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though MMHT is a not-for-profit corporation, has no profit motive and has no paid employees. (Ex. B, ¶ 12). 46.

Mr. Tierney suggested that Mr. Sung seek a Home Occupation classification,

which is a category for businesses based in one’s home. He informed Mr. Sung that the process would take about a week. (Ex. B, ¶ 13). 47.

Mr. Tierney requested that Mr. Sung provide a summary of the proposed Maum

Meditation center, which Mr. Sung did on November 4, 2012 (attached as Exhibit H). Mr. Sung was promised a response in a few days. (Ex. B, ¶ 14). 48.

During the same week, an inspector from Lake County came to Mr. Sung’s

property and informed him that there were complaints that he was erecting a “church.” (Ex. B, ¶ 15). 49.

The inspector stated that Mr. Tierney told him that Mr. Tierney had no

information regarding Mr. Sung’s intention to use the Property as a Maum Meditation center and that Mr. Tierney only knew of this plan based on the neighbors’ complaints. Mr. Sung explained to the inspector that he had spoken with Mr. Tierney and that, pursuant to his instruction, Mr. Sung had sent him a written summary outlining his plan to use the Property as a Maum Meditation center. (Ex. B, ¶ 16). 50.

The inspector informed Mr. Sung that no violations were found. (Ex. B, ¶ 17).


On November 26, 2012, Delmer H. Powell, Zoning Administrator, sent a letter to

MMHT (attached as Exhibit I), on behalf of the Planning, Building and Development Department of Lake County with respect to MMHT’s ability to operate at the Property. (Ex. B, ¶ 23). In that letter, Mr. Powell stated that the Property is zoned Estate (E), which permits religious institutions with 10,000 square feet or less as of right, but requires “community service uses, not


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