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We specialize in Braces and Invisalign® for Children & Adults

TWO LOCATIONS: Kihei Office 1280 S. Kihei Rd. Suite 206

Lahaina Office 505 Front St. Suite 202

(808) 874-9229 Complimentary Consultation • No Referral Needed Walk-Ins Welcome •

$500 or Invisalign Treatment! Towards Orthodontic ®

• Coupon is only valid if presented at consultation appointment. • Treatment must be started and completed in our office. • New patients only. No cash value. • Expiration Date: 10/31/2017

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6/15/17 1:29 PM

Discover Your Best Self

Book a free consultation today!

• Fast & Innovative Body Contouring • Organic Cleanses & Individualized Weight Loss Plans • Mommy Makeovers • Cryotherapy: Whole Body, Facials or Local • Picosure Skin Revitalization • Hydrotherapy • Lymphatic Drainage • Ozone Therapy

Wailea Gateway Center 808-891-2485 • 5 |


magazine Many Mahalos to and Maui Animal Farm for our fall cover!

OUR KEIKI Halloween Family Fun 8 Becoming a Team Player 10 Sibling Dynamics 12 Test Taking Strategies 14

BABY KEIKI Baby-Friendly Superfoods 16 Baby Expo 2017 18 What is a Doula? 20 Infant Massage 22

ALL IN THE ‘OHANA Fall Family Traditions 24 Momsomnia 26 Overcoming Performance Anxiety 28 Teaching the Deaf or Hard of Hearing 30 Kids & Caffeine 32 R.E.A.D. Program 34 What is 4-H? 38 Helping Those Who Help Us 40


MAUI HAPPENINGS Maui Field Trips Spotlight 46 Maui Family Marketplace 53 Maui Family Magazine Calendar 54 Party Page 70 RIKI’S Keiki Korner 71 EDITORS Patrick Shipman Nicole Shipman Jennifer Poppy Sarah Burns Rukhsanna Guidroz Emmanuelle Betham SALES Nicole Shipman call 573-2731 or email For editorial info call 573-2731 or email Graphic design Alexa Lasco For calendar submissions We at Maui Family Magazine want to inform, celebrate and participate in the nurturing and guidance of Maui’s children. We explore ways for parents to spend quality time with their children while also giving them information on health, safety and education. Maui Family Magazine is printed quarterly as Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter editions.

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No part of this magazine may be reproduced in part or in whole without the written permission of the publisher. All submitted materials become the property of Maui Family Magazine. Mahalo! Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved.


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RKING! FREE PApa ure In the stthe next to tch! pumkin pa

Fresh Fruits, Flowers, Vegetables, and, of course,

ALL kinds of PUMPKINS, All Locally Grown! • Pumpkin Patch • Corn Maze • Farm Animals • Halloween Crafts • Carving Supplies • Goodies to Eat • Field Trips for Groups • Children’s Garden • Food Trucks


Our Stand is Located at 6240 Kula Hwy., across from Rice Park


SPECIAL PUMPKIN PATCH HOURS! — Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat & Sun 9am-4pm

Kula Country Farms, a fourth generation farm, known for their strawberries, local produce, Fall pumpkin patch, strawberry U-pick, and other farm related events! • FOLLOW US FOR DAILY UPDATES

Kula Country Farms

• KulaCountryFarms


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Our Keiki News • Trends • Tips Halloween Family Fun Halloween is one of the most perfect times for your family to bond and have some fun. Here are some great ideas to kick it up a notch this Halloween. Get haunted This is great, especially for older kids. Make a haunted house for your neighborhood. Put the kids in charge of some of the specifics. Set rules about how gory things can get. Then, send out flyers to your neighbors to let them know that your ohana is getting thrills and chills on for Halloween! For the younger ghoul Hold a story-time Halloween party. Invite little friends to join you dressed in their costumes. Serve fun foods and drinks while the little ones listen to the moms and dads read Halloween or Fall stories. Have a little ‘shake-it-out’ time in between each story by doing a “boogiemonster” dance. Make it a theme In the days leading up to the holiday, throw a Halloween party and give it a theme. Try to choose a theme that won’t be too difficult for

guests to create a costume for. Fun theme ideas include: Disco, Pirate or Superheroes. Once you’ve chosen your theme, make food, decorations and games to go with it. Make it a family affair. Start a tradition where your whole family dresses in the same theme. Themes like Superheroes, Finding Nemo or Star Wars are always big hits. Get back to basics. Instead of ordering that costume online, or finding it at the big box stores, make it a tradition for the family to make their costumes every year. You can find some great ideas on sites such as Pinterest, and you don’t have to be a super sewer to do this. Keep it simple, and get the kids involved to make it extra fun and special. SB

The Haku Baldwin Center invites everyone to join them for a day of family filled FUN at the Fall Harvest Festival in Makawao. The fun includes Pony Rides, Petting Zoo, Games, Arts & Crafts, Farmers Market, Craft Fair, Silent Auction, Bake Sale, Entertainment, Food, Face Painting and Balloon Animals. Bring your keiki in costume and wear yours too! ** NO PETS ALLOWED **

Haku Baldwin Center Fall Harvest Festival

Haku Baldwin Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit providing therapeutic horseback riding for children with special needs, animal-assisted therapy/activities for people of all ages, humane animal education classes, horsemanship for veterans program and an equestrian center offering riding lessons, training and boarding. All proceeds support their non-profit therapeutic programs.


Visit or call 572-9129 for more information.

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Our Keiki team sports

Becoming a Team Player Our culture often puts the spotlight on individual effort rather than teamwork. But encouraging your child to play a team sport might be the best thing you do for their growth as a human being. While there may be bumps on the road, there are ways to help them understand the importance of teamwork. In a team, there is no “I.” What is best for the team is not always best for the individual. The emphasis is on the group endeavor. Keeping individual score is fine, but what’s more important is how the team works together. Encouraging your child to use the “we” word helps them appreciate how collaboration can make for harmony. Take responsibility for your own mistakes. Own up to mistakes rather than pointing the finger at another player. Help your child to admit to errors they make and then move on. Blaming others creates resentment and hurt feelings. Every player and position on the team is essential and valuable. Explain to your child how cause and effect relate. Without a certain move, or pass, that goal may not have been made.

It’s a series of actions and each person has a role to play. Mutual respect helps build good sportsmanship. Teamwork can spark feelings of joy that are hard to create in individual sports. Working towards a common aim brings people together, and the mix of personalities and talents provides a rich ground for human interaction. Team sports create a sense of camaraderie. Trying a different position is a big plus with team sports. Your child may think they like pushing first off the starting blocks for the 4 x 100m relay, but then an opportunity arises for them to go last. Perhaps their skills are best used in a different strategic position. A team sport is the perfect environment for trying something new. Being a team player is challenging, for human beings tend to be more concerned about individual trophies. But a good sportsman knows that being a team player is a win-win situation. RG

The Hunchback of Notre Dame AUGUST 25TH–SEPTEMBER 3RD MAUI ARTS & CULTURAL CENTER Maui Academy of Performing Arts (MAPA) brings The Hunchback of Notre Dame to the Maui stage live, August 25–September 3 at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center, Castle Theater. The famous love story of Quasimodo and Esmeralda comes to life on a grand scale in this re-imagining of Victor Hugo’s tale of hope, acceptance and what it means to be a hero. With a lush score featuring songs from the beloved Academy Award-nominated Disney film, this captivating new musical is the only stage collaboration between two giants of American

musical theatre: Alan Menken (Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid) and Stephen Schwartz (Wicked, Pippin). The Hunchback of Notre Dame features David Tuttle as Quasimodo, Will Kimball as Claude Frollo and Danielle Mealani Delaunay as Esmeralda. The show is directed by David C. Johnston, with choreography by Andre Morissette and music direction by Gary W. Leavitt.

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Our Keiki sibling relationships

Supporting the Dynamics of Sibling Relationships By KIEGAN BLAKE, O.T.


ibling relationships are one of the most important and long lasting relationships your children will have. What a gift! They vary according to ages of the siblings, the ‘gap’ in ages, the individual developmental and temperament profiles of the kids as well as family culture and larger ethnic culture. There are, however, some key areas you can focus on to support the relationship of your children. 1. Support the individuality of each child. This creates the platform for celebrating your kids’ individual differences! Let them know you expect them to have different ideas and support them equally. This is particularly important later for dealing with siblings wanting to have whatever the other sibling has; they will learn that they are equal but not the same. 2. Facilitate communication and problem solving (rather than doing it for them). Support your children stopping, verbalizing their ideas, their emotions, watching the other sibling response and negotiating around how each other feels. Give your kids the experience of sitting in the ‘puddle’ of discomfort when they don’t agree and allow it– they will learn that they move toward their goal faster if they come up with solutions together.

3. Let your kids know verbalizing a full range of emotions is acceptable. Positively reinforce the verbal expression of emotion (even if it is heated). Words are far better than pushing, door slamming, taking items out of each other’s hands/rooms, leaving, etc. 4. Help your kids learn how to negotiate by offering something that makes it a win-win for them and their sibling. If they want to ‘go first’ this time then have that child problem solve what their sibling can get in return. This puts the focus on each child knowing what is important to the other and problemsolving with the other’s feelings in mind. 5. Celebrate in your kids’ individual talents! This is important for each child to feel competent & confident without having to ‘measure up’ to the other. One sibling may be an athlete and the other may be good at story telling or, one child may get homework done fast and the other may be detail oriented and thorough. One sibling may have many social friends and the other may prefer one-on-one experience with a chosen friend. A resource: Siblings Without Rivalry; How To Help Your Children Live Together So You Can Live Too by Adele Faber & Eileen Mazlish. Kiegan Blake is an Occupational Therapist, Behavioral Specialist and Director of Maui Center For Child Development. For more information, call (808) 873-7700 or visit

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Commit To Restoration Indulge in a monthly massage or facial tailored just for you with exclusive benefits for $115 per month.

Enroll in your membership at Spa Grande with Liz Patterson at 808.875.1234 ext. 4525 or email

MAUI CENTER FOR CHILD DEVELOPMENT Affordable Therapy Classes for Young Children to Teens! Occupational Therapy!

Improve your child’s Motor Skills, Sensory Processing, Handwriting, Social Skills, SelfRegulation Skills, Feeding Sensitivities, Behavior Challenges, and Learn Parenting Strategies. Learn from our expert Occupational Therapist while having fun on our State-Of-The-Art-Equipment!

Social Skills!

Help your child develop Friendship Skills through fun, small group, social activities. Your child will learn to read non-verbal cues, hold social conversations, be flexible and negotiate. We customize our curriculum for the kids in each group and use Thinking Social™, SuperFlex™ & DIRFloortime™ activities & approaches.

Speech Therapy!

Improve your child’s Communication, Articulation, Stuttering, Pragmatic, and Social Skills! Assessment & Therapies available by our expert Speech Therapist!

Classes for Homeschoolers!

Learn while having fun! Handwriting, Social Skills, Self-Regulation classes or Behavior Management skills with one of our Expert Staff!

Improve Behavior & Learn Skills!

Therapists Trained in Behavioral Interventions & Self Regulation strategies for the child and family. Help your child learn to build Communication and Coping skills. Parents learn to create positive behavioral momentum for lasting change. Learn from our Expert Therapist while having Fun! About Kiegan Blake, OTR/L, M.A. Ed. Kiegan has been an Occupational Therapist for over 20 years and opened the Maui Center for Child Development in 2003. She works with families statewide providing assessment, direct therapy as well as consultation for home and school programs. She has been providing mentorship & trainings to professionals in Hawaii, nationally, and internationally.

SOME INSURANCE ACCEPTED 244 Papa Place, Suite 102, Kahului, HI 96732 • 808-873-7700 •

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Our Keiki School

Test Taking Strategies Test taking can be hard. Sometimes your kids may not know the answers, other times they may study and know things well, however the stress of taking a “test” gets them flustered. Give your child a head start with test taking tips. Start with good nutrition It’s so hard to concentrate, let alone take a test, when you are hungry. And for kids, it’s no different. Set your child up for success by giving them a balanced breakfast before they head to school. This should be done every day but it’s especially important when they need to focus for a test. Also, send them with snacks that can feed their brain, like almonds. The natural fatty acids found in almonds can help their brain be on point. They can also provide oxygen to the brain, helping to keep your child alert and focused. Spend time doing practice tests To get your child used to the pressure of a test, do home tests the days leading up to the real thing to help them learn how to focus. For

example, do a mock spelling test and try to emulate how the teacher does them, so your keiki is ready and knows what to do once they are in the classroom. A few essentials go a long way Did you know that certain essential oils can help with focus and brain function? Use lavender, lightly rubbed on your child’s back with some carrier oil such as coconut oil. This can help keep them calm for their test. Place some peppermint in a diffuser necklace for your teenager to wear on test days. Peppermint can help with focus and alertness. Diffuse Young Living’s Geneyus while your child studies to help them focus and retain the information. SB

Maui’s Pumpkin Patch at Kula Country Farms STARTING SUNDAY, OCTOBER 1ST MON.–FRI.: 9AM–5PM // SAT. & SUN.: 9AM–4PM KULA COUNTRY FARMS, KULA Starting the season off on Sunday, October 1st, the Kula Country Farms Pumpkin Patch will offer a fabulous array of seasonal games and activities for the whole family! Explore the famous Corn Maze, talk to the friendly farm animals, wander through the Children’s Garden, and inspect the New Grow Garden with its seasonal flowers and veggies, including edible pumpkins and a variety of squash! Don’t miss the towering sunflowers, and of course, pick your own pumpkins! They will have food vendors, crafts, seasonal goodies, and field trips. Pumpkin Patch Field Trips are available upon request, and interested

crafters and food vendors can contact Kula Country Farms for an application form. Also, there is free parking in the pasture for visiting ‘ohana, which is safer than the roadside. They’re located on Kula Hwy, across from Rice Park. See you amongst the pumpkins! Open weekdays, 9am–5pm, and weekends, 9am–4pm. If you want to book a Pumpkin Patch Field Trip, or if you’re interested in being a food vendor or crafter, email the farm at

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Hawaii Energy Smart proudly presents:

Solar PV and battery storage for your home or business. • Own the power you produce. • Have access to your power, even if the grid goes down! • Battery backup

With Powerblocks, you:

• Designed for Hawaii’s grid • Future proofed technology • Best warranty on the market • Customizable user interface, allowing you to control your energy! • Zero money down financing available

Why wait on something else? Powerblocks are available TODAY!!!

