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AN ALLEGORY OF HABITAT 2016 A proposal to the 120 student competition. Teamwork with Sondre Bakken and Aki Markkanen.

Human dwellings throughout the history are very diverse places shaped by cultures, climates and environments. They only share a few fundamental qualities – the ones that are principal to a human being. We tried to summarize these essential qualities into a sequence of four elementary spaces. These are: An open exposed space, an open collective, a protected collective and a private space. The first space is open and with unclear borders, yet defined by the other volumes. The second space is a sheltered open platform with water in the center. The third situation offers a protected gathering space with a fire in the middle. The last one is separated from the others by a long ramp, enhancing the privacy and solitude of all the secure spaces we find in human dwellings. It is the place where one has control. See, but not to be seen.


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