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Maudie May Dowdeswell

Furniture & Product Design

About Me Skills: Photoshop

Currently in second year studying Furniture and Product Design at Nottingham Trent University.


I enjoy working from initial ideas through to the final outcome and learning new skills along the way. I especially love bespoke furniture and art and design as the final outcomes have more of an individual story to them.


Auto CAD


Contents During my process of designing each of these projects I learnt new skills and developed my skills as a designer. I have learnt simplicity can be key and solidworks can be brilliant to see a real prediction of how your product can look . I still love very stylised products but appreciate all designs. I still love art and design and will continue this in my own time.

Donkey 4

360 Riddim

Copper Lamp & Book Rest

Copper Conglomeration

Rymdskepp Stool

Art & Design

Donkey 4 This is a modern, small, portable storage unit designed for a project supported by Isokon Plus.

The modern Donkey is meant to fit modern technology and a variation of products. It should also be easily portable. The design is made with a CNC machine to create the pieces and their housing joints.

It has five compartments and a book rest. It is easily moveable due to the two handles in the two end components. The handles have a 5mm radii in the corners for a more comfortable fit; the book rest has a 5mm radii on the corners for a safer edge.

Although the Donkey was designed to hold a certain variety of objects such as alcohol and up to an 18inch laptop. The context board shows the consumer can use the spaces however they desire.

Copper Lamp & Book Rest This lamp is a multifunctional wireless kitchen lamp for SCP.

The lamp is wireless as seen and the circle detail has shown the ball joint which makes the lamp head moveable. It also shows the end of the lap which is dipped in a grey polypropylene which makes the end cold enough to move.

This page shows the different view of the lamp. The head is pun copper with a polypropylene end. The stand is made of a clear Polypropylene sheet and copper tubing. The stand has copper wire to hold the book in and the switch is on the end which is made from a black tinted glass.

The lamps purpose is to shine light upon your cook book and the work space if need be. The lamp is wireless so it can be placed under cabinets or on an island if need be when working.

Rymdskepp Stool This stool is a 50’s inspired design and is made for Ikea.

This stools hidden view shows the steel plate that has welded pipes on the base of the circle that slot into the turned pine legs and is screwed into the base of the MDF Stool top. This gives it a flat pack effect and a strong yet flush outlook.

The stools orthographic shows many hidden details as the stool has so many different components.

Due to the elegant curves and the plain white colour the stool can blend into a variety of spaces but fits best in a modern fashionable kitchen dinner.

360 Riddim This is a 360 surround sound wireless speaker for the House Of Marley

This House of Marley Speaker is made with a stained oak, hemp and polypropolene.

This basic technical drawing shows the top and three different sides to the speaker.

The 360 Riddim speaker comes in a variety of colours. The obscurer tall shape makes it look like a vase which makes it easily placeable in a variety of spaces and styles.

Copper Conglomeration These are a set of tables designed as a bespoke set of furniture.

The circles indicate the ‘T’ joints that keep the tables main frames together. The circle shows a close up view of how they there put together. They are glued using epoxy resin as it was strong and maintained a smooth fluid joint.

Here are the two basic orthographic technical drawings for the Copper Conglomeration tables. These were from my final year of college and they were my first attempt on Auto CAD.

The Copper tables were a statement of with holding history in a stylish way in an everyday object. The tables are placed in a fairly warm yet modern living room.

Art & Design I love experimenting and these four images are amongst my favourite works. I have explored, drawing, penicl and inks, stain glass windows (such as my kingfisher front cover) oil and acrylic paintings, lino prints and batiques. I have also experimented with sculptures out of wire, papper and wax.

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Thank you, Maudie May Dowdeswell

Furniture & Product design portfolio.  

2nd year NTU student looking for a placement.

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