808-280-9627 Hawaii Energy Smart is a locally owned and operated company, that is nationally recognized.

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Baby Keiki News • Trends • Tips Baby-Friendly Superfoods

maui mall


Supporting your baby’s health with nutritious food from the start is important for his or her growth and development. In addition to breast milk or baby formula, when your baby reaches around six months of age, your pediatrician may recommend feeding him or her solids that are age-appropriate. While it may seem easier to just grab a jar of baby food at the grocery store, making your own baby food can be simple, too. Here’s a list of baby-friendly superfoods, along with super easy ways to prepare them for your little one: Organic Sweet Potato (great source of vitamin A, as well as vitamin C, manganese, copper, pantothenic acid and vitamin B6). Bake sweet potato, then scoop out potato from the skin.

Nothing Cooler

Mash sweet potato with a fork or puree in a food processor or high-powered blender. (Add breast milk or formula for a thinner consistency). Organic Avocado (nutrient-dense fruit including protein, fiber, niacin, thiamin, riboflavin, folic acid, and zinc, as well as healthy fats). Simply cut avocado in half and mash fruit with a fork before serving. Organic Berries (various vitamins and nutrients). Note that extra caution in preparation is needed when feeding strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, etc. to avoid choking. Add water to a pan and bring to a boil, then add fruit and reduce heat. Remove berries, puree, and strain the berries before serving. Organic Spinach (potassium, manganese, zinc, magnesium, iron and calcium). Wash spinach and cook in a pan with a little bit of water for two to three minutes or until the spinach has wilted. Then, puree until smooth. Organic Banana (rich in potassium and other vitamins, particularly vitamin B6, vitamin C and vitamin B2 ). Simply peel banana and mash fruit with a fork or puree. Organic Carrots (vitamin A, vitamin K, fiber, potassium, amongst many other nutrients). Wash and peel carrots. Cook in a pan with water for about 10-15 minutes or until tender. Then drain liquid and puree carrots to desired consistency. Many of these baby-friendly superfoods can be prepared in advance and stored in the fridge or freezer for quick meals. Remember to wait four days before introducing a new food to your baby to watch for possible allergies. Happy feeding! JP

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5:42 PM

Mark youR


OCT. 5-8, 2017

EXHIBITS . ENTERTAINMENT . CONTESTS . FOOD . FUN /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////


THURS 5 - 11PM • FRI 5PM - 12AM • SAT 10AM - 12AM • SUN 10AM - 11PM ADMISSION: ADULTS $10 • KEIKI 5-11 YRS $5 • KEIKI 4 YRS & UNDER FREE

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Baby Keiki babY parTY


Queen Ka’ahumanu Center and Maui Family Magazine present the 1st Annual Baby Expo 2017 at Queen Ka’ahumanu Center Saturday, September 30th, 10am–2pm. Join us for the island’s largest Keiki Crawling Contest, show off those baby dimples in a Photo Contest, stroll the Maui Keiki Resource Fair and much more! All members of the family are welcome to join us for the premiere event celebrating our keiki birth through toddler age. Enter to WIN a Maui Family Magazine photo feature, a supply of diapers for a year and many more prizes throughout the day. Live entertainment, guest speakers and keiki crafts are just the beginning.


Win a Year’s of Supply s! Diaper

tak ta ake ke ca ca ar r re e of ab o bab aby by TO G E T H E R



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Join the Fun! Quality Preschools

Now Registering

Paia (579-9185) Lahaina (667-0422) Piilani (874-8844) Kahului (877-7256) New - Evangelical (Hina St.) (877-6604) Email us at Take Kama‘aina Kids wherever you go! Download and install our mobile App to get the latest news, promotions and updates on all our services and programs.


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What is a Doula? By Mary Jane Bennett

A doula is a unique part of the birthing team. She is traditionally hired by the birthing couple to serve the laboring woman and her partner. A doula is not a nurse nor a midwife, therefore, it is not her job to perform medical tasks or clinical evaluations. Continuity of care (due to the fact that doulas do not work in shifts) is also comforting to the birthing couple. The mother can rest assured that her physical and emotional needs will be met throughout her labor and birth. The doula is focused on one patient only. Nurses are an important part of the birthing team. Some expectant couples think that the nurses can provide physical and emotional comfort, but nurses are usually responsible for more than one patient. It is unlikely that a nurse can stay by your side continuously during labor. Nurses are responsible for clinical evaluations, monitoring vital signs, record keeping and charting, reporting to the doctors, and more. Some expectant couples may think that a trusted friend or family member can do the job of a certified doula. The birthing couple is encouraged to choose whoever they would like to be present at the birth of their baby, keeping in mind that having a friend or family member at the birth does not match the expertise in and knowledge of pre-natal care, the birthing process, and the post-partum recovery period,

as well as breastfeeding knowledge, that most certified doulas have obtained through intense training, certification processes and experience. Some expectant fathers/partners are concerned that hiring a certified doula undermines his/her job as the coach. The fact is that a certified doula assists the father/partner by making practical suggestions so he/she can better help the mother, by giving him/her breaks when necessary, and by enabling him/her to participate in ways in which he/she is most comfortable without compromising the needs of the laboring woman. Having a certified doula present allows the father/partner to concentrate all his energies on the mother; giving her the love, that only he can provide, and freeing him from worry. Hiring a certified doula allows the father to relax and fully participate at his own comfort level for the birth of his/her baby. For more information, contact Mary Jane Bennett CD (DONA) IBCLC LCCE ECE of Beautiful Informed Beginnings by phone at (808) 283-7139 or email at

Maui Preparatory’s Annual Paniolo Night SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 9TH // 4PM–9PM // MAUI PREPARATORY CAMPUS, NAPILI Bring your cowboy boots and cowgirl hats, it’s time for Maui Prep’s Annual Paniolo Night! This family friendly event, located on the scenic campus of Maui Prep, will include fun for all ages, with carnival-style game booths and prizes, face painting, horse rides, bouncy castles, paintball, laser tag, ono food trucks, country kitchen, delicious malasadas, West Maui community service organizations, and entertainment. Free admission, free parking. Scripts are for purchase at the school. Come and enjoy the amazing view and ono food, as the kids get their fun on. Yeehaw! Maui Preparatory is located at 4910 Honoapiilani Hwy. in Napili.

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Book Today!

We’ve moved! Visit us at our new location:

1852 Loke St. Wailuku

Treating: Colic, asthma, cough, colds, ear infections, anxiety, hyperactivity, ADHD, diarrhea, constipation, night frights, allergies, eczema, delayed growth & more.


























Christine Asuncion, LAc. 1852 Loke St. Wailuku 808.249.8280


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Baby Keiki massage

Infant Massage By Jade Holter

The ancient art of massage has been practiced by many cultures around the world for centuries, and not just on adults. In Hawaii, lomilomi (healing massage) has been used on both mother and child after birth, especially when babies had stomach ailments. In recent years, we’ve seen a resurgence in the use of this healing art for infants, as massage gains greater acceptance.   Massage is beneficial for all babies. Massaging your baby regularly provides soothing relief from colic, teething, gas and reflux. It also stimulates neurological development, improves sleep patterns, regulates behavioral states and reduces baby’s stress levels. Massage is a wonderful way to bond with your baby while engaging all five senses. Learning infant massage provides parents with another technique to soothe their baby, which in turn, helps them gain confidence in their parenting skills. The best behavioral state for a massage is ‘quiet-alert’, which means the baby is awake and calm, often after baby has woken up from a nap, or after bath time. Wait 35–40 minutes after feeding to begin massage. Plan your baby massage at the same time every day so that

11th Annual Maui Children & Youth Day SATURDAY, OCTOBER 14TH 4PM–8PM KENOLIO REC. CENTER, KIHEI

baby feels secure and knows what is coming next. Consider integrating massage into nighttime rituals. Choose a room that is warm, quiet and familiar so that baby doesn’t become over stimulated. Use a high quality cold-pressed natural oil, like coconut, grape seed or kukui nut. Unscented oil should be used for the first six months so that baby can smell your scent.   Massage can be adapted for babies and children of all ages, and length of massage may vary. For toddlers, you may incorporate songs or games to keep their interest. Babies may need to nurse, fuss, cry, or take a break during the massage. Make the experience a positive one for your baby by responding appropriately to their needs. Visit for more information on infant massage. For more information, contact Jade Holter Certified Postpartum Doula, Lactation Educator & Infant Massage Instructor at

The 11th Annual Maui Children and Youth Day is just around the corner. Celebrating families with keiki from preschool through middle school, Maui Children and Youth Day is a free, fun, family event co-sponsored by Kihei Youth Center, held at Kenolio Recreational Center in Kihei, on October 14th from 4pm–8pm.   Enjoy crafts ‘to make and take’, games to delight, entertainment by talented youth, taiko drumming, demonstrations, giveaways, keiki ID and more. This free event is filled with fun for the whole family. Keiki who complete the treasure hunt game, by visiting booths with activities to engage and educate, may even win a prize! Plus, there will be food booths that benefit South Maui youth clubs.   All families and their keiki are welcome! Maui’s 11th annual festival is part of the statewide October celebration of Children and Youth month. For additional information, contact Kihei Youth Center at 879-8698.

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• Care and nurturing for the new mother • Breastfeeding support • Education on newborn behavior, sleep habits & feeding cues • Practical household and baby related help • Daytime and overnight care • Newborn and sibling childcare Gift Certificates Available


Newborn Care & Breastfeeding Classes

Cally L. Adams, DDS Pediatric Dentist

Specializing in the highest quality of dental care to infants, children, adolescents, and special needs. Se habla Español. Hospital Dentistry. Accepting New Patients. Call Today. 1325 S. Kihei Rd. Suite #108 Kihei, HI 96753 P: (808) 875-4808 F: (808) 875-4841 E: pediatric-dentist 23 |

All IN THE Ohana


Fall Family Traditions for Maui Keiki

1. Take them to Kula Country Farms to pick pumpkins and walk through the corn maze. Kula Country Farms gets better every year with vendors and food and tons of fun things for kids of all ages. The view isn’t bad either! 2. Take them to the Maui County Fair. Ride the rides, check out the livestock, and eat a lot of good local food. This is a tradition that is not to be missed - it happens only once a year! 3. Head Upcountry and collect leaves to make fun fall crafts with your little ones. Go for a hike at Olinda Forest (Waihou Springs Trail). Enjoy cooler temps and pinecones! While Upcountry, head to Surfing Goat and let


your little ones feed the cute animals. They can even try some goat cheese if they’re feeling adventurous. 4. Walk the Lahaina Keiki Costume Parade on Halloween in Lahaina. It may be hot, but it’s an awesome tradition. End it with dinner on Front Street, followed by trick or treating in the local neighborhoods. 5. Visit the Maui Ocean Center around Halloween to see them carve pumpkins underwater. Now that’s a sight to see! 6. Dress up in your Halloween costumes and go trick or treating together, of course! 7. Find a haunted house and go as a family. Be sure to choose one that’s age-appropriate so you don’t scare the kids (or yourself) too much! 8. Send a piece of Fall art to Grandma and Grandpa. Get crafty with those pinecones and leaves from Upcountry and deliver it to Tutu! 9. Pop on a jacket and head to Kula Lodge for some hot cocoa, brick-oven pizza and an incredible view. SB Join the Maui Electric ‘ohana for an exciting day dedicated to all things energy! This FREE event will feature lots of fun activities and games for the whole family. Learn how to stay safe around electricity and save energy and money as well as see how we’re powering our islands with reliable and clean resources. Check it out! Activities include: live electrical and safety demonstrations, 101 Ways to Save: Money & Electricity, solar toys & hands-on energy exhibits, electrical vehicle display, robotics demonstrations by Maui County schools, power supply demo, FREE photo calendar, Save Our Seabirds display, exhibitions by community partners, and more!

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K-12 Education Kamehameha Schools

The choice is yours! Campus program World-class curriculum rooted in Christian and Hawaiian values on OĘťahu, Maui and HawaiĘťi Island

Kipona Scholarship Need-based funds for students enrolling in participating nonKamehameha private schools

Apply for both options in one application. Apply by September 30, 2017 for the 2018-2019 school year. Kamehameha Schools policy on admissions is to give To learn more, visit preference to applicants of or call Hawaiian ancestry to the extent permitted by law. 808-842-8800. Kamehameha Schools 1408 ADV-2017-2018 K-12 Education Campaign Maui Family, Color 4.75"w x 3.75"h

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Ohana mom

Momsomnia: How to Get the Rest You Need If you find yourself lying awake at night, despite your baby’s peaceful slumber, you may have ‘momsomnia’. Momsomnia is “a term used to describe a mom, whose child wakes her up at night but then immediately falls back to sleep, leaving the mom restless and unable to get back to sleep herself” ( Implementing ways to unwind after your sleep is interrupted is key for good health. “Find what works for you and your family: co-sleep, sleep train, whatever it takes for you to get some much needed rest,” shared Colie Lennox, Maui mother of four and blogger ( She continued, “Sleep when the baby is sleeping. If naps aren’t an option, at least go to bed for the night when you put the baby to bed. Remember that this sleepless stage will pass, and before you know it, they will be putting themselves to bed and sleeping through the night.” Tehane Baza-Triulzi, Maui mother of four, added that for her, committing to a nightly “shut down routine” is key. “I need the time to disconnect from electronics, to plan for the day ahead, and to do some self-care. This way, my brain slows down and I stop thinking about all the things


left to do. I focus in on a moment for me to relax, refuel, refresh. It’s a great way to beat the momsomnia and truly find rest.” Here are some more tips for conquering momsomnia: • Exercise, preferably in the morning, for a calmer mood and deeper, more restful sleep. • If you are finding yourself lying awake in bed, get up and do something relaxing, like taking a bath or doing light stretches. • Avoid caffeine after 3pm. • Set an early bedtime. • Accept help. Let your partner wake up with the baby or hire a babysitter for naptimes. • Squeeze in time to rest during the day by taking a short stroll with your child, working on a creative project, listening to music and meditating or praying. Hopefully, after practicing some of these ways to rest, you will overcome the battle of momsomnia and be on your way to a more energetic and alert state of mind. JP

This annual fundraising event will be held on Saturday, September 23rd, at 8992 Kula Highway, across from Keokea Park, from 9am to 4pm. There will be lots of ono food, baked goods, a Kids’ Zone, plants, flowers, farm fresh produce, a gift shop with baskets, crafters, a silent auction and live entertainment all day long.  All this for only $1 admission, or a canned good for the food bank – free for children under 10. This event provides funding for the programs and maintenance of the 117 year old church at St. John’s Episcopal Church. Each year, different nonprofits are chosen to share proceeds. This year, the beneficiaries are the Family Life Center, a homeless transitional shelter, and Ka Hale A ke Ola, a homeless resource center.  For more info, or to volunteer or donate to the auction, call 878-1485. Please visit and click on festival.

