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(Ex. D). 14.

Maum Meditation provides a method for subtracting the “pictures” in order to get

to the core of our being – the Universe. (Ex. C, ¶ 12) 15.

In practicing Maum Meditation, one seeks to cleanse and eliminate all burdens

from the pictures of the past in the mind. In doing so, one is able to live in freedom and is able to know and become Truth. Once one is able to know and become Truth, one will know the answers to the basic questions in life: Who am I? Where do I come from? Where do I go when I die? Why do I live? What happens to me when I die? (Ex. E,, accessed May 21, 2013). 16.

There are eight levels in this method: the first seven levels are focused on

discarding perceptions, while the last level is focused on becoming one with the Truth. Below is a short summary on each of the steps:


Maum Meditation Center Case  

Federal Court Order Allows Maum Meditation Center In Lake Forest Mansion (Lake Forest, IL – June, 2013) Fourteen days after Maum Meditation...

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