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THE GREAT SILENCE 2015 5th semester project at TU Berlin. Led by prof. Steffan and Guido Neubeck. Teamwork with Jakob Näscher.

Design a monastery for carthousian order was the task of this 5th semester at TU Berlin. Carthousians are one of the strictest orders and haven’t changed their liturgy and way of life in general for almost 1000 years (which is also the meaning of their symbol - the Earth is turning around but we stay still). They represent the ultimate devotion to God. They live closed in their cells seperated from the world and meet each other only once a week for a common food and walk. FOCUS And this structured solitued spartan life, that hasn’t changed for that long was exactly our insipration for our project. If a carthousian monk would change his monastery into ours, he wouldnt have to change his way of life. It was as well a big challange for us to keep our architectural ego away and focuse on the carthousian monk - nothing else. BASIC STRUCTURE The ground plan it thus self-emitted from a study of classical carthousian monasteries. We added a basic 58

wall-structure made of bricks (as it is the local material) that clearly differs from the wooden construction inside. This clear seperation of spaces helps the monk to realize his transitions. CELL The cell is then garden-oriented modest space with least distraction. Whith a functional wall on the inner side of the building offering the monk opening and closing departments, he currently uses. The only accented place is the very narrow praying room directly connected to the garden through a huge window. We make this distinct focus at the garden, because its an important mean of feeling the time flow as it changes during the year.



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