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Located in beautiful Upcountry

Serving families and their children 3–5 years old. Monday–Friday • 7am–4pm

oc msoionng


Maui on the slopes of Haleakala

Providing a safe and fun place where children are loved and love to learn. 17 Omaopio Rd., Kula • 808-878-6343

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Ohana perFormaNce aNXieTY

Overcoming Performance Anxiety


erformance anxiety can affect a person of any age. But when it comes to our children it’s tough for a parent to witness. Tantrums, stomachache, and nail-biting are just a few ways it can manifest itself. These symptoms can appear in any kind of situation such as recitals, sports, tests, and speeches. They can also show up in less obvious places such as art camp or cooking class. While performance anxiety is believed to stem from a child’s temperament, genes and learned behavior, support from an adult can go a long way to easing their nervous system: • Explain that having the jitters is normal. Avoid saying, “Don’t worry,” or, “Don’t be silly.” Show empathy by saying, “Yes, that’s difficult,” and then offer to help figure out how they can cope. • Don’t avoid situations such as giving their teacher a note to excuse the child from the activity. Building their resilience to the stressful

situation serves them more. Empower them so they can deal with that audition for the school play or math test. • Encourage stretching to loosen up muscles and taking slow deep breaths before a football game. Ground them in the knowledge that they have the ability to achieve whatever they want. • Focus on the journey rather than the outcome. Remind them of all they have achieved to get to this point. Offer small rewards as a way of recognizing what they’ve done so far in their lives. • Speak gently and slowly with them as a way to relax their inner butterflies. • Tell them you love them no matter what. Children need to know they won’t be punished for not doing well, and that your love for them does not depend on their performance. At the end of the day, like all human beings, children want love and acceptance for who they are and where they are in their lives. RG 7pm to see the new studios, register for classes, meet with teachers, purchase dancewear, and get to know this dancing ‘ohana.

Alexander Academy of Performing Arts Has a New Home OPEN HOUSE: WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 9TH 4PM–7PM // 870 HALI’IMAILE RD. After over 20 years at the Old Kula Community Center, Alexander Academy of Performing Arts (AAPA) has relocated to its new studio home in Hali‘imaile (870 Hali’imaile Road). AAPA will hold an open house August 9th between 4pm–

Beyond its core ballet and contemporary classes, the Fall schedule also features jazz, lyrical, hip hop, breakdancing, yoga, pilates, acrobatics, and tap for ages 2–adult from a well-known faculty: Amelia Couture, Katerina Dominguez, Absalon Figueroa, Hallie Hunt, Alex HutaffBautista, Lee Anne Lawrence, Danelle Watson, and Or Sagi-Woodson. The Fall session runs August 14-December 23, and new students can register at any time. AAPA offers a robust discount tuition program for families who demonstrate a financial need. Students who register by September have the opportunity to perform at the 2017 Holiday of Dance in December!  Visit to find out more.

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Ohana edUcaTioN

Is Your Child Hard of Hearing? BY CHrISTy CHAdWICK

Almost 90% of children who are deaf or hard of hearing (dHH) are born to hearing parents. Instantly, parents are faced with a decision of how their child learns to communicate. There are options, such as sign language, learning to listen and talk, or a combination of both. A child with a hearing loss cannot learn language by overhearing sounds and words in their environment. Children who are dHH must be clearly taught language by a trained professional, or a Teacher of the deaf (Tod) specializing in their mode of communication (sign language or spoken language). The best time to learn language is from birth to 5 years of age. It is imperative to children’s education and social success to give children access to quality services necessary for acquiring language. Families also benefit from regular services for support in learning how to best communicate with their child.

Hawai’i has the highest prevalence rate of children born with a hearing loss. The numbers in 2013 showed 3 out of 1000 children are born with a hearing loss. Only 65% of those are receiving early intervention services. The lack of services creates a large gap for students who are dHH to keep up with their typically hearing peers in reading, language, and academics. There are communities on Facebook, such as “Hawaii Hears,” “Hawaii Parents of deaf and Hard of Hearing Kids,” and “Listening and Spoken Language Group.” Also, Maui deaf Friends has great resources for learning sign language and getting involved with the deaf community. Furthermore, families can contact Christy Chadwick, Teacher of the deaf. She can provide language lessons, ideas for communicating with your child, and options for academic learning. Christy Chadwick has a Masters in Deaf Education and specializes in Listening and Spoken Language. For more information visit, follow the FB awareness page called Hawaii Hears or email

Fall Fun at the Keiki Playhouse Looking for a fun place to take your kids? The Keiki Playhouse is an indoor facility, which focuses on imaginative play and also encourages the parent child bond. There’s a pizzeria, garden, a pirate ship, an enchanted castle and more. Starting August 7th, Monday-Wednesday, enjoy 50% off admission from 3-6pm. This October drop in for some spooky Halloween fun! The Keiki Playhouse will be transformed into a Haunted Playhouse from October 17th31st and you will receive a $3 discount October 23rd-31st when you come dressed in costume. The Keiki Playhouse also offers a drop N’ Go

service, birthday parties, group rates and a gift shop with unique, handmade gifts and costumes. Come imagine, learn, and play with them! Visit the Keiki Playhouse at 427 Ala Makani St, Unit 101, Kahului or at For more information call 808-268-7267 or email: thekeikiplayhouse@

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Dr. Colleen M. Ichiyama Kong Premier Vision, LLC

244-8034 2049 Wells St, Ste #1

HAWAI‘I HEARS LSL or Listening and Spoken Language basics A method for teaching children who are deaf or hard of hearing

Deaf Education has gone through many phases over the past hundred years. With the rapid increase in technology, people who have a hearing loss can now access sound in a variety of ways. Children who are deaf or hard of hearing must be explicitly taught how to use their devices. To find out more contact Hawai‘i Hears!

Hawaii Hears


Alexander Academy of the Performing Arts Has Moved!

Now located at 870 Hali'imaile Road, Makawao, HI 96768

Register Online! 808-878-8970 Where the art of dance meets the heart of the community 31 |

Trish Barker

Offering classes in ballet, hip hop, jazz, contemporary, tap, breakin’, yoga, and more for ages 2-adult



Ohana healTh

Kids & Caffeine Kids and caffeine don’t mix well. All parents know that. So, is it ok to substitute a cup of coffee with hot chocolate? It’s mostly milk and that’s fine, right? Caffeine is known as a drug because it stimulates the central nervous system. It’s the most widely consumed psychoactive drug today, and it’s finding its way into our children’s diet. Tea and coffee are the usual suspects for caffeine. But consider these sources, too: chocolate, sodas, chai, ice cream, jelly beans, lollipops, beef jerky, marshmallows, gummy bears, energy bars, candy bars, mints, and gum. Caffeine overload A small amount of caffeine causes alertness in the body. But in both kids and adults, too much caffeine can cause: • nervousness • upset stomach • headaches • difficulty concentrating • trouble sleeping • faster heart rate • higher blood pressure Apart from children and teens, studies show that toddlers are also consuming the stimulant. And their developing bodies are more sensitive to its effects.

2nd Annual Taste of Upcountry SATURDAY, OCTOBER 7TH // 6PM–10PM 2933 BALDWIN AVE., MAKAWAO

Other issues Kids who drink a lot of soft drinks are also consuming lots of sugar which can lead to tooth decay and obesity. Let’s not forget they’ll also be missing out on drinking calcium-rich drinks such as milk or plain water. What to do: • Watch for hidden caffeine by checking the ingredient list on foods and beverages. • Eliminate soda. Instead, offer water, milk, or 100% fruit juice in small amounts. • Do not offer toddlers any caffeine-containing products and practice saying no to kids under the age of 12. Little sips can lead to bigger sips. • Educate your teen about the effects of caffeine. • Discourage the use of energy drinks for kids who play sports and other activities. Be aware, decaffeinated means low caffeine not caffeine free. No parent wants their kid hooked on caffeine. With a few simple steps, we can raise healthy and caffeine-free kids. Eliminating caffeine from our own diet could even be the very first step! After all, we are their primary role models. RG

Montessori School of Maui’s Taste of Upcountry is designed to highlight the collaborations of Maui’s renowned chefs and Upcountry farmers and purveyors, who provide delicious food and produce on the island. The event will be held under a tent on the school’s beautiful campus in Makawao, featuring culinary stations presenting delicious pupu and dessert “tastes” for all attendees. In addition to the “tastes”, the evening’s festivities will also include musical guests and silent and live auctions. The event is 21+ and open to the public. This is a BYOB event, and there will be no sale of alcohol. This is the primary fundraising event for the 2017–18 school year, and all proceeds will directly support the School’s operating budget. For more information, contact Ali Grimes:

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Ohana liTeracY

R.E.A.D. to a Dog?!


t may sound a little odd to hear, “Hey, Mom, I read to a dog today!” But when the Caring K9s R.E.A.D.® teams pull into the parking area, children say just that. They run to sign up and read with a four-legged friend, leaving skateboards and video games behind. It’s no secret; reading is FUN when done with a dog! The R.E.A.D.® literacy program is built around the idea of children reading to dogs. Students are invited to read to a friend (a certified therapy dog), who is able to listen attentively, never judges or criticizes, allows the child to read at their own pace, helps them to relax, and even helps lower their blood pressure and heart rate. The results of these programs are significant, with students showing improvement in communication skills, reading fluency, comprehension, and self-esteem. The non-profit, Caring K9s Therapy Dogs Maui is dedicated to improving the quality of people’s lives through the magic of dog

visitation therapy. Melodie Ulman founded Caring K9s in 2012, when she and her husband relocated to Maui. Currently, the Caring K9 organization has over 20 dedicated volunteer handler and dog teams, who make comfort visits, specific animal assisted therapy visits, run animal care education programs, and coordinate Reading Education Assistance Dogs (R.E.A.D. ®) programs with certified therapy dogs. These Caring K9s currently make visits to Hale Makua Skilled Nursing homes, Rosalani Place Assisted Living Community, Maui Adult Day Care Centers, Hospice Maui and Islands Hospice patients, Kansha Preschool, and the Maui Boys and Girl’s Clubs. Caring K9s has R.E.A.D.® programs at four of the island’s Boys and Girls Clubs, and is intending to have these programs at all the Boys and Girls Clubs around the island, as well as other after school programs (such as YMCA and A+), and hopes to expand to all elementary schools on the island in the near future. Carden Academy will begin a Caring K9s lead R.E.A.D.© program next fall! For more information, contact Caring K9s Therapy Dogs Maui at

National Library Card Sign Up Month MONTH OF SEPTEMBER // LIBRARIES STATEWIDE September is National Library Card Sign Up Month. Signing up for a library card is an important milestone in a person’s life—most especially in the life of a child. Children take pride in selecting and borrowing library materials with their very own library card. Your Hawaii State Public Library System card gives you free access to a wide array of print and electronic resources. Electronic resources—eBooks, eAudiobooks, eMagazines and eNewspapers, data-

bases, eLearning, and more—are available 24/7 at Visit the website or your local public library to learn more about how to apply for or renew your library card. A library card opens up a world of reading and learning that will last a lifetime!

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“I want my family to have the best possible care.�

At HMSA, we're committed to providing the highest quality health care to the people of Maui. We're always working to make sure you have access to Hawaii's best physicians, hospitals, and clinics. Find your HMSA health plan at


36 | 1010-7650 HMSA Maui Family Mag Ad Fall17 F.indd 1

7/6/2017 2:50:28 PM

Expecting? It’s an exciting time for you and your family. Join the HMSA Pregnancy Support Program to get paired with a nurse care manager who will provide education, counseling, and social support. You’ll also get a copy of the book, Your Pregnancy and Childbirth, Month to Month, at no cost.

To enroll, call 948-6079 on Oahu or 1 (800) 776-4672 toll-free on the Neighbor Islands, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.


37 | 1010-7650 HMSA Maui Family Mag Ad Fall17 F.indd 2

7/6/2017 2:51:06 PM



Ohana growTh

What 4-H can do for Your Keiki The 4-H program has been on Maui since 1918 (yes, almost 100 years), yet the format and purpose of the program is still a mystery to many residents. The initial 4-H clubs focused on farming and introducing new agricultural technology. Other clubs taught homemaking skills and were mainly separated by gender, based on topic interest. Although the clubs had a content-specific goal, the new 4-H program started incorporating training in life skills to help youth develop into “contributing, productive, self-directed members of society.” Curriculum and program plans include opportunities for young people to participate and develop skills in leadership, communication, decision-making, problem solving, teamwork, cooperation and accepting differences. The key to a successful 4-H club is the 4-H volunteer leader. 4-H Leaders A 4-H club is formed when an adult volunteers and is screened to be the club leader. A club must also hold regular meetings, enroll members each year (at least 5 children from at least 2 families), and submit a yearly program plan and financial documentation. The role of club leaders is to provide encouragement, ideas and learning opportunities, to recruit other volunteers to assist with theclub,

to act as the link between the club and the county 4-H program, and to assist youth in developing life and project skills. 4-H Clubs There are 3 levels of 4-H clubs: Cloverbuds (ages 5-8), Junior (ages 9-13) and Senior (14-19). Members in a Cloverbud club are not permitted to participate in competitive events, complete year-long projects, or have youth officers. Their focus is on introductory projects. Junior and Senior clubs have youth officers that run meetings, plan programs and choose the project for the year. Senior club members may be asked to mentor Junior clubs. Officer roles include President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Reporter, Historian, and Recreation Leader, among others. Curriculum and topic areas are varied and fall under the three mandates. Examples of topics for project plans include Aerospace, Small Engines, Robotics, Food Science, Cooking, Career Education, Veterinary Science, Cavies, Entomology, Public Speaking, and Leadership. Some clubs participate in the Livestock Council, which allows youth an opportunity to raise and show an animal. 4-H club members can participate in countywide events that are open to all clubs such as the Maui Fair parade, a spring teaching demonstration, the yearly Tech Connect, and holiday-based activities. In addition, senior club members provide a youth officer training each year to prepare club members for their roles. For more information: Nancy Ooki, Maui County 4-H Educator • 808-244-3242, ext. 225

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DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR KIDS ARE? Now with the GizmoPal® 2 watch from Verizon you will always know.

