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ZUFRIEDENHEITSARBEITSBÜROWOHNBERG 2013 Semester project at TU Berlin. Led by Ralf Pasel. Teamwork with Jakob Näscher.

The theme was LOW-RISE HIGH-DENSITY WOHNEN+ARBEITEN (living and working) In our project we focused on increasing personal identity of living in bigger clusters of habitable cells as well as connecting the dwelling with a flexible working space adaptable to ever changing needs of the inhabitants. Our “hill” contains wide variaty of flats which each of them has direct access to a narrow street connecting all areas of the building. On the square at the top of the hill are situated restaurants, bars, shops and a tower that allows people to overview the whole area. Underneath the various surface is the office level which is hanging in a spacy hall where all the heavy work takes place. The tower is connecting all floors from the underground levels till the top of the “hill”. 90

As a contra-weight to this object is a long strip of a park ending with a view point, caffe and a small gallery.

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