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religious organization moving into the neighborhood, (Ex. K), although in fact the UDO permits religious institutions in the Estate District as of right. 65.

Ann Maine emailed Eric Waggoner in response to the neighbor’s email, stating

“Can you look into this?” Mr. Waggoner responded to Ms. Maine stating “Certainly. I’ll have some more info tomorrow when we’ve had an opportunity to research the site and relevant regs.” (Ex. K). 66.

Further, Delmer Powell responded to Ms. Maine’s email stating “We have already

received a number of phone calls from concerned residents in the area. . . . [W]e will contacting [sic] other jurisdictions regarding their experience with such centers.” (Ex. K). 67.

On November 30, Ann Maine emailed Pat Tierney, Eric Waggoner, and Delmer

Powell stating “I have received a number of emails in the past few days from residents of the area asking me what is happening. [Redacted] is telling them that a County inspector came out the other day and that the County is fine with everything.” (Ex. K). 68.

In late December 2012 the County suggested that Mr. Sung find an alternate

location for the Maum Mediation center. Mr. Sung was promised support if he did so. To date, no one has provided any material or informational support. (Ex. B, ¶ 34). 69.

The County suggested that Mr. Sung look for alternative locations in a

commercial zone or that he rent a church building. Mr. Sung contacted several churches in the area, but they would not agree to rent their space to a Maum Meditation center because of the religious nature of Maum, which was not consistent with their beliefs. Mr. Sung also checked several commercial spaces, but they were cost prohibitive. (Ex. B, ¶ 35). 70.

In early January 2013, Mr. Sung went back to the County to explain that these

options would not work and to ask for an official response to the ability to use the Property for a


Maum Meditation Center Case  

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