ENTER TO WIN! Back to school giveaway.

• Program up to 4 contacts • Auto-answers your calls • Receive notifications when your child crosses set boundaries • Waterproof • Comes in Pink or Blue *PLAN STARTS AT $15/MONTH

Value $95

5 Stores Statewide • Open Since 1992

mac made easy

Visit our Kahului showroom to enter to win a Large Sensory Swing. Winner announced October 15th, 2017.

(808) 727-8444 M-F: 9am-5:30PM SAT:10am-2pm 380 Huku Lii Pl #101, Kihei, HI 96753

808 877 2888 • 315 Hukilike St. • Kahului

New Year, New Opportunities! The upcoming school year will be full of excitement and improvements! Here are some things we are looking forward to in to 2017 - 2018:

• A new Head of School and a transition to a K-12 collaborative system “one school” • School wide and athletic program improvements totaling over $750,000 • STEM education and a 21st century curriculum highlighting our brand new Communications & Media (CAM) Lab for our Middle School At St. Anthony School, we provide a values-based education in which the school educates every child - body, mind and soul. With individualized attention by our teachers, a child’s seamless growth is supported at all academic levels.

For more information please visit

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Ohana FirsT respoNders

Helping Those Who Help Us BY PATTI SABLA, LCSW


o you love a first responder? Maybe your spouse, parent, sibling or adult child is one of Maui’s finest first responders, such as police officers, 911 dispatchers, firefighters, paramedics and ER doctors/nurses. They are often on the front lines of trauma and disaster. They may see more disturbing images in one shift than we see in a lifetime. Not talking about what they have witnessed can lead to a build up of overwhelming emotions that can eventually lead to burnout or breakdown. Five ways to support your first responder: 1. Give them their space when they first come home from work. Sometimes, it is just a matter of allowing them to have a little time to decompress and switch out of work mode. 2. Understand that if they don’t talk to you about work, it’s not personal. They may not be opening up to you about their job because they don’t want you to worry.

3. Listen non-judgmentally. Try not to tell them how you think they should feel or act because of what they have witnessed. 4. Be kind to yourself and indulge in self-care. Taking good care of yourself ensures you are in the best place emotionally and physically to support your first responder when they need it. 5. Suggest they consult a professional. Sometimes talking to someone about their feelings is necessary to release pent-up emotions. It is important to remind your first responders that seeking help does not mean they are weak. In fact, asking for help can be one of the hardest things they may ever do. However, keep in mind that constantly pushing them to seek help may have the opposite effect and cause them to shut down. Patti Sabla, LCSW specializes in working with first responders and their families. She utilizes EMDR trauma-therapy, a technique used by Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense to prevent or treat PTSD.

Big Brothers Big Sisters KAHULUI ELEMENTARY, WAILUKU ELEMENTARY, PRINCESS NAHIENAENA ELEMENTARY, & KAMEHAMEHA SCHOOLS Big Brothers Big Sisters of Maui’s School-Based mentoring program offers elementary school students the opportunity to meet one-on-one with a caring and responsible mentor (typically a high school student) in a supervised group setting for one hour after school, alongside other Bigs and Littles. A member of the staff is on site at each mentoring session to answer any questions and provide support for each match relationship. Bigs and Littles play games, participate in fun activities, do homework, and form positive and meaningful relationships. There is

no cost to participate. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Maui is located at Kahului Elementary, Wailuku Elementary, Princess Nahienaena Elementary, and Kamehameha Schools.  If you are interested in enrolling as a Little or Big please call (808)442-7898 or send an e-mail to

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AlohaDermatology • Botox (wrinkle smoother) • Restylane/Radiesse (wrinkle filler) • Eyelid surgery • Acne/Rash • Skin lumps & bumps • Legs Varicose veins


Dr. Ly Loves Kids!

Specializing in Children’s Skin, Hair, and Nails!

Walk-ins Welcomed! Accepting New Patients!




be FIT

89 Ho’okele St., Suite #101, Kahului (Behind Home Depot and across from Target)

Taking care of yourself is part of taking care of your family



Are you seeking a different kind of school? A place where teachers and parents are equal partners in education? A place where flexibility and accountability go hand in hand?

Discover Hawaii Technology Academy. A community embracing the challenges of today and the opportunities of tomorrow.

HTA’s Blended Learning Model: Face-to-Face Instruction Virtual Instruction Independent Learning Visit to learn more.

Wailuku Learning Center 2050 Main Street • Wailuku, HI 96793 • (808) 676-5444 Statewide Public Charter School Serving Grades K–12

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Our Teens News • TreNds • Tips What Were You Thinking? BY yVONNE MANUPUNA, LMFT ...Sound like a familiar question you ask your teen? The adolescent years are filled with opportunities for young people to make some kolohe (rascal/mischievous) choices. Then, they either experience a favorable outcome or some painful consequences. Just in the last 50 years, researchers have discovered that the brain keeps developing past the childhood years. In fact, completion/full connection happens later, around the mid-twenties. The part of the brain (prefrontal cortex) that controls mood regulation, rationalization, impulsive decision making, insight, and judgment, is the last part to develop and connect. The emotional center of the brain, also known as the limbic system, goes off during this time. Teens experience emotion at a heightened level. The feelings of love, disdain, hurt and shame are experienced with greater magnitude. Understanding brain development is helpful in understanding why your teen is making the choices they’re making. Here are 3 tips families can practice as their teens go through this growing and exciting phase of their life. The first is to role model the type of behavior you want to see your teens having. Adolescents

are watching your every move; it may not seem like they are, but they are! Secondly, teens need repetition. Repeat expectations, rules and values. They might not necessarily want to hear them, but it’s critical in their development. Consistency goes hand in hand with repetition. Don’t let their adult-looking bodies fool you; they are still much like children in that they need a clear and consistent message about what is expected of them. Lastly, spend some quality time doing something THEY like to do. Want to influence their decision making? Build a closer relationship. Yvonne Manupuna is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist at Ohana Wellness Maui LLC. Her specialty is in working with Maui teens and their families to navigate the challenges of adolescence. or (808) 866-4892 for more information.

95th Annual Maui Fair OCTOBER 5TH–8TH // OPENS AT 4:30PM WAR MEMORIAL COMPLEX, WAILUKU It’s an exciting time for friends, family and visitors to come and celebrate four great days of ‘A Timeless Tradition’. All ages are invited to enjoy fun, great entertainment, ono food, thrilling rides, local agriculture, horticulture exhibits, and a variety of products and services that Maui County has to offer. Be on the lookout for exciting new events and contests in 2017. The Maui Fair is THE community event where everyone can come together

to enjoy a good time and fellowship. Don’t forget the traditional parade on October 5th starting at 4:30pm sharp on Kaahumanu Avenue! For more information visit Follow Maui Fair on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @MauiFair.

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#1 Rated IMAC “School of the Year for 2006–2014” Master Paul Main IMAC “Coach of the Year”

CALL FOR MONTHLY PRICE Build Confidence and Self Esteem! Focus, Discipline and Achievement Great Children and Adult Programs! Health, Fitness, Self Defense, & Life Skills Learn with the Best! For details: 877-5435 or

SPECIAL $50 Discount for New Students*

255-D Alamaha St., Kahului *One per student only.

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Our Kupuna

News • TreNds • Tips

Celebrating GRANDparents! National Grandparents Day September 10TH, 2017 Mark your calendars for National Grandparents Day. It’s always the second Sunday in September, so this year it is September 10th! What is it about the grandparent–grandchild relationship that is so special? Many grandparents say it is a combination of things – fewer daily family and work demands, greater wisdom, the ability to focus on the moment, and the fact that they are no longer the primary disciplinarian. Grandkids say that at grandma, grandpa, tutu man or tutu lady’s house (or whatever their special grandparent name may be), they feel special. With just a quick internet search, there are hundreds of homemade, inexpensive and unique gifts for grandparents. For those

grandparents and grandchildren who both live on Maui, there are fun outdoor and indoor activities to enjoy together. There are also a very special set of grandparents that wear the hat of both grandparent and parent. And because these families are so special, we call them GRANDFAMILIES! Grandfamilies include both grandparents and aunties and uncles raising a family member’s child. If you know a grandfamily, let them know that resources in Maui can support their good work.

GRANDcares Workshop GrANdcares is a 6-week series of workshops that focus on helping grandfamilies access resources they need, manage their own health, and THRIVE. Classes are offered through UH Extension and scheduled at various times and locations on Maui. To learn more, contact Heather Greenwood-Junkermeier at 244-3242 ext 226 or send an email Christine Spencer at

Grandfamily Game NIght Grandfamily Game Night is held on the Second Saturday of each month on the UH Maui College Campus from 5pm–7pm. This free event is a time for grandfamilies to meet, play games, have fun, and eat dinner. Registration is required so they have enough food, so call or email them today – 244-3242 ext 226 or

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Join us for the 8th annual

DINE OUT Tuesday, November 14 Proceeds support DINE OUT or call 244-5555

Join us for each month for Fun, Games & Dinner for Grandparents and other relatives raising children. When: 2nd Saturday of each month, 5-7pm Where: Community Services Building on UHMC Campus Register: Call or email 244-3242 ext 226 or Upcoming Grandfamily Game Nights: Aug 12, Sept 9, Oct 14, Nov 11

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Field trips are where children can strengthen their observation skills, explore real world problems, connect points of reference to their surrounding environment, and expand their awareness of the community. Here are a few field trips filled with fun and learning!

Hui No‘eau Visual Arts Center 2841 Baldwin Ave., Makawao • (808) 572-6560 “The Hui’s field trip programs open students’ minds to new possibilities! Hands-on art experiences also help Maui keiki to develop creative thinking, problem solving and communication skills that will help them to thrive in school, work, and life.” -Anne-Marie Forsythe, Program Director Explore & Discover: Field Trips at Hui No‘eau Visual Arts Center Hui No‘eau loves sharing the visual arts and the historic Kaluanui Estate with school and community groups! Explore & Discover Field Trip programs welcome students, their chaperones and teachers to the Hui to participate in fun and interactive art lessons taught by Hui Teaching Artists. Students create their very own work of art to bring home, experience various art media and tools, view live artist demonstrations, and are guided through a fine art gallery exhibition. Field Trips are typically two hours in duration plus any additional time for the group to explore, play or enjoy a picnic lunch on the grounds of the expansive Kaluanui Estate. Program costs vary based on the medium of the project, number of students, and hours of instruction. The Hui is happy to work within your budget and design a program that accompanies what your students are learning in school!  Explore & Discover Preschool Field Trips Designed especially for preschool age children and funded by the Samuel N. & Mary Castle Foundation, this field trip program includes all of the wonderful elements of the Hui’s Explore & Discover program while offering engaging art projects suited for younger artists. FREE for preschools!  Visit for more information and to submit a field trip request.

Maui Humane Society 1350 Mehameha Loop, Puunene • (808) 877-3680, ext. 220 Educators and group leaders can request a guided group tour of Maui Humane Society during operating hours for any age group. A Maui Humane Society representative will provide a tour of our Cat Ohana, Critter Corner and Dog

46 |

Kennels while providing information about animal welfare, sheltering and the history of our agency along the way. Maui Humane Society also offers educational presentations by request on a wide variety of animal-related topics for every age group. Topics range in length but generally run from 30 minutes (for Pre-K - Grade 1) to an hour. Both shelter tours and presentations are subject to staff and volunteer availability. Questions? Visit their website at, call (808) 877-3680 ext. 220 or e-mail the Marketing and Education Coordinator at

Mark your calendars for a FALL full of FUN at

Hui No‘eau Visual Arts Center!

• Hui Youth Art Exhibition: August 4 - 24 • Youth and Young Adult Art Classes • Family Programs • Need-based youth scholarships available! • Stay tuned for FREE Art with Aloha demonstrations coming up this Fall! *Made possible with support from Hawai‘i Tourism Authority

Visit for dates, details & to register today! 2841 Baldwin Avenue, Makawao • (808) 572-6560 • 47 |

Pacific Whale Foundation 300 Ma’alaea Rd., Suite 211, Wailuku • (808) 856-8341 Pacific Whale Foundation’s Keiki Whalewatch program is offered during the months of January through April. The goal of the program is to offer an opportunity for local schoolchildren to learn about whales and the ocean and get out on a boat to see the whales up close. The program includes a customized whale watch on board one of their vessels, and a classroom program with standards-based, grade-level appropriate, hands-on activities for the students. The program curriculum is designed for school groups ranging from preschool to high school.  The cost of the program is heavily subsidized by members and donors of Pacific Whale Foundation, resulting in a fee of $8 per student and $15 per adult chaperone, with no charge for teachers. Scholarship support is also available through the No Child Left Indoors Scholarship fund. For more information, visit

Pi’iholo Ranch Adventures 799 Pi’iholo Rd., Makawao • (808) 572-1717 Pi’iholo Ranch Adventures in Makawao offers school children, teachers and parents a safe, but a thrilling experience that delights all the senses and broadens horizons. This tethered zipline experience allows kids to meet challenges of rope ladders, standing on tree platforms, climbing walls and zipping through trees — hooked to a safety line and encouraged by experienced guides. It’s exciting; completing what looks like an impossible feat gives kids a sense of accomplishment. It’s fun; a full half-mile length of side–by-side ziplines lets family and best friends “fly” together over gulches and meadows, enjoying fresh mountain breezes and distant ocean vistas. It’s educational; guides share information and answer questions about Pi’iholo Ranch, and describe the plants, trees, cattle and horses children see along the course. Pi’iholo Adventures zipline courses take 2-3 hours—a perfect field trip, and schools qualify for a civic discount. For more information visit

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Kahului Hongwanji Preschool NOW ENROLLING 2017–18 School Year • 3–5 year olds

Daily Cultural & Petting Zoo Tours

Join our waiting list online at

Birthday Celebrations Horsemanship Classes & Riding Lessons

Child-centered educational program where children learn through discovery and play

For more information, visit or call 808-280-2597

Our teachers have 10 to 20+ years classroom experience. Average 10 children per class. • Tuition includes meals • School Hours: Mon.–Fri., 7am–5pm 291 S. Puunene Ave., Kahului • 877-7998

Join the fun...

