuzzi tub, vacation rental, great property amenities, close to all. MLS#347970

We have closed many short sales since 2007 and have worked with most banks.

2 Realtors For the Price of One!

Hector M Yepis R(S) AHWD SFR RE/MAX Resort Realty Direct: 808.250.6396 Toll Free: 1.888.905.6284 Fax: 888.904.6284 Email:


Meli King, REALTOR Salesperson Certified Distressed Property Expert Short Sale & Foreclosure Resource Direct: 808.281.0503 Toll Free: 1.888.879.0227 Fax: 1.888.879.0227 Email: Search ALL MLS:

Oh Canada Buy Maui for a Song

Purchase Maui Real Estate at 50% Since the Peak of the Market Your exchange rate has improved by 25% since it declined against the US$ in 2009. Maui condo prices have fallen by at least 25% since the peak in 2007. Learn about Canadian Maui home ownership options. Learn about Short Sale and Bank Owned properties (REO). Don’t miss this GREAT OPPORTUNITY to own property on Maui! I will find you the best values available that meet your purchase criteria!

Work with Maui’s Ultimate Real Estate Consultant - Call Today Ron Feibusch R(S) (808) 268-0121

email: 51

Announcing the Strategic Alliance and Merging of Two ‘Best in Class’ Companies

La Costa Realty Hawai’i, LLC

P. Denise La Costa Principal Broker Realtor (B)

Carl Jenson Realtor (S)

the New Prudential Locations Maui


With the merging of La Costa Realty Hawai’i, LLC , a long-standing Boutique Brokerage in West Maui, and Prudential Locations Maui (PML), a nationally recognized brokerage located in South Maui, the Perfect Alliance was formed. Our Professional staff has over a Century (125 years) of experience. It is our goal to bring the most personalized care to our current and future clients in all their transactions. PML understands that purchasing real estate is one of the largest transactions our clients will make. We provide both pertinent and timely information so that our clients can make educated, informed decisions about their real estate transaction(s). We represent sellers and buyers-from first time to the very experienced, and real estate investors. For many of our clients’ convenience, PML also provides a full range of long-term Property Management services for our clients. You can reach any of our extremely qualified Realtors® or our property manager by emailing them at First.Last@ or by calling the main office and you will receive service beyond your expectations!

The NEW Prudential Locations Maui – Truly the “Best In Class.”

Judi Highland

Property Management

Dennis Giompaolo Realtor (S)

Cheryl Lee Realtor (B)

Justin Lee Realtor (S)

Elena Panigada Realtor (S)

Nancy Nevius Realtor (B)

#53B on Map Page 8

#53A on Map Page 52

Honokowai 3/2 $525,000

Wailuku 3/2 $319,000

Lahaina Shores 0/1 $475,000

Kahana Ridge $329,000 P. Denise La Costa-Principal Broker Now Proudly Affiliated with Prudential Locations Maui 1215 S. Kihei Road #N * Kihei, HI 96753

Tracey O’Reilly Realtor (S)

Marcia Raley Executive Assistant

Michael P. Healey Realtor (B) BIC

Rosalie Yaksic Realtor (S)

#53C on Map Page 14

Lahikeha $425,000 (w/plans)

#53E on Map Page 8

#53D on Map Page 14

Bring Your Challenges!

#53F on Map Page 8

Kapalua 3/2 Gold Program $1,049,000 Gorgeous!

Cell: (808) 280-2132 Office: (808) 875-5606 5% of my Net commissions are donated to local charities!




