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The Supreme Court has held that “one is not to have the exercise of his liberty of

expression in appropriate places abridged on the plea that it may be exercised in some other place.” Schneider v. State, 308 U.S. 147, 163 (1939). 103.

Maum Meditation members in Lake County have been burdened with the choice

of having to travel great distances to the Maum Meditation centers in Chicago or Naperville or the temporarily Glenview location or have not being able to attend a Maum Meditation center. (Ex. D, ¶ 27). 104.

Because Maum Meditation members generally need to attend a Meditation center

five to seven times a week, having a Maum Meditation center location close to members’ homes is crucial. (Ex. D, ¶ 11). 105.

Maum Meditation is important to practice in groups because spiritual life is

constantly a battle pitched with the material world. Members find much comfort in fellowship with others, as well as develop a community to continue our mission of evangelism. (Ex. D, ¶ 29). 106.

Guided meditation is essential, especially for beginning members, because people

are accustomed to accumulations (e.g. wealth, knowledge, relationships – everything of this world) not subtraction (God’s way). Thus, instead of discarding their ego, some might get lost and instead change the character of their ego. Helpers ensure that a meditator stays on the path of subtraction. (Ex. D, ¶ 3). 107.

Helpers tailor every meditation session to the needs of participating members. For

beginning members, individual or small groups are often more helpful. This is because lower level members are easily distracted and lack concentration power that more senior members have obtained. For more advanced members, it is often much more rewarding to meditate in larger


Maum Meditation Center Case  

Federal Court Order Allows Maum Meditation Center In Lake Forest Mansion (Lake Forest, IL – June, 2013) Fourteen days after Maum Meditation...

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