At preschools around the island!

Maui’s Premiere Preschool Gymnastics Program since 1990! Free 45 Minute Demo at Your School... Call Today!

We guarantee a S.M.I.L.E.! Sensory Motor Integration Learning Experience

(808) 283-8696 • (808) 280-4470 49 |

Maui Electric Company (MECO) (808) 871-2339 • 1-877-871-8461 (for Lanai & Molokai) Let’s Talk Energy! Empower, enlighten and intrigue your students through Maui Electric Company’s school education program that features live-electrical displays and hands-on demonstrations focused on electrical safety, energy efficiency and conservation, renewable energy and emergency preparedness. Offered to students of all ages, Maui Electric’s Let’s Talk Energy program can be tailored to fit your educational needs. To arrange a visit, contact Sayble Bissen at 871-2304, toll-free at 1-877-871-8461 for Lanai and Molokai or email

Kula Country Farms 6240 Kula Hwy., Kula • (808) 878-8381 Pumpkin Patch Field Trip Kula Country Farms Pumpkin Patch field trips are for Preschoolers and Kindergarteners. During the tour the children learn about the pumpkin cycle and get to pick pumpkins. The children will have a chance to explore the corn maze and visit with the farm animals. They will check out the Children’s Garden and enjoy the Garden Games. Kula Country Farms is owned and operated by a fourth generation farming family in Kula and they do their best to grow the most flavorful varieties using the best farming techniques to produce them. If your group is interested in booking a field trip, please email or call 808-878-8381. Space is limited so book early.

Surfing Goat Dairy 3651 Omaopio Rd., Lower Kula • (808) 878-2870 Surfing Goat Dairy offers students of all ages a great opportunity to learn about all kinds of animals. Students are taken on a 20 minute walking tour of the working Dairy & Farm, they will see modern milking machines and view the inside of the Dairy operations. Everyone will also have the chance to try some of the cheeses that are made there. Another tour option is the chore tour, where students can assist with chores by helping to bring in the dairy herd, hand milk a goat, then help with the feedings and learn more about the award winning cheeses and how they are made. Want your students to learn how to cook using goat cheese? That is an option as well. 2 hours spent doing hands-on learning. They can also customize any tour ideas you may have to include specific subjects that your students may be studying, whether it be culinary, science & nature, or just a reward based excursion. To arrange a visit, call 878-2870.

50 |

SCHOOL EXCURSIONS & FIELD TRIPS Surfing Goat Dairy offers students of all ages a great opportunity to learn about animals and life on a farm!

RESERVATIONS & INFORMATION: (808) 878-2870 3651 Omaopio Road · Kula, HI 96790

per Maka, the Suis back r, ve Sa gy Ener year! again this

51 |

INCLUSIVE ACTIVITIES SPOTLIGHT The County of Maui Department of Parks & Recreation offers several adaptive and inclusive activities for children and adults.

ADAPTIVE CANOE PROGRAM Dates: Every 3rd Monday • 9AM–11AM Area: Kihei Canoe Club (South) Contact:


ADAPTIVE & WHEELCHAIR TENNIS Dates: Every 2nd & 4th Wednesday 3:30PM–5:30PM Area: War Memorial Tennis Courts 1 & 2 (Central) Subscrive to our calendar for monthly reminders via text or email! Come join the fun. Register on first day of attendance.

BEACH ACCESS CHAIR Availability: Daily • 8:30AM–3:30PM Area: Kamaole I Beach (Kihei) Chair guidelines available online at Details/Kamaole-I-202

INCLUSIVE ART PROGRAM: SATURDAY ART SESSIONS Dates: July 8, 22, & 29 • 10AM–12PM Areas: Central Sessions will focus on mural completion and color theory. Email to pre-register. All welcomed, fully inclusive.

In partnership with the Parks Department, Fire Department Ocean Safety Officers,, Lions Club Maui and Clear Kayaks Maui. Over 80 people attended and participated with this significant event. The Parks Department Inclusion Services recognizes the value of partnerships and community needs. We will continue to support programming at the specialized level in order to create opportunities for person’s with disabilities to explore new recreational areas of their lives. IMUA.

FOR MORE INFORMATION & PRE-REGISTRATION Contact Tara Sabado at: (808) 270-7979 or

SUBSCRIBE TO THE INCLUSIVE ACTIVITIES CALENDAR! 1. Visit 2. Enter your email address and click Sign In. 3. Verify your email and/or text message preferences. 4. Scroll down to Parks and click the icons next to Inclusive Activites.

52 |

Maui Family Marketplace A Whimsical Children’s Curated Gift Boutique


1169 Makawao Ave., Suite #102, Makawao

(808) 205-1751

SHOP LOCAL TODAY! | 808-249-0215 7 N. Market St. Wailuku, HI 96793

Jamie Varela Boustani L.Ac., Dipl. O.M.


Acupuncture, Cupping, & Herbal Medicine

d e

(808) 633-6581 •



h Inspiring Wellness through Mindfulness Naturopathic Medicine | Craniosacral | Counseling Infants, Children, Teens, & Adults (855) 968-9371 |

A unique offering of Earth-friendly, wholesome, and toxin-free products, services, and education.

h • (808) 870-8546 53 |



Events, Art & Music, Dance, Education, Sports, Camps

EVENTS Queen Ka’ahumanu Center 877-4325

This fall calendar has been generously sponsored by 275 E. Ka’ahumanu Ave., Kahului

6th Maui Fil-Am Heritage Festival

Queen’s Kids Club

Every Monday in August Featuring crafts, games and story time for keiki 3-12 years of age. There is no reservation required and activities are FREE of charge. Keiki will also receive a Maui Friends of the Library coupon which they can redeem for a free book at their library (located QKC East Wing). Keiki will also receive a coupon for FREE frozen yogurt from Sweet Frog Maui (located in the Food Court.)

Let’s Get Back to School Together!

Saturday, August 5 11am – 1pm Join us for the Macy’s back-toschool fashion show, keiki crafts by Aunty Ruth, entertainment and great prizes!

QKC Statehood Day

Friday August 18 10am – 2pm Did you know? Statehood Day is also known as Admission Day. It is celebrated annually on the third Friday in August to commemorate the anniversary of the 1959 admission of Hawai’i into the union. Keiki (12 & under) can participate in our fun and educational coloring contest at Guest Services.

Labor Day

Monday, September 4 10:00 am – 2:00 pm Did you know? Labor Day is a national tribute created by the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. Keiki (12 & under) can participate in our Keiki Koloring Korner, a fun and educational coloring contest at Guest Services.

Grandparent’s Day

Sunday, September 10 10am – 2pm Did you know? Founded by Marian McQuade, this national holiday was proclaimed by former President Jimmy Carter in 1978 to

World on October 12, 1942. Keiki (12 & under) can participate in our Keiki Koloring Korner, a fun and educational coloring contest at Guest Services.

encourage grandchildren to tap into the wisdom and heritage their grandparents could provide. Keiki (12 & under) can participate in our Keiki Koloring Korner, a fun and educational coloring contest at Guest Services.

Saturday, October 21 10am – 3pm This family-friendly event promotes and perpetuates the Filipino culture through cuisine, entertainment, history exhibit and activities.

Pacific Media Group Job Fair

Saturday, October 28 10am – 2pm Job seekers are welcome to meet over 50 prospective employers and Maui Electric Company (MECO) apply for Maui career opportunities.

Maui Electric Energy Fair

Saturday, September 16 10am – 1:30pm Attend this annual community event focused on all things energy including electrical safety, conservation, efficiency, and renewable energy.

United Nations International World Day of Peace Concert

Saturday, September 23 5 – 9pm Attend an evening of a concert providing the community the opportunity of unifying many cultural groups to honor diversity in peace.

QKC & Maui Family Magazine present the Maui Baby Expo Saturday, September 30 10am – 2pm Expectant parents and the entire family are welcome to view, interact and purchase the latest baby and infant products and services for keiki 0 – 5 years.

Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraising Walk, Kokua 4 Kokonuts

Saturday, October 14 | 9-11am Bring your donations, be eligible to win prizes and walk in pink with us! Sponsor opportunities, registration and information at

Columbus Day

Monday, October 9 10am – 2pm Did you know? This national holiday commemorates the landing of Christopher Columbus in the New

Let’s Trick or Treat Together!

Tuesday, October 31 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm Join us for spooktacular family fun including keiki costume contest and parade with great prizes, face painting, balloon making and magic! Meet and greet with some of your favorite princesses and super heroes. Trick-or-Treat at participating merchants. Teal Pumpkin Project featuring non-food treats for keiki with allergies available.

Maui Mall 877-8952

Ohana Bingo Bash

Come and play everyone’s favorite game every Thursday in August from 5pm to 7pm at Maui Mall’s Center Stage. Prizes galore!

Maui Okinawan Festival

September 23, 10am-3pm Presented by Maui Okinawan Kenjin Kai, come experience and celebrate traditional Okinawan food, culture demonstrations, martial arts demonstration, entertainment, crafts, and much more.

Halloween Celebration

Trick-or-Treat in Paradise: Celebrate Halloween at Maui Mall on October 31st, Tuesday from 3pm to 6pm. Lots of treats, ghoul tricks and other surprises!

54 |

Submit your listings online at

FALL 2017


Maui Ocean Center 270-7000

Story Time & Craft

Every Saturday August, September, and October 11:30am-12:30pm Enjoy the perfect keiki activity at Maui Ocean Center, The Aquarium of Hawaii! Join a marine naturalist for a weekly story time and craft hour in the Hawaiians and the Sea exhibit. For more info, call (808) 270-7000 or visit Complimentary with Aquarium admission. Appropriate for all ages.

Explore Station

Sundays and Tuesdays August, September, and October 11:30am-2:30pm Dive deeper into the wonders of Hawaii’s marine world at Maui Ocean Center’s Explore Station! In August and September, learn about

Maui Family YMCA 242-9007

Hawaiian green sea turtle behavior, biology, and anatomy and explore the creepy creatures of the sea in October. For more info, call (808) 270-7000 or visit Complimentary with Aquarium admission. Appropriate for all ages.

The Keiki Playhouse 268-7267

Date Night At The YMCA Childwatch 427 Ala Makani St, Unit 101, Kahului

After School Special

Starting August 7th MondayWednesday from 3-6pm enjoy our after school special 50%off general admission.

Halloween Special

Visit The Keiki Playhouse for a custom, unique Halloween costume at an affordable price. Come play October 23-31 in costume and receive $3 off general admission.

Aug 11, Sep 08, & Oct 13 6:00pm – 9:00pm 2 years – 12 years (Two years old must be potty trained completely out of diapers) Drop your kids off at the YMCA while you go on a date. We will be providing dinner, dessert, a drink, arts & crafts, and games.

Maui Academy of Performing Arts (MAPA), 244-8760

The Hunchback of Notre Dame August 25-27 & September 1-3 Friday & Saturday at 7:30 pm Sunday at 3:00 pm Maui Arts & Cultural Center Tickets: $20 - $60 (plus applicable fees) or 808-242-

Register Now

Fall classes camps & for


Enriching individuals, building community and connecting our world through the performing arts

55 |



Events, Art & Music, Dance, Education, Sports, Camps SHOW (7469) The famous love story of Quasimodo and Esmeralda comes to life on a grand scale in this re-imagining of Victor Hugo’s tale of hope, acceptance and what it means to be a hero.

Carden Academy of Maui 573-6651

Family Pau Hana with Uncle Wayne and the Howling Dog Band

Carden Academy of Maui Septeber 6th & October 4th 1st Wed of the Month, 5pm-7pm Families with young children Monthly FREE evening out for families with young children. You and your keiki will sing, dance, & play, or sit back and relax at this one-ofa-kind evening out for the whole family. BYOB, food trucks on site, bring a blanket.

Maui Preparatory Academy 665-9966

Maui Preparatory’s Annual Paniolo Night

Maui Preparatory Academy Napili Saturday, September 9, 2017 4:00 pm - 9:00 pm All ages welcome Maui Prep’s Annual Paniolo Night! Come and enjoy horse rides, games, entertainment and ono food. Great fun for all ages! Free admission, free parking. Scripts are for purchase at the school.

Maui Humane Society 877-3680 ext. 20

The 2017 Fur Ball

Four Seasons Resort Maui 3900 Wailea Alanui Drive, Wailea Saturday, September 9, 2017, 5:30 - 10:00 p.m. The 2017 Fur Ball will transport guests back to the Roaring Twenties with the theme, “The Great Catsby: A Night of Purr-hibition.” The evening will feature a premier buffet dinner, no-host bar, speakeasy casino, entertainment, premium items for purchase at the live and silent auctions, and much more. Each ticket also comes with $100 in casino chips!

Kula Country Farms 878-8381

guests and silent and live auctions. The event is 21+ and open to the public. This is a BYOB event This is Pumpkin Patch the primary fundraising event for Opens October 1st Tuesday - Friday, 10am-5pm ; Satur- the 2017-18 school year. days and Sundays, 10am-4pm Hula Grill Kaanapali 667-6636 October is Pumpkin Patch Season and it is open season on pumpkins 21st Annual Youth Ukulele and gourds of all sizes for eating Players Contest or decorating! Special events Saturday, October 21 include the famous walk-through corn maze, pumpkin pie, pumpkin Keiki of Hawaii K-12 carving, and costume contests. The Youth ‘ukulele players from kindergarten through high school are farm will also feature Halloween invited to participate in the 21st crafts, delicious goodies, pumpkin carving supplies, local crafters and year of the Hula Grill Ukulele Contest. The contest gives Hawaii’s food vendors and more! keiki the chance to perform on stage in front of a live audience. St. John’s Church 878-1485

St. Johns Kula Festival

11th Annual Maui Children and Youth Day 879-8698

Maui Fair Alliance 871-6230

Haku Baldwin Center 572-9129

95th Maui Fair


8992 Kula Highway One day, September 23rd Saturday, 9:00am to 4:00pm This annual fundraising event will have lots of ono food, baked goods, children’s games with free face painting, plants, flowers, farm fresh produce, gift shop, crafters, silent auction and live entertainment all day long. $1 with children under 10 free. For info, to volunteer or donate to the auction call 878-1485.