Blenn Fujimoto CEO & President NMLS #378910

Tony Au EVP, Chief Production Officer NMLS #377361

Jason Martinson SVP, Mortgage Operations Manager NMLS #299684

Shari Motooka-Higa VP, Marketing & Business Developement NMLS #377721

Norman Hong VP, HomeLoan Manager NMLS #378817

Donn Hoshide VP, HomeLoan Manager NMLS #377702

Jimmy Liu VP, HomeLoan Manager NMLS #378765

Gay McPhail VP, HomeLoan Manager NMLS #377375

Betty Lewis Sr. HomeLoan Consultant NMLS #377722

Jimmy Pae Sr. HomeLoan Consultant NMLS #733266

Dawn Robinson Naya VP, HomeLoan Manager NMLS #316268

Darron Carson Sr. HomeLoan Consultant NMLS #378886

Lorna Chan Sr. HomeLoan Consultant NMLS #377372

Steve Garcia Sr. HomeLoan Consultant NMLS #568795

Wendy Kurosawa Sr. HomeLoan Consultant NMLS #272836

Juo Leung Sr. HomeLoan Consultant NMLS #378851

Erin Adaniya Palmer Sr. HomeLoan Consultant NMLS #377720

Trong Son Sr. HomeLoan Consultant NMLS #619828

Erein Trawick Sr. HomeLoan Consultant NMLS #377996

Andrew Aniya HomeLoan Consultant NMLS #377374

Zachary Gaynor HomeLoan Consultant NMLS #378781

Daniele Leong HomeLoan Consultant NMLS #310172

Kynan Pang HomeLoan Consultant NMLS #378447

Thoai Pham HomeLoan Consultant NMLS #378733

Norine Toriki HomeLoan Consultant NMLS #316765

Jennifer Shibuya Wong HomeLoan Consultant NMLS #377550

Rosanne Agustin Reverse Mortgage Consultant NMLS #378726

Cindi Pojas Smith VP, HomeLoan Manager (Maui) NMLS #525983

Linda Fagner Senior HomeLoan Consultant (Maui) NMLS #378758

Barry Carlson HomeLoan Consultant (Maui) NMLS #685884

Eli Trawick HomeLoan Consultant (Maui) NMLS #377661

Phuong Matsuura HomeLoan Consultant NMLS #377378

Gale Lee Wayne Kodama Reverse Mortgage Consultant Reverse Mortgage Consultant NMLS #791402 NMLS #378762

Linda Nakanelua HomeLoan Consultant NMLS #316262

Gary Ritchie SVP, Neighbor Island District Manager NMLS #378442

Doug Henderson HomeLoan Manager (Kauai) NMLS #311993

PHONE: 808-356-4000 | TOLL-FREE: 1-877-466-3429 MAIN OFFICE 201 Merchant Street, Suite 1700 • Honolulu, HI 96813


OAHU | MAUI | HILO | KAUAI Apply online at

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#55D on Map Page 8

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#55G on Map Page 36

#55H on Map Page 52

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#55J on Map Page 44

#55K on Map Page 52


Bonnie Newman

‘The Singing Realtor’

Happily helping people find their perfect piece of our paradise for over 21 years


A = Akahai: L = Lokahi: O = Oilu’olu: H = Ha’aha’a: A = Ahonui:

Kindness expressed with tenderness Unity expressed with harmony Agreeable in manner of pleasantness Humility exercised with modesty Patience with perseverance

Plus: Experience, intelligence, clear communication, compassion ....and excellent negotiation skills (Mediator for 34 years and former CA Attorney) AND...a Smile and a Song!

Call me to ‘talk story’ about your Maui property dreams

Bonnie Newman Realtor-Salesperson 808-283-0645


Windermere Valley Isle Properties The Shops at Wailea

Napili Villas

#57C on Map Page 8

2 Bedroom/2 Bath Nice first floor unit with larger floor plan. Newer carpet, new washer/dryer. This is the lowest 2 bedroom unit currently for sale.

$279,000 #57A on Map Page 44

Private Lahaina Home

358 Aulike St. - 3 Bedroom/2 Bath Lovely home on a beautifully landscaped corner lot~2 blocks to the beach. Laminate wood & tile floors, granite, new fridge/dishwasher. Garage workspace. #57B on Map Page 44


#57D on Map Page 14


#59A on Map Page 60

#59B on Map Page 60

#59E on Map Page 44

#59C on Map Page 60

#59D on Map Page 36

#59F on Map Page 58

#59G on Map Page 36




Fine Island Properties Team Presents... Stunning Honua & Lewa Models available. Kitchens boast gorgeous granite counters, maple cabinetry, & stainless steel appliances. The baths in the home offer custom tiling, and the master suite offers a separate vanity, #62A on Map walk in shower, large tub and the 2 walk Page 44 in closets. Great views of the ocean. Kai Malu community has unparalled amenities including a dissapearing edge pool with forever views of the blue Pacific Ocean & outer islands, spa, saunas, meditation area, gym and an outdoor pavillion with kitchen. Priced from $1,550,000.

#62B on Map Page 44

Tucked on a hillside just entering Wailea and blocks to the world class beaches the Lani Model features 3 bdrs, 2.5 baths & over 2200sf of interior living space with elegant appointments throughout including granite counters, travertine flooring, and Wolf appliances. Primary living is on the 2nd floor to allow you to soak in the gorgeous ocean views & spectacular Maui sunsets. Short Sale. $850,000

Search the Maui MLS at: Keller Williams Realty Maui • Each Office Independently Owned & Operated


#63A on Map Page 44

#63B on Map Page 58


#64A on Map Page 58

#64B on Map Page 58


#65A on Map Page 58

#65B on Map Page 58


#66A on Map Page 58

#66B on Map Page 60

Kula Glen $1,345,000

Haiku Country Estates $910,000

Magnificent panoramic ocean view from this recently remodeled 4-bedroom, 4-bath home with swimming pool, spa and cabana. Enjoy the sunsets from the spacious covered lanais. Huge master suite with dressing room and sitting area. Located on 2 acres in one of Lower Kula’s premier neighborhoods.

Meticulously cared for, single level, 3-bedroom, 2-bath home has a gourmet kitchen, formal living room and family room. Completely fenced and gated 2 acres are landscaped and have a detached barbecue pavilion in the backyard. Central air conditioning, security system and 3-car garage make this a great home to own.

