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WATER LEVEL RESTAURANT 2014 4th semester project at TU Berlin. Led by Ute Frank. Teamwork with Pia Brückner and Jakob Näscher. Special prize of the jury at the semester competition.

This project was focuest on detailed technical elaboration of statics, construction design, technical equipment of the building and detailed calculations of the energy dependancy. Given was a site on the edge of Gleisdreieck Park at the center of Berlin. The building should have two functions: Restaurant and a school of gardening and cooking for unemployed. We focused on creating an aquaponics based farm as it is the most efficient way to produce vegetable and fish in the city. The “frame” building is half sink in a water full of fish.It has a roof garden that provides the restaurant and the cooking school with vegetable. Inside, it accomodates lacture rooms, basement for the gardeners, restaurant, kitchen and a caffee. The northen building is an accomodation for the students and a greenhouse for the winter season. 70

A round shaped garden sunk in the pond provides a calm sanctuary for the visitors as well as for the students. The southern edge of the coumpound is perforated with a large staircase allowing the visitors of nearby case to have a look over the pond.

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