War Memorial Complex, Wailuku October 5-8 Thursday- 5pm - 11pm Friday- 5pm - 12am Saturday- 10am- 12am Sunday- 10am - 11pm Fun for all ages! Food, entertainment, exhibits. thrilling rides and games. Parade begins at 4:30 pm from UH Maui College to Fairgrounds.

Montessori School of Maui 573-0374

Taste of Upcountry

Montessori School of Maui 2933 Baldwin Ave, Makawao Saturday, October 7th, 2017 6:00-10:00 PM The event will be held under a tent on the school’s beautiful campus in Makawao, featuring culinary stations presenting delicious pupu and dessert “tastes”. The evening’s festivities will also include musical

Kenolio Recreational Center in Kihei Saturday, October 14th 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. Hawaii Youth Services Network CELEBRATE HAWAII’S KEIKI Celebrating families with keiki from pre-school through middle school! Free and fun family event. Enjoy crafts “to make and take,” games to delight, entertainment by talented youth, taiko drumming, demonstrations, giveaways, keiki ID and more.

Sunday, October 22nd 9:00am - 3:00pm You and the entire ohana are invited to the FALL HARVEST FESTIVAL! The fun includes Pony Rides, Petting Zoo, Games, Arts & Crafts, Farmers Market, Craft Fair, Silent Auction, Bake Sale, Entertainment, Food, Face Painting and Balloon Animals. Bring your keiki in costume and wear yours too! ** NO PETS ALLOWED **

Made in Maui County Festival Maui Mayor’s Office of Economic Development/808-270-7710 Maui Arts & Cultural Center in Kahului Save the date! Friday, November 3 1:30 pm - 6:00 pm Saturday, November 4 8:00 am - 4:30 pm Maui County’s largest products show offering a wide variety of

56 |

AUGUST • SEPTEMBER • OCTOBER >> made in Maui County products-foods, produce, art, crafts, jewelry, fashion, gifts, collectibles and more; plus demonstrations, a fashion show, food trucks, and prize drawings.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Maui 442-7898

The Maui Farm 579-8271

Hospice Maui 446-8234

Open Enrollment for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Maui SchoolBased Mentoring Program Big Brothers Big Sisters of Maui is located at Kahului Elementary, Wailuku Elementary, Princess Nahienaena Elementary, and Kamehameha Schools. Offering elementary school students the opportunity to meet one-on-one with a caring and responsible mentor (typically a high school student) in a supervised group setting for one hour after school. If you are interested in enrolling as a Little or Big please call (808)442-7898 or e-mail us at

Makawao, Maui 8/26, 9/30, 10/28 Saturday, 9:00 am to 11:00 am All ages Join us for a morning of exploration, learning, and fun! Explore our crop fields, plant nursery, composting zone, and meet and feed our friendly farm animals including pigs, goats, rabbits, and chickens. All families and individuals are welcome!

Dine Out for Hospice Maui

Island Wide, All Day Save the date! Tuesday, November 14th Family Friendly Everyone is Welcome Join us for the 8th annual Dine Out for Hospice Maui, one of Maui’s most community spirited fundraising events. Visit www.HosiceMaui. org for details. Help meet the growing need for hospice care by simply dining out on November 14th.

Maui Thing 249-0215

Second Saturday Art Submit your listings online at

Free Farm Tours

Surfing Goat Dairy 878-2870

Evening Chore Tour

3651 Omaopio Rd., Kula On going event Monday-Saturday 3:15 - 4:15pm. All age levels are appropriate Assist in our evening chores. Learn to hand milk a goat, then help with





10am-12pm Free Art Activities for Keiki.

MAUI CHILDREN & YOUTH DAY Hawaii Youth Services Network CELEBRATE HAWAII’S KEIKI Celebrating families with keiki from pre-school through middle school!

Kenolio Recreational Center in Kihei October 14 • 4PM–8PM to “make & take” FU N E • Crafts • Games to delight F RE• Entertainment by talented youth • Taiko Drumming • Giveaways • Demonstrations • Keiki ID & more! For more information, call the Kihei Youth Center at 879-8698

57 |



Events, Art & Music, Dance, Education, Sports, Camps the evening feedings and learn more about our award winning cheeses and how they are made. $12 for kids $15 for adult

Art and Music

Grand Dairy Tour 2841 Baldwin Ave, Makawao

3651 Omaopio Rd., Kula On going event Saturday’s at 9am All age levels are appropriate A two-hour hands-on visit and tasting experience you will love. Bring your family and friends! Be a goat herder for the day, even try to milk a goat. Includes a tasting of the many different varieties of our cheeses. $25 Reservations required.

Maui Animal Farm 280-2597

Petting Zoo

Every Day Petting Zoo 9:30a.m.-11:00a.m. The Lahaina Animal Farm Petting Zoo Tour is a “hands on” experience… feed the animals, go on a treasure hunt, give the pigs a bath, see where chickens lay their eggs, cheer on a tortoise race, and even ride a horse! The cost is $19 per kama’aina ($25 visitor rate); Keiki under 2 years old are FREE. We also do private tours and birthday parties upon we request.

Akaku 808-871-5554 Akaku Upstairs Thursday Salon Series Akaku Upstairs Thursdays, 6pm-8pm Media salons created for Maui Nui Community - Come and learn a new art medium, hear storytellers or watch a film screening. Every Thursday from 6pm - 8pm.

“ Balloonology” entertainment with Riki Inzano 879-8918 Pizza Madness in Kihei Weekly/Ongoing Thursday Eves. Sunset/6:30-ish to 8:00pm Forget weiner dogs! Riki Inzano promotes her private party bookings creating “ Gourmet” balloon animals & jewelry! All ages entertainment. Special requests & challenges welcome!

Submit your listings online at

Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center 572-6560 Family Friday Workshops

One Friday every month at the Hui! Bring the whole family to the Hui for a fun & creative Friday night! “Family Friday” workshops are designed to encourage children along with an adult guardian to create artwork together. This is a hands-on experience for everyone! We’ll order pizza and there will be laughter, smiles, and fun for all! PREREGISTRATION IS REQUIRED!

Toro Nagashi: Japanese Floating Lanterns with a Twist!

Friday, August 18 / 5:00 – 7:00 pm Parents and children will create beautiful lanterns using wood and translucent paper while thinking about color mixing, background, and foreground in unexpected ways.

Tiny Hands

August 22 – September 26 9:00 am – 11:00 am Tuesdays, 6 weeks (Age: 2.5 – 5) with Jesse Stuart Using materials such as pastels, clay, paint, and paper that stimulate creative impulses and fuel artistry, children will learn creative processes that little hands can manage with help. There will be music, stories, and lots of fun for all!

Ceramics Club: Wheel Throwing & Handbuilding!

Ages: 11+ Thursdays, 8 weeks August 10 – September 28 3:00 – 5:00 pm Cups, plates, bowls, tiles and more! In this introductory class, students will create their own functional art as they explore the handling of clay using wheel throwing, handbuilding, glazing, and texturing techniques. Students will enjoy this hands-on muddy, messy, and fun art form! Tuition: $155 ($194 nonmember). Supply Fee: $25.

Jewelry & Metalsmithing Club Ages 11+ Wednesdays / 3:00 – 5:00 pm Drop in every week! While working on individual projects, students will practice the foundational elements of metal-

smithing that all jewelry professionals know: cutting, drilling, piercing, and soldering metal. Projects include pendants, bracelets, earrings, rings, and small sculpture. Teens will be amazed by their handmade jewelry and metal creations! Single-Day Drop-in Tuition: $15

Art Classes with Monica Knight 463-8884 1053 Ulu Kanu St, Wailuku

Working with Clay

Aug 22 – Nov 3, 2017 Tuesdays 9-10am Fridays 3:15-4:15 or 4:15-5:15 All Ages 5 and up (Tuesdays) 5-8 years old (Fridays 3:15) 9 and up (Fridays 4:15) Students will practice basic clay techniques such as pinch, coil, slab, stamping, sgraffito, slip and score to make traditional pottery vessels such as bowls, mugs, and pots. They will learn how to combine these techniques to make creative sculptures

Lahaina Arts Association 661-0111

Maui Youth Art Outreach Program

Lahaina, Honokowai, Wailuku, Paia, Kihei, and Makawao Weekly, Monday - Friday Lahaina Arts Association offers FREE after-school art classes every week at 7 locations around Maui. Please visit for complete class schedule, including age requirements, date, location and time. The Maui Youth Art Outreach Program offers children’s art classes and art supplies to the community at no cost.

Art Classes with Barbara Steinberg 269-6845

Animal Kindness Club Art Class 131 S. Kihei Road, Maui Bridge Club in Kenolio Recreational Complex Every Wednesday, 3:00pm-5:00pm Ages 5-13 Children will draw and paint animals and plants. There is much instruction to perfect their skills as young artists. They will learn basic skills such as mixing colors and seeing colors. Beginning to advanced artists welcome! Art show at the

58 |

AUGUST • SEPTEMBER • OCTOBER >> end! Please register ahead and get supply list online.

Maui Academy of Performing Arts (MAPA), 244-8760 Download schedules and registration forms at

Fall Drama Semester

MAPA Main Studios 2027 Main Street, Wailuku August 28 – December 16 Various times Ages 6 - 50+ Weekly drama classes for all levels of experience. Including two exciting new playmaking classes and a performing arts class for our Kupuna (50+). Register at

Bounty Music 871-1141

Music Lessons in Ukulele, Guitar, Drums, Voice and Keyboard Ongoing Classes Every Day!

Age 6 and up Private music lessons for children and adults. Lessons are offered on Ukulele, Guitar, Drums, Voice and Keyboard. We offer a great variety of musical instruments for sale from beginner to advanced. Special for new students: Buy 2 Lessons and get 2 FREE.

Kupono Music Studio 276-4847 115 Lipoa Street, Suite #204, Kihei

Private Music Lessons

Individual classes ongoing Monday-Friday 9:00am-7:00pm Ages: 4-Adult Come have fun at Kupono Music Studio! Private lessons available in piano, voice, ukulele, violin & guitar. Play any style of music you desire in private, air-conditioned comfort on gorgeous high-quality instruments. Free practice piano available for any

student taking lessons anywhere. Affordable prices, flexible scheduling. New teachers & instruments are being added all the time. Call for the latest roster of instruments available for study.

Beginning Ukulele

Session 1: August 16 – October 4 Session 2: October 18 – Dec. 13 Wednesdays, 2:00 – 3:00 PM Ages: 8-13 Every Wednesday for eight weeks, students explore the ukulele. We learn proper chording & strumming techniques & learn several songs in English & Hawaiian. Final performance for parents. No experience necessary. Students must bring their own ukulele. Cost: $120 for eight weeks.

Intermediate Ukulele

Session 1: August 15 – October 3 Session 2: October 19 – Dec. 12 Tuesdays, 3:00 – 4:00 PM Ages: 8-13 Come join Ana Kalina for a fun after

E N R O L L T O D AY F O R KID'S FALL CLASSES! • Baby Wearing Classes, different class every month • Pre-Natal Yoga & Pilates • Ballet (ages 3-14), Fall session starts August • Break Dancing (ages 7+), Fall session starts August • Aerial Silks (ages 6+) EXP ERIE NCE MAU I’S MO ST INN OVATIVE FITN ESS STU DIO !


142 K UP UO H I S T. # F2 LA H A IN A , H I 9 6 76 1





Events, Art & Music, Dance, Education, Sports, Camps school class. Every Tuesday for eight weeks, students learn intermediate ukulele. Students should have some experience playing chords. We learn intermediate chording, picking technique & several songs. Final performance for parents. Students must bring their own ukulele. Cost: $120 for eight weeks.

Free Violin Orchestra

Starts August 11, 2017 Ongoing on Fridays, 6:00 – 7:00 PM Ages: 8 to adult Cost: FREE Kupono Music Studio is starting its own FREE String Orchestra. This is an opportunity for any violin, viola or cello students to come together & play for fun. We welcome players who are currently taking lessons in a string instrument & who would like to further their skills in group playing. Modern & classical repertoire with a twist. Register online to sign up. See our website for details.

La-ti-Da Music 280-2784 La-ti-Da Music Studio 133 Makawao Avenue

Music Family

Multiple Locations & Times 3 months and older (see website) Musical bonding for the whole family! Classes for children & caregivers regardless of musical skill incorporating music, movement, singing story time, puppetry, parachute play, bean bag fun, and interactive play.

“Lesson Adventures” Private Lessons on Piano, Guitar or Flute

Come take Private Lessons at the new La-ti-Da Music Studio at 133 Makawao Avenue. Currently offering Piano, Guitar and Flute. More instruments coming soon.

Wunderkeys Piano- private lessons

La-ti-Da Studio- Makawao Ages: 3.5-5yrs One on one and group class for student with parent in class. Class time TBA, private lessons available as scheduled A piano program that takes preschool children with no musical experience on a magical journey where they acquire the piano skills, keyboard awareness, and rhythmic understanding they need for a suc-

cessful future at the piano.

Saturdays, Childrens Tap/Jazz Ages 7-10 Private Lessons 10:30-11:30 Wednesdays: Adult Strength Training with weights Flexible times, beginning & It’s a good time to start dancing. All intermediate students ages six levels are welcome. Check out the years through adults. Experienced dancers at QKC on Sat, August 26 at & patient teacher. Innovative teach- 1:30. Then join us so you can be in ing methods follow the interests the Big Show at the MACC and get & learning style of each student, a new, exciting costume! keeping their passion for music alive. Contact Cambria Moss. If you Alexander Academy of Perdo not have a violin yet, please call forming Arts 878-8970 before shopping for one. 283-6945 Private violin lessons in Wailea

Maui Family YMCA 242-9007

Private Weekly Music Lessons

4 years – Adult Learn the art of playing a musical instrument. Make it a family lesson and learn together. Lessons in Guitar or Ukulele. Our instructor has time slots available throughout the week and on Saturdays.

