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THE MELTING POT OF LONDON Immigration & Neighborhoods

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PART 1 : Asian's Populations ➔

Indians 18th century : Indians came to the UK in harbour cities like Cardiff, Glasgow, Liverpoool or also London

1950's : the English factories called them as foreign workers

In rubber's firms : Indians were hired (work in humid and hot atmosphere)


In Bradfort : 80 % of night workers were Pakistanis

Immigrants worked faster and at night, so business figure increased (wool's firm) ► In 1962 : 65 % of men, 23 % of women and 3% of child are Asian's workers

PART 2 : Chinese's Population

Shen Fu Tsong : First Chinese who came in Great Britain in the 17th century 19th century : First Chinese's colony came in harbour cities too, namely Cardiff, Liverpool and London

1950's / 1960's : Agricultural workers came from Hong-Kong

2004 : A survey shows that half of the Chinese's population worked in restaurant business, hotel business and distribution's industry

PART 3 : « Black's » Populations ➔


Predominantly native from rural background

They didn't find many jobs in the UK

So, worked in restauration business, hotel business or transportation

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Africans 15th century : Arrived in the UK, but in small number (imported by British for slavery) 1601 : Elisabeth I declared her discontent with the important numbers of blacks 18th century : African's population estimated between 10 000 & 20 000 for 9 millions of an England and Wales' population


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