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(Ex. E, (Ex. C, ¶ 13) 17.

Maum Meditation is recognized and registered as a religion by the South Korean

government and other governments around the world. (Ex. C, ¶ 14). 18.

The Maum Meditation website ( states the beliefs of Maum Meditation

carefully and focuses on the psychological benefits and the method. This is because is accessed by an international audience and some countries restrict religious beliefs and practices (such as Indonesia and China). Therefore, the beliefs of Maum Meditation are carefully stated in order to prevent prosecution and/or persecution of its followers in certain countries. Nonetheless, the description of Maum Meditation found on is distinctly religious. (Ex. C, ¶ 15). 19.

As of 2012, there are over 340 Maum Meditation Centers operating worldwide,

and over 300,000 people have practiced Maum Meditation. In the United States alone, there are 40 centers. (Ex. C, ¶ 17). 20.

A Maum Meditation Center is a sanctuary and retreat available to members to

escape their busy lifestyles and meditate in a peaceful environment conducive to realizing Truth. (Ex. C, ¶ 19). 21.

The communal meditation of several people at one time helps each individual

better focus on their meditation, because the discarded energy becomes much more intense, hence become closer to the Truth. Maum Meditation transforms the human mind to God’s mind. When one discards one’s ego and all of one’s attachments, one will uncover God’s mind, hence becoming part of and one with God. Communal meditation thus helps one more quickly discard one’s ego and become one with God/Truth. (Ex. C, ¶ 20).


Maum Meditation Center Case  

Federal Court Order Allows Maum Meditation Center In Lake Forest Mansion (Lake Forest, IL – June, 2013) Fourteen days after Maum Meditation...

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