Dance Maui Academy of Performing Arts (MAPA), 244-8760 Download schedules and registration forms at

Fall Dance Semester

MAPA Main Studios 2027 Main Street, Wailuku August 28 – December 16 Mondays - Saturdays Various times Ages 3 - adult Over 100 weekly classes in all levels of ballet, jazz, hip hop, tap, Broadway dance, acro flex, contemporary and choreography for students ages three and up. Register at

MAPA West Fall Dance Semester

147 Kupuohi St Unit 4G, Lahaina August 28 – December 16 Various times Ages 3+ Hip hop, pre-ballet, ballet, jazz classes. No experience necessary. Register at

Judy’s Gang, Inc. 879-8742 Tap and Jazz Dance Classes & Exercise Classes 811 Kolu Street #104 Wailuku Mondays: Childrens Tap/Jazz Ages 3-7 and 10-12 years

Dance Classes for Children and Adults

870 Hali’imaile Road, Makawao (New Location) Fall classes begin in Aug.ust Monday thru Saturday Morning and evening classes Ages 2-Adult Beginner thru Advanced Levels Classes include creative movement, ballet, contemporary, jazz funk, hip hop, tap, breakin’, yoga, Character dance, pointe and workshop classes. Register online!

Body in Balance 661-1116

Ballet, Breakdancing, and Aerial Dance for Your Child

142 Kupuohi St. #F2 Lahaina Ages 3 and up Mondays: Mommy & Me (3 and under) 2:00-2:30pm Ballet 1 (ages 6-8), 2:30-3:30pm Pre-Ballet (ages 3-4), 3:30-4pm Tuesdays: Kid’s Breakdancing (ages 7+) 3:00-4:00pm Junior Ballet (ages 10-14) 4:00-5:00pm Wednesdays: Kid’s Aerial Silks, 2:30-3:30pm open enrollment Thursdays: Junior Ballet (ages 10-14) 3:30-4:30pm Pre-Pointe (with Junior Ballet) 4:30-5:00pm Fridays: Pre-Ballet (age 4-5), 2:30-3pm Ballet 2 (ages 7-9), 3:00-4:00 Pre-Ballet (ages 5-6), 4:00-4:30pm Our kid’s dance classes are designed specifically for your child, with their age and development in mind. We love sharing the gift of dance and movement!

60 |


Education Doris Todd Christian Academy 579-9237

Open House

519 Baldwin Avenue, Paia Save the date! November 2nd at 8:15 a.m. Preschool-12th grade Come meet our wonderful staff and teachers and take a tour of our campus. All are welcome!

Haleakala Waldorf School 878-2511 Blended Learning Charter School Enrollment for 2017 Kindergarten thru grade 12 HTA is a blended learning public charter school, educating students statewide through a combination of online and face-to-face instruction.

Maui Preparatory Academy 665-9966

Admissions-School Year 20172018

Waldorf Discovery Tours

HTA - Hawaii Technology Academy 808-676-5444

Kealahou campus in Kula across from the Kula post office Please join us for an intimate glimpse into the Waldorf curriculum—birth through middle school. Please call 878-2511 for reservations, or to find out more about the Waldorf High School program at our Kaluanui campus!

Maui Preparatory Academy Campus Preschool-Grade 12 Monday through Friday 9am-2pm Daily Tours of Campus

Montessori Eagles International Preschool 463-9355 Director Mary LopezdeLara

535 Waine’e Street in Lahaina On Going Registration

Enrolling Now for 2017-2018 Make an appointment Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. or 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Mana’o’i’o Baptist Academy 808-344-5946 164 Fleming Road

Enrolling now for 2017-2018

Students in Grades K-12 Mana’o’i’o Baptist Academy Enrolling Now! Classes begin on August 21, 2017.

Pa‘ia Youth & Cultural Center 579-8354

Drop-in and discover the PYCC, Building Community Through Our Youth! Pa’ia Youth & Cultural Center Pa’ia Bay, Pa’ia Ongoing. Membership is FREE!

Doris Todd Christian Academy Maui Christian Academy

“ The loving teachers & staff make school feel more like family!” PRESCHOOL - HIGH SCHOOL OPEN HOUSE - NOV 2, 8:15 AM

Biblical Truth, Integrity, Respect, Faith, Responsibility, Family, Community, Character, Strong Academic Curriculum | | 579.9237 | 519 Baldwin Ave. Paia, HI, 96779

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Events, Art & Music, Dance, Education, Sports, Camps Tuesday thru Saturday Non-school hours until 7pm, and until 9pm on Fridays Ages 9-18, all abilities! The PYCC is North Shore Maui’s home for body-boarding, video, photography, 88.9FM RadiOpio, cooking, outdoor adventure, and the StoneWave Skate Park! We offer innovative life skills programs and a drop-in recreation center.

Boys and Girls Clubs of Maui 242-4363

Boys and Girls Clubs of Maui - the premiere after school program

All over Maui - Kahului, Makawao, Lahaina, Haiku, Kahekili Terraces and Paukukalo Year Round, Monday-Friday After school - 7pm (most clubs) 9 to 17 (some Clubs accept younger members) Not just after school hangouts, the Boys and Girls Clubs are places where young people come to learn, develop social skills, express themselves creatively, participate in sports and a variety of other programs. The Clubs are staffed by professionals.

easily and legibly! Some Insurances Accepted

Social Skills Groups: Learn Skills to be a Better Friend!

4-Week Series 1x/Week Grades K-2 / 3-5 Your child will develop strategies to listen, communicate, problem solve, negotiate and develop good sportsmanship with peers through FUN, facilitated group activities by a therapist.

“Body Engine Program”

Kids Learn to Self- Regulate! 4-6 Week Series At 1x/Week Grades K-2 / 3-5 Class to help kids learn about their “body engine” and learn strategies to self-calm and attend. This is particularly good for high activity children, sensitive children or low energy children and includes handouts for parents.

Behavior Management Strategies For Kids And Their Caregivers!

1-2 Hour Sessions In Home Or Clinic Setting. Toddler-Teens. Individualized sessions with a Behavioral Specialist to work with child and family (siblings too!) to Haku Baldwin Center 572-9129 change challenging behavior terns & create positive behavioral momentum! Sessions are customAnimal Education ized and confidential. Classes for preschool, elementary and special education (by appoint- Siblings Groups 1x/Week ment only). Group sizes (6 to 25) All Ages Humane animal education classes Based on “Sibshops” and run by and tour weekly. Enjoy interacting a Behavioral Specialist. These are with our animals while learning classes that are aimed at building about the needs and responsibilities of taking care of dogs, cats, rab- a stronger relationship between siblings through fun, physical and bits, guinea pigs, chickens, ducks, and horses. Students, parents, aides team-building activities. and educators welcome. Coping Skills for Children of

Divorce Maui Center for Child Develop- Separation/ 5 Session Series, 1x/Week ment 873-7700 All Ages 244 Papa Place, Suite 102

Fun with Handwriting Class (Printing & Cursive)

6-Week Series At 1x/Week All Ages A FUN & physical program by a trained Occupational Therapist. Includes fun activities to strengthen upper body, improve pencil grasp and learn to form letters more

A fun and effective program by a trained pediatric Clinical Social Worker to help children learn coping skills through a curriculum and specific child-oriented activities. Workbook material and strategies given to parents as well! Some Insurances Accepted

Individual Therapies for Kids & Families

Assessment, Treatment & Consultation

Occupational Therapy Speech Therapy Counseling Behavior Management Some Insurances Accepted

Kihei Public Library 875-6833

Pajama Storytime

Kihei Public Library Children’s Area Last Tuesday of Month, 7:00 p.m. Ages 3-7 Wear your PJs and fuzzy slippers, grab your teddy bear for stories, songs and movement!

Preschool Storytime

Kihei Public Library Children’s Area Fridays, 10:30 a.m. for Ages 3-5 Stories, songs, movement and crafts.

Toddler Storytime

Kihei Public Library Children’s Area Thursdays, 10:30 a.m. Geared for two year olds. Simple stories, songs, movement and crafts just right for toddlers.

Wonderful Wednesday

Kihei Public Library Last Wednesday of each month 3:00 p.m. for Ages 7 and up A program, event, or volunteer opportunity for school-age children.

Makawao Public Library 573-8785 1159 Makawao Ave, Makawao

Toddler Story Time

Every Thursday of the month at 10 a.m. in the Children’s Area. Bring your keiki to enjoy stories, songs, and crafts — just right for ages 5 and under!

Children’s Chess Club

All ages and levels welcome for relaxed chess play. The first Monday of every month from 3:00-4:00 pm.

Family Movie Night

Every fourth Wednesday of the month at 6:00pm. For Children of all ages. Join us for our monthly FREE movie and popcorn!

Wailuku Public Library 243-5766 Keiki Story Time

251 High Street, Wailuku Every Wednesday, 10:00 am Babies, toddlers and preschoolers accompanied by parent or care-

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AUGUST • SEPTEMBER • OCTOBER >> giver. Join Auntie Tammy for fun stories, songs, action rhymes and simple crafts. Children, parents and caregivers hear stories, have fun, and meet new friends. Free.

Kahului Public Library 873-3095 childrenstorytimes.htm

Keiki Storytime

Kahului Library Children’s Area Saturdays, 10:30 am Preschool Nurture your child with the love of reading by attending a storytime session!

Pono Maui mail:

Kayo’s Japanese Classes :

Fall Session: August-November Private lessons and small group lessons are available!! Up country, Kahului, Kihei.

Ages 0 to Senior. Kayo Yoshida is a native Japanese speaker, former TV and Radio announcer in Japan. Japanese Language teacher since 2010. More info kayo.jc/

Kids Deserve to Thrive

Keiki Wellness Class

Lahaina Dance Company 8/2/17-8/30/17 Wednesdays, 2-4pm School Ages K-5 We will develop all areas of wellness including: Physical Wellness Nutrition Mindfullness Creativity Group Work Positive Thinking and Self Empowerment Everyday Life Skills.

Maui Science Center 281-4691 Contact Maui Science Center about classroom workshops and demonstrations, family science night and

afterschool programs.

Maui Language and Communication Development 808-740-3021 Spreckelsville / Maui North Shore Limited places available

Self-confidence for public speaking and performance All Ages

English as a Second Language All Ages Learn fast and be confident in English.

Reading and Spelling

Ages 5-8 years old Academic reinforcement through play. Submit your listings online at


Weekly Soccer classes in Makawao, Kahului, Lahaina & Kihei Kids Ages 2–7 Mini Scrimmage Games! Ages 4–7! Register online!



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Events, Art & Music, Dance, Education, Sports, Camps Kumon Math & Reading Centers

opportunities for children’s social, language/literacy, cognitive, physical, and emotional development. Upcountry: 276-3375 Lahaina: 250-6110 Kihei South: 446-2122 Kihei North: 893-2417 Kahului/Wailuku: 244-8887

East Maui Watershed Partnership 573-6999

What’s in a Watershed?

Your classroom or our watershed Ongoing by request Weekdays 3rd Grade-Adult Let us come into your classroom and bring our watershed to you. Students will learn hands on where their water comes from and why watersheds are important. Hikes and limited volunteer opportunities into the watershed also available by request.

Individualized tutoring; all academic subjects

Hale Hō’ike’ike, at the Bailey House 244-3326

Kumon Math & Reading

An after-school math and reading program that employs a unique learning method designed to help each child develop the skills needed to perform to his or her potential. The curriculum spans material from preschool all the way up to college.

Maui Learning; 573-7730

Ages 3 to Adult In-home, at your office, or at the library of your choice Customized schedule 7 days/week At family’s discretion Maui’s BEST tutoring since ‘89! Our teacher comes to YOU; YOU make the schedule; convenient payment plan.

Akari Translations

Tutoring for Grades K to 6th

Makawao At any time Monday to Friday Between 8:00am and 6:00pm K to 6th Graders Looking for ways to brush up on your child’s academic skills? Is your child struggling with schoolwork? Through one-on-one instruction, I will help your child to overcome his or her challenges with any subject(s) and find joy in learning.

Tutu and Me Traveling Preschool 249-2430

Early Childhood Education Program

Kahului, Upcountry, Kihei, and Lahaina Monday-Thursday 8:30am - 10:30am Age 0-5 years old Tutu and Me is a free early childhood program for children ages birth to five and their caregivers. Tutu and Me provides learning

Hale Hō’ike’ike

2375-A Main Street Monday through Saturday 10:00am to 4:00pm Hale Hō’ike’ike, at the Bailey House is located in historic Wailuku Town on the way into ‘Iao Valley on the ancient royal compound of the ruling chiefs of Maui. Our museum preserves and displays the history and heritage of Maui.

Na Keiki o Emalia 808.214.9832

Children/Teen Bereavement Program

Wailuku Open-ended groups Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday Classes depends on age 3-18 yrs. old Free peer support group for keiki/ teens 3-18 grieving the loss of a parent, sibling, ohana member, or close friend. Parent/s or adult care provider meet in their group at same time. Application and interview required. No drop-ins.

Maui Family Support Services, Inc. 242-0900

ful, responsible, accountable and honest, have integrity, be healthy partners, and nurturing fathers or role-models.

Sports Maui Family YMCA 242-9007

White Crane Karate

Tuesday/Thursday 6:30pm – 8:00pm No Classes in September 6 years – Adult Sensei Reese Lee teaches students to use character and patience through the art of White Crane Karate. Classes will teach students to avoid conflicts as well as improve their lives through instilling selfconfidence, self-discipline, respect, and responsibility.

Youth Swim Lessons

Saturdays September 09 – October 28 Class time varies 6 mos – 13 years Our YMCA instructors are certified to help any level of swimmer, beginner or not. With lap swimming, open and family times, water exercise classes, swimming lessons (group or private) the Maui Family YMCA has everyone’s needs covered.

Youth Swim Team

Monday/Wednesday 3:00pm – 4:00pm 5 years – 13 years Swimmers will be trained in conditioning, speed, and proper competition strokes. Participants must be at least 5 years old and demonstrate Level 3 (Minnow) swimming ability. Must swim one lap (50 yards) using front and back crawl.

HST Windsurfing and Kitesurfing Lessons 871-5423

Windsurfing & Kitesurfing Lessons

Daily, Time Varies All ages/All skill levels HST is Maui’s most recommended KĀNE Connections lessons source for windsurfing, 1844 Wili Pa Loop, Wailuku kitesurfing, SUP and Surfing lesMondays: 6pm - 8pm We welcome all men to attend our sons. Why? Because we are in the water with you for your safety and HUI KĀNE (Men’s Group) We believe men should be respect- most efficient learning.

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AUGUST • SEPTEMBER • OCTOBER >> Maui Dolphins Swim Club 280-4257 Upcountry Pool, Pukalani

2017 Fall Short Course Season August - December Pukalani Pool Daily practice Monday-Friday

Intro to Swim Team

See for more info.

