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(4) “Generational transfer” meaning “participation of youth and families to transfer” the religious belief from generation to generation. (Ex. L). 80.

Mr. Waggoner does not explain the basis on which he asserts the “elements of

religion.” (See Ex. L). Such “elements of religion” are not part of any definition found in the UDO. (See Ex. F). 81.

Further, Mr. Waggoner does not explain where he as Director of the Planning,

Building and Development Department of Lake County, the Planning Building and Development Department itself, or Lake County obtains the authority to determine what constitutes a religion. (See Ex. L). 82.

Mr. Waggoner’s letter concedes that the bylaws of MMHT provide that it is

organized as a “religious organization (comparable to a church) for the religious practice Maum Meditation, which transforms human Maum to God’s Maum.” (Ex. L). Further the By-Laws recite a “Statement of Religious Beliefs.” (Ex. A). 83.

Nonetheless, Mr. Waggoner found that these By-Laws are inconsistent with

numerous materials and statements by other Maum Meditation practitioners, and that the ByLaws do not provide any evidence that Maum Meditation incorporates various common elements of religion because information contained in the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws “does not materially affect staff’s analysis above.” (Ex. L). 84.

During the last week of February 2013, Mr. Sung met with Mr. Tierney and Mr.

Waggoner to explain that Mr. Waggoner’s letter contained numerous errors including: a) misquotes of Maum Meditation Helpers; b) an erroneous explanation of the nature of Maum Meditation; c) an erroneous statement of Maum Meditation’s activities. Such errors resulted in


Maum Meditation Center Case  

Federal Court Order Allows Maum Meditation Center In Lake Forest Mansion (Lake Forest, IL – June, 2013) Fourteen days after Maum Meditation...

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