#66D on Map Page 58

Ocean Views over the Greenbelt $699,000 Ideal location and climate for this 3-bedroom, 2.5bath home in popular Kulamanu in Kula. Two stories and spacious covered decks. From the decks enjoy the views of Kahului Harbor and Maalaea Bay. Master suite, kitchen and open living area with fireplace are on the main level.

Peaceful & Private Olinda $770,000 Drive down a flower-lined lane to this like-new 2,300 sf home on one of the nicest lots you’ll ever see. Beautiful North Shore ocean view across the green pasture. Set on 2.56 acres the house has big, open living areas, lots of windows and over 1,000 sf of covered deck for enjoying the gorgeous view.

#66F on Map Page 52

#66E on Map Page 44

All Wailea’s Amenities & Privileges $695,000 Beautiful 1-bedroom, 2-bath unit in highlysought-after Wailea Ekahi condo complex. 10 beachfront acres with 4 swimming pools and a pavillion for entertaining. The apartment is fully furnished and in immaculate condition. Golf membership is available at the Wailea Golf Club.

#66G on Map Page 60

A North Shore Gem $565,000 Check out this single-level, well-maintained home with a mesmerizing view just minutes to Jaws. Entire home has open beam ceilings, even the attached 2-car garage. The great room has a fireplace, and the spacious master bedroom has a windowseat and private outdoor shower.

Cathryn Y. Paxton-Haines R(B), CRB, CRS, GRI, SFR TOLL FREE: (800) 940-1952 CELL: (808) 283-1952


#66C on Map Page 58

Wailuku Heights $675,000 Enjoy the magnificent bi-coastal view from Waiehu to Makena from the master bedroom, living room and wraparound deck. Recently renovated it is ready for the next owner to move right in. High open beam ceiling, central air conditioning, a fireplace, security system and solar water heater make this such a comfortable home.

#66H on Map Page 60

Haiku Acreage with Views $460,000 You will love the expansive feeling of these 8 acres with views of the West Maui Mountains, Molokai and the North Shore. This property, located on a cute country road, is mostly cleared with a little wooded area at the far end. Great place to build your dream home. Great place for kids (or horses!).

#66I on Map Page 60

Enchanting North Shore Property $385,000 These magical 3.65 acres are located at the top of a quiet cul-de-sac just minutes from Hookipa Beach and popular Paia Town. Tropical flowers and banana trees abound. Underground utilities and a County water meter are included.

Debra Merle R(B), ABR CRS, GRI, SFR TOLL FREE: (800) 212-4626 CELL: (808) 283-0049 •

North Shore & Upcountry Hoku Olulani –Heavenly Star Formerly the residence of a Hawaiian Princess, now meticulously restored to its former glory. This 3.6 acre Kula compound is comprised of 5 buildings; the 3/2.5 main home, detached 2/2 cottage, a studio cottage, an oversize two car garage and a two story farm building all surrounded by meandering gardens, fruit bearing trees, water features and expansive views. #67A on Map Page 58

MLS# 348819


Hale Ho’okipa - Haiku Makai Custom, custom, custom…best describes this 2 acre North Shore home. The versatility of this 4/6 home is designed to accommodate your every need. The single level contains a 4 room master suite, guest bedroom suite, gourmet kitchen, formal dining room and more with unobstructed ocean views. Above the garage is a 2/2 guest living quarters. Located just minutes from Ho’okipa Beach! MLS# 346665


#67D on Map Page 58

#67C on Map Page 60

Tropical and Romantic Haiku— Built as a labor of love from the ground up to the rooftop, an artisan’s dream awaits you! Situated on 1.4 acres and surrounded by lush colorful landscaping, this 1/1 home is an ideal Maui retreat and includes a plunge pool and koi pond. The workshop transforms into comfortable guest quarters. MLS# 346926

#67B on Map Page 60

#67E on Map Page 60

Gracious Upcountry Living Contemporary Plantation Keokea, Kula — Reminiscent of Hawaii’s territorial era, this 10 year young home retains all the charm plus the amenities of the 21st century. The attention to detail of this 3/2.5, plus an office & sitting room are evident throughout. Enjoy this private 2 acre setting and breathtaking South Shore Maui and sunset views.

$860,000 MLS# 348651

View details and more photos at: Your North Shore & Upcountry Specialists

Haiku — Located in the desirable neighborhood called Haiku Lani, this 4/3 single story home has all the amenities of contemporary Island living, including a split pitch roof design, covered lanai, gourmet kitchen, bamboo flooring, fireplace and a detached 1/1 ohana all on a level half acre parcel.

$1,495,000 MLS# 348351

Patricia “Patty” Chaney, R(B) Direct: 808-280-2625

Vincent Palmieri, BIC Direct: 808-283-6364


#68A on Map Page 60

#68B on Map Page 44

#68C on Map Page 44

#68D on Map Page 60

#68E on Map Page 44

#69F on Map Page 14

Maui Real Estate Property Guide - September/October 2011  

The Maui Real Estate Property Guide is the ultimate resource to search for all Maui homes, condos, vacant land for sale and Maui's top Realt...