Island Aquatics Swim Team & Island Water Polo 385-5332 Kihei Aquatics Center

Island Aquatics Swim Team & Island Water Polo

Year Round Program Swim Team: Mon - Fri 4:30 - 6:30pm Water Polo: Mon. Wed. Fri. Sun 6:30 - 7:30pm Team IA ages 5 - 18 / Island Water Polo All ages welcome Come and join the exciting world of competitive swimming, a lifetime

sport. Various levels with individual coaches. Co-ed Island Water Polo is offered to all ages ( Swimming skills required) Pre-Team swimming skills classes available, too.

Kiffmann Taekwondo 877-4311 111 Hana Hwy, Suite 201, behind Bounty Music

Little Dragons

Ages 3-5, Beginners Ongoing: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 3:15pm -3:45pm By learning focus, basic motor skills, self control and respect for others in both playful and structured exercises, each child will accelerate at their own ability. Our junior assistants serve as excellent role models. A positive reinforcement “Star Program” is also used to modify undesirable behavior.

Kids Class

Ongoing : Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 4:15pm -5:00pm With over 20 years of service, we are Maui’s longest running martial arts school and the only certified Taekwondo school in central Maui. As a “Life Prep” school we give kids the tools to succeed in life. Classes cover bully management, leadership training, and all areas of physical and mental fitness.

Teens/Adult class

Ages 13+, All levels Ongoing : Monday 6:30pm -7:30pm Tuesday & Thursday, 6:30pm -7:30pm

Taekwondo 101-Family class

All Ages- Families That Kick Together........Stick Together!!!!!! Ongoing for all levels: Saturdays 12:30pm-1:30pm More info and additional programs at or call 877-4311

Ages 6-12, Beginners


CARDEN ACADEMY OF MAUI | Phone: (808) 573-6651 55 Maka’ena Place, Pukalani, HI 96768 Carden Academy of Maui is committed to educating the whole child through a balance of academic excellence, character development, and enrichment through the arts in a nurturing, small classroom setting.

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Events, Art & Music, Dance, Education, Sports, Camps Ohana Martial Arts 877-5435 or 276-2621

Mon, Wed, Fri, 3:30 to 4pm lil dragons: ages 3 to 6 yrs old 4pm to 4:45 pm beginner classes: ages 7 yrs and up 4:45 to 5:30 pm advance classes 5:30 to 6:15 pm beginner classes: ages 7 and up 6:15 to 7:15 advance classes. Tues, Thurs 4 to 4:45 pm: advance class 4:45 to 5:30 pm beginner classes: ages 7 and up 5:30 to 6:30 pm beginner classes: ages 7 and up 6:30 to 7:30 pm adult self defense ages 18 and up. For more info. about the classes please call Anita Main.

Maui Jiu-Jitsu Academy 575-9930

Keiki and Adult Classes

810 Haiku Rd., Unit #230, Haiku We offer classes for Keiki, Juniors and Adults of all skill levels as well as private instruction. Learn balance, coordination, safety, balance and respect among other very important factors.

Maui Ki-Aikido 244-5165

Youth KI-Aikido classes

194 S. Market, Wailuku Agre: 6-11 Tuesdays 5:30 - 6:30pm and Saturdays 8:30 to 10am for beginning children. Ages: 7th -12th grade. Thursday 5:00 to 6:30pm for teens. Start during summer vacation, continue after break as a regular student, if desired. Aikido is a practical, non-violent self-defense with a peaceful mindset and calmness training. Public invited to observe classes.

Keiki Soccer Pros 633-4070

Keiki Soccer Classes

Island Wide Ages: 2-7 Tuesday-Saturday Mornings and Afternoons Keiki soccer pros is a fun, energetic and dynamic soccer program for kids ages 2 to 7. Our coaches will give your child an amazing soccer

Kihei AYSO 870-8731

professional staff applies fun-filled gymnastics activity to each class while keeping students challenged and safe. Registration is easy at our online Parent Portal:

AYSO Kihei

Maui Tumblers 205-7922

experience with fun drills tailored to suit your child’s needs. Classes are divided by age groups. We keep classes small.

Kihei Area Season runs Aug to Nov 2017 Practice and Game schedules vary Age 4 - 14 years of Age Kihei AYSO Soccer is a friendly fun soccer season that allows all players to participate.

South Maui Tennis 250-3656

Tennis Clinic

Barbara 250-3656 or Tricia (801) 694-4535 Kalama Park Tennis Courts, Kihei Wednesdays & Fridays starting at 4pm Minimum age 6 Beginner and Intermediate levels Skill specific tennis camp. Improving tennis game, tennis knowledge, and fitness level mixed with a lot of FUN!

Wailuku Tennis Clinics 283-1925

Tennis Made Easy

War Memorial Tennis Courts (Upper Level) Ongoing Every Wednesday 4:00 - 5:00 for 10 and under, 5:15 - 6:15 for Juniors/Adults 6+ to 100+, Beginner - Advanced Beginner $5/children $8/adults perclass. Our teaching method makes it easy to learn Tennis and enjoy the sport quickly. Child size racquets, low compression balls foster quick learning while having fun. Call for details.

Diane’s Gymnastics Academy 298-9352

Diane’s Gymnastics Academy Classes and Training

DGA Gymnasium inside Crossfit Maui at 393 Lehuakona ST, Kahului Ongoing Monday - Saturday DGA classes implement the highest quality of gymnastics training in ordinance with USA Gymnastics training standards and code. Our

Gymnastics Classes

Island wide Year round Monday - Friday Pre K through Elementary Maui Tumblers Mobile Gymnastics offers recreational gymnastics classes island wide. Check out or website for a full list of locations near you.

Maui Ponies 280-6144

NEW Horsemanship Classes!

Lessons are available for adults and children over 2 years old. We learn basic horse movement and play games to reinforce our skills.

After School Pony Play

Every Monday from 2:00 till 5:30 pm A nice switch from other after school programs we can help with homework and ride and play. $40 each child.

Ohana Ranch of Maui 298-5864

Horse Riding Lessons

Kula, Maui Ongoing Ages 2 and up Ohana Ranch of Maui has a beautiful arena 120/200. The view is spectacular. Learn riding techniques and life long skills of building relationships of trust. Western and English riding lessons. Full size horses and miniature horses.

Makani ‘Olu Ranch 870-0663 Central Maui, Waikapu near Maui Tropical Plantation

Private Lessons for Adults & Children and Trail Rides

7 days a week Ages 8 and up This is the best way to get one on one time to work on your specific needs through a custom horsemanship program. Students

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AUGUST • SEPTEMBER • OCTOBER >> come away with knowledge and confidence with horses. Correct horsemanship skills are instilled throughout the program.

Camps Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center 572-6560 2841 Baldwin Ave, Makawao

Camp Kaluanui Fall Break 2017 Monday – Friday, 5 days October 9 - 13 9:00 am – 4:00 pm (Drop-off starts at 8:30 am) Camp Kaluanui offers a diverse, visual arts curriculum geared to stretch minds, exercise imaginations, keep the body active, and introduce new idea-generating techniques. Campers paint, build, design, dance, sing, and play their way through a balanced variety of artistic activities each day. PREREGISTRATION IS REQUIRED! Unlock

your child’s creativity today!

Maui Humane Society 877-3680 ext. 20 education@mauihumanesociety. org

Fall Animal Camp

Maui Humane Society October 9th-13th Monday - Friday 9:00am-3:00pm Ages 7-11 Campers consider the many different ways we share the world with other living things, with the goal of inspiring respect and appreciation. Every day is willed with fun games, crafts, activities, guest speakers and time with the animals!

Maui Academy of Performing Arts (MAPA), 244-8760

Space is limited. Download registration forms MAPA Main Studios 2027 Main Street, Wailuku

Fall Break Performing Arts Camp

October 9-13 Monday - Friday 9:00 am – 2:00 pm Ages 5-10 Build your performing arts skills while making new friends in this high-energy camp culminating in a performance of selections from a popular musical on the final day of camp. You’ll choose your focus – dance or drama – and also gain knowledge and skills in stage presence, memorization, teamwork and flexibility. No experience necessary. Space is limited. $195. Register at

Make Believe Camp

October 9-13 Monday - Friday 9:00 am – 12:00 pm Ages 3-5 Your child will be whisked away to the land of make believe! We will spend each day as a different


67 |



Events, Art & Music, Dance, Education, Sports, Camps fairytale character or superhero. Your creativity is the limit! Enjoy related dancing, stories, activities and crafts! Bring your imagination and your favorite costume. No experience necessary. Instructor Katie Higuchi. $150. Register at

Pacific Whale Foundation 249-8811 ocean-camp/

Ocean Camp Fall Session

PWF’s Discovery Center, Maalaea October 9-13, 2017 Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Grades 1 -5 This session, themed “Hawaiian Habitats,” will introduce campers to some of the unique habitats found on Maui and its surround oceans and the animals that call these habitats home. Each day of camp includes fun games and activities, hands-on science lessons, field trips, and arts and crafts. Field trips include surfing, Maui Ocean Center visit, snorkel trip to Molokini, and beach play.

Kupono Music Studio 276-4847 115 Lipoa Street, Suite #204 Kihei

Fall Break Music Camp

Monday - Friday October 9 – 13 2017 9:00am-noon Ages: 8-13 Come have fun over Fall Break! Kupono Music Studio is pleased to offer our Fall Break Music Camp. Students try piano, ukulele & singing. No experience necessary, performance on the last day. Students must bring their own ukulele. Small class sizes for lots of personal attention! Cost:$150

Violin Boot Camp

October 9-13, 2017 Monday – Friday 12:00 – 1:00 PM Ages: 8-13 ATTENTION! Calling all would be violin players. Kupono Music Studio wants YOU for the violin army! This quick intro tour of the violin is just 1 hour per day over Fall Break. All violins provided, no experience

necessary, performance on the last day. Best value camp on Maui. Come have fun! Cost: $50

When not in their Specialty Camps, campers will be participating in the Camp Moana program schedule.

Maui Ponies 280-6144

Specialty Camps Archery Camp

Fall Break Camp

Kula October 9th - 13th All camps are from 9:00am -3:00pm Ages 3-15 Kids learn about ponies, grooming saddling , washing , decorating, as well as leading them and learning to ride. We play games, do art work and just have fun! Pack a lunch we do the rest. Kids ride 2 to 3 times a day in an open arena. Limited space so each child has their own pony for the day.

Maui Ponies Day Camp

We will have Monday-Friday weekly camps for sign up all year in 2017 for our little folk ages 3yrs to 7yrs during the school year while big kids are in school, little ones free time.

HST Windsurfing 871-5423

HST Windsurfing Camps

August; Any 3 days Mondays through Saturdays 8:45am (check-in)–11:30am Ages: 6–15 Windsurfing with your friends, new and old, at beautiful Kanaha Beach Park. Our experienced, certified staff of patient instructors will teach you all the skills of windsurfing in a fun and small group format.

Maui Family YMCA 242-9007

YMCA Day Camps-Three Sites Camp Moana in Kahului Camp One in Kahului Camp Nalu in Kihei October 9th-13th 7:30am – 5:30pm 4 years – 13 years *Specialty camps available only at Camp Moana

Fall Intercession

Whether it’s through singing or acting out skits, playing soccer or swimming; counselors at the day camp programs have led kids in developing good values and having fun for more than 45 years. Kids have fun while they learn how to make new friends, build new skills, and grow self-confidence.

9:00am – 11:00am 8 years – 13 years Who wants to learn how to shoot a bull’s-eye? Learn the art of this great Olympic sport.

Cooking Camp

8 years – 13 years Campers will learn the basic fundamentals of cooking. Our YMCA Chef will demonstrate step by step how to create a meal and then turn the apron over to the campers for the actual preparation of the food.

Gardening Camp

4 years – 13 years Learn the importance of hard work, patience and daily attention by planting an edible garden to share with family and friends.

Soccer Camp

9:00am – 11:00am 4 years – 13 years Learn the basics of soccer, one of the most popular sports on Maui.

Swim Camp

4 years – 13 years Campers can take care of their swim lessons while being at camp. Campers will be in the pool at least 1 1/2 hours a day with our certified instructors.

Diane’s Gymnastics Academy 298-9352

Fall Break Gymnastics Camps

DGA Gymnasium 393 Lehuakona ST, Kahului October 9-13, 2017 Full or Half Days Ages 4 and up DGA Camps are an exciting event packed with thrilling gymnastics training, positive team building, energetic group games and all-over exercise and motor movements. Our camps are hosted by professional staff who strive for first-rate fun and learning.

Submit your listings online at

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Programs for the Entire Family! Programs for the Programs for the Entire Family! Entire Family!


Maui Family YMCA Maui Family YMCA

250 Kanaloa Ave 250 Kanaloa Ave Maui Family YMCA Kahului, HI 96732

Kahului, HI 96732 250 Kanaloa Ave Ph. (808)242-9007 Fax96732 (808)244-6713 Kahului, HI

Ph. (808)242-9007 Fax (808)244-6713 Ph. (808)242-9007 Fax (808)244-6713

gymnastics | cheerleading | dance | yoga

25% OFF All Clothing for the Month of August Mon–Fri 11–6 | Sat 9–2 (808) 249-2959 781 Kolu St., #B | Wailuku

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• Keiki Parties & first-Year luaus • Resort Poolside & group entertainment • Custom Centerpieces/Theme decor • Corporate events • Teambuilding activities/Contests • Traffic building • Package/volume rates for businesses • Logos & Illustration • Weekly entertainment in Kihei @ Pizza madness




high energy

comedy & magic Astonishing Hawaii for over 20 years


Mobile Reverse Bungee Jump system that comes to you! 808-280-2335


Riki Inzano


Mermaid Birthday Parties, Swim Lessons, Photo Shoots, Tail Rentals, & Tails For Sale!

bookisngsoon partie 808-281-3221


1-866-FOR-HULA 70 |



Art By Riki Inzano

(808) 879-8918

Entertainment • Artistic Instruction • Custom Creations



Paint Parties

• Event Entertainment

• “Framed” Sand Messaging

• Mobile Format

• Private/Group Sessions

• 3-D Sculptures

• Adults & Keiki Designs

• Keiki Parties

• Classes/Lessons

• Custom Designs Available

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Don’t underestimate the power of water. Talk to your kids about staying safe.

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Maui Family Magazine Fall 2017