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FREE PORT BERLIN 2015 Bachelor project at TU Berlin. Led by Prof. Dr. Philipp Misselwitz.

Free Port Berlin is an authentic free port, created to offer refugees and other nomads a place, where they can legally work and earn money for their living. It is a place where they can get their human dignity by becoming self-sufficient. This special FTZ (free trade zone) is an area, where people are free to trade, produce and consume without the obligation of declare. It is the only way how to bypass the german law and allow the refugees to work without receiving asylum or so called “tolerated� status. Here, nomads would share their culture, crafts and experience with each other, locals and students from Berlin. Here, they learn German language by experience and get certification of their abilities which helps them later to get a real job. Free Port Berlin is a transition phase, an acclimatization that ease the assimilation of the refugees to the new environment, but also unalienates them by direct connection, communication and culture exchange with the locals. 32

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