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In addition to these renovations, Mr. Sung sought to erect a stonework sign that

describes and symbolizes Maum Meditation. On October 14 Mr. Sung contacted Lake County and spoke with Cindy Godbold, who instructed Mr. Sung to send her a rough drawing of the stonework, which he did that same day. (Ex. B, ¶ 19). 40.

On October 18, 2012, Ms. Godbold sent an email to Mr. Sung stating that he did

not need a permit to install the stonework/sign. (Exhibit G). Mr. Sung also sent an email to his neighbors before ordering the stone to be carved. (Ex. B, ¶ 20). 41.

After Mr. Sung received the blessing of his neighbors, he spent approximately

$5,000 to install the stonework. (Ex. B, ¶ 21). 42.

The stonework has the word “MAUM” on one side and a stick figure of a

family—man, woman, child—on the other. (See photographs below, taken by Sheehyung Sung,


Maum Meditation Center Case  

Federal Court Order Allows Maum Meditation Center In Lake Forest Mansion (Lake Forest, IL – June, 2013) Fourteen days after Maum Meditation...

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